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  • Vero

    When I was young, Samantha Fox and Lita Ford `;o) Love them !

  • dottie p

    samantha stevens and Jeanie, when i was a kid i never missed a show, and i would twitch my nose and blink like jeanie, i did that for about a year when the shows first came out. as i got older i admired my sister Jane. so i tried to emulate her.

  • Veronica

    Nadia Comăneci the gymnast that was best when I was learning back in elementary school.

  • DM

    My Grandmother and her cooking! Period. Other than that I am myself! And I consider that being a part of myself. Great memories of cooking with that special lady, rest her soul.

  • ramadevi

    Every time it was different person I copied when I was a child. At that time my national heroins and dancers etc were different from Hollywood. At that time we were not aware of Hollywood. My sisters used to ask me to imitate their dance, dialogues and gestures like those whom I copied. We used to follow the fashion mostly, the turtle neck dresses, flying sleeves etc. Also hair styles. After I grew up I was by myself. I check what suits me and follow my heart.

  • Jennifer B.

    When I was younger, when Janet Jackson was really popular, I used to pretend I was part of the “rhythm nation” and would watch her video endlessly to try to learn all the dance moves. I never did learn it, but I am totally open to giving it a try should a flash mob ever occur in my area.

  • Lisa Buczek

    It is probably a mixture of relatives. I like a lot. They all had different professions.

  • Maxine Hunter

    My son looks just like. Me lol

  • dolfanatl

    I copy other people’s impersonations. So, I do an impersonation of someone doing an impersonation. 🙂

  • Paul Kruger

    What drugs where yoy2 dmoking when you elected Trump.. and for the sake of your dignity on the worlds eye hurry up an sake him

  • Ray Ayala

    I have copied ideas from many life coaches and motivational speakers. One that has helped me organize my time and priorities a lot is Christmas Abbot.

    Not only is she a best-selling author and Crossfit superstar, but she is also a female NASCAR pit crew member. I always read her books slowly, because it takes practice to incorporate her game changing ideas.

    When she goes to the gym, to psyche herself up, instead of saying, “Oh no, I am dreading working out,” she says, “I get to play with EXPENSIVE toys, like treadmills and weight machines.” That is just one technique I have copied from her.

  • Tawny

    I am very family oriented, and am kinda the “glue” that brings the family together, usually at my house. The way I make people happy is through food. I love being in the kitchen; nothing satisfies me more than seeing someone enjoy my cooking… I watch food network all the time, and sometimes copy their cooking styles, techniques and recipes and put my own twist on them…(and sometimes I say they are my own) haha

  • Noel Stewart

    Having a hardware store background, I like to keep my home spiffy and up to date. Therefore, if I am not home, you can find me at my other home which is “Home Depot” or “Lowe’s.” I love to go to their free workshops and seminars. I copy their expert employees ideas then ad my own spin to make my home have that “WOW” factor!

  • Sue W.

    I am not much on copying…but I did copy from my neighbor on a test in grade school….bad me!!

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    I am tempted to say no one but alas the truth is I copied a former coworker. She is a ring wearer, finger and earring. I copied her in wearing finger rings. About a month ago one of my sister’s came to visit me and noticed how many rings, she quipped that I appear to be a bit obsessive.

  • Jason Provo

    I try to copy Jesus every day! Of course, I’m not referring to the walking on water or healing powers stuff…(would come in handy I’m sure) but I refer to the philosophy and teachings of Jesus. The mantra I find myself repeating daily, over and over is “what would Jesus do” as I am confronted by daily situations. When I meet adversity at work or in the general public; when I am met with a conundrum or even a specific task. I always gain both comfort and insight when I pause for a second and then try to do what this great man would have done in his lifetime. Whether we subscribe to the Christian faith or not there is no denying that Jesus’ teachings from the Bible are something we can ill afford to ignore as much as in this day and age as in any in the past! Peace, everyone. Love thy neighbor. 🙂

    • Deb

      Jason. I love your answer.

      • Jason Provo

        Thanks Deb!

  • Dongyu Xu

    I copied from Girls Generation. Love how they sing and dance.

