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  • Kari McDowell

    Not sure detective is quite the word, more like a snoop. My older brother was dating my best friend. I knew they were passing notes and that my brother never throws anything away. I went through his room with a fine tooth comb until I found his stash. They weren’t that interesting, but I got to read every one of them! Never told either of them that I had seen the notes.

    • Chris

      LOL!! This is funny! Will you ever tell them??

      • Kari McDowell

        We are both all grown up now and of course the courtship with my friend really ended badly so nope I never told him.

  • Marce McHone

    In my last field, i transcribed medical.. it was sometimes like being and undercover agent because trying to understand what doctors and interns are saying while thet have what sounds like a mouth full of peanutbutter required a good amount of investigating, picking out clues, searching for answers.

  • edeliz

    When I was doing QA for a software company. I had to figure out if the system was working according to specs and somehow still satisfied what the idiot-salespeople had promised the customer.

  • A Volstorf

    I was the best detective when I was married; I felt prompted to look in a closet in a specific place and found proof-positive that he was cheating.

  • Chris

    Just a few weeks ago a gentleman phoned in to my work and said that he had a credit card charge on his Visa from our business. I asked him for several details related to the transaction posting detail. Now, this person could have easily done this himself. However, I sensed by his voice he was elderly (not always is this a great prediction), and went ahead and investigated this charge first in my accounting program, and when I could not find it there, I resorted to the Internet. I live in Idaho…SO, many business names start with “Gem State….”. The details related to his charge were listed as “Gem State Rad”. Well, I work in the RADio Telecommunications industry. SO, I can see how this guy found us in the phone book. YES, I did say the PHONE BOOK. When I use the term ELDERLY, please nobody take offense. When I called the gentleman back, and explained to him that the charge was likely for Gem State Radiology, it occurred to him that he had had a procedure done there and was grateful I had done the research for him. He was not looking forward to the hassle of having to file a dispute with his credit card company. At the end of our conversation, he explained that he used to be a detective years ago. He told me I missed my calling and should have been a financial forensic detective. LOL!!

  • Rachel

    Always! Anyone can give me a small detail or person to work with, and I can build a case and find out anything you want to know! Haha. Social media really gives way to alot of details about people, and it’s so easy to find out things because alof of people don’t even think that it shows. When your whole life is laid out across several social media platforms, piecing together stories and details isn’t hard.

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I found the person that robbed my house before the cops did. I caught them on my home camera and spotted them on Main Street called the cops and case solved.

  • DM

    I figured out most of my family members are narcissist. Sad to say but all these years I thought something was wrong with me. Oh well now I know.

  • Nicole D. C

    Everyday! With my kids that is. My daughter is celiac and she sneaks Foods all the time. Then lies about it.

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    I’ve always have been a good detective. Problem solving is a daily event for me

  • Richard Jefferson

    It was an unfortunate situation, but my niece had ran away from home at 15. Her mom called and when we went over the first thing I started to do was check up on Facebook and other social media to see. We found some disturbing previous posts, but eventually determined that she had gone north of the city and the police were able to locate her and bring her home. Scary situation.

  • Sue W.

    We went to a Murder Mystery Dinner show and I was the first to figure out who the murderer was!! Got me a free dinner…yeah!

  • Sylvia

    I had a great little 5 year old student in my classroom who was a delight to teach. He was happy, cooperative and eager to learn but everyday about 1:00 he’d become moody and distracted. I talked to his mom who thought he just wasn’t adjusted to full day kindergarten but I was worried something else was going on. I noticed he had practically the same lunch from home every day and wondered if something he was eating was causing this change. So I started documenting what he ate, at what times he started acting differently and what behaviors he was showing. I discovered that on days he had the most trouble he had the same type of snack cracker in his lunch. I brought this to mom’s attention and she followed through with her pediatrician. To make a long story short it was determined my little guy had an allergy to the dye in those crackers and that was causing the problems. Once the dye was eliminated from his diet there were no more behavior changes. I’m not exactly Columbo but I felt pretty good at being able to help my kindergartener.

    • Karen T

      I’m glad you were able to help him to. Especially nowadays with the additional junk they’re putting in our food.

