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  • edeliz

    A keepsake candle my mom gave my children. It had markings for all the birthdays up till the 18th. She was long gone before the candle was completed, but we always remembered her on those occasions.

  • Michelle Wilson

    Many many candles lit and placed around the garden tub!! Relaxing music, no lights and lots of bubbles!! Alone to unwind from the work week or with a partner to have a little fun!

  • Sue W.

    I like to like Xmas candles and put them on the table. One year, my friend was opening her present, did not see the candle and threw wrapping paper on top of the candle. All of a sudden, flames were everywhere, I am trying to calmly put out the fire, but she decides to pick up the burning paper and run to the sink and throw it in…we were lucky the house did not burn down! Moral, NO LIT XMAS CANDLES!

  • Lee McDonald

    Five three inch tapers sit in a box filled with wooden blocks. Each block has a hand-painted letter or a delicate drawing of holly and its berries. When put in their proper order they spell Merry Christmas in my late mother’s distinctive style. She was a true artist who always had a painting or craft in progress. She drilled holes for the candles in the top of the five blocks that spell Merry. . These blocks were stacked upon the word Christmas. Each December I place these on a table and remember mommy and long ago Christmases.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    My husband is Italian and I’m Jewish. The best holiday season was when my cousins came over for the Italian Seven Fishes Dinner that my husband makes, and one of the eight nights of Chanukkah fell on the same night. My cousin and his son said the Hebrew prayer and lit the candles in the menorah first. Then we all sat down for the big Italian dinner!

    • Karen T

      I had never heard of the Italian 7 fishes dinner before now. So I looked it up and found out that it’s a celebration that commemorates the wait, the Vigilia di Natale, for the midnight birth of the baby Jesus. I’m glad I looked that up!☺

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        I didn’t know that. Lol. Thanks for the info, Karen!!!

        • Karen T

          Lol… glad to be of help!

    • Carol Miller

      Diane, great answer. Did they post the winners of the November captions yet?

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        Yes, they did. You won Caption 2. Go to the bottom of the home page and hit the “ older entries” button at the bottom of the page. Then hit it again. It’s two pages back from the current page.

  • Maleeha

    There was a snowstorm in our area about 4 years ago and we had a family over. We were all watching a movie when the lights went out and all the kids started screaming lol. I brought all the candles from my room and lit them up. They all looked so pretty! But our relatives had to go back home 🙁 The electricity didn’t come back the next day either so my dad decided to have a candle light dinner with my mom, my brother and I 😛 It was so much fun! The electricity finally came back next evening!

  • 77giggles

    I remember a long, long time ago (LOL) having to study for my home ec midterm test by candlelight because the whole East Coast was out of power. We were to get extra credit for having neat notes, so I re-wrote my notebook notes by candlelight, and studied the notes at the same time.

  • ramadevi

    When I was young we used to collect the wax after the candle burn finished completely. Most of the wax evaporate but till some portion of wax will be collected in the end. I heard that the end remaining wax can be reused by making new candle out of it. Years ago I used to collect the end dried up pieces of wax. Then I dissolved it in a vessel. It is very easy to dissolve wax with minimum heat. I pored it in a wide mouthed colored bottle, glass cups and made the wicks with thick cotton thread. We can make fancy candles using our creativity. They were very good and lasts longer than regular candles because the wax stays inside the container which helps it run longer time. It was fun and something reusable, best out of waste technique. We can teach the kids as an activity.

    • Karen T

      I think I’d enjoy making candles especially with the children. Do you have to coat the cotton thread with wax, or something similar, so that it doesn’t burn too fast?

      • ramadevi

        Yes Karen, I forgot to mention it. We have to dip the wick in the liquid wax and it will be good. Otherwise as you said the cotton will burn and there will be no wick.

  • Noel Stewart

    My candle story stars a teenager, 16-year old Mike Kittredge. In 1969, Mike was broke. He did not have a Christmas present for his Mother. So, he made her one. Mike used canning wax, red crayons, kitchen string, and a milk carton. He designed and handcrafted a candle for her in his family’s kitchen. A neighbor saw it and convinced Mike to sell the candle to her. With that small stake, he bought enough wax to make two candles—one for his Mom, and another to sell. That was the birth of the Yankee Candle brand.

