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POLL: What's the best thing about grocery shopping?

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  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    The best part about grocery shopping is when the bags are all in the car and I’m driving home. I HATE grocery shopping!

  • Maria

    La mejor parte de aver compras son los pasteles de chocolate me encantan las nieve de chocolate y en ocasiones los coupones me desestreso comprando

  • kandeels

    I am such a savings hound that I love to watch the register add up all my items, AND then I give my loyalty card and coupons to watch the dollars drop off!!! Love it when my savings is greater than the bill!! Cha-ching!!!

    • Marce McHone

      i love it when i hit 50% savings, or more is even better!!

  • Maya16

    Best part about grocery shopping; buy two get the third one free.

  • Amber A.

    The best part of grocery shopping is going home and eating all the food you purchased!

  • Stacie Snow

    the best part is getting them home and put up! That way you don’t have to worry with it until next time!

  • Erin Estilette

    The best part is the eating.. especially the new flavors or brands of junk food that you discover while in the grocery store.

  • Brian Vaughn

    The best part is stocking up after eating struggle meals all week because you’re waiting for the next check. Eating ramen every night, peanut butter sandwiches, or just bread for dinner and then finally getting to go to the store and treat yourself to some real food. That’s the best part.

  • Teresa Rojas

    Getting it done and over with!!!

  • Paul Clément

    I really get a kick out of the way many shoppers make a point of getting all the free samples. It’s like a bunch of starving ants patrolling the entire store and literally collecting anything and everything that’s free. I swear… some go there for lunch. It’s so comical to watch how they all have their methodology: the passer-by who innocently notices and partakes, the scrounger who returns for seconds, sometimes thirds, the possibly guilty one who sneaks one by so his or her spouse does not notice. I’m telling you, it is entertainment grocery style. Try it!

  • Charlotte Blue-Kent

    It gets me out of the house for awhile. I always end up seeing an old friend from my old neighborhood or school, which is always nice to see their ok and doing ok.

  • Marce McHone

    It gets me out, helps me save money for my family so i feel useful again, i love coupons and finding bargains.

  • Sharde Walker

    The best part about shopping is knowing that I have the money to buy what I want. There was a time when I lived off food pantries and soup kitchens.

  • Deby Ann

    I only go to the store because I have to. I hate shopping. I hate the high prices of everything, and I hate having to read every label to make sure food allergies are not activated! If “getting done and getting out of there” had been an option, that is what I would have picked! I hate feeling guilty about having to spend the money that should have paid a bill on food. 🙁

  • Kay Jones-Hoff

    Using coupons and ibotta for rebates are awesome

  • Tbag

    Hitting on the cashiers 😉

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio


  • Brandi Gustafson Boatright

    The best part for me is, we have food lined up to choose from and I can afford to buy some

  • Angela

    The specials. Being able to buy quality food at a great price!

  • Vonnie Aldrete

    I love everything about grocery shopping, except paying..Lol. The bakery smells, draw me in. I walk each and every aisle, taking my time to look for sales, new products and coupon items. I’m a label reader too. (Everyone hates shopping with me). It’s really a bonus when they are giving samples, unless of course, I just ate.

  • Sue W.

    Having food to eat!

  • rose morgan

    Feeling so blessed to have the money to buy groceries.

  • Kristin Pearce

    Love to watch the total go down after scanning the store card is scanned and then the coupons make it even better!

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    I love the feeling of a well stocked pantry. So coming home with a ton of groceries always feels good

  • Jennifer Lewis

    seeing some Asian products and go crazy about it…

  • M spencer

    The best part of shopping is buying all the specials and seeing how much money you saved

  • tbrjjt87

    I love using coupons and finding deals. Its fun walking out of the store with $75.00 worth of products and having only paid $3.00 out of pocket.

  • carpediem5790

    The best part of grocery shopping is that when I do it MYSELF, I can buy all the things that I like (and the rest of the family’s as well—maybe if they have been good). BUT there is a difference when you do the grocery shopping vs someone else. The someone else just will be on the lookout for their favorites first! And if they are not adventurous, they won’t buy the NEW product to try it out. Besides, grocery shopping gets ya out of the house!

  • ramadevi

    I always see the sale every week flyer for my grocery shopping. Next coupons wont be there for all of items. I use coupons some times to save money. Coupons will be only for selected items only. Sale means we get a lot of sale on all grocery items which is real saving and cheap. So we stock most of the items which we need every day. It is getting more and more habit ti wait for weekly sale offers because grocery is getting costlier every year. Minimum wage rate increased and the living getting more costlier. So I like to stock when there is sale offers.

  • datpham

    It keeps me not hungry

  • Richard Vargas

    What I really like about shopping is the shopping carts. I like to do my shopping as quickly as possible. I race my cart down the aisles, careening around corners, squeezing through impossibly small spaces. The only way I could enjoy it more would be if it were motorized, and I could ride inside.

