POLL: Do you think Steven Avery is innocent?

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Have Netflix? Check out Making a Murderer

If you’re looking for an addictive true crime documentary, check out Making a Murderer on Netflix. This series tells the story of poor Wisconsin resident Steven Avery. Steven was wrongly convicted of a brutal crime and goes to jail. DNA evidence exonerates him after 18 years. Once free he sets out to sue the police department that put him behind bars, only to finds himself accused of a second crime. In the documentary you see his perspective, and the perspective of his defense attorneys, who argue that he is being targeted and framed by the police department. Further, you learn about his nephew, who is also charged for allegedly participating in the second crime. Have you seen this show? If so, tell us what you think!

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Do you think Steven Avery is innocent?

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    This is a great new serials by Netflix. I was surprised when my husband but this show on. He hates it when I watch ID Tv and crime shows. He even likes this show.

  • Stacey Mazik

    I think there is a reasonable doubt, that he did not do it. I think that as soon as the police that he had a law suit against stepped onto the crime scene, the case should have been thrown out. Yes it is a shame if he did do it but it’s a bigger shame if he didn’t and evidence was planted. That guy don’t seem to have an angry bone in his body.

  • McKenzie Lee Cohen

    I am not saying he is guilty or innocent but he definitely deserves a new trial. The way the case was handled and investigated was not right!!

  • stephen elsworthy

    I don’t think he is guilty. DNA cleared him

  • Lucella Bennett

    This is the biggest rape of Justice to happen in America, each and every one of those dangerously corrupt police officers and officials need to be called out, charged and made EXAMPLES OF.

  • Daeley Lindquist

    im not sure about steven avery, but i am certain his nephew is innocent. poor kiddo

  • Shea Grant

    I haven ‘t been following this so I have no clue

  • Jessica Jacobsen

    I don’t live more than a few hours from where it happened

  • Lucella Bennett

    I’m so eager for Kathleen Zellner to tear up the Manitowoc police department. Her tweets suggest she is going for a full exoneration and she is using the same forensic science to convict the “planters” that they used to convict Steven Avery. I seriously feel every American should watch this documentary to get a glimpse at just how dangerously corrupt small town police, and D.A’ s can be.
    I also find it quite comical how former D.A. Ken Kratz cancelled “Steven Avery; Guilty as charged” conference set for May. I cant help but wonder if all Zellner’s new findings have anything to do with the cancellation?

  • Lynn

    I had never heard about this series until I read about it in this poll. I proceeded to watch this show on Netflix so I could make an informed decision. I believe that Mr. Avery is innocent and has been targeted by the police. I believe many amongst us have done things we are not proud of, but without having the police following our every move, most questionable activities have gone unnoticed . I know if anyone had been following my every move that I would most certainly be in a similar situation as Mr. Avery.

  • Cheriese Tallman Vega

    This poor man and his family have been the subject of such harassment! The first crime he was convicted of was completely botched! He was at a family function at the time of the murder, and the police still arrested him.

  • Fidow Mamea


  • Billy Currie

    poor guy has been framed to save face of the corupt police dept.

  • Eric Madore

    The murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman is a crime really violent. O.J. Simpson is guilty or not? The truth, of his involvement in this violent murder, is difficult to know. This murder will always leave me in doubt. Michael Peterson also leaves me in doubt. Guilty or not guilty of their wife’s murder. We will never be. I am only a Canadian who learns how American justice works in a trial by reporters. I am not an expert on American justice but I have the impression that trials are not there to know the truth of what really happened. I am always in doubt and in unanswered questions at every mediated trial that goes around the world. So I’m still in the questions and doubt for the guilt of Steven Avery.