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  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    my cat story is “meow meow meow….purrr purrr purr purr……meow meow….purr.. The End

    • Shannon Hall

      Sleep too! Not tweet! Hehe!

  • Shannon Hall

    It was this cat,NOT ME! I was busy getting dressed #InternationalCatDay All about ME!

  • rose morgan

    Never owned a cat, but willing to adopt my daughter’s cat since they’ve become allergic to her.

  • ramadevi

    Hahaha….I still remember the time when myself and my mom used to visit my mom’s younger sister’s home. At that time I was 4-5yrs. I was mom’s tail, I go where ever she goes. My aunt has many cats at home she likes them. I have dogs in my home but not the cats. I love all animals, I love them more and more when they are babies. I wanted to play with those kittens but they dont allow me to touch them and they run away when I reach closer. I used to get disappointed and I requested my aunt to get them in my hands. Still they escape and run away. I was very determined to touch them and to play. I approached one of the big cat, tried to touch it. Thats it, he screamed in anger and opened his big paws with long nails to scratch me. Luckily I moved back and run. Thats it I never tried to touch them. I used to enjoy them keeping myself distance from them.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    One day, I saw my cat Zsa Zsa sitting in the middle of the yard poised there like the Sphinx. I decided to watch her to see what she was doing. She sat perfectly still for what seemed like forever, just watching the ground. Suddenly, she struck! I looked and she had a mole in her mouth, which she proudly brought to me and placed on the porch. She was very pleased with herself! 🙂

  • edeliz

    My cat story is the finding out my husband actually loves cats. He was always talking about the dogs he’s owned throughout his life. But since he grew up on a farm, the cats were outdoor, barn residing cats. Well, once our kitten adopted us, he just showed up at our door, he has been a loving, spoiling cat-lover. Been married to the man for close to 30 years, so this was a surprise.

  • Chris

    My Sassy Frass was an all black kitty. She lived to be 17 years old. I got her when I was in college. She made the best roommate. One of my friends gave Sassy the bird (flipped her off), and she came bouncing across the floor all sideways and curved and hair standing up just like you would see a Halloween cat…and she attacked his hand. We were laughing so hard. She did not like to be flipped off. And, her favorite food was Cotton Candy.

  • lian maglajos

    Dont have a cat, i am a cat myself lol i like to cuddle like a cat and just be lazy around all day

  • Mary

    2 weeks before my husband died we choose to adopt a rescue kitten. Her name is Dax and they both fell in love with each other. After his passing she gave me strength. The picture is of them both of the day we adopted her. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/570aa1bf7a4d385b174c25c68ec7bedf31583c650d923a4fb11029c49d09e2f9.jpg

  • MyRelDiary.com

    Our family cat name is Aksis. He is black with white spots. We got him when my sister took him from shelter when he was just a baby. Already 1 month in our home we have real baby and I hope that our cat don’t feel pushed back. When baby will grow up, I think they will be friends 🙂 In the picture you can see happy moment to cat when he got chance to sleep again in this big bad. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f176bb6814ac0a1e53bce11db06ba401c23c36a170ce9510d0350e1b8748390b.jpg

  • Lisa Buczek

    Tiger is her name. She is long haired and about 9 years old. She came to us one winters day. She sat on the porch with my other girls just enjoying the sun. Night came and she was still hanging around. The snow started to fall so I let her in and she became friends with my girls. She was a very well manored cat. As time went on she picked up on some of my other cats bad habits but she is still the same sweet lovable cat. I have decided to keep her and just add her in as one of my girls. Everyone seems to be quite happy that way so there are no problems that I can see.

  • Carol Miller

    My favorite cat story is definitely T.S.Elliot’s “Macavity”. (This poem was one of the hit songs in the musical “Cats.”). The reason Macavity is my favorite feline is because he is such a great deceiver and sneak. He embodies all of those sleuthing, mysterious traits that we associate with cats. The first verse tells it all:
    Macavity, Macavity. The Mystery Cat
    He’s called The Hidden Paw
    The Master Criminal
    Who Can Defy the Law
    He’s the Bafflement of Scotland Yard
    The Flying Squad’s Despair
    For When They Reach the Scene of Crime
    Macavity’s not There.
    Can’t you just picture this cat getting one up on Scotland Yard? Every time I read the entire poem, it brings a smile to my face.