    With his father’s help, he opened a small retail shop. Quickly, that one retail shop grew to more than 575 retail stores and over 35,000 authorized retailers worldwide.

    Today, Yankee Candle® employs more than 6,000 skilled, dedicated workers around the world. Their candles and accessories can be found in in over 500 company-owned retail stores and at Authorized Yankee
    Candle® Retailers throughout the United States.

    An Amazing Adverture for a broke teenager!


  • Sylvia

    As a child I remember walking into church on Christmas Eve and seeing at least 100 votive candles glowing in the dimly lit alcove. My mom explained that parishioners light a candle for those that have passed because although they are not here physically the light of their soul lives forever. As an adult I light 1 luminary on Christmas Eve for each family member that has passed and these lights twine around my sidewalk and driveway. Sadly, the number of lights have increased but their warm glow pierces the dark night and reminds me family is not something that can be extinguished.

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    my candle story is that in the Greek Orthodox church we light candles on Easter at Midnight mass and we bring them home to bless the home. Well one year, somebody’s candle got a little to close behind me and burned off a big chunk of my hair….man that stunk…i mean it smelled and it stunk that it happened too LOL

  • Nikki Garrison

    My candle story. Lol. Ok so every year the 3 wick candles from bath and body works go on sale. My and my best friend go to this sale every year. We both load up 2 bags each (Christmas gifts to) we look crazy but have u melted their candles AMAZING.

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I found out candles can really relax you and helps the smell in a less ventilating area.

  • Carol Miller

    My candle story is that every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day my entire 5 block neighborhood put white bag luminaries on the sidewalks by the street. On Christmas Eve, at night, it truly looks like spectacular. We have 3 neighbors who organize it. They make sure if there are any senior citizens who can’t get out, that we do their sidewalks for them. I swear most of my guests on Christmas Eve come just to see the light show. We have had people coming from church, which is right up the hill, knock on our doors to tell us they have never witnessed such a spectacular sight. Between all of the lit decorations on the lawns and then these candle luminaries, it looks like a winter wonderland. I hope we continue to do this spectacular candle show till I am long gone from this earth.

  • Erin Estilette

    My Mom used to set candles out on the table with Christmas dinner. One time my uncle went to serve something, and his sleeve caught on fire. He didn’t even notice until someone slapped his arm to put it out. It was a minor incident that we all laughed about later.

  • Stacie Snow

    On my grandaughters first birthday she reached up and burnt her fingers with the candle and ever since we don’t put candles on her cake because she will cry

  • G Malloway

    I used to love making candles with my cousin’s gf when I a kid 🙂 It was so fun and neat to do. She helped me make candles for my mom at Christmas that year <3

  • Josh Grossguth

    I love candles and I like to buy those small cube scents harvest candles that smells so good.

  • Hannah Mierow

    My husband used over 500 candles to make a path that led me to the place where he proposed! It was so beautiful! I’ll never forget it.

    • Tracey Gee

      Ohh beautiful !!

  • Diane Lane

    My cousin and I decided to my great grandmother and ice cream birthday cake for her birthday. As two creative 13 years olds, we thought it would be a great idea to put a candle for each year of her life and one for good luck. Well great grandmother was celebrating her 91st birthday. We placed 92 candles on this ice cream cake and lit all the candles. It was a flaming disaster, cake melted, the smoke detectors went off and the good luck was we didn’the burn down the house. Naturally my cousin and I got another lecture from our parents.

    • Karen T

      Lol! Kids will be kids!

  • Ray Ayala

    One year we lit candles next to our tiny Christmas tree. The tree was so dry, it caught on fire. After that, we decided it was best to use electric candles! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/490e013e262f49a36ce77552e944d29cc2cbdca4ffe89b1cf52b75e31327b915.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/321735e7d22259ea34e482a615440fa4c94c7fc4cfe08332eed561d6efe33393.jpg

    • Karen T

      Oh no! I’ll keep those electric candles in mind!

