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  • Sylvia

    Yikes, it was my wedding day! I was so exhausted from the last minute planning and rehearsal dinner that my parents let me sleep in. I awoke an hour before the photographer was set to arrive looking like raccoon road kill. With a lot of help from my sister and best friend I pulled makeup, hair and wedding attire together just as the photographer arrived en mass with the wedding party. It was the happiest day of my life and I had to inwardly chuckle when the photographer said how calm and well rested I looked.

  • Mark Wieczorkowski

    I overslept it was 7 pm suppose to be at work at 6pm. Got up got dressed drove to work and no one was there. Then realized it was Sunday night and not Monday.

    • Deb


  • rose morgan

    Made my daughter miss homeroom because of my “overslept:.

  • Maria

    Todos los días preparo ami niños doy de cenar vemos tele y después lomacuesto en ocasiones le cuento y cuento a mi niño de 5 años y pues voy con mi bebe y la trato de dormir dándole su biberón y abrazándola y listo después sigo yo me pongo pijama ablo
    Un ratico con mi esposo y nos quedado sin dormidos fin

  • jennyjet

    My sister overslept and who was to pick me up to take me to my wedding. I was late arriving to my own wedding.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    Many years ago, I was working at the Indianapolis post office and it was a one hour commute from the suburb I lived in. I was the delivery supervisor and normally had to start at 6am. However, on the day after Thanksgiving I needed to be there at 5am because there would be 2 days worth of mail. Well, I overslept and was flying down the expressway to make up time. Since it was the Friday after Thanksgiving and it was very early, there was virtually no one on the road with me except…a state trooper. Yep, I got my one and only speeding ticket.

  • ramadevi

    When I came to Canada it was December month. There was lot of time change for us. After landing in Canada we slept all day from night to until next day afternoon 1200. We three of us very tired and we landed safely, we over slept peacefully that nightness. After waking up I saw dark outside, cloudy and I got confused that it may be early in the morning. I could not believe it because there was no sunshine like back home. I opened my laptop to check the day and date. Then it started snowing, that was the 1st snow fall of the year and also for us.

  • Marce McHone

    I used to over sleep alot when i worked 12 hour shifts 6 days in an auto plant, pure and total exhaustion by the 3rd day…

  • Teresa Rojas

    I was scheduled for a very important surgery,and I was so stressed and worried that the night before I couldn’t sleep so I took some medication by the time I fell asleep it was about an hour before I had to get up. I did not wake up,I didn’t hear my alarm,nor my phone. I slept until so late that they had to reschedule my surgery. My first thought was “Oh no I have to go through all that again” .

  • edeliz

    Oh, I used to live in a state where they didn’t do the clock change, so the first time we ‘sprung forward’ after we moved, I was late for church and couldn’t quite figure it out.

  • Merm123

    I overslept when a good friend of mine passed away and because of the time change, I missed the funeral. I was so upset and had to travel two hours to get there so I would have missed it anyway. I felt so guilty. That will never happen again! May she rest in peace.

  • MT

    I turned my alarm off one day and woke up an hour late. I literally ran around the house and was out the door, dressed and with lunch in 4 minutes and sped all the way to work and arrived with one minute to spare.

  • Heather Skulan

    I overslept once when I was pregnant and was late getting to my relatively new teaching job. I was in such a rush that I dressed, ran out the door and got to school before I realized that I was still wearing my big fuzzy slippers. Fortunately I had a pair of flats in my desk but I still had to walk past everyone with my slippers on before I could get to my shoes. 😛

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    Ill never forget the time my best friend and I were on a cruise and on the last night we were up all night drinking with people we met on the cruise. We had our alarm clocks set for 8am but neither of us heard anything until around 11 AM when one of the cruise members knocked on our door saying “GUYSSS IT’S DISEMBARKMENT TIMEEEEEE”…Well we never jumped up and got ready so fast. And to this day, we say that line to each other with the same accent the guy had LOL “GUYSSS IT’S DISEMBARKMENT TIMEEEEEE”

  • Jason Provo

    I oversleep a lot! Late for work a lot! I am a full time night shift worker for 12+ years now and sleeping during the day is difficult. I have darkening shades on the bedroom window so the room is always dark but still, sleep does not come easy. When evening kicks in and I finally fall asleep, I am sometimes likely to wake up to the 930 pm alarm, turn it off an then fall back to sleep. Then the phone call comes….from work…sort of like a snooze alarm service!