  • Lachlan Johnson

    Stocking up when there’s a sale!
    I, the introvert of introverts, brave the harsh lights and fight the maddening horde for 3-for-1 packs of mochi. After I have devoured roughly 9 packs, nothing can come close to that occasional rainy day brightened by the joy of discovering that the ninth pack was never opened, and basking in the glory of the conquest once more.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I LOVE mochi! Trader Joe’s sells it, but we don’t have one near us, so my daughter will get it for me when she’s in their area.

  • Rosie LaVertue

    For me the best part is leaving the store

  • Elaine Trexler Barger

    The best part is finding great deals even on items you might not particularly like and sharing it with others that do. Seeing the excitement when you share your good findings!

  • Merm123

    I would have to say walking by the bakery department smelling the aroma of all the bread and cookies and pastries baking. Looking through the glass with all the freshly baked goods. Nothing like buying a fresh hot loaf of bread right from the oven.

  • Cindy S Mason

    What I enjoy the best about grocery shopping is eating the food I bring home.

  • Colleen Goodbrand

    We have a grocery store near us that aggressively moves out product at 50% discount. There is nothing wrong with any of this merchandise and the deep discounts can be on anything from fresh food to laundry detergent. The best part is when I can pair up a coupon with one of the 50% off items for a real shopping win! The 50% stickers are pink; my husband and I refer to the grocery store as the “Pink Sticker Factory”. Each shopping trip is a bit of a treasure hunt!

  • Alicia Diem

    The best part of grocery shopping is finding items on sale.

  • Jeffery Baskett

    The best part of going shopping is when i’m in the meat section and the meat label has a 50% off sticker on it. Knowing they could sell the meat cheaper and still profit makes me feel good that everyone can get what they need.

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I like tasting the samples and best of all the workers are so friendly and helpful, they give you all kinds of free samples, plus you can pick what your craving.

  • Keith

    For me, grocery shopping isn’t the shopping that I look forward to doing. However, since I started to coupon, I’ve come to love going to the grocery store. I kind of look at it like my competition, and I’m on a mission to see how much money I can save through coupons, apps, etc. The second reason I don’t mind going grocery shopping is the fact that I get a moment to myself to think; not only about what I am purchasing, but what other task(s)/activities I have going on. The third thing about grocery shopping is that if I am the one that’s shopping, then I’m getting the food(s) that I enjoy eating. I don’t have to worry about what I need/want isn’t going to get picked up. I like to browse while grocery shopping as well; looking for new foods, recipes, etc. If I see something that looks interesting/good, I’ll usually try it out. Though grocery shopping isn’t as fun as going clothes, or electronic shopping, it’s still something that has to be done, so I’ve learned ways to trick myself into enjoying it. It’s worked so far!

  • rosiesue

    Getting it done

  • Kerry Tompsett

    My favorite part is seeing how many items I can get for free or highly discounted. Every time I go to the register the people cashing me out are shocked and ask how I do it. Sometimes they’ve even called they’re coworkers over to see. Especially when the store pays ME to shop, now that is awesome!

  • DM

    I always like saving money and finding my favorite foods on sale. And when I do, I try to stock up as much as my pocketbook will allow. Using coupons help tremendously as well.

  • cabot tower

    THE EXERCISE!!!you walk up and down the aisles multiple times.you have to put everything into the cart,you go to the checkout,you have to take everything out of the cart,when it’s bagged you have to put everything back into the cart.you have to push the cart all the way to the end of the parking lot(because you couldn’t possibly get a parking spot anywhere near the door).you load the groceries into the trunk of the car and you look around for a “cart corral”and you realize there isn’t one anywhere near where you parked.you go home take the groceries out of the car,lug the groceries into the house,and then you have to put them all away.and then you’re not in the mood to cook so you order Domino’s and your exercise routine is shot to hell.

  • GTobler

    The best part of grocery shopping is saving with the Ibotta app. If you don’t have it I encourage you to get it. I guarantee with 100 % certainty you will be glad you did.

  • Maddie Lessard

    Coming out of the store and still have some money left in the bank!

  • I have 2 best parts. The first is watching my 6 year old “shop” with her own toy grocery cart we always have to take with us. We draw a few items I need & she helps to find them, then puts them in her cart. Just seeing her face light up for being mommy’s little helper is the best part for me. Also though, secondly, I enjoy always meeting new people & chatting with other shoppers. It helps pass the time waiting in super long check out lines.

  • Jenny F. A. McMillen

    It’s about getting to see the whole pantry of possible ingredients for food combos and recipes! A regular cook at home, I enjoy discovering new, different and favourite familiar foods. I have more patience than most people and tend to make the trip be as enjoyable as sightseeing or immersing oneself into a food culture. Buying food, cooking food and eating food, I love it all!

  • Millington

    Never hurts to stock up while items are on sale, because you never know a time when you’ll won’t have much money.

