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  • dolfanatl

    Field of Dreams. It’s a great movie. Plus, it’s ok if you cry while watching it.

  • deedee walker

    My favorite field is a Weed Field, I love the smell in the air, you can just feel the peace in a field of Weeds!

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    The field of poppies in The Wizard of Oz, just because when I was a kid, it was my favorite movie. It would be on TV once a year and I would never miss it!

  • DM

    The field of corn my Grandpa always had behind his house. So many good memories of him on his tractor harvesting all the vegetables. The good ole days are gone but the memories remain forever.

  • Ray Ayala

    My favourite field is the Elysian Field made famous by Greek mythology as the final resting place for its heroes. It is also the name given to one of the worlds most popular tourist destinations – Champs-Elysées as translated into French.

    Surrounding the Avenue of the Champs-Elysées, there is so much to see such as the Luxor Obelisk, Place de la Concorde, Tuileries Gardens – and last but not least L’Arc de Triomphe where Le Tour de France ends. Inspired by the heroes of Greek yesteryear, this field is still on my bucket list to visit. I’m saving my Euros.

  • Noel Stewart
  • Erin Estilette

    My field of vision. I am so thankful for all of the beautiful things I get to see in the world.

  • Michelle Mclaughlin

    Elysian Fields is definitely my favourite

  • rose morgan

    The golfing field behind the house I’m renovating.

  • Roy Danz

    Well, Field of Dreams, of course!

  • Adrienne White

    W. C. Fields because he’s my favorite comedian of the early days. His nose has always stood out!

  • Richard Vargas

    My favorite field, has to be
    Strawberry Fields Forever. Nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about.

  • Jessica Neiweem

    The best fields I know right now are the prairies of the Midwest, particularly near where I live (Chicago area). They are an effusion of wildflower blooms of all sorts of vibrant colors–yellow, purple, white, orange, and even some magenta here and there. We’ve had a lot of rain this summer in this part of the country, which has resulted in awful floods in some places but an explosion of plant growth in others. A simple drive or walk past one of these fields is a reminder of two things to me: one, even the most tumultuous storms can result in beauty and life, and two, wildflowers–and the whole of nature, for that matter–is a great model for how we should live our lives. Wildflowers of all colors gather and coexist in the same place, under the same sun, drinking the same water. These flowers don’t segregate themselves–they mix and create a glorious mosaic of color and shape! We can and should live like the flowers. The world is more beautiful when we coexist.

  • Rebecca lee

    My favourite field is Mrs. Fields Famous Brands. It’s a company that makes snack food, and is one of the largest retailers of freshly baked, on the premises cookies throughout America. Who doesn’t love a freshly baked cookie??

  • Mrs. Fields Famous Brands

  • Denise Novotny

    Sunflowers…they are a field of sunshine. Just like the song.

  • edeliz

    The one where my husband grew up in Maryland. They were a farming family and it was so much fun for this city girl to there and enjoy nature. Every year, on the different holidays, we would all come together for family picnics. Those occasions are one of mine (and my children) favorite memories.

  • Sue W.

    Ford Field, Home of the Detroit Lions!!!

  • Timothy Mccollum

    Children of the corn field for sure.

  • Crystal

    I live in south dakota, and we grow many different crops around our area. Many of them are beautiful, but my ultimate favorite is sunflowers! So awesome to drive past a whole field of full grown sunflowers, so bright and vivid. Plus there is just something about miles and miles of huge yellow flowers on a warm rainy day. It will warm your heart!♡♡

  • Kirk Hanshaw

    a field of clover..nice and soft..lol

  • Merm123

    I would have to say my beloved FIELD SPANIEL dog named Dextor who passed away not too long ago. He was the most loving and cuddly dog I’ve ever met. One day my husband drove me to start my new job at work and he had only been in the car once. Then about a week later he ran away from the back yard and was missing for three days. I told my co workers I was so upset that he had been gone and couldn’t find him.
    I described him to everyone in the office. Then one day at lunch one of my friends at work said, “your boyfriend is waiting to pick you up for lunch”, and I said I have a husband not a boyfriend and laughed. Meanwhile when I went outside my dog was sitting at the door waiting for me and I couldn’t believe he found where I worked. I suddenly got him in the car and he was so excited to see me. He was tired and hungry and slept for days after that. It was the most amazing thing that I have ever experienced. What a great animal he was. I miss him dearly now. 🙁

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    The fields of wildflowers behind my brother’s house is my favorite. Not only is it an example of what I call God’s artwork, it’s also a haven for beautiful butterflies and our precious bees.