  • Sarah Turner

    My family did a paper rout for year’s, one weekend I was spout to wake everyone at 1 am and I overslept to 4 am.

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I overslept for my most important day, the first day I was suppose to start my first job, oh how embarrassing that was. I have no excuses just pure stupidity drank the night before heavily.

  • Noel Stewart

    When I went to college, my dorm had “lights out” at 11:00 pm! One night, having an important test the next day, I studied until 4:00 am in the bathtub with a flashlight! The next day I missed the 8:00 am test because I OVERSLEPT! Luckily, the professor was nice and arranged for me to take the test the next day!

  • Jéssica Cardinali

    One day I was studying until very late for a test of an impossible discipline. The professor was very strict with the way the question was answered. I spent the night, reviewing all the content and ensuring that I would do well in the test of this discipline. I overslept and lost the test.

  • Teri Davis

    When I was working overnight I was off one day and I was sleep from working the night before. At around 945 I woke up and thought I overslept because on the days I worked I had to be there at 10pm. I woke up frantic running around trying to find my clothes and everything until I realized I was off.

  • Ray Ayala

    Oversleeping used to be the norm for me. I finally figured out how to not oversleep.

    I put my alarm clock radio far away on the other side of the bedroom. I have the volume set loud. And… it is on a station with music I cannot stand for very long. When the wake up alarm goes off in the morning, I have to physically get out of bed to stop the torture!

  • MyKinKStar

    Packed for a flight and ready for bed; taxi ordered for 630am pick-up; but clock was set for 6PM, not 6AM . . . Woke up just as taxi pulled up and had to dash out frazzled to tell him to give me 15 minutes. I did quickest shower ever – naturally curly hair has to be wet to style, then out to do my eyes and lips on the way to the airport. Thankfully everything else about the trip was great! Live and learn = I always double check myself when I set the alarm!

  • Deb

    When we were caring for my Mother-in-law after her surgery she wasn’t sleeping well. I gave her a sleeping pill without knowing that my husband had already given her one. The next morning we were getting alarmed because she was sleeping so late. We finally figured out that we had both given her a pill. It was a race to the phone to call the doctor to find out if we had overdosed her. He told us not to worry that it wouldn’t affect her respiration. She finally awoke at 3 PM. We never told her what we had done because she would never have trusted us again. We didn’t kill her,,,,so all was well.

  • Natania

    One day after dropping Kayla (my daughter) at school, I came back and was so tired and decided to take a nap. Normally I stay awake or clean or do lundry

  • Rusty Carper

    I was working third shift as a stocker, and during my lunch break I went to my car. Well, I fell asleep and my supervisor and work partner came out to wake me. They actually thought I was dead. Cause I guess they kept yelling my name and blowing my car horn and I wouldn’t budge. Finally, they shook me awake. Then there was another time that I fell asleep during my lunch break. It was the same job, and no one knew where I was. I slept from 2:30am until 4:30am.

  • Sara DuVall

    I got up one Saturday at 10am when I was supposed to host a 4 year old birthday party at my sisters business.
    The parents called and we rushed there and had to finish setting the party up!!
    They were a bit perturbed , which was totally understandable.
    They ended up giving a bonus because the kids had an awesome time.
    We told them the party was free since we were late, so instead of $150 we got $30.
    Bitter sweet.
    We were never late again!

  • Nicole D. C

    I was supposed to open the store at work one morning. I forgot it was daylight savings time and was an hour late. We had our regular customers waiting.

  • Eric Madore

    I slept 8 hours too long when I was sleeping at a friend’s house. I had to replace my manager. I arrived with my pajamas, I had to be there to receive an important delivery, I was lost, asleep and stressed. It begins badly.