  • Jason Pike

    My cat Izzy is a weird cat, every since she was little she would come to our bed next to our head and go under the covers to our feet and sleep.

  • Deb

    While living in Colorado my cat went missing. Each day I looked for her. I was so worried that an owl or mountain lion had gotten her. I contacted the vet and he said that owls are really bad at catching cats. For two weeks I grieved for her and missed her so much. I decided to go to the animal rescue to get another cat. I found one that was so sweet and adorable. While filling out the adoption papers I mentioned that my cat had been missing for two weeks. The lady took the papers and told me that I couldn’t adopt a cat because mine had only been gone for two weeks. I was very upset because my cat was gone and now I couldn’t even adopt another one. The very next morning I heard a loud meow at the door. To my amazement my cat had come home!! As soon as I opened the door she immediately ran to where her food bowl was always kept. I hurriedly filled the bowl and she ate like she…well…like she hadn’t eaten in two weeks. It was a great and surprising homecoming. It would have been a very surprising homecoming for my cat if the lady at the adoption office had let me get the other cat. I don’t think she would have liked sharing her bowl.

  • Barbara Edwards

    Every morning as soon as I wake up my cat blast thru the door like she had been waiting there all night just to meow at me and leave the room….thinking she must be hungry I go to her room to find her just laying in the floor right where the sun beams because mu air is too cool for her lol…she is my fav and I don’t knw what I would do without her

  • Sue W.

    When we adopted our cat Thea, I found her on Pet Finder…in her picture, there she sat on what looked like my kitchen floor. I knew she was ours. When we picked her up, I https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ed3a8daf1b4235e65d8dbbaa202a3c1eba2d9daeb98c3a84d22ad1e792183916.jpg showed the lady a picture of my kitchen floor and she was amazed…same as hers.

  • Teresa Rojas

    My cat story is yet to be answered. Why is a cat burglar called a cat burglar. Can I get a satisfying answer!!

  • Stacie Snow

    when we were first married we had a cat named Sylvester the old house we were living in had mice so we sat out traps one night we were in bed and heard him at our door just meowing and scratching the door when we got up he had brought one of the traps with a mouse in it to our door ! He was wanting us to get it out of the trap!

  • Amy

    I have two cats – Max and Penelope. Their mom was a stray that just showed up at my house one day. I knew she was expecting so I brought an old sheet out to my shed and told her that that’s where she needed to have her kittens. To my surprise – she must have listened to me because the next morning there were four babies snuggled in the sheet I had put out. I was able to give two kittens to loving families and kept the other two. After having the kittens and their mom “fixed”, I brought the kittens inside the house and there they remain as my loving and playful companions. Not long after I brought Max and Penelope inside, Mama Kitty as I called her, disappeared. I like to think that she knew her babies would be well taken care of at my house and that’s why she had them there and since she can no longer have babies, she has just decided to go her separate way.

  • Colleen Goodbrand

    My husband and I joke that we run an unofficial cat rescue, living out in the country as we do. We have barn cats from the neighbouring farms dropping by all the time. Some decide to stay, others move along to the next stop on their “route”. The cats that show up most often, however, are the drop offs. We always know when a cat or sadly, even a wee kitten has been tossed from a passing car, because of the state the animal is in. If the abrasions are severe and limbs are damaged, the cat has been thrown from a vehicle with some force. When we find a lone kitten along the side of the road, we know that they were placed there and the rest of the litter has been dropped off on the road at different intervals. I’m sure the people who throw out these cats think “Oh, there’s a farm! The cat will find it’s way there.” Every cat we find is taken to the vet and treated for whatever injuries they have sustained. Every cat gets spayed or neutered. Every cat now has a home with us. Our numbers have been as high as 12 cats; currently we have 5, but there is a tom cat hanging around now with a facial growth so we are trying to live trap him to have him examined by our vet and neutered. When time takes it toll and a cat passes away. my husband builds a pine box and lines it with fabric. Each cat is buried in the woods a ways from the house and every grave has a solar garden light. In the seasons when the leaves are either sparse on the trees or have fallen off completely, we can see, at night the tiny lights in the woods and can remember each wonderful, furry , loving creature that has shared our home and brightened our lives by adopting us.