  • Renae Brannon

    In a past relationship, I detected how many “other” girlfriends he had besides me.

  • Lilianne Proulx

    With childs, we have to be good detective… It’s always my turn to detect who’s fault is any broken thing… 😉

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    The second I realized I liked boys and i had to be because they LIE!! LOL

  • long load lynne

    I found out who stole the exhaust pipe off my car, so i hammered four potatoes up the (my) exhaust pipe of him car, he sat on his driveway revving and getting out to look at engine and kept pulling on throttle cable, finally there was a big bang and out flew the potato`s and black smoke all up his garage door which also had large cracks its once nicely stained and polished wooden panels. I was sitting at dining table eating a baked potato at the time and watched the whole thing.
    That`ll learn him to steal from me!

  • Brian Vaughn

    When I was younger, detective mode would kick in around Christmas. I wanted to find where the presents were hid and try to guess what they were. Considering I had a small place, there weren’t many options. First place I checked was the closet and of course there they were. Finding them back then was easier than guessing. Today finding them is no trouble because they’ll be under the tree unwrapped all of December and if they are wrapped, the wrapping is taped. As long as I find the rest of the gift wrap, I can open them and tape them back up.

  • Mum K

    Has to be why my hubby never watches a film with me!

    I always know who has done it or what is going to happen, and that’s just from the beginning.

    Soon as I see a face. I’m not sure it’s detective but more like a sixth sense.

    Lol x

  • ramadevi

    Why my post is pending??????????????

    • ramadevi

      Now it is there, thank you sooo… much.

    • Karen T

      This happened to me once. I can’t remember exactly what fixed it. But one thing you should probably do is go into your Vindale Profile and also your Account and update your information, name, email etc… Even if it hasn’t changed. This does seem to help with a few issues. So I hope it works for you. This is a link for help when your comment is ‘Pending’.

      • ramadevi

        Thanks for your suggestion. This is 2nd time I had problem. May be they were checking something on my account to fix.

        • Karen T

          You’re welcome. It’s hard to remember to update my account until I start having those problems. But usually within a couple of days things tend to work out.

        • Vindale

          Hey ramadevi, it’s actually a Disqus thing. Certain words will trigger the automated flagging system and then I have to go in and approve comments. Nothing to do with your Vindale account. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!

          • ramadevi

            Thanks for your information.

  • Denise N.

    Everyday I am solving some type of ‘case’. From a missing sock to finding a misplaced cell phone. I even have successfully figuered out the solution to a complex Algebra problem all by myself! (A proud accomplishment for me even if was just 3rd grade math homework!).

  • Maxine Hunter

    I saved my son and his aunt from a barn fire years back and I saved 2 cows from running away

  • Jen Rogers

    I found out my husband was having an affair with some duck camp chick. Our joint bank account had several cash withdrawals, but one cc purchase for two people at a fancy restaurant and after seeing that I browsed the pretty cleaned up search history of his iPad but revealed searches for fancy restaurants, date spots, sexy saved snapchats not sent to me, and emails in which the endearment “baby” was used.

  • Azra Rehman

    When my in laws were back bitting behind me and I caught that on time. Lol

  • Karen T

    It’s good that you pay attention to detail.☺ and I’m glad to see your answer posted.

  • Merm123

    When I was working at a retail store, I was what you would call a floor walker and watching for people who would steal from the store so I saw a woman and her husband trying to take a tv out of the store. I don’t know how they thought they would get away with it. They managed to get it out the door but cops were out there waiting and she didn’t get very far. I felt like a detective watching them then having to pull them into the security office with the police.

  • Sue W.

    That would be awesome!!

  • rose morgan

    Finding mold where everyone said it didnt exist.

  • Diane Lane

    I had to find out who was stealing the food off the counter including an apple pie, blueberry muffins and an angel food cake. Followed the trail of crumbs up the stairs to the kids room and surprise the golden was finishing up the muffins.

  • ramadevi

    Ha ha ha…..I used to check my son too when he was young.