  • Ken Grant

    Baseball field … traditional American sport.

  • The Fields of Gold that Sting sings about. I always find that song so moving. It speaks to me of days long past, childhood and the crossing over to adulthood. I especially love the lines:
    I never made promises lightly

    And there have been some that I’ve broken

    But I swear in the days still left

    We’ll walk in fields of gold

    We’ll walk in fields of gold


    Many years have passed since those summer days

    Among the fields of barley

    See the children run as the sun goes down

    As you lie in fields of gold

    You’ll remember me when the west wind moves

    Among the fields of barley

    You can tell the sun in his jealous sky

    When we walked in fields of gold

    When we walked in fields of gold

    When we walked in fields of gold, ooh

    Song Discussions is protected by U.S. Patent 9401941. Other patents pending.

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    on Amazon Music

    Read more: Eva Cassidy – Fields Of Gold Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  • Field of Dreams.. baseball was used in the movie but Dreams of all kinds are needed, because without dreams we have no challenges and progress. Dreams create Goals and Wants for our youth and drives their imaginations and creativity creating a better world

  • Colleen Goodbrand

    I live in a rural area and on my daily walks pass by fields of soy beans that stay in the field for a long time before they are harvested. I love watching them grow and green up. As the summer turns to fall, the colours change to shades of yellows and browns,; some times those colours glow in the setting sunlight. One farm even has a pet peacock that adds a brilliant splash of blue as he struts through the soy beans!

  • MT

    Field of Dreams! A very good movie!

  • justinkeene

    My favorite field would have to be the Field of dreams in Dyversville iowa where movie was made in my home state of Iowa

  • David Sutphin

    Corn field

  • Gail & Aiko

    The Tulip fields in Holland

  • Maxine Hunter

    Umm I don’t really have a fav lol I would say corn

  • Kimberley Thomas

    Lavender Field! Not only the beautiful color but the smell!

  • My favorite field is all the fields in South Dakota. When you drive along a country road and look out the window, you will see rows and rows that look endless of corn, wheat, and soybeans. Some fields have wildflowers like a the Pasque Fields outside of Freeman. The western side of the state you see prairie grasses galore. Or the fields that make up all the goodies found at every farmer’s market. Even from a plane you know when you are flying over South Dakota, there is a patchwork quilt of Gods beauty with the help of man.

  • Natania

    A field of pumpkins. Every year I take my daughter to this fall festival and it’s really cool. They take you on a hay ride and stop at this field full of pumpkins. Then you get off and find the pumpkin you want, when done you get back on with your pumpkin and they take you back to the festival. There they take pictures of your family with your pumpkin and give it to you. It’s a fun family event, we have done since Kayla was born and I hope we continue too, even when she’s older.

  • Stephany Sisk

    My favorite field(s) are the corn, cotton, soy, strawberry, & sugar cane here in Louisiana. They are so beautiful and remind me how wonderful mother nature, and Louisiana for that matter, truely is. I’m also more thankful to the farmers that harvest and work them to bring us such delightful, and natural food, every time I ride by them. They really are some of the more beautiful things in life I love to see.

  • Nicole D. C

    The baseball fields of course!

  • Denis

    Any where you can play baseball soccer or football

  • MyKinKStar

    The field behind my house growing up will always be my favorite. It’s where I used to let my dogs run and run and run, as I’d walk along with them. It’s where my cousins and I played in the snow as kids, riding sleighs until we were sweaty cold and had to go inside to put our wet gloves and coats on the floor vent to dry. Good Times.

  • Jeanine Jordan

    I really love them all

  • Donna Abplanalp

    the California Poppy field is so beautiful when it blooms in April. Flowers always brighten my day, especially when I am not able to get about. I focus on flowers that I have been given. It makes me feel so calm and relaxed.fireworks with their many colors put me in the same frame of mind as well as seeing a rainbow and Christmas lights I sit in my house in a certain spot and I can look out the out my front window see the ones across the street see are yard with alot of free stand figures of lights and then the reflection ina section of the window see the lights on christmas tree and fireplace mantel, then alternate turn look through doorway out window see more yard ornaments on lawn and edge of roof and window santa .after about 3 hours alternating at those lights I head to bed very happy and relaxed.
    there is also another place in California that I have been with each seaction is a different color and even a section that when each group makes a perfect array of different flowers and colors and I was told that those are the ones you see sold in the super market. the flowers are cut and wrapped ready to be taken to the super market.

