POLL: What’s the worst part of buying a bathing suit?

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What's the worst part of shopping for a bathing suit?

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  • Theresa Holly

    I hate two piece swimsuits if the top is skimpy. I am full figured so I prefer a top that covers more!1

  • dottie p

    finding one that fits top and bottom.

  • Not living near a body of water to make use of it in

  • roxysmom87

    Believe me, I don’t want to see me in a bathing suit. I wouldn’t do that to people either. I don’t like scaring people.

  • robert

    They are shorts for apple sake. I don’t even try them on, I look for the least expensive pair.

  • critterbugg223

    Having to choose between whether or not you are too fat to wear a two piece bathing suit, or if you should just wear shorts and a t-shirt to your child’s field trip because you know all the other mom’s are going to be super pretty, and you are going to feel like a potato.

  • Laura Gruttadauria-Pinette

    I dont like trying them on and then looking in the mirror and seeing all of my wrinkles

  • Lauren Douffet

    Looking in the mirror while trying on bathing suits is a reminder to buy a cover all two piece and wear anything over my thunder thighs!

  • vanderley rodrigues

    parte de cima

  • Connie

    finding one to fit in your preferred style and price range

  • Brenda

    It is even gross to peer into the mirror with one eye shut and the other squinched almost shut.

  • Leslyn George

    Not having enough coverage for your “Camel toe”. 🙁

  • linda

    Afraid of what i will look like in it..

  • Lisa Stanger

    Opening my eyes…

  • F Hicks

    Haven’t done that for a while but always worried about wearing it for the first time and fingers crossed hoping you couldn’t see through the fabric when it was wet.

  • Tshana

    not getting use out of your bath suit and gaining some weight 🙁

  • Rita P

    Having to wear it in public

  • Abdelati Touzani


  • Cheryl Termin

    Getting a wedgie in one

  • Eric Madore

    It’s hard to put bathing suit with underwear

  • Brandie Postell

    I’m old and fat so all of it!

  • Shanee’ Brown

    My biggest challenge it to have my boobs fit. U can’t even recall in the last 5 years if they ever did.