  • Rebecca lee

    I have never been a cat person, I’ve always preferred dogs. I find cats quite cold and aloof, and I guess in a way I’m actually quite scared of them. Now I believe that cats can sense this fear and take advantage of it, and the perfect example is my best friends cat! Every time I go to visit the cat instantly jumps on to the sofa so that I can’t sit down and he bristles and hisses if I go near him, meaning that he gets the satisfaction of laying on the comfortable couch while he watches me sit uncomfortably on the floor. That was, until the glorious day, that I discovered that the cat is scared of cucumbers! We were cooking in the kitchen one day when my friend took a cucumber from the fridge. I have never seen the cat move so fast in my life! Every time we took the cucumber anywhere near him, he was through the cat flap as if his life depended on it! Now every time I go to visit, I phone in advance to ensure that there is a cucumber in the fridge and if not I’ll buy one on the way. No more sitting on the floor for me! With the power of the green vegetable I now lounge on the sofa whilst the cat sits uncomfortably on the floor, eyeing the cucumber at all times!

  • Stannyboyc

    This is J.T. and he thinks that he https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f32385ee387b41face12cf028b25d3cdb4baa21e7e0cb03e6f009291a5c6058f.jpg runs the houseold. He is the best. Oh ya his birthday is Christmas Day.

  • Colleen Goodbrand

    I know I’ve already left a storey here but when I told my husband about today’s topic, he reminded me of a funny incident about one of our fixer upper cats named Al. He wasn’t our cat yet, when he was hit by a car right in front of our house and was badly injured. We hurried him to the vet and had him tended to and during his recovery, he realized how great it was to be a house cat. Al used to go to bed at night with us, curling up to sleep between our pillows and we would give him lots of rubbings . He loved to have his nose rubbed. One night, after we had turned off the lights and I was rubbing his nose, I slowly realized that, even though he was enjoying the nose rubbings as much as he usually did, something just felt wrong. I asked my husband to turn on a light. Once the room was illuminated, we could see Al, tongue out and drooling as he lapped up the attention I was devoting to rubbing HIS ANUS! I bet he thought “They’ve never done this for me before!”

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    I was moving out of my mom’s house and into my first apartment. My cat saw my boyfriend and I moving my furniture out of the house and must have thought I wasn’t taking her with me. So she went and brought me a dead bird as a present. About an hour later, she brought me another one!

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I had a cat scratch me one time it was a street cat and never ever could even go near one again. I’ll take a dog anytime.

  • Marce McHone

    My cat Snickers is odd, he goes outside on a leash. He is a minx with a bobtail. He definitely has an unusual personality. He is very loud and obnoxious, seems to answer questions and talk back with different meows and moans. Love him to death.

  • Sylvia

    I took in a stray cat who was hanging out by my garbage can many years ago. Unknown to me she was pregnant and one cold April morning I found her behind my sofa nursing 6 kittens. These kittens were adorable but often they would just disappear for hours at a time in my tiny apartment. Mystery solved when I opened my sock drawer to find 2 babies nestled among the argyles and in the underwear drawer 4 more were cuddling with a half dozen of my hubby’s briefs. This was where they slept for the next several weeks and we named them Socks, Hanes, Skivys, Crew, Undies and little BVD. Eventually we found good homes for them and told the tale of their sleeping arrangements so their names would follow them to their new life. All except for little BVD, he was mine for 16 years and yes I would open the drawer every night so he would have pleasant dreams amongst some unused tighty whiteys.

  • dolfanatl

    My wife’s cat once jumped on me from the top of some shelves while I was sleeping. Woke me up and scared me half to death. I think that cat knew that’s what would happen and did it on purpose.

