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  • April

    This would make a golden fish stick for my cat…. Just kidding cute fish nice colors

  • ruth

    I had a gold fish ..witnin a few hrs was dead ..my mom and I didn’t know you couldn’t just put it in water lol..

  • MT

    The gold ring I bought to propose to my wife! It was an estate piece so it’s unique. She loves it!

  • Sheila

    won a gold medal in track for the javelin

  • dolfanatl

    My favorite gold story is Austin Powers in Goldmember.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    One of my brothers-in-law has a pond in his backyard. He has some large goldfish in it. In the winter the pond freezes over. The goldfish go into some kind of suspended animation and when the pond thaws, they just start swimming around again. I think that’s so amazing!

    • Karen T

      I wish I could do that in the winter! LOL

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        Me too!

  • Diane Lane

    The very first James Bond movie I saw as a kid with my dad was Gold Finger. It was our first daddy-daughter movie.

  • uche

    The very first James Bond movie I saw as a kid with my dad was Gold Finger. It was our first daddy-daughter movie.

  • Noel Stewart

    I have always admired the Chinese goldfish story. Besides paper, firecrackers, and the compass, the Chinese selectively bred the goldfish from the Asian Carp species. This occurred over 1000 years ago in the Tang Dynasty. Today, people continue to enjoy the beauty of the goldfish worldwide.

  • Sue W.

    Panning for gold in California….we actually found a few specks!! LOL

  • Richard Vargas

    This took place about 10
    years ago. I went to my friends house to visit, drink a beer or two. When I got there, he was ranting about a necklace and pendant someone gave him. The pendant was HUGE. It was a ship’s wheel and anchor. He couldn’t get over how gawdy and cheap it looked. He asked me, “Seriously, would you ever wear something like this?” I agreed that it was over the top. “Here take it, let your kids play with it.” I figured the kids would like it, so I took it. They played with it, then tired of it, so it ended up in the junk drawer. A few years later my mother-in-law visits, and starts cleaning everything. She found that necklace and gave it a good cleaning. “You should be more careful, with expensive things like this.” I told her it’s the kids toy, fake jewelry. ” No, its 18K gold made in Italy, look.” Sure enough, it was. We took it to a jeweler and he appraised it at $375. We take better care of it now.

  • Erin Estilette

    A poem. Nothing Gold Can Stay.

    • Nicole Zimmer

      “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is a poem by Robert Frost, written in 1923, and published in the Yale Review in October of that year. It was later published in the collection New Hampshire that earned Frost the 1924 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

  • Ray Ayala

    My favourite gold stories occur whenever economies set aside the Gold Standard, like during WWI and FDR during The Depression. Most recently, former President Nixon took us off the Gold Standard in 1971 and we have not resumed it since.

  • Stacie Snow

    when my grandson was about 4 he was playing in the front yard and came running into the house with his hands full of some rocks he found yelling we were rich he found us some gold! Lol

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Sounds like lots of fun, Karen!

    • Karen T

      Oh it was! LOL I could probably write a book about my childhood escapades.

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        I’d read that book!

        • Karen T

          Really? I’m always telling my fiance’s 8 year old grandson that he needs to write a book or be a stand up comedian. He’s really funny and has a wild imagination. But maybe I should practice what I preach? Lol

          • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

            Definitely! I’ve been trying to get Carol (Miller) to write a book for months.

            • Karen T

              Well, thank you Diane. I’ve read your encouragement to Carol and I agree that Carol should write a book.

              • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

                Carol should definitely write a book. So should you. I’m sure your life would make for a good story, Karen.

                • Karen T

                  Thank you Diane.

  • sp

    my dad always bought me gold fish as pets. they never lived too long. to make me less sad, he wud tell me they were being sent out to sea when he’d flush them down the toilet.

  • Cynthia Simpson

    “The Gold Bug” by Edgar Allen Poe. I’m very interested in codes and ciphers, so this story was interesting to me. I didn’t crack this code, however.

  • bhjustice

    My mother has given me my grandmother’s gold wedding band. Given to grandmother by grandfather circa 1920, it is rather delicate with a diamond chip in the center – likely more than they could afford at the time. I will need to have a jeweler repair the bottom of the band, worn threadbare by many decades shared by two people, working together, raising six children to adulthood, losing two children to childhood disease, and oh, so many happy memories for this granddaughter.

  • Nicole Zimmer

    A good friend of mine spray painted his entire Christmas tree with a sparkly Gold Glitter spray paint. The light it gave off was a precious soft glow, which he soon was using as lighting for his lilly white ass!
    (RIP Allen)

  • Nicole D. C

    I worked in a jewelry store for 15 years. I would never look at the gold things, thought it was old lady like. You know the trend white gold and platinum. But over the years I grew fond of it. Now it’s most of my jewelry wardrobe.

  • MyKinKStar

    Seeing a bottle of Goldschläger for the first time, with all those gold flakes in it floating around, and sharing it with friends with big laughs! Delicious stuff, that will kick you hiney before you realize it!