  • Bryan Williams

    “Yes, I am a good detective.” http://tryvindale.com/VzmcMlpj

  • Carol Terminello Hintopoulos

    When I had to find my daughter’s lost cell phone when she was young. I retraced our steps going back to all the places we visited that day and nothing. I finally put my thinking cap on and found it wedged between her box spring and side rail of her bed!! Detective work was exhausting!! LOL

  • Theresa Holly

    when I worked retail had to keep on customers so they would not shoplift

  • dottie p

    when i found information on my ex that he was cheating on me.
    that’s why he’s my ex

  • Erin Estilette

    Every time my little sister needed to be caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to. Lol.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    I was working on my family tree and came across a man who changed his name in the 1860s. In 1860, I found him on church records that gave his wife’s name and their wedding date. In 1865, I found records where he bought land – same wife name and children. After some additional research and talking to some family, I discovered that he had been a deserter during the Civil War and when he came home, he changed his first and middle names. He and his wife packed up and move from Tennessee to Kentucky where they bought a farm and raised a family. Three of his brothers had died in that war.

  • Ajeana Marti

    When i worked at the grocery store…people would leave keys, wallets. All kinds of things. After a week i would go thru our lost and found and try various ways to return these items. Id check our stores data base, phone book, face book. Then id usually mail it back to them.

  • Veronica

    when I was working and I put in orders that needed to be delivered they sometimes didn’t make it. I was good at finding them by back tracking and talking to everyone who would be involved with the order.

  • Jj Jacks

    Everyday day when I lose my phone and house keys!!

  • When I was in my early 20s, I witnessed a kidnapping at a local laundromat. I love people watching and eavesdropping is a great skill. So when the guy came in acting strange… he didn’t even have laundry. I knew I needed to watch him. A mom with younger kids had been there for a while and briefly left. Then the guy left. Then the mom came back and was missing 2 of them. The older one came running in yelling he’s got him. When the mom went out to see what was going on, I called 911 and explained everything. The boy got away from the guy but the guy drove off. I gave a great description of the guy and the car to the cops and they caught up with him 30 miles away in a different county 2 hours later. I would say that is a successful detective story!!

  • Tbag

    Lol never, I have an awful attention span and tend to always be the last one to notice what is going on. When watching detective shows or movies, my friends are usually able to predict what will happen in their mind while I’m left in shock most of the time

  • Natania

    I have always wanted to be a detective. My sister called me one night crying saying she had a feeling her husband was cheating on her. So she wanted me to pick her up and follow him one night, I told her that wouldn’t work, since he knows my car, and we could end up sitting somewhere for hours and not see nothing. However I did tell her if he is I will find out. She said he wouldn’t let her touch his cell and he took it everywhere, even to get a shower. She said he changed the password, they both knew each other’s passwords and it was never a problem in the beginning.and she could tell by how he was treating her something wasn’t right. I told her I needed all his personal information and we would get his detailed billing. She said he stopped that a few months ago. (This was about 18 years ago, I doubt you could even get it now.) I acted like his wife called where he had his cellular through, and told them we just stopped our detailed billing a few months ago but wanted to start receiving it again because we were getting pranks and wanted to see if we could figure out where the calls were coming from. Of course they asked for his personal info ( which I had) and then they said I wasn’t an authorized user on his account. I said well when we called months ago he put me on there I was right by him and heard him do it, and told them we were married so he wanted me on his account. I convinced them after talking to several supervisors and they put detailed billing back on there. I told her make sure she gets the mail so he doesn’t see it. The day she got it, she came straight to my house and opened it. There were 35 pages of calls and it was mostly one number, and he had talked to this number for an hour at a time, and they were talking constantly. I called that number acting like my sister, I was calm and nice and asked her to be honest with me (my sister was 7 months pregnant at the time.) and I told her that also. My sister was listening on another phone so she could hear everything. So the chic said she didn’t know he was married or had a baby on the way and apologized over and over. I felt so sick after I found everything out, she immediately packed her things and moved back in with my Mom and never looked back. He begged her several times but she stayed strong. I almost felt maybe I should’ve stayed out of it, but I am so glad I didn’t because who knows how long he would have continued it. So from then on if anyone thought anything, they would call me and say I need help!