  • Maryann Matthews

    The best part is when I am leaving the store, LOL

  • Deb

    The best part of grocery shopping is that our Walmart now has online ordering. I can sit in my recliner and grocery shop at my convenience. Just pick what I want..put it in my cart..select the pick up time..and click. Once the pick up time arrives..drive to Walmart and… Viola!! they load it in my car. The only thing better is if they rode home with me and carried it in. I love..love…love shopping online!!

  • redstar

    the best part is when the cashier tell me how much it cost i love coupon and app that make me save money and putting what I save in my piggy bank

  • Deyonna Ceasar

    I get a high off saving especially when I have a coupon for and item that is on clearance. I also like stocking up on sale items. My littles like going just so they can pick their own snacks.

  • M&MS Aytch

    The best part of grocery shopping is finding the best deals, getting everything the family loves, the friendly ppl in the store, the savings from the coupons, looking at all the new variety of items, trying new things, and smelling the good food cooking in the deli. I love the grocery store and grocery shopping.

  • Noel Stewart

    The best part of grocery shopping is SAMPLING. At my grocery store frequently — the chefs are busy cooking up recipes to sample. If we like the recipe, the chefs have a recipe card available and behind the cards are all of the ingredients necessary to make the dish at home. That’s why I love my grocery store and its generous chefs who ladle out biggie-sized samples.

  • Carol Ross

    Putting all my rebates in my phone apps.

  • Natania

    The grocery store is the only store I get to go in and get whatever I want, I love it! My all time favorite part is when there is a sale on the item you want and you have a coupon for it. You get double the savings, yes! So you end up spending less than you thought. I get this rush as I hand my coupons over and I hear bleep, bleep, bleep, because that’s the sound of savings.

  • Erica Hoehn

    Stalking up is the best part

  • MT

    The best part is all the food I bring home! I love to eat!

  • Misty-Dawn Witty

    I live in a rural community that is an hour away from a larger city with big brand companies. So when I get to go do my monthly shop I love getting the best sales I can so I can restock my house until the next month.

  • Nisha

    Best part about grocery shopping on your own is no one ever tells you to “put that back” but then it’s sad when ur at the register and you got to pay and one more thing i learned from grocery shopping is to never go shopping while hungry. you buy all kinds of **** you dont really want or need…you were just hungry so it seemed like a good idea at the time (lol)

  • Ray Ayala

    I like to go to the day old bread cart. They usually have cakes and pies there, too. Most of the treats are marked down to half price or lower. The downside is since you are buying older desserts you have to make that cake a priority and eat it fast!

  • Rusty Carper

    I believe the best part of shopping is getting to use my coupons and seeing how much I have saved. I use both printed coupons and coupons that you can load to your shopper members card. I have found that the best place to use coupons is at Martins grocery store. The reason why I say Martins grocery store is because they allow you to use printed coupons with their coupons you load to your card together. A couple of weeks ago, I saved almost $110 just in coupons and loaded coupons together! My parents couldn’t believe how much I saved just in coupons alone! They allow me to do all the grocery shopping for our house cause I am always searching for ways to save us money. Just the other day when I went shopping at Martins; they had a huge sale on ice cream and condiments. For every $15 you spend; you receive $5off. I bought $30 worth and saved $10, plus I had a coupon loaded for an extra $2off ANY two ice cream. I get excited when I am able to find a good sale and then able to use a coupon with that sale. The had BOGO free on ranch dressing and I had an extra .50cents off which gets doubled to being a $1off. Got to ranch dressings for $2.49! I haven’t been able to get my receipt to $0.00, but I am getting better at saving us a lot of money on our grocery bill. As you can see, I am very passionate and get excited about using coupons, and seeing how much money coupons save my family on our grocery bill!

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    I love it when it’s summertime and the store brings in local fruits and vegetables! My favorite!

  • Anna Nicole

    Getting good deals on things you need. And successful picking the fastest line!

  • Sarah Turner

    When my 2 year old son wants me to buy him something he says mine, mine please mom.

  • Surveys Profit

    To eat and survive…

  • Theresa Holly

    I love going to our Weis market bakery section. Everything they bake is so yummy!!

  • Rafael Albarrán Jiménez

    Checking the savings you receive after using coupons

  • Mardesse Matos

    I love food shopping and checking out the food samples they give out. Also seeing how much I saved with coupons and budgeting.

  • Melissa Ferguson

    I enjoy shopping at Walmart and Costco’s for grocery’s because you get free samples as well as getting the weekly grocery’s

  • Mark Mataranglo

    Rolling out the door after checking out and thinking about what to have for lunch.

  • Zain

    Best part is when u find the exact product in the market what u had in mind when u were coming to shop.

  • Adrienne White

    I had always enjoyed to go to the produce department at grocery store or a supermarket. As soon as you hit the doors and get a cart, you will see the produce all beautifully displayed grabbing your attention. One knows that the smell of the produce is fresh and the colors are bright and vibrant. My favorite part has to be vegetables due to once again the colors. I like to eat most vegetables, but, tomatoes, lettuce, red cabbage, onions, rutabagas, and broccoli are in my “die for” category. I almost can make a salad with the vegetables. Also, some of my favorite salad dressings are right in the produce vegetable aisle. Please, I did not forget my fruits and their natural sweetness.

