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  • deedee walker

    Did you vote for Trump

  • DM

    Never think your child or loved one is immune to suicide. Always be aware and do what you can. All suicides are NOT preventable but keep your ears and eyes open as you never know. And tell your loved ones you love them as often as possible.

  • #FTR

  • Jan Clark

    Always make sure you speak to your children when they get home from school and interact with them. This way depending on the answers you will know that they are ok? Or if they are being bullied which you will be able to do something about this before your child ends up doing something tragic..

  • ramadevi

    Are you happy with present situation? How is it going?

  • Anne Frank wrote in her diary during The Holocaust that she still believed all people were inherently good. If she can say that, in her situation, hiding out from the Nazis in an attic with her family, then that is an important reminder to share with the world. Relevant today as it was then. I would like people to think about that.

  • Jennifer B.

    Remember to always treat others how you want to be treated.

  • Tawny

    Hi how are you? Thats good.
    Hear this allll the time. Very generic conversation without starting a conversation

  • Carol Miller

    “To survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we need to be one nation, one people and one flag”

  • Tina Raynor

    Pay off your debt and live DEBT-FREE!

  • Marce McHone

    Put down your phone, look around you, live life, enjoy your family.. dont tweet about it, go out and actually live it!

  • 77giggles

    God help us all!!

  • Sylvia

    Love thy neighbor as thyself.

  • Merm123

    Lets stop the terrorism

  • Noel Stewart

    Drive carefully! Try not to multitask as you drive. Texting or talking
    on your phone while driving is dangerous! Obey the traffic laws. Try
    not to pass another car if you don’t have enough room to clear safely.
    Don’t be in such a hurry to get ahead of another car, truck, or van. Do
    not deprive your children of a parent; think of your children and


  • Take back your country from the ignorant, fearful, and intolerant and take a serious look at where your values lie. You can have your freedoms with limitations: You can have capitalism but don’t allow it to control your government; you can have the right to have guns, while still having laws to protect your people; you can have the right of freedom of speech, but still have limits on hate speech. AND finally, the natives in your country are people too.

  • Deb

    A house divided cannot stand. Let’s be kind to one another and remember that to save America we must be The UNITED States of America. This nonsense must stop before it is too late.

    • Carol Miller

      Excellent answer, Deb.

    • Carol Miller

      Deb, did I misread this question? I just read the winners answers and, I thought, they wanted answers that would unify our country, especially after what just happened in Charlottesville. If you get a chance to read the answers a few would do anything but unite our country. I just wanted to check with someone I have a great deal of respect for. Just your thoughts. Thanks, Deb.

      • Deb

        No, Unfortunately you didn’t misread the question. I also noticed the winning answers, but wasn’t too surprised as the Vindale polls on Twitter are getting pretty negative and flaming the fires of the political atmosphere in our country. It’s a shame that our great nation is in such turmoil. I’m sure that our enemies are loving it. I also have a great deal of respect and admiration for you, Carol. Thanks!

        • Carol Miller

          Thanks for your response, Deb. I totally agree with you that our enemies are loving this, I think about that every day. That is why I loved your quote from Abraham Lincoln about a house divided can’t stand. During the civil war, England was thrilled that we were fighting against each other and did everything to help the South. We are opening ourselves to evil by all of this infighting. We have a Saint in the Catholic Church whose feast day was yesterday. His name is Maximilian Kolbe. He was a Polish Franciscan priest who gave his life to save a Jewish prisoner. He has a fascinating biography and they have a perpetual candle in his cell at Auschiwitz. I have been praying for his intervention for our country. I am also worried about the safety of not only President Trump but his entire family. Thank you again, Deb, for your response.

  • Maxine Hunter

    Love eatchother stop hating eatchother we are all human there’s no need to fight

  • Erin Estilette

    Stop the fighting. Just stop.

  • Nicole D. C

    Don’t be dumb.

  • Zhulin Gao

    “Ask everyone to do something philanthropic,” comes from Victoria Beckham.

