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Online paid survey tips

Every now and then we like to review the rules of the road for our new (and not-so-new) members. Below, answers to a few of your most burning paid survey questions.



  • How do I request payment for surveys?
    Once your verified balance reaches $50 USD or more, a grey box will pop up on your account page with payment request instructions.
  • Where the heck is my payment?
    To get paid as soon as possible, request payment by 12:00 PM EST on the 15th and last day of each month. Learn more about payments or submit a credit inquiry
  • Why haven’t I been credited for a survey?
    If you took a study and haven’t seen a credit in your account after five business days, give us a holler
  • Why haven’t I been credited for a referral?
    If your friend signs up for a Vindale account using your referral link, your account will show a “pending” credit. Once your friend completes one product evaluation, the “pending” credit will verify. If your friend did all that and you still don’t see a credit, let us know
  • What’s the difference between “pending” and “verified”?
    “Pending” credits show up as soon as you start a study, product evaluation or other offer. “Pending” credits turn in to “verified” credits once you complete an offer. You’re eligible for payment when your “verified” balance is $50 or more. Learn more about “verified” vs. “pending”
  • How do I get my referral code?
    If you’re a Vindale member, you have a referral code. You can use it to claim contest prizes and earn referral cash, among other things. Get your referral code

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  • LeeAnn

    I love the new updates and more fun ways to earn $$! Thanks Vindale! Just when I needed you! ;0)

  • Harry

    THANKS VINDALE i love you so much
    sweet community and i hope to give me reason why i’m not qualify to taking surveys

  • Vindale

    Glad to hear it, Harry! Regarding qualifying, what is your referral code? I can look up your account and make sure there are no issues.

  • James Sutton

    Thanks vindale I use to be able too take surveys know it says I’m not qualified or I start a survey and right at the end it says i don’t qualifie so i waste 15 to 20 min

  • LaTasha MsPeach Jeffers

    Has anyone been paid for real?

    • shelby dietrich

      i’ve been trying for like 2 weeks but the surveys keep rejecting me when i get half way through them and i answer questions with legit answers…i think either something is wrong with my account or its maybe a scam…im not completely sure but its getting very annoying and i would like to make the money i see some other people make on here.

      • shelby dietrich

        ive only made $6

        • Amy Spate

          Exactly this is really aggrivating

        • MartyRobin24

          I have made approximately $300.00 since joining. This is a great site that does pay. Don’t stop trying to qualify for surveys.

      • Cortney Brown

        Im having the same problem. Have not been able to finish a survey.

    • Linda G Silvers

      I have and several others too

    • dottie p

      I’ve been paid 6 times in 2 years. not a lot but i don’t do surveys. i’m about due for my 7th payment. I love Vindale. they are ligit

      • Amy Spate

        What do you do

        • dottie p

          just basically the questions and caption contests. i don’t get a lot from vindale but they are an extra $50 every so often. if i worked harder at it i know i’d make more but i don’t qualify for a lot of surveys so i don’t do them any more

          • Amy Spate

            thank you. yes ive seen that as well. I posted a few questions on there and after I did that panda search gave me higher surveys and better ones. not sure how that worked out that way. ive made 117.oo and change in about 20 mints. awesome

            • Carla Di Mauro

              panda search?

      • Carla Di Mauro

        I’ve been paid 4 times in 2 years. $250 but i don’t do many surveys. i’m halfway for my 5th payment. I love Vindale. they are ligit

    • Carla Di Mauro


  • shelby dietrich

    Vindale this is one really amazing website, iv’e seen a lot of people make a decent check at the end of 2 weeks and that is what i have been trying to do, but most surveys i can’t seem to get through would you please help me out? here is my referral code

    • Vindale

      shelby, are you seeing error codes of any kind? Or disqualification codes?

      • shelby dietrich

        nope it just brings me back to the page where the surveys are

  • Jesse McCall

    Thanks vindale you guys are awesome

    • Vindale

      Thanks, Jesse! 😀

  • Michelle Lua

    I can’t seem to get qualified for most survey’s. Help please..

  • Julie Cyr

    Every time I go into a survey I’m not qualified … why?.. referral code :

  • Karen T

    Hi Elizabeth. I was wondering if there was a daily question today?
    Since I’ve been having problems with anything loading I wasn’t sure if there was or not.

  • Gisela Mulato use my code and thanks in advance

  • Vindale

    Hi Julie, sorry to hear that. It might be that there aren’t a lot of surveys matching to you at this time. When members go through slow periods we encourage them to get active on the blog. We have daily questions (20 winners M-F), Reward Codes, and other contests.

  • Stacy Strickland

    I seem to have the same problem

  • Nikitawanna Jordan
  • Amy Spate

    Why if its surveys they want you to buy things. I came to make extra money not spend what i do not have. I can do questions all day. And every survey says its done or i did it already. Dont understand that. Please help. I need cash.

  • Elmâgnîfïcô Epänîol

    Pop Eye & Olive Oil

  • Jaime Lasater Devine

    I love this site! Good way to participate In research and make extra money!

  • María

    I whant to have more surveys I olnly can do one per day no fair

  • Gary Burton

    Why is it not letting me do any of the surveys it either disqualifies me or sometimes I get a survey invite I go straight onto it then it says aw no survey available I want to do every survey possible as I am trying to supplement my pension it seems as though I am wasting my time

  • shanty gordon

    Hello I have almost a month doing surveys and I have 14 dollars should give a bonus for the effort when half of a survey and you do not qualify

  • shanty gordon

    Hello my friend also uses this page and he has the opsion to watch videos and win coins and not me because

  • Misty Crain

    I wish I could do a survey all its saying aww man

  • Wendy Revette

    It’s fun

  • mohammad J

    Every survey rejects me, annoying..

  • Adrienne White

    When am I eligible for surveys that pay out the largest values of money?

  • Mortuza Reza

    Why is it not letting me do any of the surveys it either disqualifies me or sometimes I get a survey invite I go straight onto it then it says aw no survey available I want to do every survey possible as I am trying to supplement my pension it seems as though I am wasting my time

  • Bernice Summerton

    I keep getting told that I don’t qualify for the surveys. What’s the deal here?

  • Tiffany

    This is so fun and easy.

  • Barry Dubinsky

    Cannot enter any surveys

  • arifin tanz

    THANKS VINDALE i love you so much

  • Angel