  • Louise Willett

    Getting through fast

  • Adriana Oliveira


  • Diane

    My favorite part is finding new foods to try.

  • Maxine Hunter

    I love shopping

  • Nicole D. C

    Going with no kids!

  • Belinda

    The best part about grocery shopping is the (goody isle) cookie isle!

  • Carol Miller

    The best part of grocery shopping is going early in the morning around 6 or 7 a.m. You have freedom of the aisles, no hassles bumping carts, friendlier managers and personnel, freshest produce and bakery items, weekly coupon specials stocked, more employees to ask questions about where to find items, fast check out and the most pleasant cashiers ( because they haven’t been hassled all day). The other best part is, of course, having the necessary money. When I was a struggling single parent that wasn’t always the case so I appreciate that aspect of grocery shopping VERY much.

  • Sylvia

    For me my grocery store is the hottest social hub. I’ve conducted impromptu parent/teacher conferences, conversed with high school friends, caught up on neighborhood news and once my doc bumped into me and said you need to come in to have that looked at, yikes! I enjoy exploring the aisles to nourish my physical body and feed my body of social information.

  • Theresa Holly

    going to the bakery department and buying something yummy like brownies to eat later

  • Jon Braunstein

    Maybe I’m stingy… but I love knowing what percentage I have saved after using coupons at the grocery store. I feel like I am “beating the system”… that in actuality they have created. But still…

  • Kari McDowell

    My grocery store cooks up the best tasting sample meals and usually all of the ingredients are on sale. Great way to get new idea for dinner and most of the time their meals are very quick and easy to prepare. I grocery shop on weekends so I know they are doing demos in the deli and bakery!

  • Marce McHone

    Coupons and sales, watching the amount fall off at the register.

  • Christopher Quinn

    The only good part of grocery shopping is the beer and wine aisle, I can happily stay there for hours, oh and the smell of freshly cooked bread – that is good as well.

  • MeMe

    I like running into people at the grocery store. Or even being able to give a compliment to a stranger.

  • jennyjet

    I love checking out the new products on the shelves.

  • Veronica Richardson

    I love to get the best deals!

  • Aries13

    I only enjoy shopping at Costco when there’s samples to try!

  • Rochelle Pieper

    The best part when you have to feed two people on about $50 a month is actually finding enough discounted and damaged items to make it to the next paycheck!!

  • mary

    I love my regular store! They have a nice mark down area. And an awesome customer reward system in place. The best part is when I check out and watching all my coupons and special savings subtracted.

  • Sepricia Reese Long

    I feel like a champion for my family when I can fill the cabinets and cnisters with goodies. We are a family of four on a single income. I can only shop once a month so I’ve rely got to make it count.

  • Candie Coffey Frazier

    I go prepared list, sales paper, and coupons. The grocery store we go to gives kids free popcorn and cookies so while he is snacking on that momma treats herself to a iced coffee from their in store Starbucks. We start at the produce and then bakery looking at all the delicious cakes, stopping by the deli for the cheese sample and to pick up some deli meat. Then we navigate that store like a boss searching for deals, checking off our list, pit stopping by the meat dept to see if any meats on sale and talking to the butcher about a new recipe. And we’re off again I turn and twist while my son laughs and makes car noises as if we are racing Lightening McQueen. I make sure to get any great sale items in the paper I circled and now… Off to diary we go and its to the finish line where i get points and savings for using my members card, give them my coupons, pay and off to the car we go. Another successful shopping trip. And the snacks keeps him from grabbing everything he sees so momma actually got to shop.

  • Tabitha Stewart

    The best part is stocking up on sales for cheaper shopping later in the week.

  • Chris

    The best part of shopping for me is the samples at Costco AND the challenge of ACTUALLY sticking to my shopping list. Oh yes, not to mention the challenge of saying NO to everything my 8 year old son wants when we go grocery shopping.

  • Lisa Chernick

    The best part of grocery shopping for me is finding an incredible deal on a product that I wanted anyways. Then finding out I also have a points offer for it on my rewards offers!

  • Edith Faison

    Making an ongoing list of what is needed as you deplete your cabinet, get to the grocery store to find out you’ve forgotten the LIST! So, you get to wander around the store and buy what you WANT (and sometimes get everything you need as your brain strains to remember what’s on the list). Sampling the foods offered and checking out new brands. Produce is my favorite…picking out the freshest looking fruits and veggies for my grandsons!

  • Teresa Alewine

    The bread aisle it smells so good .

  • Chase Stull

    Every Saturday when I go to Costco and there are about 25 different sample carts out (I eat lunch for free on Saturdays)


    I love to stock up on food, as Brian V. stated it really helps when you live check to check. It also saves you money. If you catch the right sale and add coupons.

