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    Mixed up sugar with salt while cooking.

    • Janet Snyder

      my brother did that once.we had salty cookies

  • Jan Karl Arcayos

    My biggest mix-up is when i’m about to have oats as breakfast. Then I grab some sugar inside the plastic-ware to mix with my oats. Then for a second when I taste the oats, it’s so salty. And I told my grandma if what’s inside in that plastic-ware and she said “it’s salt”. Then I got scolded for not asking if there’s a sugar, lol.

  • edeliz

    I called my friend’s wife using the former wife’s name. That did not endear me to her.

  • Marce McHone

    My biggest mix up was when i was on the phone with a friend and sort of half paying attention to what i was doing, i took my fast acting insulin, but dosed it as i would have my long acting, which was over double what i should have taken… after calling the ER a few times in a panic, my husband and i spent a very long restless night closely watching my blood glucose meter. Very scary mix up i have not made again, could have killed me.

    • Janet Snyder

      that’s scary!!!

  • Andrea Bigham

    My biggest mix up was when I carded a customer in the casino. I read his date of birth as 01/24/82 when it was actually 10/24/82. Because of my mix up I provided services to a customer that wasn’t quite old enough to receive them and I ended up losing my job.

  • Denise N.

    Simply rushing can cause catastrophic results. Take for instance when I became an assistant manager for the convenience store. It was the beginning of the shift and I was in charge of making the deposit. To be discreet we bagged up the money in a brown paper bag. However, on this particular day I had brought lunch from home – in a brown paper bag. See where I’m going with this? Needless to say with the vendor sheets, counting inventory, setting up the register for the 2nd shift, fending in coming calls, and having to do some light re-stocking – I grabed the wrong paper bag as I hurried out to the bank. It wasn’t until I got to the bank teller’s counter that my mistake was realized. To my embarrassment the teller loudly exclaimed, “Miss. You cannot deposit fried chicken at this establishment”. I got it sorted out in the end and even got the same teller-who laughed when she saw me.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      That’s hilarious!

  • Leslie George

    My biggest mix up. wow every female would hate me. I do hair color sometimes to my closes friends and family who need it. This one time I made 2 different mixtures for separate ladies and then I started with one and was going back and forth ding other chores at the same time. After i was done with the coloring I hen washed the hair of the older lady first as I started with her and after I washed and dried it turned out that the color I used for the older lady was purple and the younger was blonde. What a terrible mistake. Off course they were both mad at me.
    so now I am very careful when I do the mixing of colours and the person.

  • I’d say it was rushing into marriage without knowing all the facts I needed to know about my groom at the time. I should have asked more questions and taken the time to really get to know him much better. We’re not a couple a couple now but remain friends, so it turned out my mix up earned me a friend.

  • robert

    today is so really boring mmmmmmmm

  • dolfanatl

    I made 2 different kinds of chili. One with meat and one vegetarian that used soy instead. I forgot which one was which and accidentally served the meat one to my vegan wife. She got so sick. Needless to say, I was in the doghouse for a while after that one.

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    oh boy…just a few weeks ago I was making guacamole….i made 2 separate ones – one with tons of cayenne pepper and one without so that the kids could have some too without putting their mouths on fire….well i mixed it up and my 3 year old got a mouth full of the one with cayenne pepper….his face was PRICELESS!!! but..he liked it! I was shocked LOL

  • Sue W.

    My biggest mix up was showing up for a party 1 week early!. I don’t know how I got the dates wrong…our friends just handed us a beer and said “we will have this party today and the other one next week” LOL

  • LDC

    Baking soda for baking powder.
    Who knew they weren’t the same thing???

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I didn’t know they were two different things until I took cooking class in high school!

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    My biggest mixup was when I was mad at my daughter and I thought I was texting about it to my best friend. But I sent the text to my daughter by mistake. Oops!

    • Karen T

      Well at least you got it out in the open. Lol

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        True, though with my daughter, I have always tried to pick my battles. I never had to do that with
        my son.

    • Sowmya


  • Janet Snyder

    my mix up came when my husband wanted some coffee so i added water and coffee and nuked it in the microwave.he tasted it and said what the heck is this?it tastes weird.i said i added water and coffee to what was all ready in the cup. he said the cup had had prune juice in it.he had prune juice coffee! yuck!!!!

    • Karen T


  • DM

    I had a job interview with a doctor years ago. Went to the wrong office. Even asked for the doctor, sat in the waiting room, was called back and after almost 2 hours was told I was at the wrong office. It was the same name but they were brothers! So I was very late for my job interview! Got the job by the way.