  • Verónica Rolón

    I received my first golden ring when I was in first grade. It was given to me by another 1rst grader who wanted to marry me. It only cost him .05 cents

    • Karen T

      That is so sweet! Lol

  • Ken Grant

    Remember the tale of Midas and everything he touched turned to gold. Seemed like a good thing at first, but it had a dark side as well. There is a moral in there somewhere.

  • Tbag

    In wrestling, I could never win a gold medal and had numerous bronzes and silvers. There was always that one guy i couldnt beat in every tournament. So then, my national gold medalist teammate gave me one of her many gold medals just to cheer me up. I know i didnt win it, but just having that gold made me forever grateful lol

  • Natania

    About 48 years ago a family member (Jeff’s Grandpa) lost a gold nugget while he was out in the field. There was only one house and a farm back then on their 19 acres. Now there is several houses and it’s all family, my in laws. We all get along great and I love them dearly. However this nugget was never found. So Jeff and I bought a metal detector years ago and have went over the part of the property many times where we were told he lost it. We even decided about 2 years ago to buy a better metal detector and still no luck finding it. We look for it a few days, get frustrated, and give up. Then a few months go by, we get in the mood to start looking for it again, only to be disappointed a day or two later and quit again. We have looked about 30 times in the 23 years we have been together, All of the family has tried looking for this Gold Nugget also. Unfortunately none of us can find it. Sometimes we agree to quit stressing and obsessing over this, and a little time goes by and we are right back where we started. So we say, “let’s go find that gold nugget!”

    • Kenneth Chapman

      Try looking in the Places you hav’nt Looked,lol,G/luck

  • Malcolm Green

    Abebe Bikila was an Ethiopian who ran the marathon in the Olympics and was one of only two marathon runners to win gold twice. In 1960, Mr. Bikila ran barefoot, breaking the heart of the sports shoe companies seeking endorsements. He won again in 1964, only 40 days after undergoing an emergency appendectomy.
    What a lion-heart!

  • OceanGirl

    My favorite gold story is that I’ve always dreamed of going to the Palace of Versailles. Two summers ago, my dream came true as our tour group had an optional excursion to go to the palace. Talk about gold galore! Our tour guide said that Louis XIV of France was known and still known as the “Sun King” because he loved gold so much. Yep, it was a dream come true to see the golden palace!

  • Jennifer B.

    We used to sing a song in Brownies…
    Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other, gold.

  • Carol Miller

    My favorite gold story is definitely The Midas Story from Greek mythology. Dionysius promised King Midas he could have any wish. Midas was obsessed with wealth and money. He asked that everything he touched be turned to gold. Dionysius warned Midas to think carefully about this wish but Midas insisted that is what he wanted. As he tried to eat grapes they turned to gold. His lass of water turned to gold. When he went to hug his daughter she turned to gold. Midas begged Dionysius to undo the wish. The God told him to bathe in the nearby Phrygian River. When he did gold from his hands ran into the river. The Greeks believed there really was gold at the bottom of this river. Morale of story: Be careful what you wish for, especially if it is for wealth and money.

  • Kari McDowell

    I still have my favorite gold thing. My granddaughter was 2 at the time and you know how you throw ping pong balls at the fair. Well she won one of those little gold fish in a bag that usually are flushed down the toilet within a day or two because they die. I told her I would take good care of it and now two years later I still have the gold fish!!! My granddaughter is usually at my house every weekend and even now at 4 years old the first thing she does when she walks in is say hello to Fred! Amazing that gold fish is still alive and seems to be thriving. Fish can live to be very old and if he ever does die she will be heartbroken. Fred the Goldfish is my favorite gold thing because he has made her smile so many times!

  • DM

    My Grandparents left gold coins for my son. I had no idea until they passed. It was such a great surprise for us, not other family members but for us. We were closer to them than the grandkids and great-grandkids (my son). It actually brought smiles to both of us that we were thought about.

  • Jessica Neiweem

    My high school colors were gold and brown. I was never clear on why they picked that color combination when there were so many other good ones to choose from. At any rate, they were ours. Unfortunately, gold and brown are not the most flattering colors for graduation gowns. Even so, those were the colors picked out for graduates to wear as they walked the stage: brown for boys, and gold for girls. The gold gowns were really more of a mustard yellow color, but because I was graduating from that school, I had to wear it with pride. And so I did. Looking back, it is the only time I ever wore that color, and so today I see that “golden” opportunity as a great memory.

  • Sylvia

    Every year during St Patrick’s day I would hide gold foiled chocolate coins throughout my classroom with a note from Lucky the Leprechaun giving clues to where they might be found. My kindergarteners loved following the clues and finding their golden treasures, it was an enormous deal to them to actually find these much prized coins. I did this for years but one year was especially memorable. My students really enjoyed finding and eating the chocolate coins; Lucky even had other treats he would leave for those allergic to chocolate. So I was totally impressed with Miranda who had only found 2 coins and left both on my desk. When I asked her why she said oh, one is for you because you don’t have any and the other one is for Lucky to say thank you. I’m so foolish to think I’m always the teacher in the classroom; my little ones often teach me the most valuable lessons.