  • BradandNatalie Gray

    I’m a new mom with an amazing baby girl. I carry her on me in her baby carrier which she loves because she can look at everything. I love to see the reactions that she gives people and vice versa. I guess you can say I’m one proud Mama. 🙂

  • Heather Alex Nunn

    Snacking on the way home! !

  • Only good thing is when you get something on sale, but groccery shopping is so expensive

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    the best part is not listed here…it’s opening up peapod on my computer and shopping from my desk!!! AND THEN it gets delivered. what is better than that???

  • Mandie Dobbins

    Best part of grocery shopping for me is watching the total decrease after coupons and discounts. The before and after totals justify all the time taken to cut coupons and compare prices.

  • Javip Pozo

    I perform in the mornings when my wife makes me breakfast I’m at my computer almost all the time is my second wife haha ​​she helps me with the survey laughed at some questions it’s a magic moment at night I make them alone and I get myself a lot I like to do it and it is enriching for my life.

  • Brianna Richards

    The best part of shopping is when you ride in the shopping cart, and your older brother pushes you around as if it is a race car, that is, until you crash into the rack of clothes and the staff forces you to pick everything back up….

  • Lynn King McKinney

    The best part of grocery shopping is enjoying a wonderful home cooked meal prepared from one’s purchases.

  • Meghan Walker

    Goin down the cerieal isle

  • Jéssica Cardinali

    Chocolates! a lot of candy bars and pringles sz

  • Jason Provo

    Free samples! I love to pick away at fresh produce such as grapes and baby tomatoes. I love to try a freshly opened box of crackers dipped with a new peanut butter on promotion. I love to taste the fresh ingredients at the do-it-yourself salad bar. I hate it when security comes to ask me to stop doing these things until an actual sample counter is set up…

  • Gerome Vallangca

    Free tastes in the grocery can give me so much saving for my meals of the day. haha

  • jenn newman

    The best part is being able to go to the grocery store with your family and actually having money to be able to tell your kid or little sibling they can get there favorite snack because you finally have that extra cash. Vindale has let me be able to get this experience and i wouldn’t trade it for anything. Than as a family going home and cooking together and enjoying the meal as a family

  • F Hicks

    The best part off shopping is going through the checkout and catching the bus home for a coffee, able to put my feet up for the rest off the day.

  • Keshia Derr

    It’s amazing to find sales and coupon deals to save even more. With a family of 5 and a very very low income household we often rely on food pantries. But when i can find amazing deals it’s like Christmas morning for an adult lol.

  • The best part of grocery shopping is the next day when you don’t have to think about what you have to make for dinner.

  • A Volstorf

    I loooove seeing my total roll backwards when I checkout at Kroger! The object of the game is to leverage my savings in order to receive at least 20 percent of my total purchase, plus gathering fuel points (which I donate to my kids or others who can benefit from reduced fuel purchases). Oh, I forgot! Today is Freebie Friday, gotta go download my freebie.

  • Pang VANG

    It’s everything – it’s the Sales and being able to stock up on products that are on sale, the excitement from seeing how much I can save with manufacturer coupons and in store coupons, and watching my loyalty points add up in a short amount of time. I like to plan and prep my weekly meals, use and combine coupons(where it is accepted) and track my savings weekly and monthly. It truly adds up. It makes me feel great and accomplished when I’m able to look at my total savings each week and month compared to what I would be spending if I hadn’t use coupons, loyalty points/perks and store coupons.

  • Jj Jacks

    All the lovely lovely food,

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    Getting out and checking out the sales they have. Buying fresh fruit and veggies and planning a nice meal when you get home from all the fresh produce you just bought. Like their fresh baked bread too. It’s great.

  • Wendi

    best thing about shopping, “being able to” …

  • Marc Lagace

    The best part of grocery shopping is by far stocking up when there is a sale, and especially a sale on each item you purchase, which exalts your shopping visit because the money you expected to spend, well it turns out that you’ll have some leftover for your next sale period which therefore is not only copacetic for your budget, but your tummie as well and whomever else the nutrition is for.

  • Geoffrey Jenkins

    I enjoy the air conditioning and roaming around stocking up on sale items and the occasional free sample.

  • Forrest Peterson

    The best part of shopping is the satisfaction of having gotten what you want and need, especially if you’re providing or giving something to someone else. When you’re shopping for someone else like family members, your children, or for pets you feel more of a sense of accomplishment. It builds a bond, something like reciprocity, as when you give a gift to someone and then they give you something (even if its just sharing an experience with you or being present in your life). Regular shopping for yourself or for everyday household items usually isn’t as fun or as fulfilling unless you make a game of it. Coupons, rewards cards, and finding discounts and sales are one way to make a game out of it and make it more interesting. Surveys about shopping decisions also make a game out of it and hence make it a more fun experience.