  • Denise N.

    Is it strange that, being a female, all my idols are men? Oh, I don’t care it’s true! David Tennant’s sly little smirk as the Tenth Doctor, Jack Nicholson’s blistering humour as Joker, and Nicholas Cages dead-pan calmness in the midst of chaos-I’ve imitated all of it! No shame here, lol, because imitating is the sincerest form of flattery!

  • Rebecca lee

    I copy my mum. As a teenager I would have been horrified at the suggestion of ending up like my mother but now in my 30’s I’ve realised how much I look up to her. Whenever I have a drama or dilemma in my life I’m straight on the phone to her and I usually end up copying what she says. Somehow she always seems to say things better than I would have!!

  • Andrea Bigham

    I do my best not to copy anyone because I want to be as unique as possible. The more we copy each other the more boring we get.

  • Jessica Neiweem

    I have copied so many ideas from Pinterest! I love that website so much for all of its crafting, recipe, fashion, and decorating ideas. Although I suppose “copy” has a somewhat negative connotation to it. I like to think of anything I’ve “copied” from Pinterest as something I’ve been “Pinspired” by…and imitated in order to show my appreciation for the idea! So in this case, hopefully copying these ideas wasn’t a bad thing!

  • MT

    Copied my father in law. He’s a good example for me of how to be a good man.

  • Stacie Snow

    I once copied my best friends test answers in school because I didn’t study come to find out she didn’t either and we both failed

  • When I was in middle school, it was a popular trend to lip sync, line dance and make up dance moves like boy bands. So I would say as teens we would copy music singers and dancers. We had contests and dance offs. I t really was a big deal to be able to have rhythm and not to have left feet.

  • Zhulin Gao

    Tried to copy a character in movie Salt, this character is named Salt played by Angelina Jolie. Liked her courage, smart, decisive actions when I was a kid. But now I try to copy Angelina Jolie herself, since she is brave to feat breast cancer and doing a lot of charity things even if her personal life is always on the news.

  • edeliz

    Mostly my mom. I try to be the same mom to my kids as she was to me.

  • Donna Abplanalp

    growing up in 1961as a disabled child whose parents took me every where along with my sister I didn’t anyone to copie as the disabled at that time were hidden at home or institution as people didn’t look at as normal and thought anyone who was visible disabled were stupid and not very inviting in to their space, however if children were left to decide for themselves they would talk to me and play with me. As I write this post I guess When I was a child I copied being a normal child trying to do as much as I could as what society deemed a normal child would do even though I wore heavy metal braces on my legs and crutches after the age of 6 were added to the mix of me. I still remember climbing up a mountain with my dad and sister waving down at my mom , who mention after we got back to camp different people saw us and waved back at us as my mom did that summer day problem around the age of 5 I am now 55yrs

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I have copied my father in some ways, but most of all my mother in her way of being good to others.

  • Wesley Ohlund

    ?????Whom have you copied?????
    Everyone, Everyday, for every living soul that has been blessed to wake up and breathe that same breath. Then we all can accept our lives in this world we ALL have copied! The copies of sin we all share gives us the same amount of forgiveness needed to have FAITH so that we all can be blessed for another breath.

  • Nicole D. C

    I’ve copied my sister in trying to dress like her. But she’s so cute in anything she wears and I always feel frumpy.

  • Merm123

    I would have to say the one I have copied is my mother. My mother was an older Italian woman who always used to call us and asked if “YOU EAT?” in her Italian accent. My mom since passed away and I miss her dearly but now I noticed that I do the same to my kids and call them asking if “YOU EAT”. I would say I copied my mom at 100%, That’s the joys of being a mother. 🙂 I always tell my kids they will do the same with their kids and they just laugh at me.

  • rose morgan

    I copied my dad and went into the real estate business.

  • deedee walker

    I did a fashion show, when I was younger and modelling, I copied a Billy Idol Video, White Wedding, 2 other girls, and I done all the choreography for the Dancing, It was so fun and a great experience!