  • Maddie Lessard


  • Noel Stewart

    Whenever I watch “Murder She Wrote,” I try to solve the cases with Jessica Fletcher.

  • Mark Mataranglo

    I’m not a good detective! I lost my mind years ago and although I’ve looked and looked, I still haven’t found it. Maybe I’ll post a reward!

  • carol

    I was very good at finding out what my daughter was up to when she was a teen. Even went to the house where the party was that her freind called me telling me she was the mom and she would be home. ha cant fool this mama

  • Marc Lagace

    I was a good detective when I advised multiple times a friend’s 4 year old daughter to not ever cross the road when participating in an outdoor activity under my supervision. Because I physically showed her, her boundary line to not cross.

  • Rusty Carper

    When I was in college; I was in this organization. They had us go on a scavenger hunt. We could go anywhere on the college campus to find what we were looking for. It was wild and crazy with some of the things that we had to find. You had to go through dorms and different campus buildings. Some things we had to find were even embarrassing to ask someone if they had it. However, it was a lot of fun doing it!

  • Michele Towns

    When my husband was “working” later and later! I let him know he was caught with a sarcastic txt, then when he realised he cldnt blag his way out of it, he tried twisting it round by saying “I can’t believe you would spy on me”!

  • Mary Huff

    My teaspoons kept dissapearing come to find out my mother was throwing them away when she scraped her dinner plate.

  • Allsorce News

    When I thought I won’t something from publishing clearing house and I came to find out it was fake. Nobody plays with me with money and get away with it.

  • Valerie Cloutier

    When I found out where was the lost hamster in our house (under the basement floor)!

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    The kids would always ask me where things were. Including my husband. Where are the keys, where’s my coat, where’s my homework! Of course I always knew where they were..ask me where my purse is and I might not know! Win some , lose some!

  • MyKinKStar

    All things considered, my tenant did not fall from a tree on my property as he claimed, but had tried to set it up to get me to pay for his dissatisfaction with his life. Nothing added up: The ladder didn’t fall; he couldn’t remember how he got in the chair on the other side of a large limb he had cut down – that did not need to be cut, yet he claimed I said it ‘had to go;’ he didn’t keep up with his therapy for fractures and didn’t appear any worse than he’d ever been either. He had fallen years before, as an iron worker with a union, and didn’t do all he should have done then, when he had full medical coverage – not MY deal to have to make up for! He is a racist, misogynist, who drinks and abused his pain pills too but dogs on ‘dope dealers and users’ as if his abuse of substances is different because it’s legal and/or doctor prescribed. This event had to happen for me to see him as a worthless being, someone I did not want in my life and certainly not in my home. I had to get him legally removed from my home and then he continued by sending me threatening letters saying he was going to take ‘everything’ I have, so I’d be soon living under a bridge. Glad he pulled this stunt because had he not done it then I would not have been on notice so soon and he could have done much more damage to my life and my finances just by being here and having access to my home.

  • MyKinKStar

    When nothing added up and I proved a tenant was just trying to get me to pay for his wretched life choices. Had to have him legally removed from my home and he still wasn’t done trying to hurt me with threatening letters and attempted to sue me too. LOSER!

  • Linda Cupit

    I found I was a good detective when I questioned witnesses before court and learned my client was not guilty

  • justinkeene

    when my best friend’s brother borrowed money from him and neve paid it back. Had somebody do some research

  • Richard Vargas

    A friend of mine asked if he could borrow my car, because he had an interview or appointment, I can’t remember exactly. It was local, and he swore to only drive there and back. He dropped me off at work and took my car. He picked me up at my lunchtime. I asked how everything went, then I asked where he went. “I just went there and back to my house, then picked you up right now.” He didn’t know that I had set the trip odometer. I showed him where it said he drove 35 miles. His face turned red, he knew he was caught. He said he drove to the next town to visit a girl, and drove her around. I wasn’t mad, just disappointed that he tried lying to me.