  • DM

    I had a cat that lived to be 24 y/o. The vets were even amazed at how long she lived. She was my son’s cat and then she lived several years after he died. She was so special, a part of him was lost when I lost her. Miss Momma Kitty every day.

  • Erin Estilette

    I once went on a walk and twenty cats followed along. I was in an area where there were lots of strays, and neighborhood cats out and about. I love cats, so I was pleased to have that many adorable walking companions.

  • Noel Stewart

    A Stray cat adopted me and my spouse. We fed it and watched it play. One day we fed it a piece of cheese. The cat took the cheese in its mouth and walked over to a log with a hole in it. The cat dropped the cheese, and hid behind the log. When a mouse came out of the hole for the cheese, the Stray cat jumped on the mouse and had a good meal. Now there’s a cat that knows how to bait a mouse!

  • Merm123

    Last winter there were two stray cats that kept hanging around my place and when I moved in I noticed out my front window that they would sleep under the tree in front of my living room window. Days, months went by and all I could hear was them meowing and fighting all the time.
    That winter the one cat who was so friendly and lovable, came up to me and it was a blizzard outside and he was hungry and cold so I went in the house and took my laundry basket and made him a nice warm bed and fed him and he stayed in my inside porch the all winter. I called the SPCA but they couldn’t take him. He constantly crawled up on my door screen to greet me, he was adorable. I was heart broken for this poor cat and I couldn’t let him in my apartment due to allergies. He was the most lovable cat I have ever met. I would have kept him but couldn’t. Spring came along and I no longer saw him around so I was hoping he found a good home.
    He would have made a great pet for someone who could care for him and I hope nothing happened to him.

  • Kari McDowell

    I have always loved cats. My husband gave me a Ragdoll cat that was absolutely beautiful as a surprise. Her name was BeBe…We had a house fire and while my calico cat and my big gray tom cat were outside and safe, I lost BeBe in the fire. My heart was absolutely broken and I think the other two knew it because while they were very independent cats all of a sudden they had to be snuggling up to me and loving on me almost all the time. The other cats sensed my sorrow and brought me comfort.

  • MT

    So one of the guys at work came in one day and had been bitten by a cat. Apparently, the cat had gotten caught in a car door while jumping off the roof of the car. Well, he took it upon himself to save the cat since it was hanging upside down. The cat freaked out while he tried to get him free, resulting in numerous bites and scratches. Everyone gave him a hard time about being hurt by a little kitty cat, so he jokingly started saying his injuries were from a bear attack that he suffered while taking blind kids on a nature walk.

  • Nicole D. C

    We got my daughter a cat for her birthday one year. He came from a liter that was reproduced by mother and father were brother and sister. Needless to say he was missing four claws on his left paw. He only had one claw, so she named him hook. He also had a black patch on his left eye while the rest of him was mostly white. He was the sweetest thing.

  • Kelly

    My boy Joey is 15 years young. He was found under the porch in 2002 at our home in CT. He’s a long haired orange cat who is full of love. He’s the kindest, sweetest cat I’ve ever known. In 2006 he traveled in a camper for months before landing in Northern Maine. There we stayed for 11 years. He hid a lot and wasn’t very social with others. But slowly he started hiding less, and he discovered he could meow. It’s a faint meow and sometimes he even opens his mouth but no sound comes out.
    In May of this year I packed up my life, grabbed Joey and my other cat Meow Meow and moved to NY. In June I decided to take Joey to the vet because something was off with him, and he was drinking water excessively. Blood work was done and I was told that he was in kidney failure. Devastated by this news I asked what could be done. So for the last 2 month’s I’ve been giving him subcutaneous fluids daily. I also have made lots of food changes, etc. Joey is a fighter even at the age of 15. He’s doing well so far and although he has good and bad days, he always cuddles with me. I’ll do anything I can to prolong his life. He’s the best cat ever!

  • Joshua Fields

    I have a street cat that has been living with me for years, never went inside the house and has very sharp claws. The only way to give the cat affection is with a broom very far away!

  • Denise N.

