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See who won our 1567th daily question below.

  1. Jennifer Peraino Sewell – In Italian fake-lore it is said that if you hear the song of a whale at 11:11 o the 11th day of the 11th month, you will become prosperous in love and and if you are fortunate enough to see the same whale it will bring you great fortune!
  2. Paul – I was snorkeling on Maui and heard the humpbacks underwater and they were a long distance off the high pitched call to hear is amazing live
  3. MyKinKStar – Never seen a whale or have a whale tale to tell, but used to always believe what Dr. Seuss told us in one of his books about feeding goldfish . . . I believed the goldfish in Daddy’s fishpond might grow to be too big because he fed them a handful (his BIG hands) of Quaker Oats oatmeal every day!
  4. Marie Pitts – My first impression of the Pacific Ocean and California, as I flew in a Southwest flight, i saw pods and pods of whales swimming near San Jose. I will never forget that sight and the wonder and excitement I felt! Later that year I spotted a Blue Whale breaching near Bodega Bay as I sat and ate breakfast by an outdoor fireplace at the Whale Watchers Cafe. It was a magical time for me!
  5. Amos C. – The first time I saw a whale was when I was in the navy. I served in the submarine force,we solemnly get a chance to surface in the middle of the ocean. On one of those rare times I was by the hatch smoking a cigarette enjoy the breeze and view, when suddenly a humpback whale breached and jumped out of the water only a few feet from the sub. It was majestic that such a large animal could reach the speed and height it did.
  6. Tina Sedore – Never seen a whale but i remember a couple years ago in mexico a couple was on a boat and so happens mother nature decides to do her thing and the whale came up out of the water and landed on the poor Canadian couples boat.. and im sure you all can figure out on your own what had happen to them… strange things happen.. a freak of nature kind of thing something definitely unexpected.. my their souls rip and my heart’s go out to their families… life has many surprises but youd never real think a whale is going to kill you.. but we are in their atmosphere their waters where they play and wonder… like we do on land… kids do flips and tricks just as the whales do… its sad it happened to these ppl and it breaks my heart they went that way… you never know when your numbers up.. even a whale can take your life away in seconds and not even know it or mean to… its a whale playing having fun. Sad story but true… breaks my heart they go away from family on vacay and never come back…
  7. Denise N. – If you are ever in Hawaii for a vacation or a weekend get-away do yourself a huge treat and sign up for the Whale Watching Tours. It’s nothing short of Amazing!!! It’s you, the sunset, endless stretches of ocean in every direction you look. And then, this huge, ancient, magestically beautiful creature will break the surface and for a moment time stops and pure wonder sets in. You wonder at it’s size, how does it move so gracefully and if you could just reach out if you could actually feel this beautiful animal….and in the same instance reality comes crashing back and you hear dinner being served, laughter and small talk over exotic tropical drinks and you’ll gaze at the lights along the beach all the while thinking if that one magical moment was real.
  8. Diane Lane – I was in Bar Harbor Maine with my family and decided to go out in the boat to seal watching. As we headed into the open sea we ran into school of humpback whales heading south for the winter. It was a very impressive sight to see.
  9. dolfanatl – OK, this is really stupid, but here goes nothing. When I was a kid, we used to do this thing called “white tail whale”. What you would do is to pull your bathing suit down just enough so that only your butt was showing. Then you would swim and “leap” out of the water making sure your butt got up out of the water. That’s how we would be a white tailed whale.
  10. OSCAR LOUBRIEL – Back in 2013, I was working aboard the Royal Caribbean Ship “Rhapsody of the Sea”. We spent the entire summer cruising around south east ALASKA near Glacier Bay. My favorite experience with Whales was when I went on a Kayaking Excursion near Gacier bay with some co-workers. IT was actually my first time Kayaking. We set off into a deep bay and about midway into the bay we statted to spot Blue whales and porpoises. The Blue Whales came so close to out Kayak that we could barely keep balanced. I think they were playing with us. They are very playful and social. Also the porpoises were jumping out of the water. Whales are incredible creatures, and some might say more intelligent than Human beings.
    Thats my whale story.. the end.
  11. Erin Estilette – After watching Pinocchio, I was most impressed by the whale Monstro being able to swallow them whole, and that they could basically live in the whale. Lol. I imagined it was entirely possible, and thought I might try it someday.
  12. Dicksy Maneschyn – I remember taking a trip along the Oregon coastline and we spotted a whale that was beached . Scientists I believe were examining and studying the whale. The whale of course was dead…sad to see. Never realized how big they are! I’ve heard stories of whales that beach but never really experienced it. Why exactly do they beach?
