POLL: Who’s your favorite Manning?

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Who's your favorite Manning?

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  • Jennifer Wallace Stacy

    Peyton’s the man! Hope he don’t retire.

    • Erica Strother

      it’s a sha me they keep mentioning his age.

  • Manda

    Definitely have to be their mom. Without her, there would be no Peyton or Eli.

  • Vicki Puckett Dominguez

    Mom instilled values, ethics, and pride into both men

  • Erica Strother

    A good mother is a special thing!

  • Kim Stacey

    She must have been an excellent mother to have raised not one, but two NFL superstars. Congrats to their Mom!

  • Andy Hsu

    how can I get pay?

    • Vindale

      You must reach a verified balance of $50 USD.

  • Vindale

    Nope, this poll is just for fun.

  • Eli. Lol

  • Jessica Jacobsen

    Peyton.. which is how we named our 2nd son

  • Lynn

    Peyton Manning has been such a successful quarterback in the NFL and he has done it with grace and humility. He has been such a tour-de-force and his career will be one that will be studied for years to come

  • Emily

    …….. am I really expected to only choose one Manning? No can do.

  • Darryl Gadwa

    Right on

  • Spencer Karter

    I would say Peyton. I wish the character of Craig Manning from Degrassi was listed in this question.

  • Ian Ness

    The answer is, The Guy behind the wheel on your BUS!!

  • Anna LIza

    Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time….

  • Lynn

    I believe that credit earned is credit due. Kudos to Olivia Manning is where the talent started. Beyond that, Peyton was no doubt one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and I wonder how Eli will do in his career, knowing where the bar is set.

    • Russell Smith

      Nope…..talent started with daddys genes obviously

  • Cheriese Tallman Vega

    Peyton has been an excellent quarterback, and very professional. I can’t say the same thing about his younger brother.

  • tbetter1

    The Manning Dad aint bad either!

  • Joellen Connie Candy Glass

    Without Olivia Williams Manning, there would be no Peyton or Eli!! You go mama!

    • Russell Smith

      Ditto for dad.

  • Fidow Mamea

    I picked Eli for the fact that both his superbowls were the curse of Tom Brady and his unbeatable Patriots. Them Giants along Eli’s elusiveness from the Patriots defense was the best I’ve ever seen from both.

  • J. Allen

    Ummm…? I’m confused. Wasn’t their dad a former NFL quarterback who was actually pretty good he just played for the Saints who were not pretty good at all…actually they were horrible? Just sayin’…no offense to Mrs. Manning but I’d give my vote to Archie if he were a choice

    • Russell Smith

      I wholeheartedly agree and at the time Archie was a tremendous quarterback on an awful team. I remember a game where Saints trailed 38-3 at half and lost 41-38!!

  • Russell Smith

    To bad Archie Manning was not included as he fathered 2 NFL stars and I doubt it was mamas genes responsible for that,

  • Jason Provo

    I am a huge Tom Brady fan (haters gonna hate) and it would then stand to reason that the Manning I like best is Peyton because he would be the other half of that great Brady-Manning rivalry that kept fans interested in Patriots-Colts matchups for years!
    I suppose you all know why I would never choose Eli…still not over those 2 superbowl losses to the Giants…

  • Billy Currie

    Mama has a golden uterus lol

  • Dianna Breland Strahan

    Why wasn’t Archie included? He raised football pros also.

  • Bryan Edinger

    I’m A Die Hard Broncos Fan and since he did win a superbowl for us, I really have to chose Peyton. Great Guy and one hell of a quarterback !

  • Maidul Shakil

    Peyton manning

  • Vero

    Peyton ! Peyton ! Peyton !!!