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The winners

See who won our 1477th daily question below.

  1. JAN DUDA – I live in Florida and one year i bought a bread machine and mailed to Mom and Dad in MA. On the same day we mailed the bread machine we got a package from them and it was the same bread machine. Could have saved alot of money in shipping.
  2. Sowmya – This is creepy and it happened when I was 16 years. My brother could see from only one eye and started developing some issues with that also.
    The doctors did all the tests and gave a date for surgery of that eye. My dad took him to the hospital which was in another State in India. After they left, the following day I saw a dream that my brother came back without the operation as the eye surgeon suggested him not to get operated because there is a risk of losing his eye. Next morning, I told my mother about my dream. She didn’t take it seriously at that time. Next day we were all surprised to see my brother coming back without getting operated. He said that the doctor suggested him not to get operated as there is a risk of losing it all together. Even today when I think of that incident, I get goosebumps.
  3. Judy Burba McGarvey – My sister-in-law and I were pregnant at the same time. I was due on January 15th and she was due on December 23rd. She desperately wanted a boy and I wanted a girl. Well, I gave birth to my son on December 23rd and she gave birth to her daughter on January 15th. The family suggested that we “swap”. lol
  4. Paul Clément – What are the odds that two 19 year olds, one from Ontario, the other from Saskatchewan both enrolled in the 1967 ROTP (Regular Officer Training Program) and coincidentally assigned to the same platoon both have the same name (given name and family name? Well, I was one of them and that is the weirdest coincidence I can remember. It’s almost the stuff of ”Believe it or Not”.
  5. Gay Brock – When I had my second daughter more than 28 years ago, I shared a hospital room with a woman who had given birth about the same time I did. She had a boy. When the nurse brought this woman her baby, she said, “Here’s Devin James.” I was so confused! Devin James was the name I had chosen if I had a boy! We couldn’t believe it. But it gets better… When I told her I had named my daughter Caitlin Jane, THAT was the name she had chosen if she had a girl. Definitely the weirdest coincidence in my lifetime.
  6. Deb – When my daughter was buying our houses we knew that we wanted to live close to each other. She bought hers first. Her address is 1312. She tried to get her neighbors to sell their homes so I could be next door. No deal. I was looking on the internet and found my house. It was a street over with only a vacant lot between us. The address is 1312. After I had moved in, the phone tech gave me my phone number. The last four numbers are 1312. We both took it as a sign from above that proved that we had made the right decision.
  7. Roxanne Foreman – just a couple days ago, I was waving at a neighbor through the window, then jokingly waving my fist at the sky (as if cursing all the snow) when all of the sudden all the snow on the branches came tumbling down through the trees!
  8. Casimina Doner – For me, the weirdest coincidence is that my mother in laws phone number is also part of my social security number. So my hubby and I were weirdly connected even before we connected! LOL
  9. Teresa Rojas – My parents have five children,and all five of us got them the same thing for their anniversary present. It was a bit awkward and freaky. Four of us decided to get them something different and discussed what we were going to get them first this time.
  10. RaMarie Bazemore Acker – My Mom and My Mother in law share the same birthday, May 7th. And my cousin and my ex husband were born on the same day, same year, same hospital. my mother in law visited my aunt when my cousin was born.
  11. Cris march – I think it’s coincidental that as soon as American troops occupied the Middle Eastern poppy plantations, we are now experiencing the worst heroin epidemic since it was 1st conceived.
  12. kandeels – I share my answers to Vindale blogs and my winnings, especially, with my children. One day I told them that I had won and the question was “what is your favorite Jenny?” The radio was on and lo and behold, my answer to the Vindale blog came on the radio – 8675309, I got it, I got your number off the wall — – — Too funny, and the kids’ eyes got really wide, like the radio knew my answer!!!
  13. Kari McDowell – My sister and I who are ten years apart in age buying the exact same birthday card for family members three times in a row. Of the thousand of cards in the store I can’t imagine how we did this. We also shopped at different stores each time.
  14. Sylvia – It revolves around the number 8; married on the 8th after meeting my husband on the 8th, son born on the 8th, father and mother in law passed away on the 8th and I was hired as a teacher on the 8th. This number keeps on popping up as significant events in my life occur.
  15. Carol Miller – My birthday is Christmas Day and my name is Carol. My younger daughter told me she was naming her first child, Carolyn, in honor of me. Carolyn ended up being born on January 6th, 2006. That is the feast of the Epiphany, which is also known as “Little Christmas”, in all of the Eastern churches. To say I was and am thrilled is an understatement. We are both Christmas babies. Carolyn is also very much like me in personality.
  16. James Moulder – Way back a long time ago the girl that broke up with me because i went in the USAF and could not wait a year to get married i ran into her 4 years later in Paris France on her honey moon and i was on a weekend pass with the girl i wound up marring.I was stationed in Germany at the time. O how lucky i was been married 25 years now.
  17. Luisa Mami Reicy – At my last job, we had to dress formal on Saturdays and most of the ladys use to make sure they critize this one girl’s outfit and one Saturday that One girl was wearing the exact same dress as me! Felt like everyone was talking about me for the rest of day “talk about being in someone else’s shoes!” -NOT FUN!
  18. dottie p – my then husband and i went on a trip to my sister’s in Illinois, and on the way back we stopped at a truck stop to eat lunch. i looked at him and said somethings going to happen. i am having de ja vue really bad. he was like what’s going to happen, i said not sure maybe someone famous will come in or something. 5 minutes later my brother who was a truck driver walked in the door. my hubby said hey look it’s mike, we had a nice lunch together.
  19. Imbri Jenkins – I lived in a trailer park in elementary school and THREE different little girls named Cheyenne moved into trailer 13, one after the other.
  20. Stacie Snow – My husbands exwife received a chip support check for $500 and he didn’t send it after we got in touch with DHR they sent it from another account in the next county and their names were the same Jimmy and Debbie

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  • kandeels

    I love these coincidences, too much fun!! Thank you, Vindale!! http://tryvindale.com/VegwSmsJa

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      Yes, we do too! So many and SO crazy! Your story was so cool, what a world, what a world. Your account has been credited. Have a great day. 😀

  • dottie p

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      Your account has been credited. Keep warm out there, dottie! 😀

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    Some awesome and weird answers! I had a lot of fun answering and reading! Thanks Elizabeth!!

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  • Sowmya

    Thank you Elizabeth! What a fun question ! I like creepy coincidences and thoroughly enjoyed reading the answers!!

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