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Online paid survey tips

Every now and then we like to review the rules of the road for our new (and not-so-new) members. Below, answers to a few of your most burning paid survey questions.



  • How do I request payment for surveys?
    Once your verified balance reaches $50 USD or more, a grey box will pop up on your account page with payment request instructions.
  • Where the heck is my payment?
    To get paid as soon as possible, request payment by 12:00 PM EST on the 15th and last day of each month. Learn more about payments or submit a credit inquiry
  • Why haven’t I been credited for a survey?
    If you took a study and haven’t seen a credit in your account after five business days, give us a holler
  • Why haven’t I been credited for a referral?
    If your friend signs up for a Vindale account using your referral link, your account will show a “pending” credit. Once your friend completes one product evaluation, the “pending” credit will verify. If your friend did all that and you still don’t see a credit, let us know
  • What’s the difference between “pending” and “verified”?
    “Pending” credits show up as soon as you start a study, product evaluation or other offer. “Pending” credits turn in to “verified” credits once you complete an offer. You’re eligible for payment when your “verified” balance is $50 or more. Learn more about “verified” vs. “pending”
  • How do I get my referral code?
    If you’re a Vindale member, you have a referral code. You can use it to claim contest prizes and earn referral cash, among other things. Get your referral code

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