  13. Julie Dascoli-Yanop – The Scene: 6th Grade. Mr. Sena – Whale watching trip out in the Atlantic. The Outcome – entire class of 22 children and who knows how many adults/parents vomiting profusely over the side of the boat before any whales were even close by! I will never forget this day. I even remember the boy next to me puking a pink color!!!!
  14. Teresa Rojas – Sea World will no longer keep Orca Whales (Killer Whales) in captivity!!! 🙌😍
  15. Ruth Charmello – In 1991 , a pure white humpback whale was spotted near Great Barrier Reef in Australia.. Migrating from Antartica to the Northern Cost of Australia. an attraction for 25 yrs. Migaloo is a white numpback with brown eyes and no spots. Which is why he is one of australias biggest whate watching attractions.Other White whales have dark markings that offset their pale color but migloo has none of these patterns he is completely white. Migloo is not consiered abino by scientist since most alcinos in mammels and other species have red eyes. Milgaloo has the normal brown eyes of the average humback. In 2011 a baby white numpback was spotted near Great Barrier Reef beleived to be Migaloo offspring.
  16. roxysmom87 – The closest I come to having a whale tale, is watching “Star Trek, The Voyage Home”. In this sequel, with the original cast, they steal a Klingon ship, and leave in search of two Hump Backed Whales,. Earth in their time was attacked by a probe and they figured out the probe was making the sound of whales. We anyway, they go back in time to rescue two whales. This was the sequel after In Search of Spock. To make a long story short, they rescue Gracie and her mate. Spock does his mind meld with Gracie and finds out she is pregnant. The lady who was their caretaker ends up grabbing onto Captain Kirk while he is being beamed in to the Klingon ship they confiscated after they destroyed the Enterprise. She returns with them and they crash the ship into a large body of water releasing Gracie and her mate. As soon as the whales are in the water, the probe goes away. I guess you can tell I love Science Fiction.
  17. Sylvia – Many years ago I had a disabled kindergartener in my class who had leg braces and spent much of his time in a wheelchair. After a unit about land and sea animals I asked my students to draw the one animal they would most like to be and explain why. As I walked around the room I saw the typical tigers and bears until I stopped at Micah’s seat observing that he had made a huge whale. Interesting, I thought, and when I asked Micah why he chose this particular animal his response touched me in a way I haven’t forgotten in a decade. I want to be a whale because if my flippers don’t work the ocean will hold me up and I can still swim and play with all the other whales; I’ll be just like them. I truly choked back tears and made a special effort from that time on to be more empathetic and inclusive with this little boy and all the other students I would encounter who face physical, intellectual or behavioral challenges.
  18. Christy – I’ve never seen a whale in person. My only “whale story” also would lead into your poll question about “What’s the worst part of buying a bathing suit?” One suggestion is to not buy a black bathing suit and lie in the sun on the beach. You’ll get a free trip to a local aquarium or find yourself being rolled into the water by some kindhearted do-gooder.
  19. Karen T – ❤God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and prophecy against it because God had seen how wicked they had become. Jonah feared God and didn’t want to do what God asked. So he thought he could hide from God on a ship. God caused a great turbulence in the sea and Jonah, knowing he was at fault, told everyone to throw him overboard and God would calm the sea. So they did. God prepared a large fish🐟 🐳 to swallow Jonah in which he spent 3 days and 3 nights praying and committing himself to God. Then God commanded the fish to spit Jonah out. Jonah now did as God said. The people of Nineveh believed God would destroy them for their wickedness and repented of their sins. God saw this and spared the city.🌞
    The fish in the book of Jonah isn’t specified as a whale. But it was large enough to be one. And that’s my favorite whale story! 🐳 🐳 🐳 🐳
  20. Carol Miller – The most famous whale story that I can remember happened back in January, 1996. A huge junior female bottle nose whale was sighted swimming up the Thames River. It finally got grounded and rescue teams worked feverishly to try and rescue her. This was published all over the world and huge crowds gathered every day to watch the rescue. There were even people from Ireland and Scotland who came to watch. Unfortunately, the whale went into convulsions and died. However, you can still see her remains in England’s Natural History Museum. I was privileged to view the remains of this animal with all of the pictures of the rescue when I visited England in 2010. The guide that we had really brought the story to life. He explained how people were sobbing when the whale finally passed. The one good that came from it is viewing the entire bone structure of this once glorious animal. It was very moving. I was sorry that this poor whale couldn’t be rescued but at least happy that her story got preserved for generations to come.

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