Be on the lookout for Reward Codes!

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What are Reward Codes?

If you’ve been hanging around the site the past few days, you may have noticed a new tab in your account. It’s labeled “Reward Codes.” Reward Codes are strings of text you can find on our social media accounts. If you redeem them before they expire, you’ll have money credited to your account. Reward Codes are one string of letters, numbers, or a combination of them. Sometimes we will post a question and the answer is the Reward Code.

Where can I find Reward Codes?

We post Reward Codes on our social media channels. To make sure you see our Reward Code posts before they expire, be sure to follow us or like us on:

Also be sure to check back right here (bookmark

Where can I redeem Reward Codes?

Go to the top of your account to the label “Reward Codes.” If you put your mouse over it, you’ll see a small box. That’s where you enter a Reward Code to redeem it. It doesn’t matter if you enter the Reward Code in all caps or no caps. If you enter the right characters before the code expires you will be credited. NOTE: Any misspellings or typos will result in no credit being applied.


How often are Reward Codes posted?

We don’t post Reward Codes on a specific schedule. So be on the lookout!

Go back to Reward Code tab

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  • Debra Pande Halvorsen

    Awesome! I’ll be looking for codes and taking my surveys tonight!

  • Susie M


  • Kathy Pink

    Super Fantastic

  • Roderica Smith

    I am still confused on how this works or where they are located……please help so I can start earning more money!

    • Vindale

      Head over to 😀

    • Cat Stronach

      Reduce the amount of emails from your website

      • Vindale

        Cat, you may opt out of email types in the Email preferences section of your account page when you’re signed in to Vindale.

    • MyKinKStar

      Did you figure it out Roderica? When you get an email about a code, open up all their social media sites via links in the email for Facebook; Twitter; and Instagram and look for a question posted on one of them. You do not have to have an account to see Vindale’s posts about a Reward Code up or soon to go up. When you find the question, enter the answer to get points on your account page, using the drop down on the tab for Reward Codes. Good Luck!

      • Dara Coburn

        I am also confused on this. I see the thing on the blog about the reward code going up, but can never find it or any question for it. I have never gotten any email stating that a code is going up, so if I don’t check the blog, I don’t know. Also, where do I find these reward questions on the blog (I don’t have a facebook, twitter, or Instagram)?

        • MyKinKStar

          Okay, so you don’t have to have accounts to see what Vindale posts. The ‘code’ is actually the answer to their question, which posts on Twitter daily. See it and then look up the answer, then go to Vindale’s main page ( and click on Reward Code tab and enter the answer to win it!

          I used to get daily emails from Vindale about the daily question and codes, but something changed unknown to me and so now I have to visit their Twitter page or their blog to see what’s going on. I hate it, because getting emails was easier than having to chase it down, but that’s the way it goes! I hope I explained it enough for you to understand, but if not, just let me know and I’ll try again!

          • Dara Coburn

            Yes, thank you!

  • Vindale

    Sorry to hear you’re frustrated, lea. If you’d like me to check your account please post your referral link or email your email address to with a description of your issue.

  • albert

    is good . . XD

  • albert

    is good . .XD

  • Morgona Lafay Mayglen Walters

    its happened to me many times it does get frustrating :/ i just wish if you put a specific amout of time ,in it it should be accepeted because it is peoples time

  • Phyllis Griffiths

    It happens to me frequently. I spend hours doing “screening” questions. What a waste of time! Why can’t we have those basic question on file used to do the screenings and then only be invited to particiapate in surveys that we already qualify for?

  • rosiesue


  • Mykhael Rodrigues

    Gostei, Espero ser Muitas Vezes Recompensado

  • Dara Coburn

    I have to concur with this. Every time I do the Univox Daily Studies, it takes me through a series of questions on a site called Sample Cube. Only, after spending forever answering these questions, it tells me I don’t qualify. This wouldn’t be so bad if it took me straight to the ‘Aw Man’ page. But it doesn’t. Instead, it cycles through the same questions over & over again. I spend at least an hr or more doing this, never knowing if it even counted for anything or if it marked that I did that study or what. This needs looked into.

  • nichole


  • Teresa Rojas

    In today’s reward code. I’m sure you meant what is Rachel Maddie middle name not last name.

  • Colcannon?

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I hear ya, I went through it also. Study 488014.

  • Marvin Zinn

    I like the surveys, but for rewards I could not find out how to get them because I never use those social media channels, and when I go to one cannot find the reward code required.

    • MyKinKStar

      Reward Code clues are posted on Twitter and you don’t have to be a member. The code is actually the answer to a question or fill in the blank that you enter for points.

    • Vindale

      What MyKinKStar said! You can find them here:

  • Vindale

    Sorry to hear that, Candy. What is your referral link? If you don’t know it you can get it here:

  • Kamalla Patel

    I agree to what is being said cause the same thing is happening to me also, and if it continues i will be block all further communications with this surveys