Tomorrow’s payday!

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Get paid for taking surveys online

If you request payment by 11:59 pm EST (23:59 military time) on Thursday, January 11, 2018, your request will be processed Friday afternoon or evening.

  • When can I request payment? You may request payment once your verified balance is $50 USD or more.
  • How do I request payment? Visit your account page, click the “Request Payment” link at the bottom and follow the steps provided.
  • How long will it take to get my payment? PayPal payments typically take 24 hours to process and check payments may take up to 10 days to arrive in the mail from the date they are processed.
  • Anna Morellon

    I have a question about the payment. Whenever I hit ‘request payment; through pay pal, it takes me back to the request payment window. Am I doing something wrong? Should there be a confirmation that my request went through? This is the second time I have requested it and I don’t want to miss this payment date. Thanks. Can anyone help?

  • shelby cook

    @annamorellon:disqus are you at 50??? they only cash out at 50 dollar increments

    • Anna Morellon

      yes. and I have a verified pay pal account????

      • David Williams

        This happened to me when I tried to use my PayPal (for the first time in a couple of years)– turned out I couldn’t log into the account because I had a negative balance, so check with PayPal customer service.

        In the meantime– I’m left wondering if ANYONE has ever gotten a check and how long it took.

        • Karen Myers

          10 days max

          • David Williams

            It was processed on Dec 29th and I still don’t have it. What should I do?

            • David Williams

              I’ve emailed twice and gotten no reply. 🙁

              • Vindale

                Hi David, I took a look and it appears the system blocked the check and wants you to verify your identification. Click on the link below to proceed to the verification center:

                • David Williams

                  Hey thanks! I took care of it today, via text and sending in pics of my ID. In the email, I asked whoever processed it to thank you also! 🙂

                  • Vindale

                    Aw, awesome! Well done and thank you for your patience and cooperation. We appreciate it. 😀

                    • David Williams

                      Hey you’re welcome and thank *you*– now if you could just walk that verification thru for me so I get that check soon haha 😉

                    • Vindale

                      Done and done! Try refreshing your browser and see if you can now request payment.

                    • David Williams

                      Aww heck, I didn’t expect that, You’re awesome! It worked, but it looks like I’m now waiting on the next payment period 1/30? (I know, I’m rapidly becoming “That Guy,” sorry haha

                    • Vindale

                      Yeah, apologies, that is our next payment date. We have paydays on the 15th (or closest prior business day) and the last day of the month (or closest prior business day).

  • David Williams

    Hi there. I haven’t gotten my check from the Dec 29th payment request. (My PayPal account has a problem). I’ve emailed and gotten no response. Help?

  • Carolyn Dario

    Got My first check the other day!! Woo Hoo!! thanks Vindale

    • Vindale

      Well done, Carolyn!

  • Jesse Hernandez

    Hello fellow online surveyee’s!! Several questions for the more experienced or others like myself(with some exprnc). Do you receive paper check or PayPal?. I never have received a check before. I’m just $7 from get getting to redemption mark! Yay! But for some reason I am not getting qualified very frequently lately getting ever so closer. Already done the following other things than attempting and taking surveys: updated profile(couple of weeks ago), checking video(rarely any opportunities), code redemption(did some whenever available), sharing referral code(no luck for anybody signing up so far)
    Anything I missed? I hear people make $50 in a week some even in a day or two. Not sure if that’s true or possible, but would love to know how if anybody has been doing that.. ..Well for me, it took me a while to get to $50, but finally almost there.
    Any suggestions? Help? Thanks!