    I had a cat that could open closed doors by jumping up and ‘catching’ the doorknob. She also knew how to turn on the faucets by herself-even the ones that look like little crystal doorknobs. Just a tiny kitten when I saved her-a story for another time-she lived for 16 years. Many before her and many after her but never one exactly like her. It’s been five years since she passed and I am still amazed by how intelligent she was.

  • KaoJa Vang

    CATS?!? nope.. I don’t like cats… or so I thought…
    One day my aunt brought this little kitty home. Sure, it was cute but I was not going near that thing. I kept my distance. That kitty would follow me every time I went to visit my aunt. Everywhere I went, it went. I would just move fast away from it. My aunt told me that the kitty really like me and that the kitty only did that to me. That kitty was so persistent in me liking it that it would rub on my leg. I finally gave in and held that kitty. After that day we grew a bond. That kitty’s name is Angie and she grew old loving me and me loving her back. She would sit by me and always wanted to be close by me when I came to visit. She is no longer alive but she left a great impression on me… it is possible to like cats!

  • happyvibes

    One day the electrical outlet started sparking and my black cat Booboo raced over to it and unplugged everything. We used to have the old princess phones and when the phone rang he would run over and knock the receiver off the hook and start meowing into the phone.

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    When I was a little girl living on a acreage in an old farm house I had two cats. One named Tiger and the other named Blackie. Blackie seemed to like me the best out of all my siblings. Each morning she would deposit a dead mouse beside my bed and meow until I woke . He wanted to be praised for bringing me a mouse! Quite disgusting!

  • Ray Ayala

    My favourtie cat story involves growing up watching Cat Woman (aka the Gotham City burglar.) I would always root for Batman until Cat Woman entered the plot. I think she had a lot of fans, too. She was very crafty.

  • David

    My cat story is that one day out of the blue I was sitting on my front porch as my cat came to the house to eat. He stopped and looked up at me and just kept looking at me. so I just spoke out to the cat and ask him what . The next thing I knew the cat looked up at me and said Hello. I couldn’t say a word. I thought it was a fluke so I said Hi back. To my amaze he said it again. A week later I had someone working on my house and the guy came in the house after talking on his phone with a blank face, Then I seen the cat by him so I know what had happened, I ask him if the cat said Hi to him and he ask me how, I said he just started one day. he was 17 years when he started doing it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c0e1d572458204d2a69986108eaeb2cc06fedade03db97b64c942270820f4969.jpg

  • Ken Grant

    A relative was going to abandon their pet cat by the side of the road. It was declawed and most likely would have died. We took it in and inky had a wonderful life for many, many years. We initially saved her, but she returned the favor many times over.

  • Amy

    We just got our 5 year old daughter a solid black kitten! 🙂 we named her Gotham. She is adorable! although our sons dog isn’t a fan of the adorable kitten! My son and I went to the humane society and saw her there. They said she had been bottle fed because she was too small when she was born. We fell in love with her so we brought her home! Now instead of being in the shelter she is a very spoiled kitty who loves laying in front of the window and playing with her toys!

  • Jessica Neiweem

    Every cat story is bound to be an interesting story, but this one for sure is my most memorable. My husband’s grandmother passed away this summer. She spent many weeks in the hospital dying. We visited her as often as we could and did our best to comfort her in her final days. However, there were some days that were especially hard. This was especially the case when she was obviously in pain and there was nothing we could do but hold her hand, speak softly to her, and hope her pain medicine would soothe what we could not. We came home from the hospital one June evening especially discouraged. My husband and I held each other on the couch in tears when all of a sudden we heard meowing and pawing at our patio door. I looked outside and saw a little black and white cat that I had never seen before. In fact, it was the first cat I had ever seen near my doorstep since moving to our apartment a year before. I love cats, so one meow was all it took to get me to open the door and come outside to greet our little visitor. He was the friendliest cat I’d ever met before. I sat on the ground, he crawled right into my lap and sat down, purring and rubbing his face in my hands like we had always known each other. We sat like this for some time, his little green eyes squinting with comfort, his body relaxed, and I just kept petting him. My husband came out and let him some too, though he is less of a fan of cats than I am. Eventually, our little friend got up and left, and to this day I haven’t seen him since. I am not a very religious person, but I believe there was something divine about that cat. He helped my husband and I that night exactly the way we needed. He crawled into our lives and comforted us, reassured us that no matter how things ended up with Grandma it would all be okay. I have attached his picture because I hope never to forget him. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3c24341c04b51b8118a42e73e82a29cd347050321c6f191a90ba858659046533.jpg

  • NatashaP.

