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Which party animal are you?

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  • Mary

    Which animal is the socially awkward one that just wants to eat snacks and play with the dog? I’m that one.

    • Bluberry72

      Lol Mary, that pretty much describes me, also

  • DM

    Not big on parties. Rather stay home in a quiet environment.


    We used to go to “house ” parties when we were younger. When we had children we committed ourselves to them, and rarely accepted invitations to any parties. Now it seems we are partying with our adult children and our grandchildren. It is not a blow out party atmosphere that I remember in those earlier years, but it is always fun. I will admit though that sometimes I do miss the old parties, and I encourage my children to keep up with friends and party on!

  • Paul Clément

    I always wanted to be the one with the funny joke. Sometimes it worked. Mostly, it didn’t!

  • kandeels

    I love to chat with everyone, so I like to keep moving, both my feet and my mouth!!

  • Sarah Turner

    Once I get warmed up, I am flirty and social with anyone and everyone.

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    I think of myself as a dove..always hang out with my sweetie husband and mingle with other couples!

  • Richard Vargas

    I’m like a peacock. I like to put on a show. Once I get started, I consider myself a comedian. I enjoy the laughter.

    • Deb

      Yep. I knew that you would be a peacock. Always the life of the party!! :)))

      • Richard Vargas

        What can I say, I’ve got to be me. ☆*

  • Deb

    My party animal is a lazy cat. I like to find the most comfortable chair, curl up, and try to ignore the barking dogs (drunks).

  • Mrs Ed

    I’ll pick the Party Penguin. I’ll stay home and hear all the ‘stories’ later, true or not, and stay out of it.

  • Nicole D. C

    I am usually slow snail and late to a party because I”m not social. But when I arrive I become a social butterfly for about 15 minutes then I become the turtle, because I get to overwhelmed. I’m just not a people person. I want to be, but just can’t do it.

  • ramadevi

    I have to use my wings like a bird to reach everyone.

  • Sylvia

    I’m the stray dog; cautious and a bit pathetic but show me a little attention and I’ll follow you around all evening.

  • Brian Vaughn

    An armadillo! Check out the party, then roll out if it’s not a good one

  • Luan Lawlz


  • Raven

    Well I don’t know because you didn’t specify what kind of party or who is there.

  • Vonnie Aldrete

    I’m a snail! I don’t like to be the first at a party, so always show up a little late. Once I’m there, I have such a wonderful time socializing, it’s hard to leave. Also, I like to help the host clean up, as most don’t​. My thank you for a wonderful time.

  • Theresa Holly

    i love to meet new people at a party although I maybe shy until I feel more comfortable greeting others.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    My party animal is a slug. Both my husband and I don’t dance. I think I’m usually eating because what else is there to do when you don’t dance? And if I eat, I don’t have to talk so much. Besides, whenever we go to a family affair, we always get put at the same table as my husband’s ex-wife, who has no sensor on what she asks or says. And she and her husband don’t dance, either! So I just usually turn inward and become a slug in the outside. Then, my husband never wants to leave early and insists on saying goodbye to everyone so it takes us forever to get out of there (like a slow-moving slug) Then it takes us forever to get home because his family lives in NY and we live in NJ, just like it takes a slug to get anywhere. Yep. My party animal is definitely a slug!

    • Carol Miller

      Great and hysterical answer, Diane. Love it. What is it with the ex-wife???? You would think she would have “moved on.” I dated a guy that every family function his ex wife was there. Drove me crazy

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        She has some mental issues. So does her husband, and he’s a wimp so he won’t say anything to her. She gets mad and gives her kids a hard time when they don’t tell her that we’re coming over. Even her kids think she’s nuts. They won’t even call her “mom”. They call her by her first name.

        • Carol Miller

          Sounds like your husband went from a “nut case” wife to a wife who is a Saint. Hope he appreciates you which I am sure he does.

          • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

            I may not be a saint but she is definitely a nut job. We’re on our way to Florida. Stopped in SC for the night. Closing is on Thursday. I’ll be back in about two weeks. Maybe we can get together. I’ll bug my husband to do the drive to you.

  • Natania

    I am like a golden retriever kind, loving and always excited about something. I love to be the center of a party and demand attention. I am very loyal and love to meet people. I like to stick out and my friends I choose are friends forever.

  • Glyph Higgins

    gotta be a butterfly if you tryna get free drinks

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    I’m definitely a wild party animal – however, every time I try to get even more crazy, my bank account reminds me to calm down! LOL

  • kerry

    I’m told I’m the life of the party,not so much anymore however

  • Adrienne White

    I’m play the part of a bird because I’m always work behind the scenes when it comes to parties, social functions, as well as clerical and computer work as a volunteer. Department Heads and Staff Members always ask me to comprise a poster, make flyers, or banners promoting ALL events! They stated that people enjoy my amateur artwork due to its creativity, color, and what else attracts them. They also enjoy seeing myself serve food, cleaning after functions, and so forth.

  • Merm123

    Green party like the color of the lizard 🙂

  • jennyjet

    I hate crowds. I fail to attend to many parties. I rather stay at home and be comfortable in my PJ’s and a good book.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    My ideal party is having a few friends over for refreshments, good music playing and interesting conversation.

