IMPORTANT: Verify your PayPal account before payday

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Verify your PayPal account before payday

In the ongoing effort to streamline and secure our systems, we now ask members to verify PayPal accounts before requesting Vindale payment. Please verify your account as soon as possible to avoid delay.

IMPORTANT: Before requesting payment, make sure names match

If you request payment to a PayPal account that doesn’t EXACTLY match your Vindale account, your request will be denied and your account may be frozen.

Common reasons Vindale and PayPal names don’t match: 

  1. Shared accounts. See example 1 below. 
  2. Legal name changes due to marriage, etc. See example 2 below. 


How do I verify my PayPal account?

You’ll need to do this on

What if Vindale has already paid me with PayPal?

If you’re a longtime Vindale member, you may request payment to an unverified PayPal account until mid-October. But you should still verify your PayPal account now to avoid future payment issues or delay. If you live in the continental US, you can always request check payment instead of PayPal.

How long does it take to verify my PayPal account?

Please allow 2-3 business days for PayPal to verify you before you request payment from Vindale. You must request payment by 11:59 EST pm the day before we process payments.

Vindale processes payments twice a month:

  1. 15th of the month. If the 15th falls on a non-business day, we process payments on the closest prior business day.
  2. Last business day of the month. If the last day of the month falls on a non-business day, we process payments on the closest prior business day.

Why do I see a $.01 payment?

You may see small test payment amounts in your PayPal accounts through the end of 2017. This is only for verification purposes.

What if I only request check payments from Vindale?

If you plan to only request check payments from Vindale, you don’t have to do anything. If you’d like to receive PayPal payments in the future create a PayPal account and verify it. Remember, PayPal verification may take up to 3 days and Vindale payments are processed twice a month (15th or closest prior business day and last business day of the month). So plan accordingly!

I have more questions …

For more information about PayPal payments, check out our FAQs, contact or leave a comment on this post. Or for more information about PayPal, go to:

  • Marce McHone

    done, thank you.

  • Ray Ayala

    I am verified. Thank you.

  • I got verified before my last payment in Sept. Does that count?

  • Karen T

    I called PayPal support and they said my PayPal account is verified at their and.

    • Vindale

      Thanks, Karen! You’re on top of things, wonderful!

  • Natania

    Vindale, I am sorry to contact you here but I have tried the phone number listed under contact us and it will not let me speak to person, its automated I guess. Anyway everyday I click on my vindale icon and do surveys and answer my daily questions, and I have never had a problem. Yesterday I clicked on it and it sent me to sign in, I put my email and password in and it said, “you have cancelled you membership on null.” I tried again and again and 30 more times. I have tried contacting vindale support, I tried tweeting, on facebook, I don’t know how to get help about this. I am starting to wonder what if someone somehow hacked into my account, somehow got my money and then somehow cancelled my membership. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to contact anyone about it. Can you please give me a number to call or get this problem to the right people. I don’t know what else to do. I am sure they can see I didn’t cancel my membership. Please, I need your help.

    • Vindale

      Oh no! Natania, what is your referral link?

      • Natania

        it wont let me sign in but I think I remember it, VkAdwyWL, I think that’s it. I have been trying to get help for 5 days now. I need your help, thank you so much. I just don’t understand what happened to my account and I can’t sign in to do surveys or anything, I also have emailed support@vindale.

        • Vindale

          Hi Natania, I spoke with tech and they said they would take a look at your account. Are you able to get into it now?

          • Natania

            I am so thankful for your help, I RREEAALLYY appreciate it. Also I am sorry for bothering you with this, I was stuck and didn’t know what else to do. I had to do some verifying it was me, so as soon as they check it, I will finally be back in business! Again thank you so so much, your the best!

            • Vindale

              No, don’t apologize, Natania! We understand. And we’re sorry you had to worry. Glad you’re back in business and hope you have a wonderful weekend! 😀

  • joe sarnak

    Hello Vindale, my Pay Pal is Joe Sarnak, but all of my info, E-mail , address, phone is the same, my Vindale is Joseph Sarnak. My PayPal is verified, I just did that a few days ago

    • Vindale

      Well done, thanks, Joe! 😀

  • Malia D.

    Vindale, my payment request page is not showing my verified balance and will not let me request payment at all! It says $0 even though I have a balance large enough to request payment.
    Please help!

    • Vindale

      Hi Malia, we were able to submit a payment request for a check payment for you. Please check your account to see it.

      • Malia D.

        Please change that to PayPal. I had it fixed before you read this. Can you please change it to PayPal?

      • Malia D.

        Or can you cancel that check request so I can request via PayPal myself???

        • Vindale

          We’ve reversed that payment request. You might not see it right away. If that’s the case, please log out of your Vindale account and log back in or refresh your browser.

          • Malia D.

            Thank you so much!

            • Vindale

              You’re very welcome, Malia!

  • Claudia Lucena

    gostei muito

  • MyKinKStar

    My PayPal account has been verified for years, and I have security measure in place to have to enter code they text me whenever I go there to login on account. Everything you have for me is the same as what they have for me, so I think we’re good . . . Guess I’ll know for sure whenever I get to request a payment!

  • Ploy Piyamas


  • bigmoney333

    Hello I having issues with submitting payment request my account is verified with paypal from what they told me. I used the service for a while and no issues using paypal for payment but now i am having issues. Can someone look into this for me.

    My referral is:

    • Vindale

      Hi bigmoney333, please go through the verification process so that your verified PayPal is recognized by the Vindale system.

      • bigmoney333

        I’ve already did the verification process, when i talk to paypal they said it was verified. Please look into this again. I will also call them again today to check again but they said last night it was verified.

        • Vindale

          You must follow the steps above listed in this blog post so that our system knows your PayPal is verified.

          • bigmoney333

            Paypal is saying i am 100% verified. I followed the steps and everything check out.

            The only difference is the email address to login to paypal is different than it is from my profile email. when i click verified it doesnt verify

            • bigmoney333

              Never mind i called PAYPAL again and they said it was on their end. They stated that it was reading verified but in some system unverified and they did trouble shooting to fixed the issue.

              thanks for helping

              • Vindale

                Okay, glad it’s sorted out with PayPal! 😀

  • Vindale

    Sorry for your frustration, pgs. What is your referral link associated with your account?

  • Cheri Doyle

    Hi, I have just checked my PayPal account and it says I’m verified. Is there any thing else I need to do? Thanks,

    • Vindale

      Hi Cheri, sorry you’re having issues. What is your referral link associated with your account?

      • Cheri Doyle

        I clicked on the link you provided and copied the information on that page. I hope it’s right but if not please let me know what is further needed.
        Thank you for the help.

  • Noel Stewart

    Hi Vindale. My $50.00 earned at Vindale has not been put into my Paypal account. I have opened a new Paypal account in the name of Noel Stewart and I hoping that you find that account opened correctly. Please advise me should I have to do something else in order to receive payments from Vindale. Thanks from Noel Stewart.

  • Logan Kelly

    I requested a payment on Oct. 1 to PayPal. I received a $.01 payment from Vindale in my PayPal account on Oct 12 but have not received my $50 payment. Is there something more I need to do?