  • Brian Vaughn

    Copied the work of successful people. If I have an idea someone else has used, I will use it if it gave them a positive outcome. If not, I’ll rarely be original

  • Marce McHone

    I am my own person, no one else like me, i copy no one.

  • Jan Karl Arcayos

    I copied myself from the mirror, i’m genius right?

  • 77giggles

    I try to not copy anyone… I am my own person, free thinking, and totally against the grain of life… I am totally peaceful in my world, and don’t let outside noise influence how I conduct myself.

  • Lynn

    I have to say I copy my mother the most or at least try to. She is absolutely fabulous, a true one of a kind, who has set the bar for mothering very high, but I try my best to follow her example!!!

  • Haden Hudson

    I copy everyone, not on purpose, but i seem to pick up manerisms, speech speed, accents, easy, and have to consciously stop myself so that i don’t come off like a weirdo when i do it.

  • Copy all who I admire.

  • Degiteck

    my father

  • Tennessee Anderson

    While there are people out in our society everyone has their own way of doing things. Some people will copy others just to get attention or that someone has inspired them and they try to mimic that person who they chose.
    But, for me I chose to be myself and learn from my mistakes, take control of my own actions, and discover new things all the time. I do look up to some people who are in my life but, I do not copy them I just look up to them on what they might tell me and the advice they give me. I then use their advice and try to use it in my own ways to keep me out of trouble, or help me reach my goals; even if it take me longer to do so or if I can succed on it sooner.

  • MyKinKStar

    I didn’t copy just one person, but I took a little bit from everyone to make me!

  • marie

    I like to be unique,so I don’t copy anyone because I want to be me at the end

  • Mimi Bou

    I don’t really “copy” anyone, rather I get INSPIRED and MOTIVATED mainly by my parents and just people in general, whether it’d be people I interact with or just by observing complete strangers’ actions. That helps me focus on my character and aspire to do great things in life! And hopefully I inspire other people too along the way 🙂

  • Natania

    In my senior year of high school, I was taking Precalculus. I always studied and handed my homework in on time and was a really good student. All my teachers liked me and I enjoyed school. One week I stayed at my friends house a lot and we stayed up late watching movies so I slept a lot during class. I missed most of the assignments and lectures but the most important thing I missed was the announcement that a test was on Friday. I didn’t even realize there was a test until that Friday, a friend had the same class but she had it 1st period and I had it 2nd. She came out of the class and was complaining about how hard the test was. I remember freaking out because I hadn’t paid attention all week. So I asked another friend if I could copy off her and she said yes. She sat to the right of me and as the teacher walked by she would hold her paper and I would hurry and right the answers down. Well when I got my test back every answer was marked wrong and at the bottom of the test all it said was, “so disappointed in you.” I felt so embarrassed and I was so disgusted with myself. The first thing he said in the class that day was when he gives out tests, he gives one row the same test and the next row a different test. They are all the same questions just mixed up a bit. I felt so stupid but I had an awesome teacher and he actually let me retake the test because he said he knew I had never done that before and I had always been a great student. I luckily got a B- but I still felt so ashamed for copying that day. I also regretted putting my friend in that situation and apologized to my teacher and my friend several times, and at the end of the year I wrote them both a letter one more time and promised I would never do it again.

  • MyRelDiary.com

    I am not someones copy, but from celebrities I am copying some things from twin Olsens. Also as one girl wrote on comments, with me is the same I like to use Pinterest and took some things for myself. Now actuall is wedding theme!

  • Kathleen Spradling

    I copied my cousin in pursuing a career in music education and majoring on saxophone. I have also copied my mother by beginning my music journey on flute.

  • Carol Miller

    The person who has had the most influence on my life is definitely my mother. She was an incredible woman in so many ways. She worked hard, was kind to everyone, never spoke ill of anyone, was generous of her time, money and talents, never complained even when she was in terrible pain from her cancer. She raised 5 children and always put us first. She trusted in God no matter what the circumstances. She wasn’t a church goer but she led the true Christian life by example. I don’t know if I will ever reach her high standards but she is definitely the person I would want to copy.

  • Sherry Bridges Timberman

    I try not to copy anyone or anything. I like being unique. But I may take part of something and then build on it to make it my own.

