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The winners

See who won our 1476th daily question below.

  1. Casandra – Anything that give me the chills like screeching chalk on a chalkboard like he did in Jaws etc! Some one told me when I was young when anything like that happens with me to think of a sponge..it works sometimes… LOL
  2. Dustin – When the timer runs out on my microwave, it says “ENJOY YOUR MEAL!”, and I don’t know if it’s being polite, or it it’s a sarcastic piece of sh*t.
  3. jock – Well when people eat loudly. It is not only annoying but uncultured specially in public.It bothers me SO MUCH, and I really wish it wouldn’t. It can ruin a meal time for me when people eat loudly, or with their mouths open. I suffered a lot when I spent a couple of months in China (I don’t want to offend anyone, I know it’s a cultural thing and in most asian countries the norm is for people to eat loudly, and not the other way around). I had to take an mp3 player with me down to the hotel restaurant, just to get through breakfast time.
  4. Gay Brock – When someone has a runny nose and they just sniffle, sniffle, sniffle instead of just blowing their nose and getting rid of it already. Drives me nuts lol.
  5. Stacie Snow – I can’t stand for someone to mess in my kitchen while I’m cooking! My husband is the worlds worst to come in and take off lids and “stir” what I’m cooking!
  6. MT – Styrofoam. I can’t stand it, the sound it makes when it rubs against anything, the way it feels. Gives me chills just writing this post.
  7. James Moulder – i have to be the last one on a phone call. i dont like it when you say good by and the person on the other line doesnt hang up first.
  8. Anthony Taylor – It drives me nuts when people open things with their teeth. I catch my wife doing it sometimes and scream “Nooo!” like I’m in an action movie or something.
    Not so weird pet-peeve: When people say “literally” when its not literal at all. No, you did not literally die. Dead people don’t misuse “literally.”
    Ok, I’m done now.
  9. Charlene – My biggest pet peeve is when my husband doesn’t replace the toilet paper roll, instead he will just the new roll on the counter? like is it that hard to put it on the dispenser? Really???
  10. Mo – Putting dishes in the sink without rinsing them off or leaving food on them and it collects in the sink. Also leaving a swallow of a drink in the fridge, just finish the dang thing!
  11. Christina G’Angeli – people who continually drift up into an intersection when the light is still red!!! where ya gonna go buddy?? the lights still red!!
  12. stephen elsworthy – I hate when I tell my wife something and she answers with really? or are you sure? I usually come back with”No, I just made it all up”! Why the hell would I tell her something unless I knew it was right! Or worse I tell her something and she comes back with a query as to what I had just told her. If she listened to what I said and processed that info then she would not have to come back with a question that I had already answered. Women tell men that they can multi task— RUBBISH!
  13. Natania – When my daughter and her father takes their socks off inside out. I have told them over and over again to turn them right side up or take the socks off differently. I hate putting my hands in sweaty, dirty, and nasty socks to wash them and if I don’t, then they don’t get clean. Aaarrrgghh, I never take my socks off inside out, but every few days when I do laundry I have 10 or 12 socks and they are all INSIDE OUT!
  14. Tabatha Howay – My weirdest pet peeve is when people are not careful with how they use the sour cream & contaminate the container causing the sour cream to mold way before it should.
  15. Erin Estilette – When the garbage can in a public bathroom is too far from the door, especially if it is necessary to pull the door open to get out, and you need your paper towel to open the door.
  16. Joelle Temple – Weirdest pet peeve I have, would have to be that I hate the feeling/ sound of nails on paper! It drives me crazy when someones showing me something on a paper and starts to drag their nail all over it. I want to grab their hand and yell at them to stop. Makes my spine tickle just thinking about it! also, may or may not be as weird, I hate spoons. I don’t use them for ice cream, cereal, or soup.
  17. Sylvia – It’s those plastic sealed packages that products like makeup and toys come in that drive me crazy! Theres no tab to open and I have done battle with scissors, knives and any other sharp object I can find to try to open usually without success. Cmon, is a $5 superhero action figure so valuable that you protect it better than my $900 fridge which was delivered in bubble wrap??!!
  18. Heather Davis – My weirdest pet peeve is when someone uses the kitchen towel to clean up a mess, it’s there to dry ur hands when they r wet not to wipe food off lol
  19. Jamyang – “When people stare at my food” I can’t eat when someone is staring at my food. It just feel uncomfortable.
  20. Debbie Stevens – My weirdest pet peeve is when someone has to hug you hello and hug you good bye. There’s a time for hugging, but some people just carry it too far. It’s almost like a habit. My sister and her family are like that. The minute they come in they make their rounds hugging everyone…..they start to leave 5 minutes later, and they make the rounds hugging everyone again. Well, shoot! I logged in on twitter. This is Deb. Want a hug??

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