POLL: What food’s hardest to eat with a fork?

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POLL: What food's hardest to eat with a fork?

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  • Sharon Lyn Frazier Edwards


  • carpediem5790

    Grape Tomatoes and grapes themselves. If they are even a little under ripe or with slightly tough skins, the tynes of the fork bounce off of them or worse propels them into the air to the floor or someone elses plate!

  • Noel Stewart

    For me,spaghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce is the hardest thing to eat with a fork! I am not Italian and have not learned how to eat this yummy meal with only my fork!

  • Tbag


  • Eric Madore

    yogurt or apple sauce

  • Amanda Meharrie


  • Sly

    Tomato soup.

  • Cassandra MzKasi Norman

    Soup period!

  • F Hicks

    I was gong too say rice, but realised that is one off the easiest things if you have it with Chinese food because the sauces help it stick together.

  • ramadevi

    Any gravy with rice is hard to eat with forks.

  • Stacia Hunter


  • long load lynne


  • Theresa Holly

    spaghetti is hard to stay on fork even whenyou twrill it but still yummy to eat

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    The hardest to eat with a fork I’d say rice.

  • Sabrina NightSky Selvy-Moore

    I would say soup

    • coast2coast2

      Same! I thought of soup first and then non-sticky rice like Uncle Bens.

      • Jmoney

        Yes sometimes Uncle Ben’s rice is dry and hard to eat with a fork lol it rolls of of the fork.

  • Allsorce News


  • coast2coast2

    Cereal! With or without milk!

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    I must say that jello would be the hardest to eat with a fork.

  • Jmoney

    I would have to agree with the person who said cereal.I like cereal with milk.I have tried it before,and boy was it awkward. The cereal would come on the fork, but it had no milk with it, and I love getting a spoonful of milk with my spoonful of cereal!!!

  • Ana Lúcia

    Definitely The most difficult to eat with a fork and when there is no food.

  • JOsborn


  • julie c

    Gravy, unless my mum made it, then I would need knife and fork

    • coast2coast2

      Ha Ha! =)

    • David Honkus

      Kool aid would be hard too!ha!

  • Garry Ga Ga

    H2o is something that I imagine difficult. Eating rice is hard as well.

  • Bobby Smith

    Cereal and milk makes a sticky mess

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    The food that is the hardest to eat with a fork I’d say ” jello .” Good luck with the fork.

  • Judith Nelson

    Peas when you pick them up with a fork most of them fall off and if you try to pick them up one by one with a fork they usually spring of the plate.

  • Makanjuola Clement Oluwagbenga

    Mine is water soup beans

  • munir hussain

    Soup is hard to have it with a fork

  • Shell LeAnn HoneyBee Tritt

    I would probably say cereal. Cereal would be one of the hardest things to eat with a fork. My grandma was talented though. She could eat salad with a spoon! lol

    • Tawny

      I eat salad with a spoon too!! Especially when I get to the bottom with the little bits

  • Katie ann Ford

    for me its rice even at a chinese resteraunt its hard to get it to stay on the fork

  • I think soup would be hard to eat with a fork.

  • Kathleen Steitz

    The hardest to eat with a fork would be soup

  • Natalie Kelly

    Rice is hardest to eat with fork… gotta eat rice with spoon

  • Rachel Stiner

    I would say soup as well

  • Brandie Postell

    spaghetti noodles especially with as much oil as my mom tosses them with. They slip right off the fork.

  • Cory Raybon


  • Tyler Baker


  • sportzhitz

    tomato soup

  • Wayne Galvin

    soup would be interesting

  • Rich Duda

    Every time I have a salad with grape tomatoes in it, I have a hard time to use the fork to eat one because they roll off the fork. When I try to stab one with the fork, it squirts away or the stabbing of one results in the tomato squirting all over, usually at me.

    • Pat Flynn

      I slice them in two for salad. It takes a few minutes longer, but it’s worth it.

  • Mayra


  • Kimberly Hicks-Barrett


    • Pat Flynn

      My opinion doesn’t count, but jello is the best answer.

  • Pat Flynn

    No,those who say soup, are not being serious. You don’t eat soup with a fork. The rest of the suggestions are difficult but do able,

  • GTobler

    Applesauce for one. Soup for another.

  • LT

    Chicken Broth

  • Lori Rautio


  • Tessa Raven


  • Paige Kostyniuk

    I would have to say that I think jello would be really hard to eat with a fork. Have you ever tried to eat jello that way? Its not fun. After trying with a fork then its just slurping it from the container. Ive done it at work.

  • Paulo Vinícius Siviero

    People, honey is very hard to eat with fork. Don’t try. Thrust me!

  • Yvette Spanish


  • Heep Blip

    Maybe icecream. When it becomes soft.

  • Vero

    My grandfather with his green peas always finish on the floor !!!

  • Joey Sharman

    small nuts

  • Marvin Zinn

    My best answer is “Anything I would refuse to eat!”

  • Chalaine Wood

    if i had to say what was the hardest thing to eat with a fork it would be croutons:)