  • Rick Gottinger

    Was Obama really that bad given Donald Trump’s 1st year?

  • Eh Kay

    Take a chill pill

  • Pang5891

    Be a good role model for your children and set an example for them as to what kind of person you want them to become.

  • Joseph Alexander

    I would tell everyone to look up from their devices and interact! All day I see people nearly walking into each other, walls, etc. due to staring at their phones or tablets on the go. Its meant to help you, not absorb your focus! Wake up America!

  • justinkeene

    Treat everyone in the world with respect

  • Sue W.

    I would say “LOVE THEY NEIGHBOR”!!!

  • kandeels

    Stop and smell the roses, literally and figuratively, if we all slow down and find the beauty of life, contentment could ensue.

  • Brian Vaughn

    Stop the chaos.

  • Sowmya

    GOD Bless America!

  • Amy Mel

    Respect Each Other

  • Dianne Mann-Lewis Haywood

    Respect your self,respect others. No hate , more love. Be kind!!

  • Kari McDowell

    Stop the hate!!! That goes for both sides of this political nightmare that has been going on. Take care of your family and your children. Be kind and helpful to your neighbors. Work hard at everything you do in life and strive to be the best person you can be.

  • dottie p

    talk to your children, don’t yell, treat them with respect, and love them. it makes a world of difference, and don’t say you are a bad child, what they did was bad not who they are is bad

  • Raging Bee


  • Timothy Mccollum

    Why can’t we all just get along it’s not hard.

  • Brenda Mukai

    The fact Head and Shoulders shampoo doesn’t have a body wash called Knees and Toes disappoints me.

    • Karen T

      Lol! I was pretty funny! I can’t believe I’ve never heard that before, much less thought of it.

  • Arlene Dembral-Moranville


  • Jan Karl Arcayos

    Cheer up! Don’t forget that God is always there to help us.

  • Sarah Turner

    When i was a kid i didn’t watch the news or anything like that as i got older i had to for school. So mine is two parts, the first one is to all the parents out there, let them be little by Lonestar because they are only that way for a while. The other one would be to all the haters and people that are races, That would be get over it, we where all made the same way just with different back grounds.

  • M spencer

    Let’s all get along and live as one no more fighting over stupidity

  • Ray Ayala

    Take a vacation to a state you’ve never been to before. There are so many fantastic people to meet nationwide. And they will want to know about your neck of the woods, as well.

    Avoid the touristy destinations; those always turn out to be stressful for me; vacations are supposed to be restorative and good for your health.

    One time, I went to Rhode Island, because I got a great deal on a travel package that the travel agent couldn’t fill. I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be a great vacation. I met interesting people, learned some history, toured mansions in Newport from the Gilded Era, and tried food I never would have experienced otherwise. I came back refreshed with great memories.

  • bhjustice

    5:12 If thou hast understanding, answer thy neighbour; if not, lay thy hand upon thy mouth.
    5:13 Honour and shame is in talk: and the tongue of man is his fall.

    Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) An Apocryphal Book

  • Tina R.

    Live in the present. Life is too short…so love deeply, be grateful, be kind, have compassion, serve others, have faith, be mindful, and be honest with yourself and others. If our country focused on the good in their lives, no matter the hardships or circumstances…I think that it will make a massive difference in other people’s lives. We were born to give and receive love…love in all forms can heal wounds left by those who don’t know how to love, but wounds heal and a scar is left behind…don’t look at that scar as a bad reminder…instead, think of it as a “life mark” of what you have gone through, because everything in life happens for a reason. Without failures, mistakes, heartaches, losses, and hardships…we wouldn’t have lessons to learn from and learning from those lessons makes us stronger and shapes us into a better person, but you have to not think like a victim…instead, act like a hero…a hero in your own story. Once you learn how to be a hero, you can help others & helping others gives your life a purpose and meaning.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    If you are unhappy with the way this country is currently being run, you have a voice. Call, write and email your Congressional representative and express your dissatisfaction in no uncertain terms. Members of Congress hate being bombarded with calls and letters from unhappy constituents, especially if they are up for re-election next year. The only thing more important to them than party politics is their own backside. Make your voice heard!

