POLL: What’s your favorite jewelry?

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What's your favorite jewelry?

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  • Sylvia

    Hands down ( no pun intended) my wedding rings!

  • Laura Gruttadauria-Pinette

    love my earrings and my wedding ring only- I feel naked if I don’t have any on

  • Deby Ann

    I love jewelry of all kinds, but don’t get to wear it. I am very sensitive to metals, and almost everything I find has some metal in it, even if it is just a clasp. I miss wearing earrings, and necklaces, watches, rings, and bracelets!

    • roxysmom87

      I can’t wear yellow gold for some reason. My skin underneath it turns greenish black. I can wear white gold or silver.

    • Lauren Douffet

      Me too! White gold, silver or stainless steel are the only metals that I can wear without an itchy breakout!

  • Karen Rush
    • roxysmom87


  • tamisha stephens

    mines is braclets i just love them

  • Josee Labrecque

    I just love Diamonds!

  • Cherie Adkins

    Hoop earrings!

  • Theresa Holly

    I love bracelets. Always looking for new and different designs

  • glenny

    love different earring big small hoops balls perals etc

  • roxysmom87

    I have an antique, or vintage necklace I really like. I has a large red stone in it. It sort of looks like something an ancient Egyptian would wear.

  • ramadevi

    My favorite jewellery is ear rings. They modify the beauty of the face first. I prefer always to wear different ear rings. I have small ones with French lock easy to wear for work. Bigger and gorgeous ones for casual wear. I make up my neck with a scarf or I wear blouse with a collar. So do not give much importance for necklaces and other jewellery. Most of my friends and relatives like my ear rings. My eyes always look for ear rings first when I go for shopping. I do not wear bracelets, rings and necklaces every day for work. I wear only ear rings mostly everyday, I do not waste them because I love to wear them.

  • Ayach Nezha

    Design unique notamment en or diamants!

  • Brenda

    I am very fond of my grandmother’s engagement ring. It was given to me when they cut it from her finger prior to her death.

  • perrieb

    I love dangling earrings – they enhance the face.

  • Tshana

    my favorite is the ring fr my mom it was her first wedding rings fr my dad.


    Earrings all day without i feel naked lol

  • Rita P

    My wedding band. Love my husband and he picked it out

  • Adrienne White

    Necklaces and neck chokers. I love how they look with certain fashions.