  • dolfanatl

    A few years ago Hanukkah fell on Thanksgiving. My wife bought a Menurkey. It is a Menorah that was in the shape of a turkey.

  • Risper Timothy

    candle is very important to our family and community especially in demonstration of many events where we want to teach people how to let you light shine for the rest of the other people shine also.
    last Christmas ,was a concert of letting your little light shine and the hall was full of people and the concert started and all the lights were off.only one candle had lit in front of the hall and all could see it .
    the good thing everyone had been given a candle at the entrance so the story was go light your candle and from the one front lit candle lit another one and another and the light kept spreading through all candles and what a beautiful place .all over 1000 candles were lit and the story was well understood that your little light can shine all over the world and make others see the light.

  • Tracey Gee

    I used to have a candle collection! All types of candles in all shapes and sizes, every birthday and Christmas my friends and family would give me new ones to add to my collection. I had rainbow mushrooms and pyramids, people and animals, flowers, so many they filled a huge wall unit in my living room. But over the years some melted my kids used them in blackouts!! Boy did they get in trouble!! And some got re gifted. Still have some of my favourites tho! Everyone laughed at me for having so many candles you weren’t aloud to light!! Lol

  • Marce McHone

    I love candles, especially scented ones… I knocked one over once and got hot was all over the carpet 🙁

  • justinkeene

    i light a candle sometimes in the kitchen and sometimes when i m at desktop in basement. love different candles scents for the different seasons each year. Have bought some really nice ones through Amazon, they have nice variety through amazon

  • Nicole D. C

    I used to burn candles all the time. Then I married a firefighter and he was against it. He had been to too many homes that had burned down because of one simple candle being left to burn unattended. I now use essential oils in a diffuser.

  • Zhulin Gao

    Whenever we have too much smoke from cooking, I will light 5 candles. If we have guests in the house, I have to explain every time that I am using candles to absorb the smoke to generate carbon

  • Merm123

    I have a video of my little girl when she was turning 1 and we put one candle in the cake and one that wouldn’t blow out and the reactions on her face were so funny and she would sing HAPPY BIRDAY TO ME..with her curly red hair who looked like Annie. She was all dressed up trying hard to blow the candle out until we had to take it away because she got so upset lol.

  • Ken Grant

    First time I helped with advent at church. I was given a click lighter to light the candle. I hadn’t used one before and it took me way too long to light the candle. Finally got it lit, but I ruined the moment. I learned for next time … practice, practice, practice.

  • MyKinKStar

    It was cool in the 70’s when a wine bottle was used to hold a candle that dripped was down the sides. The next candle would be a different color, of course, to layer on top of the last mess, and so on and so on. I don’t know what the secret is, but when I did it to have my very own decorative candle holder, it was hard to get the wax to stick and stay stuck on top of other waxes. It does get to a point where it sticks, but then a big gob of dripped was would fall off . . blahhh! It’s about that time you realize it’s kinda ugly anyway, and since no one else noticed or was impressed . . . That Boone’s Farm bottle went right into the trash!

  • rose morgan

    Lots of candle mishaps stories, including the countless table cloths ruined by tapers.

  • MT

    Growing up, at a candlelight service, my mom’s hair caught on fire thanks to hairspray. Good times!

  • Crizzy

    My best friend moved house a couple of weeks ago and had to part with quite a lot of treasured items as is inevitable when downsizing from a family home to an elderly person’s one bed flat. What added to the emotional turmoil was that none of her family wanted to adopt any of her surplus furnishings or trinkets and criticised her hoarding habits of a lifetime! However their attitude changed in an instant when she was unwrapping a package from the depths of a wardrobe to reveal a candle saved from her eldest grand daughter’s first communion 30 years ago – the only memento of the occasion as not even a photo can be found. Grannie rules OK

  • April

    When I was in elementary school in the ’80s, as a fundraiser we sold candles that were in a tall glass jar, frosted on the outside, with Christmas and winter scenes. Anytime I see one of those, I can still remember how they smell and I am hit with a wave of nostalgia, especially that feeling you get at Christmas as a child when you are in awe and wonder at all of the beauty of the season.

