POLL: Do you like parades?

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Do you like parades?

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  • Bryan King Bryan Williams

    Yes, parades are fun.

  • Karen T

    I love a 4th of July parade. I like to see the work that goes into the costumes and the floats that represent our freedom and Independence.

  • ramadevi

    The paredes represent the the freedom, togetherness and joy. Ya, it is exciting to see all the cheers.

  • Raven

    What is the purpose of a parade?. There is nothing interesting to look at or to do and even if there were you can.t so it because some people are in front of.you.

  • Theresa Holly

    When I was younger the “mummers from Philadelphia” would be a part of our yearly parade. love to see all their unique costumes every year. But sadly they no longer come to my area!

  • Lisa Anderson

    I love them

  • Rachelle Graves

    Used to be in the Canada parade as a Chinese Dragon, loved it.

  • Gabriel RM Cutmore

    It depends who I am with and the reason for the parade. Usually they just seem too corporate, with a lot of advertising and what not. It’s not so much about the celebration anymore…besides the parade goers of course. It’s for children mainly and I can respect that it brings them joy 🙂

  • Lisa Stanger

    My favorite part, even though Im a grown woman, is when someone on the float throws gifts into the crowd-candy,beads,ANY little trinkets will due! Watch out kids.!!!..I take my candy catching skills seriously!

  • glenny


  • Tshana

    I love parades especially the St. Patrick parade because you get to see so much people come together and enjoy another culture

  • maimai

    parade is fun, specialy july 4 parade

  • Margaret Pecina

    I really love the Christmas parades


    Love itwhuuuuuuuuhuuuu

  • Donna Gum

    Have never been to a parade in a big city. Would love to go to the Macy’s Parade!

  • Adrienne White

    I’m an avid fan of the annual Annie Malone Children’s “May Day” Parade that’s always held in the month of May of each year in St. Louis, MO. So many people always line up throughout the parade routes just to root the floats high school marching bands, drum and bugle corps, clowns, etc. The parade itself is the second largest African-American parade in the United States, named after millionaire business woman, Annie Turnbo Pope Malone. The first largest African-American parade is the Bud Billiken parade in Chicago, IL.

  • Campanella S. Nicholas

    Parades are cool

  • Shantelle Stinson

    Yes, who don’t love parades? My favorite was when my youngest daughter who was in kindergarten at the time and her whole class was in a parade. The parade was called the Razzle Dazzle parade in the winter where there are a month of parades in December before Christmas where I live. I was so excited that her class was chosen to represent the Target Corporation float, all the kids were given Target coats, hats, gloves, scarves and the Dog with the bulls eye was on the float as well, it was so cute and I was so proud and excited for my daughter as well as all the other kids.

  • Samantha Hand

    I love all kinds of parades expecially the ones at thanksgiving, christmas, and the 4 th of july.all the boats they have and all those big balloons and the customes and all the dancing n stuff and singing…they just put u n that jolly mood…

  • Wendi

    I haven’t been to a parade in a few years, but I wouldn’t turn one down if it fit in with my other plans…

  • Corrilyn G Zerr

    My favorite parade memories are of Disney World and also my own home town parade which i decorated my bicycle every year for.

  • I like watching interesting parades with themes. I was in one representing Liberty Insurance.. I was dress as the Statue of Liberty. It was so cold, but enjoyable watching kids react to my appearance. and the candy I threw to them One lady brought hand warmers out to me and another girl walking in the parade. As I kid I loved watching all the pomp going through town, because they always threw out candy.

  • Brandie Postell

    I don’t like a lot of noise or crowds. I definitely don’t like crowds.

  • Rich Duda

    I enjoyed taking my children to parades, now I take my grand children to parades.