  • Sje L. Robinson

    I’ve always love shopping looking different new stuff around are so refreshing specially in the fresh produce section i feel like buying every fruits that are their and next stop clothes section i love treating myself of beautiful nice dress every now and then…but you name I it can stay in the shopping center all day 🙂

  • The best part of shopping as having my refrigerator full! I do not like going to the grocery store!

  • Donna Goulet

    The best part is getting away from the hubby and kids and having some “me” time!

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    That’s a good question. I’d say the best part about shopping is when the line ups at the cash registers are really small and the clerk knows what shes doing and there isn’t those silly mistakes that seem to take forever to get through. And Once she’s rang everything through and everything is all bagged, you realize that she doesn’t know how to count change properly and gives back what you almost gave her for the bill. That’s the best part of shopping. Doesn’t happen a lot, but very greatful when it does, and funny as hell.

  • Dante

    Definitely the sale!

  • Joan Epp

    The very best part is sourcing local produce especially at this time of year. I quit buying food from countries with few agricultural standards or questionable nutritional value. It’s become a healthy habit for me.

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    I’d like to be a winner. I’m not getting very far with the surveys.

  • Anne B

    The best part is running into friends and neighbors, and adult kids that have come home to visit. That then takes grocery shopping from a chore or job, and turns it into a social event. You get endorphins released, making you feel even better. It’s all good.

  • Hannah Benjestorf

    The best part of grocery shopping is going with my mom. We usually go late at night, when all the other kids are in bed. It’s something that just me and her get to do.
    Also, food other than peanut butter and lunch meat is great!☺

  • JOsborn

    Saving money with coupons!

  • Garry Ga Ga

    My mother trained me all of my life to shop. Thanks to her I am a skilled veteran but shopping on a budget of a student who lives and schools in Vancouver is challenging. Thank god for locally sourced foods and products and the Asian markets.

  • jennyjet

    Getting a chance to get a different kind of ice cream.

  • Hirianys Castle

    My best part is smell fruits and taste one! have a natural perfume in the store… oh I love it

  • Valerie Skaggs

    spending time alone, browsing

  • Kay Jones-Hoff

    Satisfaction of having food in the house to feed yourself and your family

  • Renae Brannon

    Since I have embraced my fluffy stuff, I will admit the free samples are my favorite part of shopping. The paid for samples at the end of grocery shopping is my 2nd favorite part of shopping.

  • Robert Didonato

    Going home and eating it

  • Renae Brannon

    Since I have embraced my fluffy stuff, I will admit the free samples are my favorite part of shopping. The paid for samples at the end of grocery shopping is my 2nd favorite part of shopping

  • Kari McDowell

    The best part is the demo samples. Other than that I would rather not go.

  • Carol Terminello Hintopoulos

    See which fruit and vegetable on in season and using them in a meal for my family. You usually get good deals with what’s in season and it tastes delicious!

  • Jason Pike

    Ya buddy, stocking up on sales.

  • Bobby Smith

    Running in to friends and neighbors

  • Rebecca lee

    I love it when I go to the store and they have a kiosk set up giving away free tasters of cheese, olives or meat etc. Not only is it a great way of trying new foods but its also free! Which means that I will be eating them whether I like them or not lol!

  • Jessica Neiweem

    The best thing about grocery shopping? Living in a country where it’s possible. I take for granted the fact that I can go to any number of places in my city, some within walking distance, some that are open 24/7, and buy food to my heart’s content. I forget sometimes that there are people who live on donated rice in refugee camps or are lost in the wilderness somewhere, hoping to find enough insects to sustain them for another day. I also have to remind myself that even my own grandparents grew up watering down milk and hunting squirrels when times got tough. I am truly lucky to be able to live in a country and in times when food is so available to me. The minor annoyances of grocery shopping pale in comparison to the feeling of an empty stomach and the worry of where your next meal is coming from.

  • Lynn

    The best part of grocery shopping for me is the time I get to be alone, leaving all the stresses of home life behind. I always take hours to shop. It is the most relaxing time of my week!!

  • Nancy Andrake

    I can’t get my vote to work. But walking through the store and trying all the samples is fabulous. By the time you’re through the store, you are not hungry anymore. I have sampled chocolate, chicken, steak, chips, ice cream, just to name a few. Sampled all the new flavors for Lays’ Chips. They all were great.

  • 77giggles

    The best part of grocery shopping is when I can sit down after everything is put away and relax with a nice cup of coffee….

  • justinkeene

    Best of grocery shopping. Finding the beat deals at store and finding food you can use coupons with. And free samples if they have any.