  • jack roberts

    i caught my teenage son pushing the car out of the out of the driveway after I told him no he could not go out, I drove to the entrance of the housing development we lived followed him to a party that had drugs many underage drinkers and adults whom had purchased these beverages I managed to stop my son. In the end we found out local law enforcement had been looking for this “corn field” party for the past school year.

  • Bridget Murphy

    I believe that I’m a great detective, every day there’s always mysteries to be solved. Such as the case of the missing lighter, yes given it was a short case of 42mins, I can positivly say that the lighter was found safe & sound…..In my hand!
    My twins, ‘which one where you again?’
    Who put their chewing gum between the sofa seats??
    Who put this in the trolley & where the hell dose it go?
    I could keep going but I will finish the top detective story & the servey says “KEYS”
    They were in my bag, I put them there after I opened the door oh no I came inside the smoke alarm was going off my darling was burning dinner & where the keys ended up is beyond me……oh crap the keys were in the door the whole night!

  • Derek MacDonald

    When my mom’s ex boyfriend was cheating on her, and she did not know. I knew something fishy was going on, so I decided to place a tracer on his car and trace where he went. I followed him directly into the arms of another woman, snapped the photo, and helped my mom leave the loser. I was proud of myself that day.

  • JunsHoneyBee

    Ok so my teenage daughter lost her Iphone and she didn’t have all that find my iphone on or anything. When that happened I google so many ways to find the phone without actually having the physical phone. Well I found a spy program that was a link that you didn’t have to tell the other person that it really was spyware it would send a link to your phone from me to try a program out I think it was something to do with photos I really can’t remember right now. Anyway so we got her a new one, so i sent her and not only her but my husband this link so they both can download and I can spy on whenever I want and til this day I know EVERYTHING they are doing and EVERYWHERE they go. Sometimes I say something like why are you at this place cause my daughter sometimes tries to say she’s somewhere and be at a friends house that she knows I’m not to fond of or why did you go to this place today and they look at me crazy cause they can’t remember if they told me or not. My husband has a bad memory so it’s a lot of Oh! you told me that don’t you remember. LOL

  • Jason Provo

    Perhaps I feel like a good detective most days; in the workplace. Im a nurse on a forensic psychiatry ward where nursing duties are more likely to be obtaining urine samples to detect alcohol/drug use than actually cleaning up urine. I dont just sit with patients to collect health history and presenting data; I explore the moments of a recent crime scene when the (accused)patient was in a psychotic state while committing the crime. Then come the months and years of continued assessment of the patients, attending ORB hearings, reporting back to the courts whom we work for; all tieing back in to the original crime.
    I wonder if Holmes, or perhaps Watson, ever wore scrubs…

  • Ray Ayala

    Last Christmas, we played Secret Santa at work. I wanted to find out what kinds of treats and gifts would be appreciated by the co-worker I was assigned to. I found a lot of information by looking at her social media posts. After the gift-giving period was over, and each person found out the identity of their Secret Santa, she told me she was amazed at how I knew what kind of coffee, doughnuts, and snacks she liked. I also found out who her favourite fiction writer was from her posts and was able to give her some books she really liked.

  • Hannah Benjestorf

    I lost my wallet, I thought, on a trip to my grandparent’s house. When I was there, I called gas stations we had stopped at, and on the way back home we stopped at those stations and left notes for them. When I got home, out of curiosity, I looked in our car(the one we hadn’t taken on the trip. Sure enough, there it was, lodged between the drivers seat and the storage compartment. Case closed!

  • OnceUhTineUhPon

    When I found items that were to be shredded in the regular trash pile. I removed the items from the trash, then hid them. Then I asked the person who was to have shred them if they’d shredded the papers & they answered that they had, then I showed them the papers!

  • Carol Miller

    I first suspected that my ex-husband was cheating on me in the third year of my marriage. He use to always go into the office later at night and be whispering. This was before cell phones and computers. So one night I snuck down stairs and very quietly picked up the e tension. Bingo, just what I thought. He was making plans to meet the other woman at a restaurant near our home. I knew the manager of the restaurant real well. I explained the situation and he let me stay in the kitchen to see for myself. Well I gave a small tape recorder to the waitress and she agreed to record them ordering dinner. Thank God the recording came out ok. Next day, told my husband I was filing for divorce. He said, “On what grounds?” I said, “Infidelity.” He claimed I could never prove it. Two days later I was in a lawyer’s office with the recording. My exhusband was served with divorce papers a month later. When his lawyer called my lawyer, he played the tape for him. I think that was pretty good detective work back in 1973 with no cell phones, computers etc.

