3 reasons to take surveys with Vindale’s Chrome extension

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Streamlined survey-taking 

The Vindale Chrome Extension lets you use and manage your Vindale account–from anywhere online!

What’s so great about the Chrome extension?

It only takes a few minutes to download the Vindale Chrome Extension. With it, you get three valuable features any time you browse using Chrome:

  1. Survey alerts. Early birds get the surveys! Click the handy red icon in the upper right hand of your Chrome task bar (see image below) any time you want to check for new surveys. 
  2. One-click access. Let Vindale come to you! With the Vindale Chrome Extension, see your latest survey matches any time you’re online, from anywhere—not just on Vindale.com.
  3. Convenient account management. Check earnings quickly and easily. Simply click the Vindale task bar icon to see your current balance.

Download the Vindale extension. 

How to add the Vindale Chrome Extension

Try the Vindale Chrome Extension today. It’s simple:

  1. First, make sure you use Chrome. The Vindale Chrome extension is only for Chrome users.
  2. Go to the Google store Vindale page.
  3. Follow the instructions on the page.

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  • ramadevi

    It seems the chrome is better to get a chance for surveys. I have not done yet. I will do update this week end.

  • Sandra Wilson

    What about Mozilla?

    • Vindale

      Sorry not at this time.

  • Lee McCormack

    So happy to have this extension, I get surveys NOW

  • Rachel Rodarte

    I got chrome, and I’m always getting surveys, makes it much easier, you click on the icon and there they are just waiting for you

  • Marina Golovash

    Очень интересный сайт буду работать дальше

  • Marina Golovash

    Very interesting site will work further

  • Karen T

    1. Does this chrome extension work on smart phones?
    2. What devices are compatible?
    3. What operating system is required?
    4. Can I use the chrome extension on a desktop at a public library?
    Sorry, there are so many questions.

    • Vindale

      Hi Karen, sorry, just saw this.

      1. Yes
      2. Any that run Chrome should work
      3. Not sure. Would just download it and see if it works. You can get more info and the link to download here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vindale-research/nlnmajcobmpmjlhjiilddahlinnlognj
      4. I wouldn’t add extensions to a public computer, just so you don’t get in trouble with the library.

      • Karen T

        OK, thank you!☺

        • Vindale

          You’re very welcome, Karen! 😀

  • Azra Rehman

    I have installed vindale extension in chrome but I m not getting survey on time. Whenever I try to check there is no survey available message.

  • Jan Clark

    Hi all I have downloaded chrome as I was requested to do so following every step. Can someone please tell me how I find the red icon to show me where survey are? Nothing seems to be happening?