  • Kari McDowell

    My daughter, since she lives about 800 miles from me there is no way most people know that we copy each other. But…I copy her more because she has such a good imagination when it comes to decorating and her house always looks so good for little $$ spent.

  • Surveys Profit

    I am really good at copying answers from the one beside me during exams…. I’m wondering if this is a skill…

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    I try to be a leader and I try to raise my kids the same….always be a leader not a follower! However, I did just recently copy my best friends resume LOL

  • Joseph Alexander

    I do my best to be unique all the time but as I get older I find myself being a mirror image of my father, especially regarding opinions and my sarcasm. Never thought I would be just like him, yet kinda glad I am!

  • Maybe when I was a kid, i looked up to the older girls in my neighborhood. I wanted to have more freedom like them, dress like them, and talk like them. In later years, I’ve pretty much been my own person, and never followed in anyone’s shadow in terms of emulating a style or anything.

  • Stacey

    I try very hard to copy my father’s morals and patience…I think my brother is much better at it than I am.

  • zakiufo dz

    I have copied my father as he is my ideal man, well-organised, self reliant and confident.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    A little known fact is that the National Spelling Bee was started by the Courier Journal newspaper in Louisville Ky. When my Dad was in 7th grade, he didn’t win the National contest but he did win the state of Kentucky. He was so smart and I wanted to copy him. So I became very studious. I managed to make all A’s throughout my school career and was Class Valedictorian of my high school class. I didn’t win any spelling bees but I think I made my Dad proud.

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    I try to copy what the good book says on how I should live. The Word is a blueprint on how God wants us to live. I’m not perfect but with Gods help I try to live as he would want me too!

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    My grandma Eva, she literally walked with God, I pursue this everyday

  • jennyjet

    A Church Youth Leader that I admired very much. His spiritual and common sense values carried me a long way down my life’s journey. I wish he was still here on this earth so that I could thank him.

  • Jason Pike

    The Don Corleone from the Godfather.

  • Sylvia

    I hope I can copy the best qualities in many people such as the compassion of Mother Teresa, the insight of Maya Angelou, the kindness of a Ellen Degeneres and the self confidence of Whooping Goldberg. Perhaps by trying to copy the best in others I can be my own unique self, somewhat enlightened and improved.

  • Diane Lane

    I copied my great uncle. He had the morals and values that important to me, including importance of family, value of hard work and honesty.

  • Teresa Rojas

    I try to copy my mother in every way,because she is the best role model I know!!!

  • Deb

    I copied Mickey Mouse. I drew it on my grandson’s foot. Now he has a kinda, sorta, kid friendly, washable, “original”, “Disney inspired” fake tattoo.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    I have copied my nursing preceptor. Her talents lie not only in her technical ability, but in the way she relates to patients. Some nurses either get burnt out or wither when they interact with a physician. Not this nurse. She is a true patient advocate, and has been my best friend since I was a graduate nurse. I was proud to pass along what I learned from her to many student and graduate nurses. We still talk every day!

  • Theresa Holly

    Trying to be like my older sister. But I now realize we are two different people!

  • RubyP311

    As a young girl in the 80’s I always copied Madonna! I loved her so much, not so much now. She got too weird

  • Jamie Salemme

    Once i copied my best friends test then. We had them both takin away not because the teacher saw. But because of laughing.

  • Adrienne White

    Copying from one’s work is just a very poor imitation of the work itself. If one puts their own creativity to the work itself, one would be creating their own. I guess that’s why the theory, “Often imitated, never duplicated” comes into play.

  • Kathy Martin

    no one. I am my own unique person

  • Ashley Conover-Flint

    I mainly copy from pintrest for different ideas but I do remember when I was like 8 me and my cousin had copied being the famous boy band n sync. We dressed up like them and had our family as put audience.

  • Bryan Williams

    “I’ve copied before.” http://tryvindale.com/VzmcMlpj

  • Killin

    My kids and I used to copy The Supremes while we sang in the kitchen using cattails as microphones.

  • Maxiee Sanita

    Story of are lives