  • Chris

    I am geographically challenged. Therefore, my biggest mix up is when somebody gives me directions using North, South, East, and West. Please, just tell me LEFT or RIGHT! Don’t mix me up. 😉

  • Carol Miller

    My biggest mix up was going into my bathroom one day at 5:30 AM to brush my teeth. I was exhausted and picked up what I thought was my Colgate tooth paste. The night before I had used cortisone cream and, unfortunately, the two tubes were red and white stripes. Unbeknown to me, I put the cortisone cream on my tooth brush and began to brush my teeth. All of a sudden I had this terrible burning sensation in my mouth. I couldn’t get my mouth washed out fast enough. I must have washed my mouth with mouthwash over 50 times. It is a funny incident now, but it was anything but funny the day it happened.

  • Ray Ayala

    I was paying my cable bill with my checkbook late in the dayone Friday afternoon right before the business closes. Then…I realized…I brought the check book for the underfunded bank account.

    I got myself out of a pickle by remembering the bank’s drive through window is open late, so I still had time to deposit cash to cover and not have a rubber check.

  • Aura-Lee McDonald

    When I was in the hospital after giving birth to my first son, they brought the baby to me to feed & turns out it was the wrong baby. Was my face red! It’s a good thing that nowadays your newborn is kept with you.

  • Timothy Mccollum

    Tried brushing my teeth with shaving cream.

  • Merm123

    My biggest mix up was the time on one of my good friends funerals.
    I was an hour off plus was two hours of travel time so totally missed the funeral and felt horrible.

  • dottie p

    living in Wis. i was transferred to Mo. for 6 weeks. who knew Wal-marts were not the same all over. in Wis. the ladies room is on the left. so when i walked into the Mo. walmart. i went to the bathroom. on my way out there was a man walking in. i was so embarrassed as i walked out i looked at the name on the wall, sure enough i was in the men’s room. ugh

  • Noel Stewart

    My biggest mix-up hurt. My sibling and I look alike and have similar first and last names. In 4th grade, the school nurse called me into her office. She glanced at her paperwork, then grabbed my arm and shot me. With a sore arm I went back to class. One hour later, the teacher made me go back downstairs to see the school nurse. I got a second shot. Now both my arms hurt. When I got home my sibling told me that the nurse had not given him a shot. But the next day, the nurse must have looked at her paperwork because my sibling got his shot then. Needless to say, I did not get the flu that year.

  • Ashley Thao

    Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrez. They look like twins!

  • M spencer

    Calling my fiancé by my ex’s name boy did I get it

  • Brey Merrill

    When I was pretty young, I was going to make my mother proud by making a batch of oatmeal cookies while babysitting my little brother. Well, I did not realize that we did not have enough oats until it was time to add them (one of the last ingredients)… But we had Maypo, so I thought it would be a perfect substitute. Same thing, right? >WRONG<
    Those cookies were the most dense, hardest things I've ever made to this day. I don't even think the birds ate them.

  • Stacie Snow

    I accidently put salt in a cake instead of sugar

  • Erin Estilette

    Hm.. just recently, I mixed up my coworkers. I had been on vacation when these twins were hired, and they both worked in different departments. At my job, it’s common for one person to pick up hours in two different departments, so I went a good six months thinking that these twins were one person. We only saw each other in passing, so I never was introduced and I didn’t know their names. I only learned that it was two different people when a customer got confused about why he had seen the same woman in two different departments on the same day.

  • Jason Provo

    My brother gave me a used washing machine to help my girlfriend and I move along into a new house. To get it down a narrow basement stairway, I had to disassemble it as it was too big to fit through the stairway. I brought it downstairs, piece by piece and began re-assembling. A used washing machine; no instructions… and a handy-man I am not! Once put together, the hot and cold water delivery system was backwards. To use hot water, you ran the hot water tap and used the cold water button on the machine; and of course, the reverse. Also, the well spinner thing that tosses about the clothes turned backwards….machine still washed clothes perfectly though.

  • Sarah Turner

    My mom had a book she puts recipes in and I wanted to make a carrot cake… While I double it, what my mom didn’t tell me is that she put it in there doubled. So I ended up with a quad cake.

  • Diane Lane

    I mixed up my son’s new girlfriend name with his ex’s.

    • Karen T

      How long did it take for your son to live that down? lol.