    My Cats so Fat. His belly hits the stairs every time he walks up and down the stairs.

  • Our cat, Marley, got a DJ deck as a present from my brother for our wedding. This DJ deck is a cardboard box with a scratch pad on it as a turntable. We got home and set it up thinking our cat was going to love it. Yeah he loved helping figure it out and put it together ( which consisted of folding a box like a pizza box). Once it was together he walked around it, looked at it, growled at it, and hissed. We initially thought that was his way of “rapping” he was a DJ after all. However, when we woke up the next morning it was buried under blankets. After that he completely ignored it until you tried to throw it away. He would pull it out of the garbage and bury it. So our Mr. Marls aka DJ Marls got his wish to keep a piece of cardboard until we moved then he didn’t have his say anymore.

  • Natania

    I have to be honest, I have never really been a cat person. However this past Sunday something changed, my Uncle and Aunt had an end of summer party, we grilled out, went swimming, played corn hole and spent time with family. He lives in Columbus so we don’t see him often. They had a cat that has had several problems. About four years ago, they found this cat living on the streets, so they rescued it. It was really skinny and they said she was so scared to be around people. After about a month they took her to the vet because she was making certain noises when she ate and when she walked. Turns out she had lots of problems from someone kicking and hitting her, the vet said she was probably thrown up against walls and was severely abused. She had lots of problems internally. They had to remove one of her eyes because they said it looked like someone had jabbed something in it and left it there for a long period of time. They said it took about a year to nurse their cat back to health and that she would be on 3 medicines the rest of her life. I was heart broken after hearing this. I got up to go inside and their cat came right up to me and followed me and I bent down to pet her and she was so friendly. I got tears in my eyes, so I picked her up and she like wrapped her head half way around my neck and just laid her head on my shoulder. My Uncle came in and seen her and was amazed, he said she has never done that to anyone, not even them. He called in my Aunt and cousin and said, “look at this.” They all made this a huge deal. I am not sure but I think when their cat rubbed against my neck is when my view immediately changed and my whole outlook on cats is different now. I have a real soft spot in my heart for cats now and I am really considering adopting one.

    • MyKinKStar

      All animals KNOW more than we’ll ever understand, but cats have a closer emotional connection with people. NOT saying they are better or worse than dogs, cause each has a place in a family life as long as it’s a welcoming love. Cats have more going for them though than they get credit for cause people judge them from jump and it’s unfair. My then 7 cats and 1 big-o dog saved my life a few years ago when I was going through breast cancer . . . They gave me reason to face each new day when it was the last thing I cared to do, but they needed me to feed them and clean litter boxes, plus let the dog out and back in, then out again! I only have 3 boyZ now, so it’s been a rough couple of years losing so many in my fuzzy family to old age and illnesses. Please consider an older cat who needs to know love and I mean just not a kitten for your first, but one who has a little bit of confidence = a year plus in age, cause they get overlooked too often. Ask the shelter to show you which ones have been there a while to consider them first, but of course follow your heart. PurrZ To You!

  • Rich Duda

    I really don’t have a cat story to tell, except that I have an allergy to cats. So the story is there is no story.

  • Sandy Kozak

    I rescued my two cats from the streets, have them proper homes and am now housing a 7 years old Bombay cat who is always eating my mint, stalking me from heights, meows when you make food because she thinks it’s tuna, bosses my bunny around and gives the best kitty cuddles in the world https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76cc178634d22f6459d3fea5ced0baa6fee43e483db3230151269114f97f12d0.jpg

  • Agha Raza Abbas

    when i was 3 my brother had a cat one day i wanted to give her rice through my hands she was eating as well but suddenly she bitten my middle finger during this i cried too much and never met her again hahahahha it was so funny for me to recall this again

  • Haden Hudson

    One day, i had gone into the restroom and closed the door behind me. While doing my thing, someone tapped my shoulder 3 times! As you can imagine, that was not something I expected and jumped straight across the bathroom. My cat Tinkerbell sat on the counter by the toilet looking confused. I started laughing when i realized it had been her. Somehow she’d slunk in behind me unnoticed.