  • Zhanna Chorney


  • Nisha

    I am like Koala cos i wanna sleep rather than going out for party.

  • Aj Ltd


  • Barbara Del C. Ramos Diaz

    Desde PR hola

  • justinkeene

    my favorite party animal is the fast dance one. An animal that would be able to dance to music and I am fast on my feet on the dance floor. So that would be the wild bird who flys around the dance floor

  • Cathy Williams

    Totally turtle

  • glenny

    i loved parties and i love planning them and gathering all my friends

  • Chris

    I’m always the “Bird”, especially if the party is at my house. I’m very OCD, and everything has to be perfect and on task. I DO find time to enjoy myself though.

  • Jeniffer Carriao


  • Lisa Stanger

    These questions are REALLY out there…I cant wait to see what you guys think up tomorrow

  • Carol Miller

    My party animal would have to be an owl. I only venture out at night for a really good party. Once I’m at the party my eagle eyes assess who is there and my overly astute hearing let’s me immediately know what the hot topics are being discussed. I do more listening than talking but if there is ever an argument, the host knows that my razor sharp tongue will settle it in a minute. Everyone knows I argue very persuasively. I am sharp witted, calm and insightful so that I can carry on a very intelligent conversation with anyone. If my host or hostess sees someone on the peripheral of the event they always give me the “eye” to fly over there and use my deeper spiritual side to let this guest know they are included. I have had many thank you notes from my hosts and hostesses for bringing everyone together in a very playful but intelligent way. I have even had followup phone calls asking me to go on a night adventure. Can’t beat that.

  • Raye

    I’m definitely the bird, I love planning parties. Everything has to be perfect, so I start planning months in advance.

  • Tshana

    I’m the type that take forever to get ready so that makes me late and & when its time to go I help clean up so I’m the last one end up leaving.

  • Marissa Hall


  • Ashley

    I am a puppy always having fun and wanting to play with everyone,socolize with everyone and have fun, especially I like eating at parties a lot.Thats the kind of party animal I am.:-)

  • Ashley

    too bad 4 me

  • Casimina Doner

    I’m like a turtle. I never really know what to do or say in a big social setting, so I just kind of try to disappear into the background and watch the people around me.

  • valorie harrison

    I use to be a partier, but I was driving home so drunk didn’t remember how I got home, so I quite before I hit someone and hurt, or maybe kill someone, so I Stopped Drinking. 16 years ago.

    • coast2coast2

      I’m glad you didn’t get hurt or killed either and good for you for not continuing to allow yourself to risk your life and others’ lives! You can still attend social events and parties, though and everybody loves a designated driver, too! =D

      • valorie harrison

        I’m thankful for your kind words, I appreciate your comment, I’m thankful I didn’t kill or hurt someone to for me wanting to party.

  • Erin Estilette

    I’m the shy turtle in my shell.. that’s if I can even be convinced to show up in the first place.

    • Francesca Etheart

      Me too <3

  • Edith

    Monkey power

  • Azra Rehman

    I m like snail, always show up late and leave last.

  • Dani Toma

    Gorilla lol

  • Sarah Mae Bongolan

    Cheers to all butterflies out there.

  • I am definitely a party snail!! I am always late and stay late to help clean up!! My sister’s father in law always says “it’s time to start the party Melisa is here!!” hahaha Everyone else is like about time!! Even if the party is for me i still am the last to show!!

  • JunsHoneyBee

    I would have to say I’m the goat parties are blllaahhhh to me

  • Adrienne White

    I’m from the 2017 Socialist Party! Why? I enjoy going around the room and talk to different people about different types of conversation in a party setting. However, there are two topics of conversation that should never be discussed at a function: (1) Religion; and (2) Politics!

  • Lena

    I like to let loose and have fun! I can sometimes be shy but I am usually the life of the party!

  • Camille Bass

    I am a slow party person I like to watch and see I don’t do much partying any more

  • Sherri Jackson

    The LION…takes courage for me to partake in social gatherings but usually end up having a roaring good time!

  • Adrienne White

    Thank you Vindale, and the academy thanks you with the special message: try.vindale.com/VOwPgRn1! Right?!

  • Lachlan Johnson

    A colorful winged turtle. I’m pretty shy at most parties, but when someone carries on a good conversation (usually science/philosophy -oriented), my shell is a flirtatious disco ball. Most of the time I help the butterflies in my crowd plan though, so I’m a disco butterfly bird turtle. Yup.

  • Wendi

    I’m more like the pitbull, making sure nothing gets broken and hoping to score some food…

  • Sje L. Robinson

    It’s my nature I think when i have free time, birthdays anniversary or special occasion I love gathering my Friend at home have a bbq,little bit of drink and video_k.

  • Judith Nelson

    I get overwhelmed if their is too much happening at a party all at once ,I like to ease into the party slowly…

  • David Allen


  • Fred Christiansen

    I don’t like to be the first one at a party, I like to join in later.

  • jade ferreira silva

    Me paresso muito com um macaco