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See who won our 1563rd daily question below.

  1. Denise N. – Me and my mom look nothing alike! In fact, people tend to think I am adopted once they are introduced to my mom. My mom is tall with curly shoulder length hair and is of fair complexion. I, on the other hand, am short, brown skinned with short straight hair. She is careful while speaking and dignified in public. Me? I speak and act in the moment. However, we share a strong love for a drama free life, we embrace new adventures with open arms, we both love to cook, and we are both strong willed, determined, and honest to a fault. My mother was one of the very first women that influenced me to be the woman I am at this time.
  2. Sara DuVall – I’m not very similar to her at all.
    I don’t look like her or sound like.
    The only thing is we both like writing and Disney. Lol!
  3. Dawn Groom Engler – My Mom is no longer with me. She died of cancer in 2000 and I still think about her every day. As I am getting older people say I am starting to look more like her. I feel I am becoming more out spoken like she was as I am getting older as well. I think those are the only things we actually have in common.
  4. Sowmya – I am lot like my mother. We both love cooking for people whether it be friends, relatives or strangers. We both are emotional to the core. We both have forgive and forget kind of nature. She never lived for herself and now I am doing the same. She used to keep my grand mother’s photo under her pillow and I keep my mom’s photo under my pillow always. I feel protected. Mothers are unique gifts given by God! When people say I look like my mother, I feel proud! I wish all the beautiful ladies out there a very happy Mother’s Day!!
  5. Rosalinda Leal – We have grey hair in the the same place of our head
  6. MT – Not very. She annoys me but I rarely annoy myself!
  7. justinkeene – We both say thank you alot. and also my Mom and I, I noticed we say sorry to people alot. Which always not necessary you can’t be sorry for a lot
  8. ramadevi – Everyone says that I look like my mom. I think my features are like my mom 75%. Now I am almost changed as an elder woman and gained weight so whenever family relatives see me they say that I look like same as my mom. My mom and I has round face, slight curly bushy hair and light brown eyes. But I think I grew up with different life situations and I am different intellectually and my mom was different. She was very concerned but very social. I am not that much social like mom. Anyway I feel lucky when people want to see my mom in my face. Happy mother’s day to everyone.
  9. Lynn King McKinney – I lost my Mother in 1996, and still miss her dearly. My love of baking and home canning as well as my being comfortable and happy at home are things she loved as well. Also, as I get older I notice more and more small things I do which are just like her. One especially is waiting to partake in meals at gatherings until I know everyone else has gotten their plates. Another is appreciating her concern of tripping over house pets because I’m not quite as sure-footed as in my younger years. ❤️ you, Mom, and Happy Mother’s Day.
  10. Karen T – I am like my mother in some things such as, she liked to bake, loved children, flowers, Wheel of Fortune and was never intentionally rude to people. Unless they were rude to her first. Lol. As I get older I try to just laugh at rude people and walk away. She was always there when someone needed her, and I try to be just like that. It’s not always easy though.
    But the biggest thing we had in common was that we were both saved by the grace of God❤ and through Jesus Christ❤. I loved going to church with her. It was the closest I’d ever been with my mother. Happy 14th Mother’s Day in heaven Mom!❤🌞🌷🌹⚘🌻 I miss you so much!
    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone else too!😀
  11. Toney Roney – My mom and i are no non sense type of people.there’s a time and place for everything she says.act accordingly non of that extra foolishness lol!!
  12. Christy – My mother and I look alike and both married at 17 and had children at 18 but that’s where it stops. My mother had me with my Navy father to ensure her and her family’s passage to the US from Germany. She didn’t need any other children. I was raised mainly by my paternal grandmother. My mother had no need for a child beyond my appearance and she didn’t want much to do with me after that. When I had my first daughter she refused to acknowledge that she was a Grandmother (she was “too young”) and didn’t want to be mentioned in the birth announcement. I rejoiced when my grandchildren were born, I embrace the name Grandma and adore shirts with that on it, and I live now for my Grandchildren and to make certain they know they are loved, cared for and wanted. Nope. Nothing similar.
  13. Marce McHone – I lost my mother when i was 23, she was 49. She died of complications from type 1 diabetes. She was diagnosed at 9 years old. I was diagnosed at 19 with the same. I am 44 and suffering the same complications. I have her genes, i look like her, i even act like her. I am so proud of her.
  14. Natania – This is so weird because Thursday evening me, my mom, and my daughter were looking at some pictures, and we found some of my mom when she was in her twenties. Well my mom showed Kayla (my daughter) the picture, and Kayla says, “Wow my mom looks like a model!” I looked at the picture and busted out laughing, it wasn’t me, it was my mom. It really did look exactly like me though. We also feel sorry for people easily,for example my sisters will yell at someone for the dumbest reasons, but me and mom will yell at someone and right afterwards we feel sorry for the person we just yelled at. Almost every evening we watch jeopardy, wheel of fortune, or family feud and we see who can answer the fastest, it’s a lot of fun. We love card games, euchre, skipbo, uno, etc.. Unfortunately we are both pack rats and gullible. We love to help people, and we both have very kind hearts.
  15. Judy Burba McGarvey – Sometimes I open my mouth and my mother comes out. She was born in a rural area out in the country -out yonder as we say in Kentucky. She was accustomed to being poor and grew up learning to fend for herself and making a dollar stretch a mile. She taught me all those things too. How to cook from scratch, how to sew and make my own clothes, and how to garden and can my own vegetables. My grandson just moved out on his own and while visiting me, I said ” Take care of your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” Exactly what my Mom did her whole life.
  16. Kelly Dutcher – Funny question. If you were to ask any of our friends they would say wet are so much alike AND so very different. We are the same in the sense that she is the center of my universe and I am the center of hers. However, she is the organized disciplined one and I go with the flow. So it might surprise you that I am the logical, analytical one where she is lead by her emotions. People like that we will leave this world just like Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. I’m inclined to agree. I guess you could say if you combined our best traits, we would make 1 perfect person. 🙂
  17. Leslie Anne Soloman – Well let’s see ….. My mom and I are small framed women, milk chocolate colored, we like perusing and shopping at resale shops, we love gardening, we love crossword puzzles, we live in Detroit MI, worship at the same church. Mom is more judgemental than I am …. I think ….. I better check with my son’s, so scratch the last entry. 😀 lol
  18. Boston_Mama84 – As much as I never thought i’d turn out like my mom, it is surprising how much we are alike. We have the same humor, hobbies, attitude, traditions, loud mouth, very sociable, great listener and above all, the same undeniable unconditional love for our children – no matter what. Also aside from that I have always been told I look exactly look like my mom… big italian nose, deep dark brown eyes that pierce your soul, high cheek bones, and curves in all the right places.
  19. trece21 – Everytime I look in the mirror I see my mom. I look like her and built like my mom. I feel sorry for my boyfriend because sadly, I have my mom’s attitude too lol. I also have my mom drive and strength and for that, I am thankful for. Love you mom! <3
  20. Timothy Mccollum – I see myself acting like her with my kids. For instance telling them I walked 10 miles to school everyday, worked 2 jobs, had more respect for elders, appreciated being feed three square meals a day.

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