POLL: How rough do your heels get?

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How rough do your heels get?

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  • ramadevi

    I have dry feet. If I don’t care them, I feel like dry and flaky. So I have to sooth them with moisturizing every night, otherwise they get dry up.

  • roxysmom87

    My heels got really rough this year. They were so rough, I could scrape the skin off in thick slices.

  • Theresa Holly

    I think the summer months are hard on everyone’s feet. But if you use hand lotion on them will keep them soft

  • Jasmine Emily

    The summer is tough on everybody specially feet because different kind of surfaces and different temperatures of heat so use lotion and to keep my feet soft

  • Judith Nelson

    I get dry feet in summer so have to use lotion on them all the time.

  • Julie Pollock

    Worst feet ever

  • Dixie Darling

    mine get dry, cracked and sometimes bleed

  • Deby Ann

    My heels will crack so deep the muscle is exposed, they bleed, and it is REALLY painful to walk on them! If that isn’t dry, rough heels, I don’t know what is! I’ve actually had to go to a doctor a few times to help heal the heels. . . sadly, it looks like some of my (now grown) kids have the same problem. 🙁

    • Frances-Pino Watson-Signorello

      I was born with heels like that where I couldn’t wear shoes. My grandmother told me to URINATE on my feet and that made it better. You can buy cream with urea in it. I put file the dry skin off and put vaseline and wear cotton socks overnight . You have to be vigilant with the process. I hope your get better soon

  • Lauren Douffet

    Only hours after swimming in a pool or the ocean do they get all rough and dry.

  • Ayach Nezha

    Sometimes it s difficult!

  • Lynn

    My feet are baby soft but only because I work hard to get them that way, otherwise they are like sandpaper. I have to use a pumus stone in the shower and then I use one of those battery operated exfoliating devices. I follow this up with lotion.