  • Sue W.

    What’s oversleeping??? I wish I could sleep at all!!

  • Jessica Neiweem

    Once I overslept and missed the ACTs, but I wasn’t a student — I was the proctor.

  • Brian Vaughn

    I came home after school and a long day of testing. Of course I was tired and needed a nap. I woke up to my alarm at 5am, having to get ready for yet another day of testing. Wasted a whole day!

  • JS

    I am wIth Sue W. – what is sleeping? Menopause doesn’t allow any oversleeping!

  • Amanda Meharrie

    My over slept story could be what just happened today…
    My family came to visit and was to leave this morning… so we had plans for a big breakfast and to attend a morning function before they had to leave.
    However…despite knowing our plans call for a superbly early morning, and not seeing each other for sometime… we stayed up late spending time together and therefore overslept this morning… so much for breakfast… and more so of a rude awakening and a quick goodbye lol

  • Richard Jefferson

    My overslept story began after school was out and my wife and kids had gone to the cottage. I was left all alone in the house for the Sunday night and then Monday morning came and my wife’s alarm didn’t go off and I slept in well past 9am. It was a pleasant time to get the extra sleep, but then I had to scramble to get my day started. Luckily I work from home. 🙂

  • Peter

    When I was a teenager I worked for an industrial sandblasting company. I was the pot man…the guy that dumps the silica in the sandblasting feed pot. Well the company had a job at a local mine and the truck was parked beside the building where the guys were sandblasting in and the signal guy was standing on the roof of the building, about 4 stories up. He would signal me when to stop the sandblast flow and when to start it. I couldn’t keep looking up as it was giving me a kink in my neck, so I decided to lay on the ground to watch the signal guy, and as you might have guessed, I fell asleep only to be awoken by a couple of the mine’s employees asking if I was okay as they thought perhaps I had fallen off the roof and was dead.

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    I do not oversleep because I suffer from insomnia…I sleep when I can get it!

  • DM

    I thought i overslept for work one night. I got up got dressed, make-up, hair, heels, the works. Drove about 10 minutes and saw stores closed and it was still dark. Because it was 2am. Not sure where my head was!

  • Erin Estilette

    My overslept story? That is the story of my life!

  • 77giggles

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, I must have been really tired, because I overslept the whole weekend, only getting up to go potty. My husband had gone to work, and come home, and then gone to work again… Now, 43 years later, they’re still talking about that weekend.

  • Raven

    I got arrested because of sleeping too late once..

    • carpediem5790

      there’s a law against sleeping too late??? lol joking

  • Vonnie Aldrete

    I was a Banquet Mgr for the Shrine Club. We were hosting the annual Business Men & Women’s Luncheon which always had a well known guest speaker as well as other celebrities. That year, it was Internationally known news anchor/reporter, Peter Jennings. 1300 people would be in attendance, so much work was to be done. I not only made sure every detail from set up to food prep was perfect, but was actively physically involved . This took us into the wee hours of the morning. Got home around 2:30am, made sure alarm was set, showered and into bed. When I awoke, I was shocked to see that it was 11:30am. OMG! Like Superman in a phone booth, I dressed and was out the door. I arrived after lunch had been served and Mr Jennings was beginning his speech. Thank God, I had a wonderful staff that took charge and made it happen! All ended well, but I was terribly embarrassed that I never heard the alarm or multiple phone calls from my staff. They were going to call the police to check on me, as soon as they could catch a break. They knew something had to be wrong as I was passionate about my banquets and would never, not show up. Well, they were right, something was wrong… I was tired! Lol

  • Ken Grant

    I had a friend who was in Tokyo. He had to get up early for a flight but woke up late. He rushed to the airport and got there by offering the taxi driver a large tip to break every law. He ended up leaving some valuable items in his hotel room. He gave the driver his wife’s phone number and told him to give it to the hotel. He made the flight and the hotel shipped his items home. Quite a story.