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    The leprechaun and the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

  • Sherry

    The time my Aunt opened her mouth to show me her “grill” It was a gold filling. She is in her 60’s, and I was surprised she even knew what a grill was.

  • dottie p

    my daughter got her 1st gold fish at a county fair, so we bought a bowl and took it home. the next day it was dead, i didn’t tell her i went to the fish store and bought another. and replaced it. again the next day i found it dead. not knowing what was going on i tried with fresh water and something to so the fish wouldn’t get sick, again the 3rd fish died. ok so let’s get a tank that has a filter, and all that fancy stuff. we set it up on the kitchen counter, and watched as Goldie 4 was put into place. (of course she still didn’t know it was not her first fish) 5 fish later, i got up one morning and here she was holding the fish (#9) by this time she knew at least 2 had died. saying “please don’t die on me Goldie” i had to explain to her you couldn’t take fish out of water, she asked why not? it’s her pet and she wanted to pet it. i couldn’t laugh at that time. but boy as she got older, it became a family joke.

  • My favorite gold story is the first time I panned for gold. I was an intern for a summer in Keystone, SD. My roommate was from Canada. Touring all the tourist hot spots no matter what they were. We went to the Gold Mine in Keystone. We were the only ones on the tour so we got special treatment. The guide had the hots for my roommate that kinda helped to. We went through the cave and asked the most ridiculous questions like “is this safe for us to take a selfie in” as we were climbed into an old mine cart! It was plenty safe but we acted like giggly teens even though I was 32. It was the best tour ever. at the end of the tour we got to pan for gold. I could not find any gold what so ever. I moved to four or five different spots in a man made river that was “full of gold”. Soon the guide came over to me and was like ok let me show you once again, after the 10th time of showing me exactly how to do it. I finally got the smallest flake of gold that they magnified in water and you still needed a magnified glass to see. My roommate and the guide acted as if I found a huge nugget of gold. I think they were just that excited to see me succeed finally at getting some gold!!

  • Paul Clément

    Mine is not a story but a saying that is somewhat cliché but nonetheless quite sound: ”All that glitters is not gold” I like it because of its being appropriately flexible in application, equally able to describe misleading appearances in things, people or actions. Basically, it is like saying : ”What you see is not necessarily what you get”

  • Stacey DuBois

    my gold fish would jump up out of the fish bowl and then dived by into the water. my gold fish lasted 5 years.

  • ramadevi

    When I was 5 years old, I liked to collect the stones from the sand and mud. I used to search them in the sand and mud near by my home when I play outside. When I was digging the mud I found a gold chain buried under the mud. The gold chain was very old and it lost its glitter. I took it out and I showed it to my mom. My mom washed it and gave it back to me because it was not looking like real gold. I used to put it to my doll to play. It doesnt belong to nobody. After long time my mom took it for polishing to a shop. It was real gold, small beautiful chain.

  • Jan Clark

    11 years ago it was my mum & dads Golden Anniversary which was amazing. They live in Ireland so I went over there for a long weekend. They got married in a castle and my brother and sister, who live over there, had a big party for them. All her family sisters & brothers and old school friends etc were there and to see the look on my special mum & dads when they saw everyone. To top it all off they had a picture taken outside the castle doors just as they did almost 61 years. It was a very special day which I personally will never forget. This is my Gold Story!!!!

  • Bernice Summerton

    I remember when I was a little girl and received my first real gold ring for Christmas from my parents. At that time it wasn’t the gift I wanted. I was the baby of the family. I had two siblings. A brother (the oldest) and a sister (middle child). That particular Christmas my bro and sis got watches as gifts. They were both old enough to tell time. When I saw there watches I got really excited and assumed I was getting a watch to. Well after I opened my gift and saw the ring I became very upset and started to cry. As the years went by I came to love that ring and have cherished it. Mom and Dad have passed now and when I take that ring out it brings back some very special memories. I’ll never forget.

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    Well, when I was much younger about 10 maybe I did something that I thought was a good thing until the Grandparents came home. My Gido had these gold fish in a tank in the living room by his t.v. I was wiping furniture for Baba and I noticed a terrible smell coming from the tank. So when they left I thought I’d freshen up the water in the fish tank and poured in some Avon perfume. Well, they didn’t appreciate it because they were floating by the time my Grandparents came home. I was scared. Lol. I got a spank and I was grounded for awhile.

  • Agha Raza Abbas

    i just listened old is gold this is only my favourite gold story hahahahahhaha

  • Aria

    Most tragic story when I was 12, is cleaning my fish tank and accidentally dropping my fish at the sink and went through the drainage. Never again I will buy fish. Apparently I have bad luck:(