  • MyKinKStar

    Called my ex by my former ex’s name during an argument once and heard it come out of my mouth but it was too late. It helped me to realize how similar they were at times, and how I have an incredible ability when it comes to selecting guys who are not good for me!

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    My biggest mixup today is coming to school. Not a good day might leave early.

  • Sylvia

    When I was in college I had 2 major writing assignments due at the same time, one for history and the other in English literature. I pulled an all nighter finishing my papers and was horrified to discover I had given the English paper to my history prof and the history paper to my English professor. Neither had a sense of humor and my English prof wrote: how did you confuse the bombing of Hiroshima with the Canterbury Tales? You bombed this one “F”. My history prof wrote: Thank you for enlightening me about the Canterbury Tales but here’s some enlightenment for you this was not the assignment, “F”. I think I cried for days but I never confused my assignments again.

  • Sally Ann

    Introduced my fiancee using my ex’s name, I almost cried I felt so bad

  • MT

    Driving. I thought speed limits were a suggestion. Boy was I wrong on that one!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Speed limits seem to be a suggestion in NJ but I’m told if you speed even just a little in Florida, you WILL get a ticket!

  • rose morgan

    Getting into a car that wasnt mine…oops.

    • Karen T

      I hope no one else was in it! That would be embarrassing lol!

  • Karen B.

    When my kids were small, and they were playing with the dog, I wanted the dog to go outside and the kids to come inside. I called the dog one of the kids name, and he stayed in (the dog). I called the kid the dogs name, and the kid went outside – eventhough I meant the dog!

  • KaoJa Vang

    When I saute iceberg lettuce thinking it was cabbage… it was my first time actually cooking a full meal… it was embarrassing but at least some people liked it… or so they say.

  • Leobardo Ramirez

    Dropping out of school on my senior year 1 month before graduation

  • Casimina Doner

    Calling my son my dog’s name! I was telling my dog to stop barking right before my son started in with 20 questions about something I had already told him no about, so I looked at him and said That’s enough Lucky……I mean Jack.We both just stopped and cracked up!! LOL

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      That’s better than your husband calling you by your ex-wife’s name. (Yes, my husband did that to me years ago!)

      • Casimina Doner

        Oh WOW!! I would have been fuming! Hope he made it up to you in a big way!! LOL

        • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

          Nah. But I pick my battles. That’s why we’ve been married for 31 years. Not that I’m ecstatic, but it’s better than playing the “dating-go-round”. We just moved near his bro & sis-in-law. She calls him out on everything! LOL

          • Casimina Doner

            Congrats on 31 years!! We just moved near my hubby’s best friend from high school, so I kno how fun that can be LOL

            • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

              Congrats on your move!

  • Jessica Neiweem

    I once sent a text to a female coworker that was intended for my husband. Thankfully, it wasn’t anything scandalous, but she was confused when I sent “Have a good day at work today, baby,” seeing as how we were both at work and she is neither an infant nor are we romantically involved. We both had a good laugh about it.

  • Aria

    College essays and weekends


  • Lisa Olivo

    Size of undies vs size of pants

  • Kim Ouellette

    one of my biggest mix-ups would have to be the time i used salt instead of sugar when i baked cookies…not that great of a taste !

  • deedee walker

    My Biggest mix up, My partner, Rick! We’ll be together forever, even though he is my Biggest Mix up Rick !

  • ramadevi

    I used to mix up with right and left hands when I was 3-4 yrs. I used to eat with left hand. When my mom comes and notice me eating with left hand she used to tell me to use other hand. I dont know the reason at that time. I used to understand that hand is a hand and what is right and left. I used to use left hand mostly for doing things and slowly practiced to use right hand. It was very difficult for me to understand. I did this mix up until 10yrs I think.

  • Natania

    When I had just got my license, my older sister said to me, “You do know if you come up to a stop sign and it’s outlined in white, that means it’s optional.” I remember telling her that it wasn’t on my test and my driving instructor never told me that. She said, “duh nerd, that’s because they assume everyone knows it.” I remember saying, “thanks for telling me that, sis!” About 3 months later, I came up to a stop sign and of course it was outlined in white and there weren’t any cars coming in any direction, so instead of stopping,I just coasted thru it. Next thing I knew I had a police car behind me with it’s lights on. He asked me why I didn’t stop at the stop sign. I replied, “it was outlined in white, meaning it’s optional and since there were not any cars coming,I didn’t see any need to stop.” The officer started cracking up laughing and said, “what do mean, all the stop signs are outlined in white!” Imagine how dumb I felt. I explained to him about my sister, and he lectured me on if I didn’t know something to always look it up myself. After being serious he started laughing again and luckily he did not give me a ticket, let me go with a warning. However when I got back home, I was fuming. My sister immediately said, “I never told you I was kidding, I am so sorry. I would have never let you leave without telling you it was a joke. You could have been in an accident, I am so sorry.” She even got a little teary eyed. So I knew she was being sincere, but WOW what a mix up!

