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See who won our 1561st daily question below.

  1. Saturne Evony – I was at bus stop, waiting, and was busy using Internet with my mobile phone. Eventually I looked up, only to see everyone was gone and I had just missed the bus, which pass only every 40 minutes. Truly annoying when you have appointment at a specific time.
  2. Caridad Hernandez – When I lost my keys to my house after I came home from school and I had to wait an entire day for my parents to come an open the door. Later on that day I found my keys in my backpack. I was extremely pissed and disappointed at myself. Worst day ever an a day I WILL NEVER FORGET.
  3. Michaele Dalin Goodson – When I get home from the store and not get the one thing I went for
  4. Erin Estilette – Yesterday, for acknowledging that a certain person exists. I usually ignore their snide remarks and pretend they don’t exist so that I can stay sane. Last night, I just couldn’t take it anymore and said something back. I got so mad, my voice was shaking. I was also angry that I had wasted my voice and gave that person the satisfaction of an acknowledgment.
  5. Sylvia – When I deceided I would look fashionable and tall in 4 inch wedges. Yes, I slipped out of the shoe and twisted my ankle; nothing says hip and trendy like a purple and blue swollen ankle covered in ice.
  6. Izzy – When I woke up late to drop off my 5 year old at school and had to drop him off with the same clothes he was wearing the night before. I dont know if anyone notice but i definately was mad at myself!
  7. Sowmya – This happened couple of years ago when I went to India to visit my family. I went to a famous shopping center with my brothers family in Bangalore city. I was carrying my hand bag which had my credit cards, drivers licence, and cash. We went around to few shops for my neice’s shopping. In one shop I wanted to buy walking shoes and tried few for myself but didn’t buy as I couldn’t find in my size. I myself didn’t do much shopping after that as we were getting delayed. After we reached home, I realized that the small purse in my hand bag was missing. I lost my credit cards, driver’s licence, USD 1000 and Rs.50,000. We went all the way back (almost 35 km distance) to check all the shops we went through. We couldn’t find it. I had to cancel my credit cards and had to manage without a CC for the rest of my trip. I was cursing myself for keeping so much of cash in the purse especially to the shopping centers. Learnt my lesson the hard way. Next time I will be very careful.
  8. Darlene Babbitt-Pattison – Moving from Massachusetts to Texas to be with my then husband who said ‘you can come or not’, getting my grown son settled in his own place in NY and my daughter a place in worcester. That move was one big blind love disaster. We got divorced two years later as he was verbally abusive. I haven’t seen my kids since 2010 due to I am on disability for private reasons which my then second husband made worse. Now I live in Washington state near my 89 year old mother. That is what happens when you think with your heart and not your brain. I think now and many others must be saying about their own mistakes “How could I have been so stupid! You’d think as you age you get smarter, nope, you just keep making those stupid mistakes, Crushing
  9. Jason Provo – I drove through a Tim Hortons donut shop. Right into the dining room! Thank God no one was hurt…
    I was a young and stupid careless driver; to this day, I am so mad at myself for seeing driving as a right and not a privilege.
    To this day, I cannot get behind the wheel. Mad at myself about that too.
  10. Natania – I am going to try to make a long story short, two family members was in desperate need of some help. I lent them a few credit cards and they begged me not to tell anyone because they were so embarrassed. They said they were getting $38,000.00 out of her 401k and as soon as the check arrived they would pay me back. She even called and I listened on another phone just to ensure the amount of the check and that it was on it’s way. We were not only family but also best friends. Well it started with helping them get Christmas presents for their 3 young kids, then it went to paying a few of their bills, then presents for their birthdays, then grocery shopping every week, it seemed like there was something new everyday. I started getting nervous and they would reassure me that huge check was on its way. I starting getting bills in and noticed they had ordered a ton of items online without my permission. I had excellent credit and it was starting to get hard for me just to make the minimum payments. I started getting over the limit fees, late fees, I was so stressed and angry all the time. I would even clean their house and we kept record of how much more they would owe me when the check came in. I kept all my receipts, my statements on all my cards, what I had paid, highlighted what was their’s, the interest rate was added in, I had everything organized. One day while I was cleaning for them, I found a receipt for $37,584.00, and it was deposited for a month and a week before this day. My heart sank and I was shocked and dumbfounded. I confronted them and they had spent everything and didn’t have a thing to show for it, I even called their accounts. I tried so hard to keep up with the payments but I couldn’t and had to claim bankruptcy. After adding everything up they owed me it totaled $20,258.69, and we didn’t add the cleaning money to it. I was so mad and angry at myself for allowing this to happen.
  11. Deb – I was really mad at myself last Thursday. The casino had sent me a coupon for $50 free play, I decided to go and maybe get lucky. I hadn’t played too long and was almost out of free play when I hit a $200 jackpot. I thought that it was going to be a good night, so I kept playing. I should have cashed out, but dumb me, kept playing and lost it all. I was really kicking myself for not cashing out and putting that money in my pocket.
  12. Brian Vaughn – When I got mcdonalds instead of Wendy’s. Never again
  13. Lauren Nicole – I wass really mad at myself when I assumed a car would stop for their yellow light and turned left in front of them! Almost totaled my car!
  14. Stacie Snow – when I was sitting with this little lady every morning I would stop and get the paper out of her box for her one morning I got out and the door shut locking my keys in it with it still running! Had to take my whole pay for the day to have a locksmith come open it!!!
  15. Nini Hunt  I was really mad at myself when I was told by my obstetrician that my first child would be a boy and I purchased everything blue including telling my family to do the same, although my grandmother said it looked like I was carrying a girl. Of course she didn’t know about all the new “technology”. “He” ended up being a “she”! Mind you, this was in 1989, she was born bald and weighed 9 lbs 12 oz so most folks thought she was a boy at first anyway.
  16. kandeels – Would have to be the time that I bought my husband tickets to the Buffalo Bills game for the two of us and another couple for his birthday. About a week before the game, I was looking for them and could not find them. Seems that I had thrown them out with the newspapers that had been scattered on the table. I was steaming mad and to make it worse, I had to tell him that I threw out his birthday present and then call our friends to tell them to make other plans because I was a complete idiot!! Have never gotten over that one – all lost – money, integrity and my MIND apparently!!!
  17. Beata Nalesnik – I was very mad at myself when I realized that my ex had taken me for a ride. Brain washed me to a point where I felt bad for him all the time and would do anything to make him happy. Including support him financially! NEVER AGAIN!
  18. Sara DuVall – Back in 2008 when I realized I was hurting my family when I gave in to anorexia.
    I’m doing better now. I’m living, I’m happy and I’m eating!!
  19. dottie p – 7 1/2 years after i got married. i had to divorce the idiot. not that i didn’t want the divorce, just mad at myself for taking so long to do it
  20. Ray Ayala – I got mad at myself for breaking my diet again. I went to a Pizza Buffet and promised myself to start with the salad bar and eat mostly salad. As soon as I saw my favorite thin crust pepperoni pizza, I thought I’d put a bunch of slices aside for later. Instead, before I knew it, I had eaten those slices and was too full for salad.

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