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  • cabot tower

    definitely Snakes and Ladders,some days up, some days down

  • ramadevi

    Chess. Life is all about deep thinking for solutions. Struggles, fights, gain and losses.

  • Maddie Lessard

    Chess, I am very patient and in the end I always get my way 😉

  • Mingo Torres

    Monopoly as I go around each day I have days of making money for finances and losing money to unfortunate circumstances

  • shelby cook

    Uno, the one game in our house to make people mad lol

  • Gail Stevens

    Chess is my choice – it”s quiet ,takes strategy,needs two people for my style,exercises your mind and there is always room to better yourself. This game is me everyday.

  • 77giggles

    Definitely Chutes and Ladders…. everytime I try to get ahead, someone or something tries to take me down and back a few steps… But, my will is greater than their efforts, so I WIN! LOL

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Love your attitude!

  • Alhassan Moses

    Backgammon….since it is one of the oldest board games, involving tactics, strategy and probability…. Being a good counter helps too

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I play it almost every night with my son. Love it!

  • Bella

    Trouble…..at least that’s what my mom always said

  • Denise N.

    If I was a board game it would be Chess. Each move calculated to at least three steps ahead of my opponent, knowing where I can and cannot move and being focused on a single goal. My life, like Chess, can go awry when I do not anticipate the consequences of making a move.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Good answer, Denise!

  • Diana Cordell

    I would have to say Candyland. Everyone wins!

  • Teresa Trương

    think about my move carefully, have plan, always be alert, and think about the endgame

  • Sylvia

    I’m definitely Twister, some days I can bend and move with each challenge but there are those other days when I can’t manage to balance anything and fall flat on my face.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      LOL!!! Love your answer!

  • Sue W.

    Shoots and Ladders!! My life has so many ups and downs!

  • Dustins Mom

    Monopoly and win the jackpot!

  • Joyce E Dowling

    I would be Scrabble . Many different words Mother , Grandmother,Auntie ,Friend ,Wife. Nurse.
    Happy , sad , afraid, warm ,friendly,loving,kind,angry,tired ,painful.
    I am different every time you play but always fun.

  • Ogunda

    It would definitely be a chessboard,to see very closely the size and the great tactics that were made there.

  • Anna Morellon

    Clue.My family says I’m nosy. I am always trying to find out who did what, and what or who they did it with. I just like to be aware.

  • Erin Estilette

    Life. Seems appropriate for the living.

  • Carol Miller

    If I were a board game, I would definitely want to be chess. Chess was created in India and has been around for over 500 years. My real reason for my desire to be Chess is because no other game in existence exercises both sides of the brain the way Chess does. It has been proven that Chess can even increase your IQ. Here are the reasons why: Chess takes extreme focus and concentration-you must be alert and on your toes the entire game. You must plan ahead and have foresight. In other words, you have to be two steps ahead of your opponent. Finally, Chess improves your logical thinking. You must be constantly asking yourself, “ If I do this, my opponent is likely to do that.” Having been in the teaching profession for 37 years, I was always attuned to helping students think more logically and improve their focus. If I was a game of chess I could spend my retirement years still doing exactly that.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Good answer, Carol!

      • Carol Miller

        Thanks, Diane. Be very happy you moved to Florida. Another bitterly cold day and tomorrow more snow

        • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

          My daughter’s still living up there. I complained that it was 38 degrees on Florida the other night. Her response: “I don’t want to hear it.” LOL

    • ramadevi

      It is true. Well said.

  • Misty Lynn Wakefield


  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    If I was a board game, I would be Yahtzee. Life is just like a few rolls of the dice!

    • Karen T

      A few bonus points along the way too! Lol

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        You’re right!

  • Amber Conners

    if i was a board game i would be guess cause my life is more of guessing games then anything

  • Ken Grant

    Risk: Big opportunity if you are willing to try

  • kandeels

    Clue – Always trying to solve a puzzle or get to the bottom of an issue!!

  • Kari McDowell

    SORRY – That is how I feel today – just lazy and “sorry”. Most days I am busy but I have the winter blues!!!

  • Candyland. I love sweets!

