Got a Mom-Mom Kit?

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  • Stacie Snow

    yes I keep in my purse it has wipes,band aids, hairholders ,antibiotic cream needle and thread

  • Denise N.

    Of course I have a mom-mom kit but it’s called a bug out bag and my son and my husband have one each.

    ^ Small first aid kit
    ^ small notebook with emergency numbers, addresses and names of friends and family
    ^a pen, marker and chalk
    ^ a compass, mirror and matches
    ^ two folding pocket knife
    One with a straight edge with saw teeth on top, the other with just a serated edge
    ^ two small led flashlights
    ^ a manual fire starter
    ^ maps
    ^ two personal water filters
    ^ 7-day emergency food kit

    Now, it’s alot to list but it pretty much all fits into a child’s book bag. They both add to their bag what ever they feel they’ll need. I added dehydrated fruits and jerky plus instant coffee, creamer and sugar packets and a camp kit- a folding pan, small cup and utensils. I’m quite proud of our kits. It took lots of time to gain everything but worth the piece of mind it offers.

  • dottie p

    most of it but my child is now going to be a mom, so i don’t have lollipops and she won’t eat energy bars.

  • Lisa Stanger

    Stories of people getting trapped with out food,water,or even a deck of cards always stuck with me so i am well known for my zombie apocalypse supplies i keep in my trunk and in my bookbag (enough stuff just in case I get stuck somewhere and can’t get home)Its always evolving-things getting added..i truely am always prepared. All my friends know..need a safety pin- ask Lisa..thirsty? Forget your toothbrush? TP? Got extra in my trunk..A family of 4 could survive comfortably for a week bring it on communist alien zombies…Im ready.

  • Lisa Stanger

    Sorry..too intense?