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    Its funny that I’m telling about this but it was the best part of my shopping day. Went to grocery store and it’s always busy. Got into the line and waited for awhile. The girl was new obviously. Could tell by the way she was unsure of herself and from the supervisor person checking up on her every few minutes. But once it was my turn, I had a bit so she was overwhelmed a little. Finally when I paid her with cash, she looked confused or just wore out. She had to have not paid attention or something or just in a hurry because, she gave me the same amount of money I that i paid for the groceries. To be honest, I giggled and told her what she did and she looked really greatful. I didn’t say anything to her trainer when he came around. It was the best shopping experience ever. I wanted to say nothing but it’s just not the right thing to do. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself. Good day though shopping. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/63a141532906f81b13ef6f530ce32fa9e05fab82cfa2b10b2255f7de548b02fc.jpg

  • yousafzai

    I find it a challenging to shop and eat healthy today. Coupons help me to balance my budget in a way that I can afford to eat a little healthier. Extra savings help me to buy fresh produce.

  • Barbra Mutchler

    I love stocking up on sales – saves money!

  • Judith Nelson

    Stoking up when there is a sale ,great prices ,great bargains..

  • Abdi Abdile

    I say Martins grocery store is because they allow you to use printed coupons with their coupons you load to your card together. A couple of weeks ago, I saved almost $110 just in coupons and loaded coupons together! My parents couldn’t believe how much I saved just in coupons alone! They allow me to do all the grocery shopping for our house cause I am always searching for ways to save us money. Just the other day when I went shopping at Martins; they had a huge sale on ice cream and condiments. For every $15 you spend; you receive $5off. I bought $30 worth and saved $10, plus I had a coupon loaded for an extra $2off ANY two ice cream, The bakery smells, draw me in. I walk each and every aisle, taking my time to look for sales, new products and coupon items. I’m a label reader too. (Everyone hates shopping with me). It’s really a bonus when they are giving samples, unless of course

  • Hate grocery shopping, prices keep going up every week and then you wait in line to pay and still have to bag your own groceries.

  • Annabelle Lamarche

    Stocking up when their are because you never know when things will get tight

  • Linda Stark

    Ordering Pizza when you get home, cause your to tired to cook after shopping and putting the groceries away!

  • JunsHoneyBee

    the best part of grocery shopping is when your in produce section getting your fruits and veggies i take a grape or cherry here and there. you know you don’t want to buy a whole bag cause it will go to waste so you get a couple and by the time you go to pay the lbs are less and there’s just enough to take home and not go to waste. lol

  • Alison Webber-Jones

    Finishing it

  • Myra Malpass Creech

    Saving money with coupons and trying new foods!

  • Kel Gaspar Valentim

    As melhores coisas em comprar em supermercado são as ofertas.

  • Louise Crowle

    Walking down the chocolate aisle is the best part.

  • Susied

    The Best part of Grocery shopping is I get to do it by myself because the rest of the Family Hates it And that means I get time to myself. Were I can have some time to clear my mind I usually Have a List so I already know what I need to get. So I am getting 2 things done at once.

  • Sharon

    Grocery shopping with a four year old grandson, Because then this grandma can act like a four year old and toss anything I want in the cart

  • Charles Sullivan

    Stocking up

  • Manwinder Kaur

    Stocking up when there’s a sale ! Love to shop even extra stuff (not on my shopping list) if on sale or if i good deals on regular prices !!

  • Shell LeAnn HoneyBee Tritt

    I love stocking up when something I really like is on sale. That way I get a good deal AND I don’t have to shop for it again for a while!

  • Chandler Parsons

    The best part for me is when get home. I have came in the door with a pack of toilet paper and my 4 year old reacts like i came in with GOLD! He says “OH WOW THANKS MOMMA!!”

  • Mitzi Carpenter

    I want to be an extreme couponer, so I’m constantly looking for coupons online, in magazines, websites, groupon, etc. Plus using my loyalty card. So I love, love, love seeing how much I’ve saved every time I go to the grocery store. I’m not an extreme couponer yet, but I’m sure doing a pretty good job keeping our grocery bill down!

  • Katie ann Ford

    I am inclined to agree with Teresa Rojas on this one

  • I believe the best part is being able to get everything you need in one store. That’s why I stick with one store for all my grocery shopping. It also helps that I can go online and choose some coupons for certain items, that I will get any way, I then pick the store here I want to use the coupons. Then my coupons are put automatically on my store card. This helps me get some money off my items, when I go to the store. I am very forgetful when it comes to taking coupons in to get cents off an item.

  • Tawny

    I love to coupon, and nothing beats getting a cart full of name brand products for dollars… Seeing my stockpile grow is a bonus too

  • Daisy Rainbow

    This poll didn’t work I clicked on the green vote button but it won’t submit … sigh

  • Sharon

    The best part about grocery shopping is bringing my four year old grandson. I don’t only get to spoil him but I can act like a four year old. We love to sing silly songs as we go up and down the isles throwing what we like to eat in the grocery cart. I look forward to shopping every week with my grandson, especially its the only time I can enjoy being a kid again.

  • Karen Dyer

    The best part of shopping when my children were little was, leaving them with hubby and going on my own and meeting my girlfriend and we would do our shopping together and chat about anything and everything. I saw her like 4 times a week at least also :). It was really my only kid free time I had so we went real slow. Now the best part is finding a bargain in the mark down area or something by mistake, like a 24 box of Streets Cornetto ice creams for $6!!!