  • MyKinKStar

    Oh no . . . I grew up with dogs, who could be let out to roam all day on our property, to come and go as they pleased. When I got my own place I wanted ‘someone’ to come home too, but no way was I going to walk a dog, multiple times a day – in all kinds of weather, and so I set out to adopt a cat. I believed I wanted a kitten, but that quickly changed at the shelter. The FIRST cat whose eyes met mine was the girl in my profile picture, but she was about 4 months old and so I kept on going to the meows over there. Once I got to see the kits, bouncing over each other, cryin’ cryin’ I KNEW that was not for me! I looked back and that girl with the green eyes was still looking at me . . . On the ride home I told her she had to be social like a dog and though she wasn’t fond of being held she was all I needed. Her name on the shelter tag was Blackie, even though most of her tuxedo (black/white) was white, which meant to me she had likely been named by children who turned her off from being picked up or held. She snuggled on her terms and that was alright. I named her KinKy, but don’t know why . . . Her full name became Kin K. Star and I’m not sure where I got that from either! WE traveled coast to coast, twice, but the 2nd time WE had 4 more cats. Our family had grown, but she ruled my heart from jump and was my STAR for 19 years. She was “My First, Best Ever” girl, MyKinKStar!

  • Rochelle Pieper

    Oh man where do I start?? I own 3…soon to be 4…and have owned many in my life but if I have to choose just one it would have to be my tiger story. I LOVE tigers!! I even have a tiger tattooed on my ankle so when I was given the opportunity to feed a baby tiger of course I took it! I got to bottle feed a white tiger cub and you would have thought I was bottle feeding my love Johnny Depp!! I cried and shook the whole way through it like a love struck teenager!!! I will never forget that day!!! If I ever win the lottery I am opening a tiger sanctuary!!

  • Jan Karl Arcayos

    Well I have this cat thought, she’s so clingy. Especially when she gets hungry, she always licks my feet, that’s really cute in her part.. And she’s going so well with our dog too. They are both girls so yeah, they must’ve do some girly stuff to make things up.

  • Surveys Profit

    Just looking at me waiting for food.

  • Jason Provo

    Been a straight night shift worker for 12 years now; full time. Was living alone after a bad relationship ended in 2009. Later that Autumn I was offered a beautiful tortoise shell cat by a co-worker who also operated a cat rescue-op out of her farmhouse. We called her (affectionately) the crazy at lady. She always had from 30 to 100 cats in her house; many of them rescued from abusive situations including the one that I was offered; for free! All shots and vacs done too! This cat was being used as “target practice” by her abusive owner on a farm neighbouring the rescue op. The cat was a
    survivor. She ran away and lived in the nearby wildnerness/woods for a full four seasons before the rescue op found her and took her in. The op house was too full of cats and she was afraid of them, being so jittery of EVERYTHING since her abusive past. I took her in; the gaining of trust took a while but patience on behalf of both myself and my new cat, Eowyn saw it through and now 8 years later, neither of us has been lonely.
    She rules my world, as well as our apartment. She sees me as her universe and I love her so much!

  • Casimina Doner

    My cat story is about Teddy Bear. When I was pregnant with my oldest son, my husband’s cat had a litter of kittens. The runt was so tiny she wouldn’t take care of him, so my husband and I dropper fed him and made sure he survived. He thrived and grew just as fast as if he were mama nursed, and he decided the best place to be was on my huge belly. He would lay on me and purr whenever my son would kick or move around. When my son was born he would lay next to him in his crib and come get me when he would wake up in the middle of the night. As they grew up together they were inseparable and my son could do just about anything to that cat. Unfortunately, Teddy Bear passed away when my son was twelve. He still compares every cat he has had to his Teds, and he is 26 now.

