POLL: How often do you get angry?

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POLL: How often do you get angry?

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  • Stacie Snow

    My husband says he waits for me to talk in the mornings because he doesn’t know what kind of mood ill be in!

  • Sharon E. Stone-Randolph

    I finally figured out anger just ins’t the answer. If I have an issue with someone I bring it up. Clear the air fast.

  • Karen T

    It takes a lot to get me really angry but I don’t stay angry as long as other people I know.
    Love the Gif of the little boy! Lol

  • ramadevi

    I dont loose my anger very easily, I wait peacefully to settle down the situation. I give time first to the person or to the situation. Then it depends what kind of situation, worth to get angry to fix it. Anger is reaction to unpleasant, unfavorable and different situations. Some times it is needed to show anger towards the situation to do the things in right way. If we dont show our response to other person he/she will take advantage of it. It is better to settle the issue by showing your feelings and clear it by discussing it. So that the problem wont repeat again.

  • Coreena

    I only loose my anger when my children don’t listen to me. I don’t stay anger for long because I love my children very much

  • seapoodle

    I seldom get angry there is no point, problems can be solved peacefully

  • Theresa Holly

    sometimes when someone does something to annoy me I lose my cool but otherwise I’m ok

  • Sharon

    I rarely get angry, I have learned life is way to short to get or be angry. Now that I’m older I seem to have more patients, I’ve seen to many friends and relatives get angry and stay angry over some of the stupidest things, I refuse to live what life I have to be angry. Every morning I get out of bed and look in the mirror and say” Today will be better then yesterday and you don’t know if you’ll have tomorrow”. SMILE MAKE SOMEONES DAY!!

  • Jan Clark

    It takes me a long time to get angry I have been told that I have the patience of a saint. But I’m not so sure I agree lol.!! 🙂

  • Dee

    I rarely get angry. As I got older I realized emotions are complex and that anger was usually disappointment in or loss of something. I was upset and then finally took the time to step back and look at why and where that emotion came from. I guess this is called patience. Worry and anger waste precious moments of our lives of which we have few. We age ourselves quickly with anger and forget our time here is not unlimited.

  • Shelly Stubbee Nield

    I seldom get mad, but getting angry (to me) is like being irratated (bumping into things, dropping/breaking/forgetting something.How often varies from day to day, but several times a week.

  • Ashley Conover-Flint

    Sometimes when someone annoys me or just gets on my nerves but rarely get mad.

  • Casimina Doner

    It tends to take a lot to get me truly angry,but when I do, watch out! It’s like an exploding volcano! Lol

  • Cheryl Termin

    Takes a lot to get me mad but when I do I let you know in more ways than one and some say I bottle it up til I explode than everything comes out all at once

    • That’s how I am exactly. Lately, one person sets me off, even if I hear his name.

  • Jessica Str

    Don’t take much by the right person

  • zakiufo dz

    I easily get angry…let me tell I am dialy angry.

    • zakiufo dz, Why? What makes you angry so much?

      • Elsie

        I get angry when others /society does stupid things

  • I don’t get angry very easily, but a certain political figure has caused me some anger issues lately. I wont say who it is, because I want to stay in a good mood.

  • Most can.

  • Barbara Edwards

    i get angry when i am behind slow drivers lol….a.k.a road rage!!!!!

  • Shanee’ Brown

    I’m only angry after being provoked for a long period and sometimes years.

  • Annette Cichocki


  • pamela harvey

    As I have gotten older my angfyhas subsided a lot but if it does come out it usually isn’t about what was done to me but those I live and I will stick up for them as much as it can.

  • Heidi DoesHair

    It seems as if the entire world is completely angry.I have extremely angry the past year

  • Kimberly

    I’m love food

  • Ra

    I’m often bothered by this littlest things. sigh

  • Briana

    Always when I want something. Like food. Cuz food is life

  • Briana

    It’s when I want food. Cuz good is my life

  • Briana

    When I want food

  • Jill Fassell

    Takes a lot to get to get me mad. But once I’m at that point, you better hope my anger isn’t directed towards you. It’s not a moment you would soon forget.

  • Alex Waals

    Every once in a while.

  • johnybegd

    Its the people around you who influence your day. Stay around angry opinionated people and you can feel the love…or hate.

  • jonybegd

    Hang around angry people and they will make you feel just the same. Better to be around positive and happy people.

  • JKP

    I rarely get angry/mad (anymore). Anger causes stress, which is not good for your well-being. Consider the importance/impact of the incident on the larger scope of your world. Just let it go. This may be hard to do at first, but keep trying until you reach your inner peace.

  • Keith Manning

    I get angry every time I get an email from Vindale about a new survey and then two minutes in told the survey no longer exists.

  • Toney Roney

    Not to often.it takes a lot to get me angry

  • Barry Dubinsky

    Can’t get into paid surveys

  • jade ferreira silva

    eu me irrito com muita facilidade

  • dominic

    i dont work now so i dont get angery much

  • Ron

    I have found that my brain does not function well when I get angry, so many years ago, I simply stopped getting angry

  • Kristina

    Ohh man !! I try to be positive. But I know I get angry daily

  • SOS1991@bellaliant.net

    I never get angry, though some times I realize that there are both positive and negative aspects to the expression of anger. The closest I get to anger is to raise my voice slightly and use facial expressions or body stance to indicate disappointment.

    My wife occasionally tries to argue with me out of fun, and invariably she gives up after a few tries.

    If you love people, you are always ready to forgive any transgression.

    In most cases in which others are angry with you, they are indicating a weakness in their own character. Do not respond with anger and instead state that you recognize their expressed emotion(s). Be kind and loving in what you say and be humble before them.

    Dee is correct in saying that worry and anger waste precious moments of our lives. Be patient with others. Anger and frustration are signs of lack of acceptance of the given situation – the way things are.

    It is important to realize that there are things which we have control over and many things which are in the control of others.

    We need only be responsible for that which we can do. We need to accept responsibility for whatever lies within our realm, and all else, no matter how we may dislike what lies in the realm of others, is out of our control.

    You will find that you feel much more peaceful once you let go.

    Blessings and all good to you,

  • Susan Carroll

    I have depression and anxiety with ptsd. I get defensive even when I don’t need to. It’s a knee jerk reaction. It comes from being in an abusive relationship.

  • Mary Gustafson

    I get angry when I get up in the morning . I guess I just want to sleep in. It takes ab out 2 hours for me to wake and and then I”m fine, other wise I only get angry when I hurt myseld, like stubbing my toe into the wheel of the bed I sleep in. or if I spill milk. I raely rarely get angry at any one pewreson just myself

  • Teresa C Jones

    There is always some surprise that pops up! I don’t plan to get angry about things; it just seems to happen that way.