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Get paid for taking surveys online

If you request payment by 11:59 pm EST (23:59 military time) on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, your request will be processed Thursday afternoon or evening.

  • When can I request payment? You may request payment once your verified balance is $50 USD or more.
  • How do I request payment? Visit your account page, click the “Request Payment” link at the bottom and follow the steps provided.
  • How long will it take to get my payment? PayPal payments typically take 24 hours to process and check payments may take up to 10 days to arrive in the mail from the date they are processed.
  • Angela Robyn Howard

    Hi, I have been in contact with several of my referrals, they have done all the requirements for the $5.00 bonus but I haven’t received mine. It shows but not cleared. How Can I get that cleared so I will be able to cash out?

    • Angela Robyn Howard

      Just in case my # is :

      • Vindale

        Hi Angela,

        You will earn $5 for every friend who:

        Signs up for Vindale using your link. (you will see the friends name in your clicked list if they have done so)
        Completes one study or one survey worth $1 or more ********* (this does NOT include the $2 member profile)

        • Angela Robyn Howard

          Right, I understand that and 4 of 6 or have I know, so I was wondering if there was still a hold on them for a while longer or??

          • Vindale

            Hi Angela, we looked and the only one who has completed the requirement is the one you’re currently credited for. You might want to go to your referrals and explain the $2.00 profile doesn’t count. One of your referrals hasn’t completed anything.

    • Domina Hayes

      Same here! 3 referrals, all have earned at least $2 and I have yet to receive my $5 bonus!

      • Vindale

        Domina, have your referrals completed surveys, and if so, are they the tutorial?

  • Vindale

    Hi christopher, sorry to hear that. What is your referral link?

  • Vindale

    No problem, Angela! Have a good one. 😀