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$1 winners

  1. Pammie Burman – The little bag inside the turkey is meant to be taken out before cooking the bird,

$.50 winners

  1. Lindsay Poliseno – NEVER walk away and start a little task when you are making something on the stove.. because most likely you’ll get engrossed in the task you are doing and completely forget that there is food on the burner and burn it! Done that plenty of times
  2. tejastoolman – slow & low over night for my smoked ribs & shoulders 😉 Patience great grand dad always said.
  3. Lee S – Pull a cake out 5 minutes sooner than the recommended cooking time – it’ll finish cooking on the counter. That way you won’t burn it. Also put a cookie sheet on the rack beneath the rack the cake pan is on. It helps distribute the heat around the cake and keeps it from burning on the bottom. Seems to work 🙂
  4. Michelle Wilson – Best cooking advice was from my husband who called me at work to tell me “ the crockpot won’t cook the pot roast if someone forgets to plug it in and turn it on “ 😉
  5. Renee Manuel-Arias – “Clean as you go.” It makes it so much easier than making a huge mess cooking and then having to clean it up all at the end when the food is done and you want to be eating it not cleaning.
  6. meanlady – my step dad was a great cook making master pieces out of nothing he would always say your spices need to be fresh if your food dont taste right your spices are old he would also say cooking is trial and error and a matter of taste never be afraid to add or omit ingredients as per your own tastes he was right everything i make from scratch tastes great and my waist line is proof lol
  7. Carol Miller – When making a salad put your rinsed and dried lettuce in a sealed plastic bag with two paper towels. The paper towels will absorb the moisture and your lettuce will stay crisper. Also, heat your spices in a dry frying pan over low heat before using them. The heat will release the oils and they will taste even better.
  8. Boston_Mama84 – Actually the best cooking advice I’ve ever gotten was from a British morning show that would be the equivalent to our Today show. I learned that the holes on the handles of the pans like frying pans was not initially intended for hanging them. The true reason for those holes are to stick your cookware in them. The spoons, spatulas, etc, you are using to stir the food will hang over the pan so there will be no drippy mess on your countertop. Yes I know mind blown! 😂 also if that’s not really considered cooking advice then my tried & true advice would be from my grandmother. To ALWAYS whether recipe states to do so or not, always put a cheesecake in an water bath when cooking and do not fill pan up as high as you normally would with a regular cake. My cheesecakes have come out perfectly ever since I followed that advice over 17 years ago
  9. Jason Provo – To regularly season my stainless steel Karahi, which is like an East Indian wok . A co-worker bought me one while in Pakistan and it was a treasured gift but I was unaware of the frequency that I had to season it (that is, rubbing it down with clarified butter and treating it in a hot oven for an hour) in order to keep it in good condition and rust-free and of course, non-stick! Thank God for that advice. I would have been totally embarrassed if I ruined such an effort-driven and thoughful gift!
  10. ramadevi – How to make up a dish…. curry, soup, cake, cookies and sauce etc. I never get this advice when I started cooking. My mother, and sisters used to tell me you should make it perfect. How I am going to cook first time when I am learning. They should tell that if it goes wrong you can fix it this way that way like that. We all need advice when start cooking. I always give to others my advice to make them comfortable and to encourage. When I started cooking I want to know if my cooking goes wrong how can I make it right. There are some tricks to fix everything what we make. Slowly I used my knowledge and common sense to make them better when my cooking goes wrong. I mix mashed potatoes or fried flour if my gravy is too watery. There are so many advises I never got, but I learned them, I give to my friends and others if the cooking goes wrong.
  11. Kelli – Don’t ever forget to turn off the stove when you’re done cooking and or the oven. Because one time my stupid self was cooking one time and I left the stove on and forgot about it
  12. MyKinKStar – Have no fear and go easy on seasoning that can be added later without ruining all the effort.
  13. Jaleisa Williams – You do hours of prep work on an intricate dish, only to be totally disappointed once you taste the final product. Bummer. Instead of putting in all that effort only to be disappointed, taste while you cook. That way, you’ll realize sooner that the dish isn’t tasting how you’d like it to, and you can make all kinds of last-ditch efforts to save it. This doesn’t just work for bad-to-OK meals. Tasting midway through and realizing how perfect a dash of cayenne or a squirt of lemon juice would be can take a great dinner to legendary status.
  14. Diana Cordell – NEVER cook naked, wear an apron!!!
  15. MT – Flour to thicken, milk to thin gravy.
  16. Alice Ketchum – My mother always taught me to clean, dishes, pots, surfaces and cooking messes along the way. I tidy up as I cook. That way I never have a huge mess waiting for clean up after dinner.
  17. ladyslick – When trying a new recipe a dinner party isn’t that time. With a new recipe, you’ll likely be chained to the kitchen the whole time, plus, when you’re trying something for the first time, there’s always the possibility that it could go horribly wrong. When cooking for a group, we always slip up. So try it first yourself before you try it on others.
  18. Sarah Turner – Not to over whip my meringue for lemon meringue pie.
  19. Judy Burba McGarvey – For tender buttermilk biscuits, always use lard instead of Crisco.
  20. Belinda Ortega – I never could tell when meat was fully cooked till one day my brother’s girlfriend taught me to look at the bone marrow. She told me when it turns dark that means it’s done. I use to overcook and dry out meats but now I don’t , thanks to what she taught me.
  21. Connie Henry – If following a recipe, ALWAYS read it at least two times before proceeding! I have missed crucial steps and made my fair share of mistakes by not doing this. Now I always make sure I do this.

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