  • Maddie Lessard

    I have a few candles in the house and I try to leave them in area where I know I’m going to find them when the power goes out. Well it seems like every time the power goes out they are never where I put them in fact I can’t even find them. So I decided to buy enough so every window sill have one. The last time the power went out guess what … I couldn’t find a lighter anywhere….

  • Genie Luxemburg

    In winter 2013 my ex had her electricity and gas cut off and we spent a few weeks stuck in the flat by candlelight. No heating either so we had to sleep in our clothes and coats!

  • Karen Gillette

    My granddaughter dances and loves ballet. She had 5 parts in the local mutcracker production and we fund raise and sell chestnut hill candles. They are great. I buy several and habe one lit all the time
    They smell so good!!!!!!

  • Raquel Favel

    We had loaded a gopher hole with hairspray cans paint cans and a bit of gas to get it going dropped a candle in the hole while on my knees looking into it with old Birthday candles I lit one up dropped it into the gopher hole wanting to see the gopher come out nothing but an explosion and some big flames came out then I was eyebrowless and lashless for about a month.

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    I love candles, any form, color and scent. Can’t imagine my life without them.

  • Victoria Lee Farr

    Candle lit baths are really relaxing and enjoy the different sents.I use all the newest sents

  • Ceri Torquati

    Last year our state was in blackout – the whole state! I used up a whole packet of household candles as I sat in the lounge room for 5 hours, with no tv, no music, no phone because I couldn’t charge it. I still managed to have a good night listening to the battery powered radio. Just like the olden days!

  • tehseen

    Once in my childhood when we were playing in the backyard we found a dead sparrow. Me and my friends felt very sad and we decided to burry it as we saw in the funeral .We planed to bury it at night when our parents go to sleep. we also participated our elder siblings in it because we were scared too .At night we lit the candles and went to backyard suddenly the wax dropped on my sisters

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    There is nothing more beautiful and peaceful than going to a Christmas Eve service with candles lit around the sanctuary and singing Christmas carols. Can’t wait for Christmas!

    • Camela Cooper

      Going to Candlelight Christmas Eve service is so very special. Just reading your post gave me goosebumps and big smiles remembering the extraordinary message of Christ in Christmas. I pray every year for less materialism and more of the celebrations such as the one you described since He outlasts any toy and gave us all the Greatest Gift!

  • Tawny

    Forgot to blow a candle out before leaving. Almost burnt the house down. True story.

  • tehseen

    Suddenly the wax dropped on my sister hand and she started to shout and crying .Seeing this all of us started to shout and crying because we were already scared as we thought birds soul will come at night .Our parents heard the noise they came immediately and saw my sister hand was burned very bad .She still has a spot of burn on her hand.All of us got punished for that and promised not to hold a candle and lighter again .This is my scary candle story .

  • Colton Smith

    I went home (to KC from MSP) on a Friday for my birthday weekend, not returning until Monday evening. When I got back to my apartment in Minneapolis, the candle I had lit the day I left but forgot to blow out… WAS STILL BURNING! Woof.

    • Ceri Torquati

      Lucky your house wasn’t!

  • Sowmya

    My nephew who was 5 years old, bought red candles thinking that the flame will be red. When that didn’t happen, in spite of me trying to explain, he went back to the shop complaining that they are not burning properly. The shopkeeper didn’t understand and lit one candle and asked what’s wrong with them……. When he told him that the flame is not red, the shopkeeper started laughing which made my nephew very angry….even now when we meet we talk about it and have a good laugh…..

