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  • DM

    After my father died a family member starting talking negative things that I could not handle, I will never ever get over that. She and I have been very close all of our lives and in an instant it seems the relationship is gone. Like I lost her and my Dad. So sad how she people cannot see the effect of their actions and/or words, or sometimes that do not care it seems.

  • Zhulin Gao

    When my uncle is drunk and start to swearing

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    When my church adult choir directress came to church rip roaring drunk and ascended to the choir loft late and passed out in the choir stand.

  • Carol Miller

    My fifth grade nun shamed me. Her name was Sister Marie Dolorine. First report cards had been issued and I received first honors. I laid my report card out for my mother to sign. The next morning I slipped it back in my school bag but never realized that my mother hadn’t signed it. Well, I tried to explain that my mother saw it and forgot to sign it. Sister called me a liar and went on a belittling tirade about me to the entire class. I was absolutely mortified. The entire class was staring at me for 10 minutes. I felt like I was getting sick to my stomach. She refused to let me go to the rest room. As an adult now, I realize she really was a disturbed individual. She beat a boy up so badly he had a bloody nose. I know today that boy suffered from dyslexia. When we were in 8th grade, before school one day everyone was whispering that Sister Marie Dolorene was no longer at our school. No one to this day knows what happened but, in the middle of the school year, like magic, she was gone. I have my suspicions they may have actually thrown her out of the convent. This story is just one of many that I could relate that not necessarily happened to me, but to other classmates. To this day, I won’t have my granddaughters attend any school with which this congregation is associated. Today, this nun probably would be jailed.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      My husband and his three brothers all went to Catholic school through the eighth grade. (One went on to Catholic high school.) The nuns used to hit the kids’ knuckles with rulers. That is sooooo wrong! I assume they don’t get away with that anymore.

      • Carol Miller

        Diane, they would be jailed today. I often wonder if any of them in their old age remember what they did and have guilty consciences. My three granddaughters go to a private grade school called Holy Child Academy. It is the most phenomenal school you can imagine. The Holy Child nuns were founded by Cornelia Connelly. She was originally from Philadelphia. She was married before she started the order. She was very well educated and believed in a totally new approach to teaching. Rosemont College was established by her order. It is no wonder they have no nuns left in their orders. I have a friend who became a nun and left. You should hear her horror stories.

        • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

          I can’t even imagine, Carol. My kids went to public school. We have a good education system in my old town. We paid enough in school taxes!

      • Michelle Murray

        The nuns did this when my Mother went to school. One was particularly cruel to her: she used to walk up to my mother and twist her cheeks

        • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

          Ouch! That’s crazy!!! Makes you wonder why people spent money to send their kids there.

  • MD

    My old best friend tried to shame me in front of our friends over something that wasn’t even true. Totally backfired when the truth finally came out after her failed attempt! Turns out she had played a bigger part in the scenario than she was willing to admit & our friends saw exactly what she was trying to do. The truth shall set you free! 🙂

  • Malia D.

    My old best friend tried to shame me in front of our friends over something that wasn’t even true. Totally backfired when the truth finally came out after her failed attempt! Turns out she had played a bigger part in the scenario than she was willing to admit & our friends saw exactly what she was trying to do. The truth shall set you free! 🙂

  • Erin Estilette

    My so called stepfather tries to shame me whenever he can. I try not to think about him too much. He’s a terrible person.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Some of my skills as a nurse are to assess newborns, give them their newborn meds, first bath, teach parental care, etc. Another nurse tried to shame me because I wasn’t that familiar with the computer charting in a particular hospital’s nursery. I asked her one question about the charting and she said something very loudly that I won’t repeat. It was quite embarrassing. But boy, did she get in trouble the next day when the assistant manager came in and other nurses told her what had happened the day before. She ended up getting written up for foul language, bad attitude, etc. and got a “talking to” by the manager.

  • Sue W.