  • Hannah Bennington

    I would be monopoly, so I could have visitors in my streets. I would love all the attention I would get.

  • edeliz

    Clue: some clues for you to figure out the truth.

  • Stacy Hannah

    CHANCE lol

  • Diane Lane

    Trival Pursuit, since I know a lot of odd facts.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    Trivial Pursuit because my mind is just full of useless tidbits of information.

  • Deb

    Bibleopoly. It’s a Christian themed board game that is similar to Monopoly, Instead of gathering wealth and hotels, you are rewarded for good deeds and helping others. The goal is to build churches. You learn a lot of biblical facts playing this game.

    • Karen T

      Thanks Deb. I’m glad to hear about a game like this. I’m definitely going to buy it.☺

      • Deb

        I’m sure that you’ll like it.

  • Jane Sharpe

    LIFE – You can choose different careers each time you play and your life would never be boring. lol

  • rose morgan

    I would be monopoly, since I own a lot of real estate.

  • Sara DuVall

    I’m a very mysterious person. I look one way, bit that might not be how I am.
    I love a good intrigue! Lol

  • tehseen

    I would like to be a “bored” game so that no one could play with my life .

  • Samuel Oh


  • Roderica Smith

    I would have to say Mousetrap. Not only did my family grow up playing this game, I feel like before I got married, men were trying to trap me into being their wife until I found the right man for me! LOL

  • Paul Clément

    Would be Trivia Pursuit because I am constantly trying to learn new info from the many sources available to me: internet, tv, radio, media. I’m 69, not the brightest guy on earth but I thirst for knowledge. It’s just me!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Good answer, Paul.

    • Cybill Sheridan

      Great answer!

  • MT

    Risk! Strategic and takes awhile to win!

  • Marilynne Ferreira

    My game would be sorry. I always say im sorry about anything even if i didnt do it lol

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I know what you mean. I, too, am an apologist.

    • Cybill Sheridan

      Ditto Marilynne Ferreira and Diane Krumenaker Eugenio!

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    I would say the game of LIFE..just as there is great strides to move ahead there are always setbacks that slow you down from reaching the ultimate goal! But thankfully you do arrive at the finish line at some point…heaven!

    • Cybill Sheridan

      What a perfect answer Dicksy Manneschyn!

  • Zhulin Gao

    Poker game, the red heart queen.

  • rickdware38

    Who wants to be a millionaire. I could use the bucks

  • MyKinKStar

    Ah, I’ve just gotta say Ouija!

  • ana caroline


  • Cathy Williams

    If I were a board game I would be “Jumanji”. I’m whole lot of wild and dangerous inside!

  • Sanjana

    Snakes and ladders.. my life keeps going up n down :/

  • Nano Puerto Rican

    Pass the Grass board game.cause iam always high.

  • John Rios

    you know what guys i quit i had enough chickens laying around dont got the time to eat them why ? I DONT LIKE CHICKEN !

  • Lou Core


    The Game of Life.
    I remember the little cars with pink and blue pegs for your children.
    Very Nostalgic!
    Spinning wheel in center of board… im sure it jogs memeories for many of you too.

  • Lisa

    EASY… MONOPOLY… becasue I want it all !!!!!!

  • Ray Ayala

    If I were a board game, I would want to be the Cash Flow board game. This board game was created by Robert Kiyosaki, famed author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book series.

    This would be a fulfilling life for a board game, because I would be providing entertainment and teaching financial independence at the same time.


  • Colleen Goodbrand

    I would like to be Clue and write the mystery novel that goes with the game I play.

  • Robert Dennys

    A game with multiple constraints, including black and white tokens, that limit outcomes so there isn’t much hope that anything novel will happen.

  • Heather May Cain

    I would have to be a board game as I get bored very easily

  • Genie Luxemburg

    Monopoly… Always bound to cause an argument somehow 😛

  • Jho Criz

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2d9b7176c2f1242b9717beb4fef39c843a6fec7f103f8b07f8b0c3f007ab42ca.png I am COLD. Because of our extreme weather today minus 26 but feels like minus 38, how’s that? Brrrrt

  • Kris Lunde

    Scrabble, and you could only win with good gibberish (since thats mostly how I talk)

  • deedee walker

    Battleship, Seems as though I’m always in some type of a battle. Good and bad, sometimes I get sunk, sometimes I have to do the sinking. either way I always come out the winner.