  • Andrea Bigham

    All cotton fields are my favorite. When I was 18 and finally able to move out of my parents house; I rented a place in a nice duplex that had cotton fields all around it. Now every time I see a cotton field it reminds me of that neighbor and the feeling of finally being free to be me without any worry.

  • Kathy Martin

    A beautiful prairie

  • ramadevi

    It is difficult to chose. First any field with flowers like, Sunflower, Lavender, Tulips, summer bulbs, marigold and dahlia etc. Second I like paddy fields, wheat and corn. I like the fields with flowers, it look like colorful carpet on the ground. They are beautiful. I like to visit lavender field very soon. I love flowers. I have seen rose flower garden, pumpkin garden, paddy fields and marigold fields. They are beautiful.

  • Joni Barton

    Strawberry Fields…forever.

  • Joseph Alexander

    I would have to go with corn fields. They make great mazes, produce food, and are kinda creepy if you get lost in it!

  • Ticah Dishawn

    Strawberry fields!!! I love picking juicy red strawberries! The seem to be fresher and sweeter that way!!

  • bhoori

    Field of cotton.

  • Nathaniel Lee

    My favorite field is a open field so I can spend time with my kids flying kites on a windy day or have a picnic with the wife or playing catch with my friends or family

  • Jessica Finch

    My favorite field is a corn field. I find my best arrowheads in corn fields for some reason.

  • Haden Hudson

    Cotton. I love driving by them. There’s always cotton flying and collects at the sides of the road. I know it’s true, but it’s so hard to believe cotton balls grow on plants.!! So weird

  • Sherry Bridges Timberman

    blueberry fields. The smell is awesome.

  • Beata Nalesnik

    My favorite field is a strawberry field. Growing up in Poland we grew strawberries for sale. I looked forward to picking strawberries every year. One of my favorite childhood memories

  • pamela harvey

    My favourite is the flax seed plant. I know it goes into many things but my favourite thing about Flax is the beautiful blue-purple colour it becomes in the fields and when you can go to the tallest point in our area you can see us surrounded by the Flax.

  • Kathy Davis

    wildflower fields they are so pretty and provide food for birds and bees, which is inportant since we are losing our bees

  • Brian Vaughn

    Football field because anything can happen on it. Practice, Football, even concerts haha

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    My son’s baseball field!

  • Rukiana Ana Aurela

    My favorite field(s) are the corn and watermelon

  • Steve Albright

    of Dreams

  • Carol Miller

    When I was growing up we lived next to a farm called Dunwoody Farms. It is no longer there but a senior retirement center is in its place but it is still called Dunwoody. When I started school there was no bus service for Catholic school students. So the children in our neighborhood all walked and, back then, most families didn’t have second cars. I would wait for my best friend, Rosemary, and her brothers and sisters, to walk to school. It was a long walk. So one day we decided to make a short cut. We knew if we went through the beautiful corn field we would cut 15 minutes from our walk. So, one day her brothers led the way and we made a diagonal path through the high stalks of corn to come out on a side street near our school. After a while the other kids caught on and the diagonal path was always present. It was a fun time walking with walls of corn on either side of us. I use to think it was like Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea with walls of water on each side but we had walls of corn. It was the most neat experience because no one could see us because the stalks were so high. They could only hear the crunch of our shoes. That field has always remained my favorite field. I still live in the same community and when I drive by the retirement home I still think of that beautiful field of corn, it’s stalks blowing in the wind and our treks to school through that field.

  • M spencer

    My best field is a strawberry field would go picking every summer with the family and I would eat more then I saved then the real fun was the strawberry fights with each other would it not be nice to be young again

  • Kel Gaspar Valentim

    Uma plantação essencial no Brasil faz gira a economia

  • OceanGirl

    My favorite field is actress Sally Field. One of the most talented actresses of all time! And she looks GREAT at 70! Go girl! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl_NpdAy3WY

  • Christopher Burry

    Sweet Ontario corn – no doubt about it!

  • Paul Clément

    That’s a no-brainer for me as my favourite field is that of the movie ”Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c1e0216345b99282c0d0c8fb2be8c36691be9e3b22fee1a2e47c4659017e4697.jpg

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    A field of wild yellow jasmine or lavender

  • bhjustice

    My favorite field is the field I take my grandchildren to when there is snow on the ground so they can sled down the hill in the snow. It’s in the middle of hundred of acres and quite safe. We have a great time!