  • Crystal white

    When I was in college, I took my first hit of marijuana while I was hanging out with my girlfriends. I planned to sleepover at one particular friend’s home (5-10 min away). It was early evening and I planned to follow her car back to her place. As I pulled up behind her in the driveway I noticed we were at a different house. Then her car door opens suddenly and out pops this older Asian lady who was frantic and yelling at me in Vietnamese! Somehow I followed the wrong car home, I must’ve had some mixup along the way and didnt even realized it. I can only imagine what expletives were being thrown my way in Vietnamese and who can blame her? As a result, I won’t smoke weed anymore.

  • When I was in college, I had a good friend that I would hang out with between classes. Since it was a new semester, I did not realize that his class was in the same room as my next class. I wasn’t prepared to see him so when I did, I ran into the room and sat down next to him and started to talk to him. Little did I realize that his class was still going on and they were doing a group discussion. So everyone was sitting there talking like class was out. I felt so embarrassed but I stayed in the room and hung out like I was supposed to be there. It was funny enough that every time he came out of that class he would say to me, “oh you didn’t want to join my class today??”

  • ibrahim mukwaya

    My first time and only One time i was going to go down on a girl and luckily did the ‘finger smell check’ first……it smelled like the inside of a turtle tank.

  • Chosen


  • Amber Basart

    Speed limits a rule

  • Richard Vargas

    Someone had rear ended my car. My dad let me use his truck for a couple of weeks, while my car was being repaired. I was very grateful, but glad when my car was fixed. I had just left my house, on my way to work. I could hear the engine getting louder, and I was going to shift gears. I pressed down on the clutch, except that it wasn’t the clutch. I had gotten used to driving my dad’s truck which was standard, but my car was automatic. What I thought was the clutch was actually the brake pedal. My tires screeched as my car did a 180° turn. Luckily there was no other traffic on the road. I played it cool, like I had intended to turn around and go back home.

  • Miracle Newton

    Sending my dad a text message that was intended for my husband

  • Kari McDowell

    I mix up text messages all the time. I am always sending a message to the wrong person. Most the time it doesn’t really matter, but when it is something important I get frustrated when they don’t answer. Wonder why! 😉

  • Olivia

    Years back, I was to meet a friend at a Japanese restaurant on a certain block. He waited for me at THE OTHER Japanese restaurant on that block for 45 minutes and I waited for him at the wrong one. Thinking there must have been a day mix up, I ordered, and he walked in. We still got to catch up and have a good meal. I never got to the one he thought was so wonderful.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    During the big hair days of the 80s, hair spray was a must. I kept a can in the bathroom cabinet so my two year son wouldn’t hose the walls down with it. One Sunday morning, after getting three boys ready for church, I was running late so had to hurriedly fix my hair before racing out the door. I reached under the sink, grabbed a can and started spraying away. I snapped the lid back on and suddenly realized I’d just sprayed Lysol all over my head!

  • Amy

    Waking up early for work one morning and pouring Coca Cola in with my cereal instead of milk. I called in sick and went back to bed.

  • ᴷᴬᴸᴱᴸ ᴼᶜᴱᴬᴺ


  • Garry Ga Ga

    mixed my bf up with some other hot guy at the club and got caught. lol

  • Napturally Beautiful

    My biggest mix up was showing up for a doctor’s appointment a day early!!!

  • Sherri Bell

    Sending a text to the wrong person. I sent it to the person I was talking bad about. Thankfully I didn’t mention their name so just had to do some really fast talking so they had the impression I wasn’t meaning them.

  • Carl

    Read the recipe a half dozen times then used milk instead of water when making pizza dough for the first time.

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    Biggest mix up. Would be when your on the phone with your best friend and they tell you to hold for a second. Then their mom gets on not knowing your on hold and you don’t know until later and when your telling your best friend (her mom) that your going to lose your virginity at the same time she is and that whole phone call goes so wrong real quick.

  • Theresa Holly

    Saw a friend working on his car slapped his behind . Figure stood up because he was bend over hood of his car well opps turns out his father and not my friend!! Very embrassing!!