    I am the only one that can shame me! I have tough skin and own what I say and do.

  • Sylvia

    Once I was shamed in a gym by a female instructor who told me if I didn’t push harder I’d never get rid of my flabby gut. She said this in a gym full of people and I was mortified, especially since I had a baby a few months earlier and was already terribly self conscious of my post baby body. That was over 20 years ago and I haven’t stepped inside a gym since then.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      If I were you (and if you’re still up for it), I would join a different gym. They usually throw in one free lesson with a trainer but they’re really nice to you because they want you to book more private sessions. My son just joined a gym. He’s overweight but the trainer was very nice to him. (At the end of the lesson, she tried to get him to sign up for more private sessions. He declined. The gym costs enough already!)

    • Genie Luxemburg

      That’s awful! What a rude woman. I’m sorry that that horrid experience has put you off for life.

  • Melissa Furr

    I’ve been shamed a lot in my life, I’m going through a separation as we speak due to shaming and just making me feel bad. No one should have to feel that way. It’s definitely not fun and I don’t suggest anyone trying it out. Now, hope you all have a wonderful day. I live with the knowledge of knowing KARMA always wins!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Melissa, enjoy your new, unencumbered life! And, what goes around comes around.

  • Stacie Snow

    several years ago my finances were bad and I had to go into debtors court and during court one of the people I had to put into it got in front of the court and talked down to me really bad it embarrassed me so much but I did tell them that I hope they never get into the shape I was in and it came to paying a furniture payment or feeding their children!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      People should not judge unless they’ve walked a mile in your shoes.

    • Michelle Murray

      I’m glad you put them in their place

  • Noel Stewart

    When I was younger and college age, my parents shamed me by saying I was not smart enough to make it at the college that they went to forty years previous. I wondered why they were so insistent that I attend their college. I wished to go elsewhere to a better football playing school.

  • Kristi Watkins

    When I was in elementary school I was doing a math problem on the board and I couldn’t do it. The paging system went off for me to leave early for the day and she wouldn’t let me leave. I left the class crying and so upset. I hate math and being in front of people to this day

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Let’s hope teachers know better these days. (Unfortunately, threre’s probably still some of those kind around.)

  • Roderica Smith

    Someone shamed me on my first day on the job. Hello!! It’s my first day and I am still learning.

  • Rose Marie Greenlaw

    I’ve been shamed too many times to count. I go into a clothing store looking for something for date night with my hubby for our anniversary, got sneared at by the clerk and before even asking what I was looking for she said “we won’t have anything here to make you look good.” I will never return to this store.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      How rude!!!! She should have been fired!

    • Timothy Mccollum

      That’s just wrong wish I was with you.

  • rose morgan

    My parents were always shaming me for something, their favorite line was, “Shame on you!”.

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I was insulted by my coach while playing basketball once. He told me I played like his grandmother in front of everybody. Than he laughed and sit down and take a breather.

  • Flordeliza Lodevico

    When I was in highschool. Back I was newly immigrant and I was at a cafeteria and some teenage boys were making fun of and throwing crumpled paper

  • Gaddy Walls

    I find myself shamed because of my appearance, heavy dude I am. Someone is always running their mouth about how I look, when they should take a good look in the mirror at themselves. I believe that the real you is inside and real people can see this only.

  • Adrienne White

    A CNA who I have respect for said “Thank You” for a belated birthday that I had given from my heart and as a common courtesy. The next day when I asked how she enjoyed her belated birthday gift, she only said, “Good Morning” and walked away in front of other residents and staff members. Boy, were my feelings hurt when everyone looked at me! I felt ashamed!

  • MyKinKStar

    Nope . . . I carry my own shame and no one can make me feel it based on their judgement. I have gotten old enough to own what I’ve done – right and wrong, and nothing something can say will cause me shame. Not any more and I’ll tell you, it’s a great feeling to have that power over IDIOTS who might try.

