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See who won our 1564th daily question below.

  1. Kay Jones-Hoff – Probably when I was in elementary school. Being one of last picks in outside activities
  2. edeliz – It’s been a while, but I’m guessing I was jealous of how easily my sister was I able to do math. It was a struggle for me!
  3. Danielle mullane – When it was parents evening and everyone’s mum & dad came except mine my dad didn’t ever come I so wanted to be normal and was soooo jealous of my friends just for having a mum and dad
  4. Rochelle Pieper – I am very jealous of my daughters relationship with her new boyfriend. She spends every waking hour with him and I know she is growing up and I knew this would eventually happen but I am just not ready to be replaced!
  5. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – I’m not supposed to eat fruits, vegetables or steak. I can live without the fruits and vegetables but I love steak! I noticed my husband wasn’t buying steak at all. So I told him it was okay to eat steak for dinner in front of me. Well, that first steak he had since I “gave him permission” looked so juicy and good that I got jealous, and a little ornery!
  6. Carol Miller – I was jealous of my sister, Janice, for being able to eat anything and never put on an ounce. I have had to watch every crumb I put in my mouth and exercise like crazy and am still not what you would call thin.
  7. Paul Clément – It happened a long time ago and I can’t say that I’ve really gotten over it, at least not insomuch as the memory of it creeps up on me occasionally. A girl I had dated and fell head over heels in love with ended up marrying someone 3 years or so after we had gone our separate ways. I realize that I had no right, but that event floored me and I was very jealous of the man with whom she tied the knot especially that I had seen him as a rival and serious threat at the time. Call it jealousy or a simple case of a male ego being damaged at having to admit defeat in a way. Whatever the answer, the feelings that ran through me were painful and very real no matter.
  8. Merm123 – I was jealous of my twin brother growing up. He was always getting the attention because my parents tried four times to get a boy and I have three older sisters then I was born then he was born last. My dad and mom were so happy that they finally got their boy and he was always spoiled and had all the attention from all relatives and friends. I was jealous too because I ended up with a birthmark on my leg and he got nothing ugh. The joys of my life.
  9. Mounir – I was probably 12 years old, but was way overweight, I had a cousin with the same age whom I use to hangout with he was so slim, he had all the girls and the nice comments from everyone around us, friends, family, girls in school, I was soooooo jealous form him and hated him so much, I got over that when we grew up and reached 20’s but I still remember that feeling of not being able to change who I am and feeing very bad when he receives all the nice comments about how smart, attractive, nice, …. he was and I was nothing as if I did not exist, people was not seeing me. Thank God I got over that now
  10. James Stanford – Recently a co-worker was given a cash reward & paid day off by our
    supervisor. I was both shocked and irratated because it’s widely known
    and acknowledged this particular co-worker does little to no work they
    were hired to do. 😮
  11. Erin Estilette – I’m jealous of people born with great skin. I know some people that don’t even take care of their skin, yet it is flawless and they can leave the house without having to fret over makeup and concealer. I had a very long battle with acne, and I am afraid of being seen bare faced.
  12. Christy – I hate to admit it but I was jealous this past weekend seeing all the posts about Mother’s Day. I have one daughter who’s gone nuts and can’t raise her own children. I step in to keep them out of Foster Care and I’m the “enemy.” No card, no visit, no phone call. Nothing.The other one lives about 35 miles away and only comes to visit when it suits her. I guess it’s good that she hasn’t wanted anything lately because while she’s made trips out of state to the mountains and the other way to the beach, she can’t afford to come visit me for the past 6 months. I envy those mothers who have their adult children visit them, take them to brunch, go to church with them, send them cards or flowers…. any acknowledgement of appreciation. I suppose I’ll be content with the fact that neither of my kids does drugs, neither is in jail and both are self-supporting. Sorry to be such a whiney-butt today 🙂 Life is good. 4 more days and we will have made it through an entire year of my co-living and the kids get to go to MY house for the summer! It’s not all bad. I’m surrounded by love!
  13. Nicole D. C – When my husband and I were dating, I was jealous of all his friendships. He has so many friends. I only had family to call upon. He can make friends so easy, while I just sit back and watch them develop.
  14. Leslie Anne Soloman – When I was younger between 12 – 21 I was jealous of women with larger breasts than mine. Aw … the things women stress about.
  15. Sylvia – I’m jealous of anyone with athletic ability; I am the master klutz and feel mesmerized by anyone with can run, swim, bike, ski or hit a ball with such grace. I’ve tried all these different activities and will give the tour of bodily scars from my attempts. I’m not even safe as a spectator; I slid down four steps at the baseball stadium trying to get to my seat and needed 10 stitches. My husband has the emergency room on speed dial.
  16. Deb – When my luck has run out at the casino and someone next to me hits a jackpot. Especially when I had been on that machine seconds ago. Just makes me want to slap myself silly.
  17. Mel & Nate Swanson – I have always been jealous of my sister. She is very pretty, best hair, very fashion forward and a great athlete. I always tried to be like her but was always 2 steps behind. She is 2 years younger than me and has had kids before me and got married before me. She also graduated college before me and makes a lot more money than me. They only time I was grateful for her and not jealous was my wedding. During the planning and throughout the actual wedding, She was most helpful and even gave up her house and yard for the ceremony and did my make up and even helped decorate. She was a true help and a great sister.
  18. DM – Jealous then broken hearted then disappointed in myself. After high school when I found out my long time boyfriend was getting married and not to me!
  19. Diane Lane – The last time I was jealous was in high school. I applied to many colleges just like my friend Leslie. We had both applied to Cornell and only a had a limited amount of openings for each state. In this state it was 3. Leslie was accepted and I wasn’t. That was the one and only time I was jealous.
  20. deedee walker – OOh how I hate to admit this but it is the truth, when I was about 16 yrs old, I was madly in love with a real good looking guy who had a camero, a good job, and looked like a surfer boy! he was to come pick me up as we had a date, though I had cancelled the date, he still showed up at my “childhood” home, where I lived with may parents and my sister. I had already gone out. Well my Pregnant Sister, who was 17 yrs old at the time, and i’m talking 8 months pregnant, answered the door, he never gave no more thought to me, an just wanted her, pregnant or not. It really hurt my feelings big time, not to mention he had wanted my sister, but I felt betrayed by my sister and was very jealous over that and still haven’t got over it!

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