  • Casimina Doner

    Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Especially if they treat you badly. It isn’t worth your time to be petty and childish just because someone else is.

  • Jason Provo

    Unite as a people! Despite how you may feel about the present day in USA, remember to never give over to FEAR. Look at the world every day with LOVE. It is more powerful than anything. ( ” you may say I’m a dreamer” – John Lennon )

  • Diane Lane

    Keep an open mind and not be judgemental. This would go far in making this country more united.

  • Lynn

    Come on!! We are all human beings with the same feelings; sadness, happiness, anger and frustration. Can we just treat everyone as an equal and stop all the hate and anger amongst each other??

  • Ronald R Barnes

    Learn to laugh a little

  • rose morgan

    Love one another.

  • Veronica

    Good better best never let it rest till you good is better and your better is best!

  • Degiteck


  • Christina G’Angeli

    you matter.

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    Love one another..as I have you(God) so you must love one another.

  • Marjorie DuBoise

    Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you!

  • Natania

    If you want something you have never had, then you got to do something you have never done.

  • Corian Blasdell

    God loves you, you are important to Him and when this world does you wrong He wont and will never leave you. He created this world and everything in it and he’s bigger and stronger than any pain or problem. He’s not intimidated by your struggles or problemand can change it all for you. And he wants too, He’s just waiting for you too ask and trust Him. God loves you infinitely more than we are even able to love. Imagine how much you love the person or people you love the most in life and what you would or wouldn’t do for them. You are so important to and loved by God 1000 times more than you love those you love. Our human minds can’t comprehend the level of adoration he has for us. Would you condemn, turn your back on, die for, stand up for, deny or abandon your children? Your husband/wife? Your best friend? Etc. Imagine what God will do for you if you ask and have faith that he will answer. We mean more to Him than the flowers in the field or the birds in the sky yet he takes care of them and sees that their needs are met every day. What do you think he would and wants to do for you. If you seek Him, ask and have faith in Him, your needs will be met everyday and you won’t have to worry ever again. He can lift your depression, heal your pain and past hurts and give you peace and joy. And he wants to. He did for me in a jail cell hours from home with nothing and no friends and 2 years to serve and it was the best experience of my life. And I’ve led a very hard and messed up life. Now I’m free and it feels amazing. Just cone as you are, whatever that is, it doesn’t matter. Its not up to us to make the change, look where we’ve gotten ourselves so far and we don’t know His will for us. Ask Him into your heart to change you as He sees fit. And He Will. Its that easy and he knows the future and what you need to make it. His will is perfect and all this will blow your mind. Caution: your face might hurt from smiling so much and you Will enjoy life again/more. Be ready to fall to your knees and thank Him!

    • becompassionate

      I was going to say that: “God loves you and knows your name!”

  • MyKinKStar

    We are the United States of America, an idea meant to bring together different peoples to make a better nation. Please begin to change your ways and make eye contact with others (especially with children who speak and need it). WE can’t do it together if we aren’t paying attention to each other and it’s time to stop ignoring that fact. Say hello to strangers regularly, cause – Why Not? E pluribus unum, a 13 letter motto (on our money) that means “Out of many, one” and it has never been more important that each of us put in the work to make it true – finally and at last.

  • Scott Cook

    The time is now to unite and the dream of our country become reality.

  • Jason Pike


  • Donna Abplanalp

    sit down and stand up when I am talking to you, sit down and stand up and be counted

  • Jessica Finch

    Can’t we all just get along !!!

  • MyRelDiary.com

    As my birth country is small country in east Europe I would say how beautiful my country is as traveling destination. Especially as autumn in comming. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/19e7776ee7cc6ddeaf0743d987ed868a5a5c8547941c8c3d5b3481c6bb3e59df.jpg

  • Surveys Profit

    Vote for Trump….