  • Rosane mathias

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/595a0d027cea2ceb3158b5d51d39a000b42aa32df276f129ac8f037f656f52cb.jpg Falar de gato, ta falando de familia, minha irmã tem uma gata que se chama flor, ela está perto de ter outros gatinhos, mas antes disso alguns messes ai ela teve uma ninhada de gatos, nós doamos para alguns parentes e ficamos com uma, ela se chama Ema , patinhas preta e toda cinza, a coisa mais linda da tia, eu sou a tia dela kkkk.todos os dias ela entra no meu quarto pra brincar comigo pense todos os dias nao consigo dormir com ela querendo brincar mas ja to acostumada, ela é da familia.lembrando aqui q eu ajudei no parto da flor, nao sei se foi a Ema ou outro gato q ajudei a vir ao mundo, mas na quele momento foi horrivel, pensei q ia perde-la.o gato estava metade dentro da barriga e metade pra fora , ai como estou estudando farmacia e no modulo q estou to estudando primeiros socorros na quele momento mantive a calma e puxei o gato e coloquei perto da mae, salvei uma vida. e amo essa vida que me acorda todos os dias baguncando e puxando o meu travesseiro.amo gato amo minha sobrinha Ema <3

  • Chosen

    Hypothetically, i just don’t reminisce with cats but i love their outlook and jungle kinks’

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    Believe it or not I have16 cats, all rescued, all loved dearly. They give as much to our house and farm as we do, even defending a chicken who was snatched he’d up by a stray dog.

  • Carl

    As a kid, I was, literally, taught to dislike cats. I was a dog person. A year or so after my first wife passed away, I met a wonderful woman who was a cat person. We fell in love and married. Everyone gave us a ton of advise on how to integrate my two-dog household with her two-cat household. The predominate piece of advice was to lock the cats in a room and give the cats and dogs time to acclimate to each other’s scents. I don’t know if it actually worked; but, when we opened the door and let the cats out it was so anticlimactic. They looked at each other and, then, went about their individual ways. They couldn’t care less about each other.

  • Luanne Vickery

    I love cats and really all pets. My story had a horrible ending. We had a kitten named Toby and one day I was doing the laundry and had washed a load and threw them in the dryer. Evidently, while I was turned getting clothes out of the washer the kitten jumped in the dryer. I went to get the clothes out of the dryer and omg I had killed the kitten. That happened about 8 years ago and to this day the kids will not let me live it down. I am more aware of what goes in the dryer and sometimes double check to make sure that there are no animals in the dryer.

  • Jean Glace Ramos

    I always loved cats.. Because they r so cute and adorable.. Always makes me laugh when my cat and i are playing…

  • Kara Bowersock

    Our kitty started out living at my husbands workplace just a few months ago. My hubby knew he needed to be taken care of but he was so scared that he would never get close to anyone. So my husband started earning his trust with leaving food around for him and once he started getting closer he brought our cage to work and FINALLY caught him one day. He was even more scared once he was here. A whole new world with even more new people. It was hard for me too because I just wanted him to love me lol. It took him a good 3 weeks to even trust me enough to come in the same room as me. Then after that he started meowing at me or as I like to call it, talking to me lol. We have a lot of conversations now him and I. Plus within this last week he has started rubbing up against me. I read that is a sign that cats mark you as theirs. I am proud to be his! I am so thankful I have a loving husband who brought this kitty into my life. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer a little over a year ago and this kitty has brought so much laughter and happiness to my life that some days I don’t even think about it! He was meant for me and I was meant for him! We both take care of each other!

  • Caroline Dupont

    Hello, when I was leaving with my mother she used to have different cats, untill last one was sick and old. She had to give her to SPCA. After that, she never had cat anymore, that was in 2005-2007. I had a cat with my boyfriend in 2010, Frimousse, buth never before or after beacause of the illigibility in Montreal’s appartment and the cost.

  • Killin

    My now deceased cat could stand on his hind legs, stretch himself upward from the floor whilst leaning against my bedroom door, press on the lever handle and open the door!