  • Bagg Religion

    My spouse was an escort now we’re a happy couple going on 12 years

  • Bethany Crosby

    I don’t have an Italian fishes candle story. my story is to light up a candle for my deceased husband Tyrone Harriet he’s beengone, going on for 2 years and I miss him tremendously I light up a candle for him for his birthday for our anniversary Christmas and any other holiday I could think of especially Valentine’s Day the love of my life God bless r i p happy holidays to everyone

  • risingphoenix2017

    Last year, I drove 2 hours to Helen, GA (so 4 hours round-trip). Helen is literally a neat city in which it looks like a German town with German or Bavarian alpine architecture, restaurants, etc. Anyway back to the story, so off I went a week ahead of Mother’s Day to go to the Helen Souvenir and Candle Company. My mom loves the color purple and fairies and so I had a custom made candle and it looks amazing! My mom has it displayed in a special case and mantle and I am really happy that she loves it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hU30QqrMV6k

  • Anna Morellon

    My husband, who was my boyfriend at the time was working on a job in Alaska for 3 months. He’s an electrician and often works out of town. We are in California. Getting close to the time for him to come home, we made arrangements to meet in Napa, spend the weekend and do some wine tasting. I made reservations at a motel, arrived early anxious to see him after 3 months of him gone. I lit candles in the room along with some other romantic touches and not long he arrived. We were so happy to see each other, talked a bit, hugged, kissed, one thing led to another and not long we were all over each other. Not paying attention to anything else, all of a sudden we see flames coming up the side of the bed. We had caught the linen and pillows on fire and immediately jumped up and we were able to put the fire out. It looked much worse than it was. And of course we realized that it could have turned out much worse and very thankful it had not.That’s my candle story.

  • Natania

    I have always loved candles, I like the ones that really smell up the house. Anyway one night we were having a surprise party for my sister. I went around and lit the candles as I normally do. We were all looking towards the door waiting on my sister to walk. Meanwhile behind us I had a candle sitting on a computer desk. I hadn’t paid attention to a new planter my Mom had bought and hung on the wall right above the computer desk. So, here we all are waiting for her to walk in to yell “surprise!” All of the sudden she opens the door and instead of yelling surprise someone behind us yells, “fire!” I look behind me and the planter is on fire and going up the wall

  • Surveys Profit

    When blowing it on the birthday cake !

  • Theresia Hannan

    My best friend makes candles using soy wax, they are really beautiful and the scented candles are perfect, she also makes melts that are perfect for any occasion, I love walking into her home and taking Ad


  • Vero

    When my friend lived alone in an apartment, he had lit a candle in his bedroom one evening. However, during the night, he was awakened by a smell of smoke … the candle had all burned and it was melting its alarm clock !! He was lucky to wake up at the right time 🙂

  • Sally Morris

    One year when I was a kid probably 10 yrs. old and my dad was in Korea as a military assignment and my mom had just had major surgery. My younger sister and I went into the woods near our home and cut a small Cedar tree down with a kitchen knife. We drug it home and set it in the living room only then did we see it was bare on the backside. but we still had fun decorating it and since it was in a corner no one knew it was only 3 sided. It was our Charlie Brown Christmas

  • Maxine Hunter

    My father in law left 3 tea lights going where my cats food was and my cat speedy say on them and his butt caught on fire 🙁 thankfully he was ok and it was just his fur that got it

  • Theresa Holly

    I love candles on a birthday cake especially on a child’s cake. So nice to see face light up. But it also cute to get the candles that are trick ones that you can’t blow out and you want to have some fun with a friend

  • Dustins Mom

    Each year I light candles and place them around my son’s picture as a centerpiece at Christmas.

  • Roderica Smith

    I love to burn fragrance candles to keep my home smelling great! A tealight candle works great for oil burners too!

  • Lisa

    For a fifteenth wedding present, my husband had bought us a beautiful double wide mobile home with a garden tub in a VERY spacious double vanity bathroom. When we first moved in, after a long day of moving stuff in, he had taken the time to run a hot bubble bath and surround the tub with every kind of scented candle you could imagine ! So romantic and sweet !

  • Corynna Longley Perry

    About 8 years ago we headed out for a camping trip for a family reunion. At the time there was a fire ban at the camp ground. someone had set up a 3 wick candle to keep the bugs away. as we sat around the candle I looked around and people were still staring into the flames like it was a fire. I was a great night

  • ramadevi

    Good idea.