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I would say pokeno it was great fun with family and friends brought laughter throughout the room.

  • Dahlie Chainsaww

    Master mind

  • Noel Stewart

    If I were a board game I would be “Operation”. This game takes a steady hand and extreme concentration. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4b77b9abf268ba36c395603e759ce8ee585d76f0773f930d5f8d74ab6ff8a44b.jpg

  • Rebecca lee

    I would be Twister because I’m always getting into awkward, embarrassing situations. Although at least like the game I always end up laughing about it in the end.

  • angielou123

    Chess. Its has everything I like, predictability, quiet and calm. Not forgetting a king and queen which makes it seem like someones in charge. Controlled fun……. I know, boring ain’t I?

  • Kathryn Hatfield

    The Captain is Dead, because my life is just chaos.

  • Judith Nelson


  • Maya16

    One of my favorite and first board game I played. I loved the colorful candy theme and game pieces that look so edible.

  • Tamra Denning Fisher


  • Merm123

    I would say Love Letter and I want to be the princess 🙂
    Its is a game of risk, deduction, and all-out luck as you try to get your letters to the princess before the other players. Always fun to play with a bunch of adults

  • I would have to pick Trivia. I am always searching for information to a lot of my questions and to questions people ask me I also like to do fact checks when someone says something. I want to know the truth. I also have to do a lot of Google searches for language translations. I communicate with people all over the world. It is necessary to be able to communicate in other languages. I have learned there are a lot more languages and beliefs in this world than I could ever imagine. This also helps me learn customs, which may come in handy if I am ever able to visit other countries in the future. In doing all of the fact checking and translations, I feel I’ve gained a great bit of valuable knowledge.

  • Manwinder Kaur

    Snakes and Ladders – an ancient Indian board game, as this fun game helps kids to reinforce their math skills in an interested way.

  • Crizzy

    People who know me think I’m thoughtful, considerate and endlessly patient so ideal for being compared to a Chess game. However, I never learned to play that game so it’s much more likely I would claim to be ‘Solitaire’ which in the UK we call Patience.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Thanks, Crizzy. I didn’t know solitaire had a different name in the UK!

  • John Morgan

    I would be Payday because I love payday and always look forward to it.

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    The game of Clue, I will find the truth

  • Jennifer Collins

    My game would be Risk because there always seems to be some sort of battle to overcome in life.

  • Cathy Deslippe

    Pop A Madik Trouble , its a middle child’s first name.

  • dottie p

    battleship, my life has been a battle which i have succeeded at winning enough to love life

  • Rochelle Pieper

    I would be a combination of Life, Monopoly, Clue, and Hungry Hungry Hippo!

  • Christy Scott Marshall

    BeanBoozled, because jelly beans are sweet and yummy, worth the risk of getting something yuck, just like life!

  • Sara N Andrew Jenkins

    I would be Clue. I love mysteries and old houses. It’s just fun… well to me, not so much to my sister who I forced to play it with me.

  • Evaristo Maldonado


  • Raven Wildman

    Snakes and Ladders


    I would be risk because u are always taking chances in your life

  • majid


  • deedee walker

    I would have to be Battleship. I always seem to be in a battle of some sort, sometimes I’m the one doing the sinking, an sometime I’m the one getting sunk. I always come out a winner!

  • Joanna Dent

    My game would be Sorry which was out in the 70’s! I haven’t seen the game for years, don’t know if it still exists?? I would be sorry (Sorry Lawrence was the advert) as I am sorry for everything and for everyone else who’s in the wrong I always apologize for them to!!