  • Rhonda Cox


  • Richard Vargas

    Trump’s hate filled rhetoric panders to nazis, kkk, and other degenerates. We, as Americans, deserve better.

  • MT

    This country was founded on religious principles and now we are trampling on these very principles, literally making it socially unacceptable to believe the same way as our founding fathers and in doing so, we are damaging our once great nation beyond repair.

  • Katie ann Ford

    never let a day go bye without telling your friends and loved ones how much you love them and how much they mean to you. you are not guranteed tomorrow. the reason is someone very close to me his life was taken by suicide. I was glad I got to reunite with him before he died he shared how much I meant to him and how much he loved me. I was his sunday school teacher and babysitter.

  • Andrea Bigham

    It’s important for us all to treat each other the way we want to be treated, As equals. Everyone would be a lot happier if they weren’t treated differently because of race, religion, sexuality, or for any other reason. No one is perfect or better than anyone else. We are all just trying to do the same thing, survive in this world so lets not make it any harder for someone else.

  • dolfanatl

    All we are saying, is give peace a chance.

  • Misty Miles

    Don’t be a mindless sheep. Form your own opinions.

  • Lisa Leesy

    For every negative there’s a positive……when u start thinking or being negative…challenge urself to find the positive… U will always end positively….. No matter what the situation, ur here, ur alive, n ur loved.. Even if life kicks u down get up n find the positive…Stand Tall n you will never fall, u may trip but God put that in ur path as a lesson, if u don’t learn from it you will always trip…its when u learn from it n step around it you can move on…

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    It’s not to late for God to be in your life

  • Jessica Neiweem

    The best thing we can do for our country is find what unites us instead of divides us. We are not strong when broken into many pieces. It is possible for us to acknowledge and celebrate what makes us unique individuals without forgetting our experiences and traits in common with others. We cannot give in to the rhetoric that is designed to keep us apart and fighting each other. We have to let love and acceptance in. It isn’t some hippie pipe dream; it is possible if we want it to be. So what is stopping us?

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    Don’t take life so seriously! Nobody gets out alive.

  • jennyjet

    What the World Needs Now “Is Love Sweet Love”

  • Patrick Alain

    try to be more like candaians please

  • cyberbabe11

    “Do you want fries with that?”

  • Our x-rays are the same. No matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, prestige, status, education, or even location we all are the same on an x-ray. We need to treat each other they way we want to be treated because deep down we are the same. The outsides are different to make life not so boring but the insides are the exact same. So hate is only on the outside and love is only on the inside. I believe that if everyone would think about it deep down there is no differences and that would solve all the pain and suffering in this great country of ours.


    I would say that we live in the greatest country! We have been blessed with the freedoms others were not.
    Today I say let us cherish and protect that which is easily our greatest freedom. That freedom is the freedom of free speech – free speech for you and free speech for me. End of story.

  • Mimi Bou

    Every single human being is equal to another. Let’s just all accept each other entirely and work synergically instead of against one another. The world will get to its tragic end if we keep this adversity and division among different ethnicities and social backgrounds.

  • Adrienne White

    “Always surround yourself with people who inspire you, not people who despise you!”

  • Love one another

  • Winter is Coming!

  • RubyP311

    Just because we are taking down confederate statues, it doesn’t mean we are erasing or changing history. It is still there, and it still happened the way it did. We should all love each other no matter skin tone and get away from nationalism, which is divisive in a melting pot like America. America has always been great!!

  • Joni Barton

    People, please stop being so sensative and offended by everything and everyone. It’s childish, counterproductive, and usually done for grandstanding attention.

  • Susan Davis

    Please respect others.

  • Bryan Williams

    “These hoes for everybody.” http://tryvindale.com/VzmcMlpj

  • Killin

    Guns kill people and people with guns kill people, even children with guns kill people…Gun Control is an even more urgent concern for you than drugs.

  • Pepperoni92

    Knock knock. Who’s there ? Nacho. Nacho who ? I’m nacho bitch.

  • Norma Geoff Harrison