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See who won our 1566th daily question below.

  1. Mcain – This picture elaborates the famous phrase *cleanliness is next to godliness*everything well stored keeps our room neat .but it shouldn’t end at just putting them right , storing your items in the right way also matters . I suggest keeping your most fragile items below and the lesser fragile items up on your shelfs that is to say in ascending order. An example are these pot containing the plants in the picture. They should be on the last floor of the shelf and the boxes on the middle floor and this would go a long way from preventing u from breaking your items incase u hit or move them accidentally. Because the higher the item the harder the impact will be when it falls but it being closer to ground lever will merely even crack it .. this is a very good suggestion and you should really try this.☺
  2. Maddie Lessard – Have a garage sale…lol
  3. Jessica – If I had to choose one tip besides the obvious ones, I’d say take pictures or scans of things you’d like to keep such as drawings or notes. Save them onto a drive and throw out the original. It saves space and is easily accessible since you don’t have to go digging through boxes.”
  4. Carmen Ennik The best advice I have is to make sure everything is labeled, that way you know what’s in each container. For some stack able items I have see through containers to help me quickly see what’s in them if I’m in a hurry. Don’t stack items too high on top of each other because they may tip over and someone could get hurt. That’s all I have hope it helps.
  5. April – Label the outside of your storage containers! That way you can see at a glance what is inside, and further organize your containers by type.
  6. Carol Miller – I have a few storage tips that I have been using that saves me a tremendous amount of time. When folding sheets, take one of the matching pillow cases and slide the sheet set inside. That way you will never have to be rooting around for a misplaced top or bottom sheet. Everything you need to change your sheets will be at your finger tips. My second tip is to store scarves by threading them through a hanger. You can usually fit 6 or 7 on one hanger. Knot them at the top so they don’t fall off. You will never be rummaging through drawers looking for an appropriate scarf again. Lastly, use the Christmas ornament dividers to organize your socks and hosiery. One sock or stocking in each cavity and again you will save time, especially if you get up late for work. Lastly, instead of laying polos flat one on top of the other; lay them vertically after they are folded so you can see each shirt better. You won’t be pulling apart a stack of polos and making a mess for yourself that you have to straighten later
  7. Michaele Dalin Goodson – I have an old wardrobe from my husband’s grandmother and one side has a bar and the other has the stereo
  8. CrystaliumJMC – If your things aren’t waterproof, keep them in plastic totes with good lids. Had too many cardboard boxes go moldy because of basement flooding. If plastic totes aren’t enough, use skids to suspend them off from the floor
  9. Lisa K – I have a few storage tips I’ve learned and they work well in my home. First, when it comes to clothing I have a strict 2 season rule. So for example with summer on it’s way I just finished switching out my winter clothes for my summer ones. Whenever I do this I take the opportunity to “purge” my closet. Every item I ask the same question, “did I wear this at all during the past 2 summer seasons?” If the answer is no I put it into the donate pile. If its been that long then the chances are I won’t wear it this year either. I also do the same thing with clothing that are too small. I put a 2 year limit on hanging onto stuff that I love but are just a tad too small. If I can’t loose the weight to fit into the item in 2 years, there’s a more than great chance I never will.
    My second tip involves decorative pillows and pillow cases. This is also a way to save room in your home. When it comes to the small square decorative pillows less is more in my opinion. I really don’t have the space to be storing a ton of these so I found a better option. First I bought some inexpensive neutral gray pillows from Walmart. The pillows themselves are very nice and soft and look great all on their own. Then, whenever I want a change or a new season arrives I have a collection of cases that can be put OVER the original pillow. For summer I have some amazing silk screened beachy covers, and then for Christmas I have holiday covers and so on. This also makes cleaning very easy. I just remove the covers and throw them in the wash. This makes it less stressful when there are spills and such and I have a constant variation of awesome covers. They are easily purchased and I’ve also been considering sewing some new ones myself to save even more money. This is also a way to change your decor without spending a ton of money. Small changes can make a big impact.