  • I am not religious however whenever I do go to a church I love the ritual of lighting a candle

  • Jonas de Hoog

    One time when the power went out i had to use a candle since my house had no generator. It sucked!

  • I don’t have a very good candle story I had a candle turn over and caught the curtains on fire in my trailer and it wasn’t caught in time so the end result for me and my son was we lost everything home and all.

  • Joel Joseph

    It was during the ice storm of 98′ that we experienced rolling power blackouts so we had to make do with candles when it was our turn. During this time, I helped edit by dad’s book manuscript by candlelight,too.

  • Paul Clément

    As an altar boy in the early 60’s, I once had to serve at midnight mass. Our pastor was quite blunt and to be honest, sometimes scary. This one time, I was responsible for lighting the candles on either side of the altar. New to the task, I was uncertain which ones to light as certain masses required us to light three candles on either side whereas others only needed two on each side. Regardless, I nervously proceeded to light one side. As I lit the third candle, a gruff voice belted out: ”No! not that one!” My pastor had spoken. Meek and a bit humiliated as my family was in attendance, I snuffed out the third candle, lit the other side of the altar and proceeded with my other duties for that mass. Sometimes, a member of my family brings up the issue and strangely, I still get red in the neck and somewhat flustered at the thought of it.

  • Lynda Tock

    A constant reminder each year on my cake of how old I really am…lol 🙁

  • Candles save lives. Careful use of a candle set in a metal can large enough to cover the top of the candle to provide warmth from a fireproof container has saved many lives I know personally. Hyperthermia is a silent killer that creeps up and pulls its victim into sleep. That tiny candle provides enough warmth to keep hyperthermia away. It is important part of every emergency car kit in this region.

  • I light Sabbath candles every Friday night. My mom did so,and her mom before her. We usher in the sabbath in that way. It’s a beautiful tradition and a wonderful feeling that women have doing this. It brings in a sense of peace and calm after a hectic week.


    My first thought about candles was a memory of times past. When I was in Catholic school we were at the church all the time it seemed. We had First Communion, Confessions, Confirmation and catechism classes all at the church.
    The candles in the back of the church were alluring to me. Whenever I had the chance I would go over to them and kneel. When I was there I could look at them and pray undistracted. I learned when I was a little older that you should light a candle in remembrance of a loved one that passed. I loved that. It made me feel close to my God and to my grandma and grandpa and my Nana. It was a special place to me then and I still go, light a candle (maybe for mom and dad now) , kneel and pray before the candles whenever I get a chance.

  • Denise N.

    I do not purchase candles from just anywhere any more. I have found the best scented/odor eliminator candles at my local tobacco shop! For eight bucks and some change I can score a 13oz candle in a variety of scents; my favorite at the moment is called Bermuda Beach. It eliminates smoke, pet, and cooking odors-if my friend’s keen sense of smell is testament! Great price for exceptional quality and too good of a find to keep to myself.

  • Zelda Jones

    I can make candle flames dance just by staring at them.

  • deedee walker

    I have a lot of candles, we loose our power out here in the country a lot, so I always have them on hand. I found out the hard way candles and my long hair, don’t mix. Power went out, it is dark, I lit the candle next to my bed, not even thinking “Puufff” my hair went up like a bomb, it only took a sec, half my hair was gone, just like that! I am very careful with candles. They can be very dangerous in more ways than one.

  • ramadevi

    We can use simple cotton thread thin or thick thread by folding into layers to make wick and roll in your palm to make one thread. I hope you can understand it. If you are making big candle take thick thread. Normal sewing thread will help.

    • Karen T

      Okay thanks. I’m not sure when I’ll attempt this project, but thank you for the tips!☺

  • Malia D.

    Do ya really wanna know…??
    😉 😉

  • Manal

    I always light a candel for my father may God help him and recover from this monster (parkinson’s disease) or maybe oneday someone find a treatment for it

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    I used to be a Party Lite candle consultant where women would have parties in their homes and everyone bought candles and holders. They were such wonderful candles that I made enough money to make a nice down payment on a home. Plus, as a consultant, I earned just about all of the beautiful candle holders and lots of free candles. They’re still in my home today.