  • Deb

    I’m always a great detective at finding where the cake is hidden. I have a nose like a bloodhound.

  • Jessica Neiweem

    I am a great detective anytime I am reading essays from my 11th graders. I am often solving the mystery of what they’re trying to say, why they say it a certain way, or what they were thinking when they used an emoji in a formal research paper. Unfortunately, many of those mysteries have gone unsolved, but I am ever-diligent in my pursuit of clues and answers.

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    The time I had to be a detective was when my oldest child was sneaking around and taking things from around the apartment that I wouldn’t notice. I did notice but I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I played dumb and didn’t let her know that I was on to her big plans. So, one night when I was pretending to sleep, I heard her going through my things in the living room and in the storage that was outside on my balcony. I waited for her to get ready to leave and quietly walked out into the dining room where she had some things on the table. She was surprised and told me that she was looking for her old stuff and thought she’d be nice and clean and tidy the storage. She was so caught. She didn’t know what to say, and she moved out next day. Not with my things either. Kids can be big jerks. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/579e45a95e770119d79714f7bc3706f19de45e11d1ee95b5859e2f1cb7fc8f34.jpg

  • Ashley Salinas

    I found the location of an online scammer. All his phone numbers and accounts where all fake. But i attempted to pretend i am tech savvy and found his ip address.

  • Stacie Snow

    When my husband wrecked my car took me asking around a little nit but found out he was texting and hit the pole in the dollar store parking lot! Then was telling people I did it!

  • carpediem5790

    I’m a great detective, always have been. When you’re a teacher, you pick up that skill trying to figure out who did IT. My best detective story happens nearly every day. I have a roommate that is not careful at all, breaks things and then puts them back for someone else to find and think that THEY broke it. I learned early on, that it was she and I had not become suddenly accident prone. I am particular so if i put something in its place and its moved, I know right away something is up. I love gnomes and had a big garden gnome. He was just slightly off his dust spot. I looked at him and noticed that the tip of his hat had been broken and glued back on. I turned around to my roommates and said, “WHAT HAPPENED HERE?” BOTH, said nothing, why? They swore it had never been broken and I was imagining things. After about 5 to 10 more incidents with other things around the house, I realized they were not only breaking things, but lying about it. I plan to move, but I have to live with them for now. I am constantly on the lookout for things like that: eg a broken jar holder on the refrigerator door that let loose just when I opened the door,dumping everything on that level of the door on the ground! a mug whose handle broke off in my hand, a vacumn cleaner whose hose broke off the unit beforei even lifted it to move it. A Swiffer whose handle cracked and fell off when i removed it from the dust closet. My roommate said she needed a new laptop because she spilled coffee on the board. My other roommate offered to buy a new one for her. I knew her daughter wanted a laptop. So when they were gone, I took the laptop to see if I could fix it. I don’t think i fixed it, but it was working just fine.. When they came back, both were furious that i had “messed” with it. No one was grateful it was fixed. hmmmmm.? Can you imagine living with two adults that act t his way every day. You have to be on your best detective game, just to reassure yourself, that you are not losing your mind.

  • Garry Ga Ga

    I am a great detective when it comes to looking for an object when we are about to leave the house. like KEYS lol

  • Monica

    I am not sure – sure I can make up the conspiracies, but I need to find the truth. So I would say I am a good conspiracy theorist, and I can do small investigations to get some truths spilling. Like when a relative was doing their MS Book Read a thon, they suddenly had money. One look in their drawer and I found a heap of donations which they were spending on themselves.

  • Camena Dawnstar

    I’m Human Resources Manager for the Australasian Lost Pet Register. Day in and day out we find missing pets, and locate the owners of found pets.

  • stj

    I am Sherlock Holmes