POLL: What time of day do you usually take surveys?

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When do you usually take most of your Vindale surveys?

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  • Beth Stone

    My answer was not there. Since, I “work” with a lot of survey companies, I treat it like a job. I do them from the time I get up, until about 8pm. I take a break for lunch.

    • Vindale

      Thanks, Beth! That’s an excellent point, should have had that option and will add to future surveys about …, well, surveys, haha. 😀

      • Beth Stone

        Oh, no problem. That wasn’t a criticism. Just a comment. 🙂 I appreciate the response.

      • Beth Stone

        No worries. I know not many make a career of doing surveys. lol

    • Natania

      Wow Beth, I do that sometimes on the weekends but I fall asleep after a few hours, does that ever happen to you. I don’t mean to get to personal but you have to make pretty good money doing that.

      • Beth Stone

        No. I don’t get sleepy. I do it about 8 hrs a day. Taking a break for lunch. If you do survey work to make a lot of money, you’re in the wrong business. I am unemployed right now. So. it’s just keep me busy. I don’t make a lot of money. But, they don’t just pay you in cash. Many companies offer all kinds of gift cards too.

  • Marilyn Anne Dedam

    We only can do one survey a day or what?

    • Vindale

      Not at all! Just want to get a better sense of when you all are taking surveys so we can understand how better to distribute inventory for you guys and gals.

  • ramadevi

    I chose the nearest answer. It depends on my work schedule. I wake up late in the morning at 10am and see my mails. If possible I do the survey. If I am off I do the surveys morning, afternoon and night also. If I am working, I return home at 1200 night and I do surveys at that time. I will be awake until 2.30am. So I my time for surveys is very flexible.

  • Between 2-6PM

  • Marce McHone

    I picked one time, but im disabled so i do this on a few different sites throughout the day and night as i cannot do much else, makes me feel useful.

  • carpediem5790

    I check later in the morning and then again at night OR recently, when my little Vindale alert on my screen tells me there are surveys.

  • Misty Strunk

    I check several times a day here lately lot of surveys

    • Desy. Foy

      I can’t seem to get anty I on all day on and of I be lucky to get one a day

  • Helem Paixão

    I check several times a day here lately lot of surveys

  • Mic checka

    Can be overwhelming at times, BUT most are interesting and can consume boredom or spare time.

  • Karen T

    I take surveys when I can find the time that I won’t be interrupted. Also, I take surveys on my cell phone so there are many that I don’t qualify for if a desktop is required. I was in the middle of taking a survey yesterday and when I lost cell phone service. So I usually try to take the surveys early in the day or later at night.

  • Adrienne White

    I take surveys from Vindale every chance I get each day!

  • Veronica

    Obviously not at the right time and that answer isn’t there either. But I sure try all day long.

  • Guzta AndreSs

    very good

  • munir hussain

    IV been a member of Vindale panel for about 2yrs and IV always get disqualified for any surveys I try to complete since IV joined…sort this out please

  • MartyRobin24

    The time I do surveys varies . It all depends on my medical appointments .

  • Natania

    I mostly do them in the evening when everything has settled down, I do them sometime during the day when I can.

  • Carmela Botticella-Morelli

    Anytime I can around work or my chores around the house but it seems like even when I answer right away I’m disqualified so thats kind of disappointing and so thats why I don’t rush when I’m going to get disqualified anyway

    • Desy. Foy

      I the same anty time will do

  • Camille Bass

    I love the morning I like to get started in the morning my best time and I am ready to go

  • Camille Bass

    morning I like the mornrig am a early riser

  • Theresa Holly

    I take various times thru out the day sometimes twice a day whenever i have a free moment

  • Amy Janes Moore

    I’m kind of a night owl… I like to do surveys after the kids go to bed so I can concentrate on the questions ….without taking time away from them!

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    What is Vindale? It’s a New York survey company that pays for anyone to review some products. Its one of the oldest survey companies.

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    The best time of day for me to blog is when ever I get the chance to have some alone time. My kids take up a lot of my time. And it’s when I have a chance to gather my thoughts that I blog.

  • Theresa Holly

    Early afternoon when it is quiet

  • Sloan RB

    At night while in bed.

  • Richie Russell

    I do the surveys at most 8 hrs, but break it down by amount trying to achieve, so sometimes I dont have to take as many surveys per day or amount of time to accomjplish goal

  • Jennifer Helmick

    I’m always finding myself doing them in the late evenings due to my daytime obligations.

  • Jessica Finch

    I take surveys all day long, everyday.

  • Alicia Diem

    Late at night.

  • Misty-Dawn Witty

    I have a new baby that is 3 months old and he goes to bed around 9:30-10 so then I am able to do a few surveys before I head off to bed myself

  • Charlene Brown

    All Day


    Love doing surveys

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    Best part of the day to do these is just after the kids go to bed and it’s quiet.

  • Deby Ann

    It depends on when I have a chance to sit down, uninterrupted! Either after my husband goes to work, or after he goes to bed at night. . . So either mid afternoon to about 11:30 at night or after 1 AM. . . I hate it when he stands behind me watching what I’m doing on my computer! I’ve tried to tell him I’m doing paid surveys at Vindale, so please let me focus, but he just stands there watching. So, yeah, pretty much whenever he’s not here. LOL

  • Corrilyn G Zerr

    I take them whenever i have time, any time of day

  • Bobby Smith

    One of the times I do surveys is while my husband is driving.
    Less nagging and we both arrive happier.

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    For me it will have to be around 1 or 3 am. Its my quiet time and there aren’t any distractions and I can concentrate a lot better.

  • It doesn’t really matter to me, since I’m disabled and don’t work anymore. I usually take surveys whenever I feel like it. It could be morning noon or night. You didn’t give me that option on voting, so I picked early afternoon.

  • John Hunt

    Early morning

  • Kathleen Steitz

    Any time I have time I do surveys so that’s around the clock even when I should be sleeping I do them.

  • Tyler Baker

    When I’m bored

  • Brandie Postell

    late morning. That is the only time I have access to the internet.

  • Justiin Joseph

    very good

  • Ashley Conover-Flint

    I normally do it thru out the day but start about 9am. I get notifications thru email and do them everytime I receive an email about a survery.

  • Chalaine Wood

    they didnt suggest “whenever” cuz i take surveys whenever i feel like it

  • Fingersnote21

    I do them when the my lady watches corrie which you have to concentrate on the questions as the programme is a load of rubbish