  • justinkeene

    i’d say the game of candyland

  • Jessica Taromino

    I am a girly girl California valley girl to the fullest i love to shop till i drop and my favorite board game always has been and always will be the same game that I would be if i was a board game. MALL MADNESS !! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b9007f0af80579a93de60c7e994cffd28251f0ec10c71a18dc36ebba9a8c0551.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a44aed68f468719d9f8f8acd2c42b14829ec1dc72ca6a26debfaf3b955f837a6.jpg

  • Hayley Deborah Gunnell

    Love snakes and ladders with the kids so simple but fun have to let the kids win tho but we all love snames and ladders oh and yartzee is my personal favourite keeps you inhaled and havery to try get best score in totall to win.

  • Lori Yadon

    I would be Who Wants to be a Millionaire because I love trivia and I also love money!

  • Nicole Clavette

    Monopoly, always trying to get ahead but always have to pay other and being set back.

  • Shell


  • Man

    Battleship , so I can say ” you sunk my battleship “!

  • Theresa Holly

    I agree the game of Life because life is filled with many surprises some good and some not so god so just take one day at a time and enjoy the ride!

  • Senorita Mukhopadhyay

    I would be the simple Ludo game. It is fun and has lots of meaning. Its an important game in the growing up process of the little children. They learn patience, sportsman spirit, simple maths, team spirit and of course persistence right from this simple game. Though it seems very simple, it has a lot of excitement and sincerity required. It has come from one of very complex games in the medieval times called “chaupar” which was played in the great Indian epic called “Mahabharata”.

  • Francine Olsen

    Life because it is long and boring with the occasional set back.

  • Carolyn Dario

    I would say I’d be Monopoly because I would love to be rich and build hotels and collect rent. Than I would be able to help many people and animals in need.

  • Charles Moore


  • Cheryl Werbowski

    Mouse trap…manuvering through an obstacle course of life hopeing you don’t get trapped somewhere spinning your wheels not progressing.

  • Mark Jefferson

    Snakes and ladders — In life some people may bring you down, others might help you get up, but at the end of the day, you are the one carrying the chances – rolling your own dice in order to succeed, and eventually finish the game you started.

  • Tammy Robertson


  • OMAR

    I would be a loodi

  • Jason Provo

    I would be the board game Operation. I love the idea of laying on a table half naked while people inadvertently touch sensitive spots on my body that give me enough of a shock that my nose lights up red. Sounds fun. I guess it’s the next best option since my work health benefits don’t cover massages.

  • Heidi B

    I would be Cranium, because it’s a fun game that’s a combination of laughter, smarts and arts. I think I’m kinda like that too, a mix of everything 🙂

  • Nyiesha Lashbrook

    Monopoly because it takes money to make money

  • Monopoly business would be booming

  • The game of scrupples is a very get to know people game

  • John R Kessler

    I would definitely be Ouija. Astound the skeptics, talk to the greats of history, and know for sure that there IS an other side. Plus, the weirdness factor would get me a seat alone on the bus!

  • Sophie Lafontaine

    I would be toc. Losts of advencement and you go to heaven. Ya toc

  • John K

    I would definitely be Ouija. Astound the skeptics, talk to the greats of history, and know for sure that there IS an other side. Plus, the weirdness factor would get me a seat alone on the bus!

  • Marcel Trinque

    Snake and ladder game

  • Marcel Trinque

    a winner

  • Sean Osburn

    i would be the game of life

  • H_mmm

    Risk, I secretly want to rule the world.

  • Daniel Lucas

    If i were a board, i definitively want to be Monopoly, the most played game i thinks in the world. Everybody as always playing this game at the time the younger and after that too.

    Best board so long.

  • Shenine Stewart

    Snakes and ladders. You may get knocked down, but there’s always another opportunity if you keep going.

  • Kristi Malone

    Jumanji because I love a challenge

  • Vivi


  • Danielle Hernandez

    I would be Jena because one wrong move and your life comes falling down

  • Marce McHone

    Monopoly, I don’t seem to do very well in life so I’d be the one buying stupid properties I don’t need and going broke first….

  • Ulysses Anthony Hunter

    Monopoly cause I am the game master and owner of all.

