Friendly reminder: Keep your account from expiring

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Hi folks,

Important housekeeping matter!

If you haven’t started a survey in the last 120 days, your account is considered inactive and will be deleted. You also forfeit any account balance. See full terms

Safeguard your survey earnings!
Keep your account active to hold on to your balance. Every 120 days, attempt at least one survey OR click this link: keep my account active.

If you go long stretches without attempting Vindale surveys, create an ongoing calendar reminder to attempt a Vindale survey every couple months or so.

What count towards “activity”?
The only ways to keep your account active are to attempt a survey or click the “keep my account active” link above.

The following activity items do NOT count toward activity:

* Photo bonuses

* Friend referrals

* Reward Codes

* Non-survey earnings and additional survey incentives

Visit the Vindale Help Center or send an email to our support team.