  • Tawny

    Very recently, I was picking up prescriptions for myself at a local pharmacy. The lady could not get my insurance to run through, which is government aided… She yelled to the back of the pharmacy “Can someone help me? I think its because it’s access insurance!”. Boy did my face get red with fury and embarrassment… I do not abuse the system, only have it because of my pregnancy, and i STILL pay for my own insurance for my husband and myself… I about ripped into that lady and will not return to that pharmacy again.

  • Charlie

    I was in the midst of recovering from an eating disorder and decided I would try to treat myself with some ice cream and my dad looked at me while I was dishing some up and said I needed to be careful because I was going to get fat

  • Merm123

    I was shamed by my dentist after not being there for three years and they tried to get a hold of me for regular yearly checkups. I had lost my job and didn’t have any benefits but when I went back to work and went there after having a terrible toothache, I sat in the dentist chair and first thing he said to me was SHAME ON YOU for not coming in for regular checkups. He made me feel like a child and was so belittled. Later on after a few years went by I was on another contract position and went there to get another tooth fixed but he refused to do it because I didn’t have benefits and had to pay cash. Again he made me feel so ashamed and like a piece of dirt and low life that I couldn’t even pay my dentist bill. Its a wonder why I went back to that same dentist after how he made me feel.

  • ramadevi

    All my sisters went to same school and also in the same school. It was very disappointing for me because I was very slow learner, and my sisters were first in education and also in other activities. They were very popular in the school. The teachers expected the same with me. But I was different than others. My teachers used to comment on my face that I am not like my sisters in education. It was very bad experience and I was very hurt. I used to ask my mom to change the school which never happened. I was very slow, quiet and sensitive girl. I never copied anyone and I just followed myself. My sisters followed to each other. That was fine with me but I could not do the same what they were doing and how they doing. It was struggle for me in my childhood. Whenever teachers commented on me, I felt shameful. But I always respected them and I keep tried to do my best in my own way. So today I am different.

  • Lucian

    “My father: ‘You should start working out more because you have been getting big lately.’ It really hurt me because it was my own father who said this. [He] does not look very fit himself, yet he criticizes me anyway.”

  • Genie Luxemburg

    When I was thirteen some so called “friends” who had stolen my diary (already bad enough right!) revealed to the school that I am bisexual. Of course that’s nothing to be ashamed of now, I am proud and confident about who I am and anyone who has a problem with it is uninvited from my life… But at the time, in a very backwards-thinking school where all the kids would relentlessly bully anyone who showed a hint of non-conformity (even ridiculous things like one girl got ostracised for wearing jeans instead of trackies on non-uniform day), and the teachers basically said it’s your own fault if you don’t fit in, there was a target on my back. For the next few days I was receiving non-stop ignorant and invasive questions from all and sundry, getting the usual “bisexuals aren’t real/are just greedy/need to pick a side” nonsense. It was a rough time. By the next week they’d got over it a bit and moved on to harassing some other poor kid for something else, but I still haven’t forgiven the “friends” in question, outing someone against their wishes is a horrible thing to do, and I wish I could have had the opportunity to come out voluntarily at my own time and in my own way. But oh well, can’t change the past, and nobody can make me feel ashamed of who I am anymore!

  • Brenda Lee Green

    I can not remember ever being shamed by anyone

  • teresa

    HAHAHA, I was getting ready to go to work and my sin is that i am taking off my pants at wants when I got home , next day I need to have the same pants on mi and i could not fund my pantyhose to put them in to my landry .
    Went to work and my co-worker ask me what is what is coming out of your pants?? HEHEHE , OH i grab them so fast , heheh — ther you are –my pantyhose. You should see my face, hahah

  • Robyn Cosca

    once i was shamed at work. i had messed up an appointment for a very important client for my boss and the woman gave me an earful of how stupid and irresponsible i was she even told my boss to fire me!!