    The Beatles:

    Strawberry Fields Forever
    Let me take you down
    ‘Cause I going to Strawberry Fields
    Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about
    Strawberry Fields forever

    Living is easy with eyes closed
    Misunderstanding all you see
    It’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out
    It doesn’t matter much to me

    No one I think is in my tree
    I mean it must be high or low
    That is the catch you know
    Tune in but it’s all right

    That is…

  • Jason Provo

    We nurses really like a Sterile Field. The wound care and other nursing we provide is only as good as the sterility we start with, and maintain throughout the nursing care we are providing. This means both the surfaces we are working off of as well as the instruments we are using. And of course, wear gloves.
    Yay for nurses and sterile fields!!

  • Sylvia

    It’s the soccer field that’s aligned to my primary school. Nothing is more delightful and stress reducing than watching a group of 5 year olds move en mass up and down the field after a soccer ball. They stop to wave, hi mom, and loudly announce all bathroom needs. They don’t argue or fight with each other but just enjoy being with their buddies. I wish I could bottle the essence of that field and uncork it while I’m watching the news or stuck on the road with angry drivers.

  • Joanne Ahlert

    Football soccer or baseball

  • Cherie Wellman


  • Deb

    The west Texas fields of sunflowers. Huge sunflowers, as big as dinner plates, grow as far as you can see. It’s a beautiful sight.

  • Diane Lane

    A field of dreams is my favorite.

  • Heidi DoesHair

    Field of Dreams

  • Jason Pike

    The fields of dreams baseball field

  • Leah Capets Krupar

    Riding along the highways and seeing the fields with the grazing horses and cows!

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    A field of tulips! Absolutely breathtaking!

  • Marce McHone

    I love a field of wildflowers, beautiful.

  • kandeels

    My mother-in-law had visited her sister in Washington State and came with pictures of the tulip fields. Simply beautiful and unique, it put Washington on my someday travel itinerary!!

  • Jen TigerLily Yates

    I’m going to go with a twist on this answer. My favorite field is in the movies “Field of dreams”. I would watch that movie quite often with my family for family movie nights since I was 7 years old. Classic!

  • Denise N.

    My favorite field are corn fields. They stand so tall and every time they’re blown they move so elegantly. It’s easy to get lost in thougjt starring at corn fields.

  • Denise N.

    My favorite field is corn fields. There is something so meserizing about corn fields and it is so easy to lose yourself in thought watching corn fields.

  • Tiffany Carter

    my favorite field is the Florida orange field

  • Jan Karl Arcayos

    My favorite field is of course, the Programming field <3.

  • Jessica Silva

    eu quando estuva até q tinha onibus, mais os professores a maioria eram arrogante ou nem davam aula apenas se sentavam e nem ai, outros me colocavam pra mim escrever as aulas no quadro negro enquanto eles ficavam sentados

  • John Morgan

    Flanders Field because I can still remember reciting that poem every year in school on Rememberance Day. A fine poem honoring the sacrifice others made for our freedom.

  • Scott Cook

    Ebbets Field. My Father lived in Flatbush and told me such heroic stories about the Brooklyn Dodgers. The little things that you miss!

  • Killin


  • Yvonne Cammarata

    Camomille field as the view of so.such delicate flower relax me and the smell of them just let me fly away from anything can stress me out!!!!!

  • Kari McDowell

    My favorite field is the one I look over from my own back porch. Yes, I live in a rural area and from my porch I look out over a pasture and at the end of the pasture we own a large pecan orchard. What I like most though is at the end of the pecan orchard is a very large oak tree that I have no idea how tall it is but massive. We regularly have hawks that nest in the large oak so you can see them way up high. We also have deer that come into the pecan orchard every morning and every evening to graze. It is my favorite field of view.

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    A field of cornstalks.

  • Ashley Conover-Flint

    The strawberry fields since where I l8ve that’s mostly what is around and they are just so delicious

  • Penny Richardson

    For myself, a field of sunflowers, from an ever so slightly aerial perspective…Juicey!!!
    As well, using a manual lens, at mid range depth of field…the memory…overwhelms my senses!!!

  • Kym Sgrignoli

    Strawberry fields!! I can’t help but love eating fresh picked berries!

  • julie lawson

    poppy fields!