  10. Deb – My best storage tip is to think outside the box. In my kitchen I didn’t have anywhere to store the broom, dustpan, or vacuum. Beside the fridge there was a little area about 16″ wide so I made a cute curtain and put it up with a tension rod between the fridge and the wall. It not only adds a touch of whimsy, it also hides those necessary but unsightly things. Under my kitchen and bathroom sinks I added a tension rod and store cleaning squirt bottles on them. It makes them easy to grab and keeps the bottom of the cabinets clear to place other items. I have a big open kitchen so I repurposed an old dresser into an island. It has 6 drawers that I can store a lot of things in it. One drawer keeps all of my baking items. Another is full of cookie sheets. On the side are cup hooks where I can hang spatulas. On the back is a hook for potholders, a towel hook, and a paper towel holder. It gives me much more storage and counter space and keeps everything organized.
  11. Sylvia – I have a tiny kitchen but a big love for cooking so I try to make good use of every available space. I find the back of kitchen cupboard doors are valuable kitchen realty. I use varying sizes of sticky hooks to hang measuring spoons, pot holders and flat cooking utensils on the back of the doors. On the larger doors I used those same hooks to hang magazine or file holders to store all those boxes of plastic wrap, foil and sandwich bags and these are also handy for pot lids. On another door I hung a small shower caddy to hold dish soap, scouring pads, dishwasher pods and cleanser. No one can see this storage but it really helps me stay organized with less clutter on my sink and counters.
  12. Diane Lane – My best tip is for storing plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper or parchment paper. Go to an office store and buy a plastic magazine rack that have open side patterns and 2 command removable hooks. Used one of the doors under your kitchen sink, open the door, place the hooks on the door, place the magazine rack on the hooks and place all the wraps in the rack. Leaving a draw empty to use for something else.
  13. Noel Stewart – I like to go to a grocery store that makes you pack your own groceries. They charge for bags, but they will let you take any empty boxes in the store for carry out. The banana boxes are the best for storage at home because they are sturdy and stackable. They also have little cut outs for your hands to carry them with. In addition, I like to paint them with a nice tan satin paint and that makes the boxes and my closets look fancy!
  14. mary Organization! Of some sort is key!! And labels. I’m raising a grand. I constantly have clothing, etc. coming and going. She’s 3 1/2 and right now I have clothing up thru size 6. I shop clearances and someone gave me a bin of clothes for her she is slowly growing into. Saving money and organization!!
  15. edeliz – Handle paperwork once, that is, read it, file it or throw it out.
  16. Denise N. – My storage tip???? Call me crazy but I do not believe in having so many things that they need an area all of their own. If an item doesn’t pull double duty what’s the sense of owning it? You want living room then get rid of the things that collect dust.
  17. mcmorgan16 – Since we live in an apartment we have TONS of homemade storage solutions for everything from the tiny laundry closet to the tiny kitchen. Two of my favorites are: taking a plastic shoe holder and using it for all of my cleaning supplies. It hangs up on the door out of the way of everything. The second that I did for my kitchen is to hang the measuring spoons on the inside of the cabinet door and label them!
  18. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – Clothes: if you haven’t worn them in at least two years, donate them.
  19. Nicole D. C – I’m an organizer, I keep all my movies and book alphabetized. It’s easier to find what I’m looking for it I can just go straight to that letter.
  20. Karen T – One of the best storage tips I can give is for pictures. I have learned that even a small amount of humidity can cause them to stick together and even grow mold. Separate pictures that you keep in a box and use things like newspaper or tissue paper to pack around them. Make sure to use an airtight box. It’s also interesting to open a box years later and read the pages of newspaper that’s in it . It’s like a time capsule. Don’t forget to label who, what, when and where on the back of the pictures though. Your living relatives will thank you.

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