  • April

    I was walking through the mall today, happy and minding my own business. I had to pick something up that a family member had ordered. A young girl at one of those kiosk type businesses out in the center asked if she could give me a free sample as I passed by, and I looked at her and smiled and said, “No, thank you”. She said, “Can I tell you something about your hair?” and I kept walking. She said, “You could use my help,” and suddenly I went from feeling fine, to feeling ashamed of myself and my hair, clothes, and face. From sixty to zero in about one second.

  • Ray Ayala

    At an old place of employment, there was an on-site fitness center. Once a year, they take your vitals. I had a high blood pressure reading, so the company requires a doctors permission to work out. That was no problem; in fact my doctor encouraged it and was happy to sign the paperwork.

    When I got back to work, one of the trainers that monitors the fitness center came to our department and reminded me loud and clear that since my blood pressure is out of control I need to bring in the doc’s consent form and a list of medications to release them from liability if I have health problems working out.

    I was so embarassed. I felt like that was an invasion of my medical privacy because I did not feel comfortable with my co-workers knowing and inquiring about my health issues.

  • Aidan

    I was always shammed in school so many times I would run home crying during school hours , leave the school run home and then they sent the police looking for me , many times.

  • Alicia Diem

    I was with a guy that i really liked and had a crush on… so i had this real cute wrap dress that button up from the front only. So we were up these stairs by the time i reached the top of the stairs i only had two buttons buttoned. my underwear and everything else was showing. LOL….my guy friend said hey babe I didnt know you were stripping for me, and started laughing. So I basically shamed myself.

  • Gary Dyck

    A supervisior once tried to shame me by telling me that there was a lot of complaints about me. I passed it back to him by asking if any were legitimate. He turned and walked away without saying a word. I wondered why in the world he would even mention it.

  • Marce McHone

    My grandmother shamed me over smoking.. I was 14 and we just lost my grandfather to throat cancer.

  • Cristy Cates Bunting

    My children sometimes shame me because I have always been a full time worker and miss out on some of their activities, I don’t think they mean to but it happens

  • Heather Alex Nunn

    Everyone was picked on at some point of their K thru 12th grade carrier, and then there is always that one poor soul that is tormented daily, from the beginning until their graduation. {if they are lucky, most likely it never stops}

    I am the honored soul who held this position of ridicule. The first vivid memory I have, it was 5th grade and I was accused with having sexual relations with a new female student I had never met. I didn’t even get my first boyfriend and kiss until 9th grade.

    Next vivid memory was 7th grade cafeteria while I was eating two girls rushed me from both sides of the table. The one behind me shoved my chair and myself as hard as she could into the table and held me pinned while the girl in front of me would spit multiple lougies on my face, in my hair, and my food.

    It only continues to escalate in severity over the years and increases in quantity until it basically turned into a well honored tradition.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    In high school, one of the rich girls was switching to a new purse during a pep rally. She was sitting two rows behind me and when she had emptied the old one, she called my name and threw me the purse. She said “Here, I know you’ll never be able to afford this kind of purse.” Yeah, I was poor and I was quite aware of it. I didn’t need to be shamed. I dropped the purse under the bleachers and walked back to class.

  • Brittany Bragg

    It was unintentional, but my daughter rested her head on my stomach and said “wow mommy your so squishy and big, like a pillow.”.

  • Theresa Holly

    In school there was so many cliques because I did not come from a wealthy family some kids ignore me but who cares no one is better than the next person, right ??

  • Jesse Magnan

    I’ll be honest I don’t really remember. I have things I am embarrassed about but I do bot recall any active shaming. Though this is most likely because I am male, and tend to be imposing.

  • Lisa

    Oh this is easy… VERY recently, when a dear friend of mine needed a place to stay for a while, I was more than happy to help. After a month, we discussed her helping with bills and such. that lasted a few months and her “party life” became more important. I sat down with her and discussed this in a very civil manner, that she was NOT going to live here “scott-free”.. She agreed, then the very next day, announced she was moving out… TODAY. (NO notice at all) but would pay me back what she owed me. About $900.00…. to this day, not one penny, but she still wants to be friends…. REALLY upset me and made me feel like crap !!

