7 ways college students can get paid online

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7 ways college students can get paid article

7 ways college students can get paid online

Want to know the 7 ways college students can get paid online? Check out these websites and start earning!


  1. TaskRabbit.com – Sign up to be a Tasker! Perform small jobs (that take a few hours or less) for clients. Tasks vary according to your location. Perform physical errands such as picking up dry cleaning or grocery shopping in 19 participating cities, or if you’re out of the operating area, sign up to perform virtual tasks for people online.
    Become a Tasker
  2. PostMate.com – Deliver food to hungry customers! PostMate pays up to $25+ per hour. Live in New York or San Fran? You’re guaranteed $1,000 for 60 deliveries!
    Apply to be a PostMate
  3. AgentAnything.com Bid on small jobs and projects posted by potential clients. This site targets people who specifically want to hire students, so you’re the perfect worker! Be the first to jump on new missions by signing up for Twitter SMS mission notifications: text follow @directorgreen to 40404 follow @directorgreen on Twitter.
    Apply to be an Agent
  4. Fiverr.com Web-savvy? Put your skills to use! Aspiring graphic designers, web marketers, animators and programmers, get money selling your work to bidders while building up your portfolio. Simply set up a Gig page, fill out your profile, and connect with millions of potential clients.
    Start selling on Fiverr
  5. Dreamstime.com Are you a shutterbug? Earn money for your photos! Sign up for an account. Upload your photos. When your photos are approved by Dreamstime, they will include them in Dreamstime’s database. You receive a percentage of each sale. The amount you’re paid is based on a few factors, so make sure to read the how they determine rates. Once you hit $100 you can submit a request to be paid.
    Register with Dreamstime
  6. Zazzle.com Are you artsy or active on social media? Get on Zazzle, a t-shirt selling platform that connects you with 30 million customers worldwide. Earn money as a Zazzle:
    Designer (artist, gdesigner, photographer; set your royalty rate at 5% to 99%)
    Maker (create made-to-order customizable products)
    – Associate (sales,15% per sale + volume bonus).
    Get Zazzling!
  7. Vindale.comYou didn’t think we’d write this whole article without mentioning ourselves, did you? If you’re reading this and you’re already a Vindale member, please share this article with friends (and make sure you get paid for it)! If you’re not familiar with Vindale, we’re an online paid survey program. Our members (from the US, UK, CA, and AU) earn money taking paid online surveys, evaluating products, and more. Did we mention out of the 7 ways college students can get paid online, this one is our favorite? 😉
    Learn how to earn with Vindale

Have your own list of 7 ways college students can get paid online?
Share them in the comments! Or for more clever earning ideas, check out this list of 50 ways to make money online or check out 10 Easy Ways to Make Money in College.

Out of these 7 ways college students can get paid online, which are you most likely to try?

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Have your own list of 7 ways college students can get paid online?
Share them in the comments! Or for more clever earning ideas, check out this list of 50 ways to make money online or check out 10 Easy Ways to Make Money in College.

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  • Kaylin

    Vindale is an awesome one as well:) I have been getting non-stop opportunities. Enjoy and good luck

  • Mohsina Khalil

    Vindale is wonderful, easy to follow online surveys

  • Billy Currie

    Im new to Vindel and i love it here!

  • Matt Tully

    Do they really pay? So far I did 2 surveys, at the end they say I don’t qualify. I just don’t want to put my effort into this and not get paid. Im in school and this is perfect for me to make extra cash. If someone could inform me on what Im doing wrong. Thank you

  • Jessica Seymour

    Yea, I mean its not like your going rich overnight, but it helps get by. Not overlie complicated, and you can do them when you want.

  • Jessica Seymour

    I mean the other day I wanted some extra cash spent a couple hours on them and made a 100

    • Ashley C

      spent a couple hours on what type of surveys? I’ve spend hours on here too and made 10.00 so far

  • raymond germain

    i think that i m not going rich but that pays some rward as a beer wine etc…..

  • Jet

    Nows one in geting rich of this but at less you your earning some thing.

  • Amber June Williams

    This is the best online survey site that I have joined. I havent made much because I don’t qualify for many of the surveys but I am slowly making money. I like that I get notified of surveys I qualify for by email.

    • Vindale

      Thanks for sharing, Amber! What is your referral link associated with your account? If you don’t know it you can get it here: http://www.vindale.com/v/members/refer.jsp. We can check your account to make sure there aren’t any technical issues that are causing you to not qualify. Sometimes that happens if members are missing required information from their accounts.

  • Sandra Hayward

    wow really good article! Thank you. When I was a student I need so much help and I didn’t know where I can get it. But now there are so many helpers that can make students life easy for example, you can hire a teacher or find a professional speech writer, who can do your homework for you. I advise all students use it opportunity.