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See who won our 1560th daily question below.

  1. Beata Nalesnik – My favorite show when I was a kid was “the Wonder Years” I used to watch it back in Poland on a black and white TV only because that is the one we could afford. I was fascinated by American culture / style.
  2. Beth Stone – “Little House On The Prairie”. I loved how the family worked together. How their faith was so strong, even in adversity. Ma and Pa were strict, but loving. I still love the show.
  3. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – Probably going to show my age here again lol but my favorite show as a kid was Fraggle Rock!!! It was all different puppets that lived in the world of “Fraggle Rock”, which was an underground world. The “Fraggle Rock” community consisted of the Fraggles themselves, the giant Gorgs, and the Doozers — there was also a trash heap character lol. Great imagination…i STILL sing the theme son in my head (and I’m doing it as I type) LOL
  4. Carol Miller – My very favorite show as a child was The Mickey Mouse Club. I became addicted to the Stars. I never missed a show and use to sing along with them until my brothers would tell me to stop. My two favorites were Annette Funicello and Bobby Burgess. They both went on to careers after the show. I was devastated to learn that Annette died a few years ago from MS. What a loss. There were not that many really cool kids shows in the late 1950’s but as long as I had The Mickey Mouse Club to watch, I didn’t care. ( it has been said that Walt Disney built Disneyland on the proceeds from that show.)
  5. Margelia George – perfect strangers, come on people
  6. cyberbabe11 – i’m one of the millions who “ran home from school every day” to watch Dark Shadows.
  7. Charles Ibitamuno – It’s hard to say really, in my youth, there were a lot of shows that challenged us mentally and physically. Power Rangers was awesome in the 1990’s. But when it came to action packed adventure and dilemmas, X Men and Spiderman the Animated Series truly rocked. The fighting styles of X Men were something that this X men of 2000 obviously lack. And the maturity and humor-plus intellectual genius of Spiderman is something that can’t be replaced no matter what we see today.
  8. Noel Stewart – As a kid I watched the Howdy Doody Show with Buffalo Bob religiously! I learned my manners from this show in the 1950’s. At that time it was the best children’s show on television!
  9. Marie Angelie Delima – My favorite is the “Fresh Prince of Belair”. Me and my family would go sit on the sofa together just for that show. It makes watching tv show more memorable. In fact, this is the only TV show that would make my father dance! He could really “Jump on it!”
  10. Rebecca lee – My favourite kids tv show was a little known British show called “My parent’s are aliens” which ran for 5 seasons from 1999. The premise of the show was about 3 children who were fostered by a family of aliens, and it centred around the aliens trying to get to grips with raising a family of human children whilst still trying to learn how to live on earth. I used to rush home from school in order to watch it, and it was so exciting being able to discuss the previous episode at school the next day. Oh, the innocence of childhood!!
  11. Jordyn Grimes – Anything that made me laugh! I had too many shows I loved as a kid I remember having to bounce around from Channel to channel to make sure I didn’t miss anything! But “The X files” was me and my dads show we’d watch together and I remember it my our special time together so I guess you could say that was my favorite!:)
  12. Candy – He-Man was the best as a kid. My sister and I watched it religiously. Loved She-Ra too, but He-Man was the one who started it all. We had all the toys too, even castle grey-skull. So as soon as the show would end, my sister and I would act it out with the toys.
  13. Lynn King McKinney – May I submit two? My “Grown Up” nighttime program was National Velvet which was a tv series in the early ’60’s. I loved horses. Also, my last name (maiden) was King. I used to saddle up and be gone all day pretending I was Velvet. 🏇🏇 My favorite childhood tv program was Captain Kangaroo. I loved all of the characters of that program and seldom missed it. My two favorites were Tom Terrific and Grandfather Clock’s sleepy eyes when he was first awakened.
  14. Vicki Morin – The earliest I can remember was Ed Sullivan, which was before we had our own TV set and was invited to watch it at the neighbor’s home. How exciting it was for me when we finally got our very own T.V. ! I fell in love with The Honeymooners and of course I Love Lucy…Ahh memories.
  15. Stephanie Sage – Ahhh! Real monsters and Ren and stimpy because my parents wouldn’t let me watch them but my grandparents would!
  16. Jasmine Emily – If you’re talking when I was like age 6 Gullah Gullah island with the frog Minya or roly-poly Oli from Disney and we’re talking teenage years Sabrina the teenage witch live action series recess anything on to cartoon network like Dragonball Z and other stuff like Naruto and cartoons like Powerpuff Girls Mojo Jojo
  17. Rob – G.I. Joe… After watching it my brothers and I would take over the livingroom and make it one big war area. Set up blankets on chairs to make forts, tape off areas that were claimed property, use nerf guns to shoot action figures.
  18. Diane Krumenaker Eugenio – Star Trek! I was a Trekkie [now called Trekker]. My brother and I used to watch it together. He always used to quiz me throughout the years with “Who said it and in what episode?” I think he knew almost every line from every show. (We watched a lot of repeats, too.) Star Trek took us “where no man [changed to no one in later series] has gone before!
  19. Christy – Little House on the Prairie. I always thought, even with none of the conveniences we now have, life was so much simpler and happier back then. Neighbors were truly neighbors and you knew right from wrong. You were punished for doing wrong, whether something large or small, and you took care of yourself and those around you. It was a happy show that taught many lessons.
  20. Luis Eduardo Jimenez – My favorite show as a kid (Eventhough I’m about to be 21) was Alf. I loved that show as a kid because of the jokes that alf said. Also, Alf liked to eat cats and I dont like cats that much so we had the same love for cats. I still watch some old episodes from the series and I still laugh at the same jokes. I was born to be an Alf fan. For me Alf was the best series because, even though its air time was like at 11pm, I always had to wait until late night to watch it and at least go to sleep with a smile in my face.

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    Thank you so much, Vindale. Questions like this, are very entertaining.

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