  • Kyndal Whitfield

    I would be Apples to Apples. I grew up in a very humorously driven family, very much like the game itself. But the game is much more than just funny things written on a card. In efforts to win the game, you have to be able to read your opponent. Don’t place down a card that you think is funny when you know that the player making the winning choice won’t feel the same way. You play the card that will appeal to the opponent in order to achieve success. I feel like my life has been driven the same way. We tell people what they want to hear, act the way we suspect they would want us to act, work the way we believe our superiors would want us to work in order to achieve the same success we have been taught through the game.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    That’s cute! Ah, little ones!!!

  • Lenim


  • Sheltra Anderson


  • Chad Brooks

    I would be monopoly because I can never seem to collect my $200.00 or pass go. However, while monopoly fits my circumstances, chess also describes my nature because my life has always been about finding the right strategies and maneuvers. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f8a82afce6f539b1721fc85dc1a95e3919d89b927ece48b7b730bf016da8dd27.png s.

  • Marie Eve

    Risk for sure!!!

  • Grace Ndabananiye

    I would be in Monopoly. Because I am usually quite good at that, jail only lasts a few turns, or if you pay/are lucky. Plus, getting on the property ladder is a lot easier

  • Troy Varnado

    If i had to choose a game i would most likley say phase 10.. usually with most decisions I try to play out a couple scenarios in my mind and try to figure out how most of them would turn out if I chose to go that way…

  • Jimmy

    I would like to be the KING on the Chess Board as All the others respect you & protect you every which way to win the Game in Life.

  • Cybill Sheridan

    I retweeted Monopoly…I guess it’s been so long since I’ve played a bored/board game, I forgot the wonderful game names 😉

  • Kenya Mccleary


  • Juliet Manuel

    Slides and ladders.
    Some days, I step the highest ladder. Some days, it just won’t work for me and I slide down from the top. Then, I go back up again.

  • Pam Hinton

    Battleship, because everyday is a battle and a challenge to survive in the world of pain that I live in. You have to fight to survive.

  • Rob Arbour

    I would be monopoly.

  • Matt Daniele


  • Bobby Vest

    Rock ’em Sock ’em robots.

  • Tom

    RISK,hey take a chance. .wait, that’s monopoly. …

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    A happy and healthy 2018 to you too, Denise!

  • Tiffany Clark

    My game would be Watch My Mouth! 🙂 I tend to speak before thinking. LOL

  • Linda Andrews

    I would be guess who.

  • Wanda McLin Latham

    I would say the Game of Life. You never know from day to day what to expect. Like the game you either move forward or stepback. Its Life.

  • Nancy Andrake

    Memory. If I placed all the time, I would never forget anything in my old age.

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    This is easy…TROUBLE! LOL the popomatic game!

  • Mark Wieczorkowski

    Operation. You need a steady hand to not lose someone on the operating table

  • Joyce E Dowling

    II failed to get my laptop and printer to stay online. They do not get along with Mcafee and it is driving me crazy.
    It all started when Spectrum made me get their modem. The idiot working for them could not hook it up using our network name and password. This is so stupid as Linkyus always did it.
    This caused chaos in our house. All digital stuff had to be reprogrammed .
    For some reason the laptop printer can’t stay on line and Mcafee blocks everything I try to print. I have asked for help but Soectrum unwilling said its Mcafee issue. Mcafee said there is person from Mcafee at Spectom to help customers. I have called to speak to the person no one knows who that is. It is almost laughable. No other cable provider in my area

  • Melissa

    Probably monopoly for me, because I have NO MONEY in real life lol.

  • Karen Myers

    I would be pie face that is how my week has been like

  • Jizette Hunt

    If I was a board game it would be Monopoly. This game is about making money and who doesn’t like making money? You can buy or trade properties and develop with them with houses and hotels. This game definetly teaches you how to save and how to buy property without becoming bankrupt. Even though the game is long it’s a exciting game to play!

  • Julie Dryden

    Would join the Game Of Life! You never know what it might teach me hahaha!

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Thanks, Denise! I truly enjoy being here!!! Nice to see you here, too. Love your answers!

  • Sara Campbell

    I would be Hungry Hungry Hippos because I am always hungry since I am always on a diet.

  • Annie Bouwknecht

    I would be the game Taboo because it’s sometimes hard to find the right words to explain things to people. Also I talk too much when I’m overtired lol