  • Ahmed Alameri

    My old best friend tried to shame me in front of our friends over something that wasn’t even true. Totally backfired when the truth finally came out after her failed attempt! Turns out she had played a bigger part in the scenario than she was willing to admit & our friends saw exactly what she was trying to do. The truth shall set you free! 🙂

  • Kim Ouellette

    been awhile since i was shamed…. back as a child in catholic school..those nuns were brutal at times…

  • tehseen

    when first time I ride in ttc bus.I donot have the change like loonie toonie .I do not know how to pay because I was new in this country .I gave the driver five dollars and waited because there was too rush in bus .when I came to my next stop. I asked the driver to give me back toonie.he looked at me and said get off the bus .every one was looking at me and I feel very ashamed

  • Paul Clément

    I’m not sure if it quite classifies as shame, but I recall the time about 20 years ago when as a teacher, I wrote some information on the blackboard only to have a student correctly call to attention some spelling error which I admittedly and somewhat embarrassingly erased and corrected. Looking on it today, it was an occasion which momentarily caused me to take a step back and eat a bit of humble pie, given the circumstances.

  • Art

    I had a boss once that said, as part of his rants, “How come you seem to be the only one around here that makes mistakes?” The whole staff stopped working. You could have heard a pin drop. I felt 2 inches tall. I started to slink away, then stopped. I don’t need this crap, I thought. I turned around to face him, and with all the courage I could muster I said, “If you would take the time to notice, sir, I do not make the same mistakes twice.”, and I walked away. He left me alone for a bit after that, and I realized that I got back a bit of dignity that day.
    Even now many years later, I still make mistakes, but I will not let someone shame me for them.

  • AForte

    happens often enough to me. I left work and retired for medical reasons. Traditionally good bye lunch is held. However, i guess the reasons for my retirement figured into this calculation, as nothing was planned.

  • Lynda Tock

    I continually get shamed for my inability to remember peoples birthdays. If it was not for FB reminding me I would be in a lot of peoples bad books.

  • Natania

    I had just turned 21 and this is the time my sister’s and friend’s were taking me to dance clubs and bars, what people do when they turn legal. I had just started working a lot and had the option to skip lunch and leave an hour early so that is what I did almost every day. I guess with drinking alcohol and running around a lot, I had lost weight. I wasn’t gross skinny but enough that my family was mentioning that I needed to gain weight. Obviously, I knew it too because I normally wore a 3 or a small and all my clothes were starting to hang on me and even fall down a little. One night we went to a bar, it was in the summer so I had a tank top and shorts on. We were playing pool. (I had a pool table at home and I got to be pretty good at it.) I could tell there was this guy watching me but he had a girl standing near him so I completely ignored him, but he wasn’t hiding it. A waitress even brought me a drink saying it was from a guy in the bar. I knew it was him but I continued to ignore him, (I mean he was with a girl, and I just think that is so rude.) I grab my cue, called the pocket I wanted and the ball went right in. Everyone was cheering me on, I was having a great time until I hear, ” how gross, did you see her bones sticking out of her back when she leaned over to shoot, she is nasty.(she continues to laugh) , she must have something wrong with her.” I couldn’t believe she was saying this in front of everyone. I knew she was mad at her boyfriend and taking it out on me but it still hurt my feelings, I had never had anyone say something so mean to me. I just don’t understand why people say things like that. I would never, ever, say anything to hurt someone.

  • Tina Brophey

    I think the most shame I’ve felt was going to a food bank to ask for help. They asked for all kinds of proof that I needed food, that I was poor enough. I was on disability and couldn’t believe how they asked about everything and judged me. All so I could access some peanut butter and canned goods. I’d rather be hungry.

