POLL: How much would you spend on a plain white tee-shirt?

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What's the most you'd spend on a plain white tee-shirt?

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  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Michael’s (the craft store) sells t-shirts in many colors for $3. My son used to buy them. He really liked the fit! How can you go wrong for $3?

  • ramadevi

    I like white shirt, but I can spend with in $10. White is very dignified colour but gets dirty very easily. There are cheaper quality also. I buy it more and spending less.

  • roxysmom87

    I wouldn’t pay more than $5.00 for a plain white T shirt. You can get them that cheap at a Dollar Store or Family Dollar store. I like white T shirts, except for the fact that, they are hard to keep stain free.

  • Theresa Holly

    I don’t wear white shirts because I am a female but if I had to buy I would not spend more than $1.00 too expensive otherwise.

  • dottie p

    i don’t, i have dribble lips so i don’t wear anything white. if i put it up to my mouth it usually ends on my shirt. i have about 8 shirts i wear out. and i don’t eat when i wear them. all the others are stained. oh it’s an inherited disease. my mom had it too.

  • James Laster

    I wouldnt pay over 5 for plain white tshirt when you can get a cheeper one with nice prints on them at walmart

  • Judith Nelson

    Not very often that I wear white t-shirts .I don’t wear them around home as I have 2 dogs and playing with them they would end up black.I do wear a lot of coloured t-shirts with prints on them.So if I was to buy a white one I would only pay up to 5 dollars for them.

  • glenny

    my hubby loves whit tees so i dont mind paying more if theshirt last

  • James Stanford

    If I recall correctly, I once bought a 3pk for $3 in Brooklyn. Not bad considering the quality was mediocre. I’d be willing to pay $5 for a 3 pk that’s a little better quality

  • Dan Leet

    I like white t shirts they help keep you dry when it hot out side

  • Natania

    You shouldn’t have to pay more than a few bucks for a plain white shirt.

  • Leslyn George

    I usually go to the “Wholesale District” because I can’t stand the thought of paying more than $5 for a plain, white T, that will probably become a “House shirt” after one use.

  • Terrill Amos

    I would pay $6 on a t-shirt

  • Lisa Stanger

    Seriously..back in the 80s I went to a very upscale mall with my girlfriend who came from a wealthy family.We went into a boutique and I was so happy to see plain white tees on hangers-finally something I could afford to buy! They looked like any t-shirt you’d get at Kmart, but INSIDE the shirt ON THE TAG was apparently some designer label and this plain white fruit of a loom look alike was OVER $130 BUCKS!!! FOR A PLAIN WHITE T SHIRT FOLKS!!! $130+!!! AAAHH…sorry..I got to calm down

  • F Hicks

    Hardly ever buy plain white tshirts always end up dropping something o n them that I could never get out.

  • Tshana

    a plain shirt shouldn’t cost much cuz you can be only buying it to wear under your clothes


    $3 dollar or less is the color da gets dirty orten

  • Jae

    Cmon, its a plain t-shirt. $2 -$3 at the most, that’s all I will pay. Lol

  • Cliff Lorne

    Yes 3 to 5 dollars for a white t shirt is ok I like them in summer when the weather is hot

  • Richard Vargas

    I would pay up to $12 for a plain white tee, but I would expect quality. I don’t want it to shrink, or become transparent after being washed.

  • OceanGirl

    I’ve seen higher end stores selling white shirts, blouses, etc. for more than $50, $100 and even more than $200! I guess b/c they are “higher end” stores with usually a designer name brand.

  • Renae Brannon


  • Melanie Foster

    The higher quality t shirts are worth the extra cost; if the white t shirt is not an undershirt and of good quality, I have paid up to $20 for one and it was worth it.