  • Nhampton

    When i get home and put it in the Refrigerator feeling blessed.

  • Christina Koenig

    The best part of grocery shopping is I get to spend time with my kids doing it and them picking out there snacks

  • Napturally Beautiful

    I enjoy using coupons. But another fun part is meeting people new and old. I think about just how small the world is when you meet people that know this person you know or kin to them too. “It’s a small world.”

  • Kathleen Steitz

    The best part of grocery shopping is finding a checkout lane open

  • Silky

    The best part is looking on the products in supermarket and get updated what’s new in there. It’s not only routine shopping but also as a window shopping! I love to looking around. Woohoo

  • Rallas Mare

    The best thing of grocery shopping is when I know I can get out of the house to relax a bit. Shopping is a stress reliever for me and the more coupons I use the better. I love shopping and it makes me happy to see how much can I save, Yeah.

  • Geetac

    Having the money to go grocery shopping and eating the food

  • Natalie Kelly

    The best part of grocery shopping is stocking up on nappies/pull ups when they are on special…

  • Polly Lamphear

    I can go on about the samples or the ac or how great it is to stock up or the coupons, BUT I’d be telling you a big fat lie,,,I Hate Shopping. I dislike the crowds you have to go through the people that bang into you and feel they don’t even have to say excuse me, And the adults who think its alright to stand and scream at their kids that are screaming at them because they want the next new cereal that came out, So no I really hate SHOPPING. But we have to do it….thank you.

  • Meleen Leigh Drewery

    Grocery store grazing! All the free samples especially when you go to the grocery store on an empty stomach!

  • Brandie Postell

    That’s the time I get to spend with my Uncle. I only get to see him twice a month and he lets me drive because he never gets to just enjoy the ride and look out the window.

  • Crystal Olds

    Stocking up for sure especially when your pantry is as empty as your wallet is hahaha.

  • Tyler Baker

    Knowing you’re gonna eat

  • Derek MacDonald

    The best part of grocery shopping is that my husband generally does all of the grocery trips, after me writing out a list from the latest sales paper for that store. This gives me some time to myself, and I generally spend that time on the telephone with my best friend (my mom), the only time I can truly be myself and be as ridiculous as I want. Hahaha! Good luck everyone! Thank you #Vindale for once again, a great poll contest! <3 Vindale4Life! <3

  • James Miller

    The best part is people watching. Seeing who has what on their carts. The batchler with the frozen pizzas for a week. The bigger lady with all junk food but has diet soda. Or the skinny person with all junk food and never gains weight. Ya, three people are the best part

  • David Allen


  • Barbara Bradshaw

    smelling the produce or fresh bread

  • jondere

    The best thing about grocery shopping is tasting all the new products coming out

  • Katherine Rickett

    Free sample rock

  • Jaime Andres Nieto Gutierrez

    although samples are great too

  • Abdalah Rahahleh

    The best part about shopping is knowing that I have the money to buy what I want. There was a time when I lived off food pantries and soup kitchens.

  • Heep Blip

    The best part is just seeing anything new that come out. Whenever I see something new, I will most likely purchase it if it is beneficial. It’s cool seeing new items come in and trying it out.

  • Ashley Holman

    The best part is saving money and stocking up

  • Chris Preddie

    I jump at the opportunity of a home cooked meal. I’m a guy who loves to cook, and good at it to. When it comes to grocery shopping, don’t we all love to save money?

  • Vero

    When the coffee is on sale !!

  • Kara Bowersock

    The best part of grocery shopping for me is seeing all the money I am saving. Not just for me but my family. It is a huge deal when you’re budgeting everything!

  • Yasir Ysk

    The best part doing grocery shopping is when you stocking up when there is sale.

  • Jamie Salemme

    The best part is when you’ve let yourself get down to nothing in the house. So youre hungry shopping thinking about everything you want to eat so you buy more than enough, and then you only need to go once a month.

  • Brittany Edwards

    The best part about grocery shopping is when 1. when you can shop without the kids. 2. there is a sale 3. when the lines are not long 4. when there is more than one aisle open 5. You finally get to eat again after fasting involuntarily for the past two weeks.

  • Heidi DoesHair

    I would have to go with bogo and the offer only increases the end price because of the sales tax. It seems stores increase the price to cover the cost of a manufacture’s coupon being released

  • Shelley Bell

    I really love when they have samples. It gives me a chance to try new foods, that I may love, but wouldn’t usually buy !

  • Sherry Byrd

    Sample items every week back in the meat department. Hoping the meat manager doesn’t get irritated for repeat performance!

  • Cherie Wellman

    the best part of shopping is noing that the cupboards are full andyou dont need to go back for a week if ur lucky

  • Aimee Woodworth

    Getting ingredients to make a meal