  • Zelda Jones

    I was walking with a younger female friend, who hadn’t yet learned the art of tact. We passed by some teenage girls, who glared at us with bitchy expressions. My friend said that she knew that they were jealous of her, and not me, because, supposedly, I was a “bigger person”. This comment really upset me. I did not consider myself fat. I wore a size 14 to 16 in clothes, which was only 1 or 2 dress sizes more than my so called friend. Why should our worth or attractiveness be measured by our clothes size ?

  • Summer Prater

    I was told by my biological mother that abandoned me at 2 years old that I have never loved my children.

  • Heather Wood

    I guess I should be grateful I wasn’t in Catholic school but I will have to join the school crowd on this one. I attended a non-denominational (general Christian rules followed and taught instead of focusing on the tiny little differences of, say, Baptist vs. Methodist) Christian High School. At chapel every Tuesday we would be inundated with the Christian ethic and moral and pointedly reminded of the consequences of our sins. Those who chose to rebel found themselves expelled and faced the shame of peers and teachers that students had known most of their lives (most students started K together and stayed in the same class ’til graduation; many of the high school teachers helped, or had children, at the elementary/middle schools. Oh, and they all go to church together). How I ended up there only my parents can answer… but here’s the point: met a boyfriend outside of school, you can imagine what happened next but I was too ashamed (thank you chapel and prior examples of how the school handled other girls’ predicaments) to get the help I needed; I had this unnatural fear of needing to uphold some unrealistic expectation to everyone but myself. Didn’t face the shame and it cost me, dearly. I ended up losing baby to unknown causes. Logically, I know that there are many factors that led to such a devastating final result and school is not entirely to blame but it was a major factor in my long-term silence before, during and after the event.

  • Donald Beasley

    My second grade piano teacher, Mrs. Alekson, was always shouting at myself and the other students. The night before he classes, I dreaded it. But she wasn’t the only one. This is symptomatic of a larger problem: A public school system which sets people up to fail.

  • Lisa

    There are no winners listed for this question 🙁

  • Kat Crawford

    I was shamed by an ex boyfriend who texted someone that I’d gotten fat and lazy after we broke up. I had been diagnosed with Lupus and it’s difficult for me to walk most days, let alone keep my house up to my previous standards. I only found out what he had said because the female he sent it to forwarded it to me (out of jealousy of our past relationship).

  • Humayoon Suleman Khel

    Once i was shame is school by my friend when i was sitting on chair he move the chair and my bud oh God

  • I had a supervisor that described any improvements wanted when the store was full of people, never, really, when we were alone. It was a common complaint about this supervisor by other employees and the owners that were replacing employees that had quit often. I stuck on and won the loyalty of my supervisor somewhat, because it didn’t improve the way requests were made. One day, a customer complained loudly and very publicly about a service only the supervisor has access to do. A resolution was developed after a few weeks of various complaints that grew in types and severity among more customers that were provoked by the protests they had seen. Normal operations had been returned a few days when the supervisor confided a discomfort by the inability to negotiate privately with unhappy customers. I replied simply that they had said they were reflecting the operations they had seen, which was how they had insisted to operate, and unlike our requests. Big corporations don’t change quickly but attempts had been made to begin to change their policies to improve safety and moral. A part-time employer that respected me offered a full-time employment with possibility of advancement eventually. I accepted the offer and was there several years until the company was sold and the staff not retained by the new owners. I tried to return to the franchise location under new ownership with the previous corporation, but found that the public management had been returned. My response was as before, customers do as they see, and employees can accept public input as part of their responsibilities if a corporation prefers it that way. It’s not how I’m developing my business practices, but I’m careful to respect other business opinions too.

  • Sinquasha Evans

    i was shamed by someone i thought was a friend, she screen shooted everything from my fb and shared it with her other friends including my enemy and got me in some deep stuff.