  • Jessica Finch

    My “Overslept” story seems to be like a reoccurring nightmare. I had set my alarm to get up at 7:30 To be at a interview by 8:45.. My alarm went off at 7:30, I hit snooze button for that extra 5 minutes of sleep, but instead of hitting snooze button, I turned off alarm. Thankfully I managed to wake up at 8:15, went into Panic Mode, but made it on time. Not sure why, but have that heart-stopping moment reoccur to often in dreams..

  • Nisha

    OOOhhh!!!!!!! Remember when you were 4-6? You were always having fits. I just so happened to have a rather large one about 3PM. So I went to my room, flopped on my bed, and cried to my pillow. Then I fell asleep. (This part is really funny/weird) I woke up at 8PM. Usually in the morning my bus came at 7:45AM. Here I am thinking, oh no! I’m 15 minutes late! So I got up, hurried to the kitchen, and ate a toaster waffle. My parents are like, “What are you doing up? It’s 8 at night! And why are you eating a waffle?????!!!!” And I’m 0_o.

  • Aries13

    I “overslept” once when I was babysitting. I used to get there early in the morning and one day the baby was still asleep so I figured I’d lay down and rest my eyes for a little while until he woke up. I crashed! I jumped up when I heard crying and ran in to get him. I will never know how long he was awake before he cried, but I walked in to a huge poopy mess!

  • Denise N.

    Afternoon naps are great unless, of course, you’re a mom and a wife who is also the only one holding down the household chores. So it was a warm afternoon and I caight myself nodding off. Rather than fight it I chose to lay down for at least an hour. Afterall, what could go wrong in an hour, right? I awoke in darkness and un-nerving silence. I did not know the time, the day, or why I was awake all in the space of a few seconds. I quickly got up to check on things. My child was sleeping in pjs, a bath towel was on the bathroom doorknob, school clothes in the hamper. In the kitchen dishes and pans were in the sink, a covered plate of spaghetti was in the microwave, the trash bin was empty, and the pet dishes were re-arranged. Outside our trash can stood on the curb illuminated by intermittent headlights. Making my way back to our bedroom I noticed the clock read 4:44 a.m.

  • Sowmya

    I can never forget my ‘overslept’ story, which actually went in my favour!
    This happened long ago when I was supposed to attend my 1st interview in the High Court of Delhi. Previous night I was so nervous and couldn’t sleep well thinking about the interview. Only early morning I could get some nice sleep and didn’t hear the alarm going off at 5.30 am. Suddenly when I got up, it was 8 am. I rushed through my morning chores and took a cab and went to the office, though I knew that I would be late, just to try my luck. But by the time I reached there, all the interviews are over and I apologiged and told the receptionist that I overslept and couldn’t be there on time. She wasn’t happy with my explanation but went inside asking me to wait at the reception. She came back after 5 minutes and asked me to go and see the Registrar, the interviewer. Again I apologiged to him and told him the reason for not being on the time! I was very embarrassed at the whole situation. He interviewed me and asked me to wait for couple of
    days for the results! To my surprise, I got a call from him next day itself for the second interview and within 1/2 an hour, I was told that I got selected! He also said that they were impressed by my honesty when I told them that I overslept and couldn’t make it on time to the interview! I couldn’t believe it!!

  • Tbag

    I was supposed to attend and compete in a wrestling tournament at 7pm, but decided to take a quick power nap at 4pm and never woke up until midnight lol. Coach was pissed the next day

  • Garry Ga Ga

    My BF&I had an amazing event for the evening we both had an Elders Nap and woke up the next day at 1230pm! He thought it was Yesterday still

  • I remember one time of over sleeping for work. I worked an hour away from home and when they realized I wasn’t coming the called to see if I was having car troubles. I woke up to the phone instead of my alarm. I had no clue what time it was and then realized that my alarm should have went off 3 hours ago. I told them I must be too sick to go to work since I slept through my alarm. They ok’d it and I went back to sleep.

  • linda pickett

    i worked a 24 hour shift at waffle house on a friday night, that’s how i felt too

  • Renae Brannon

    I always overslept…my family would tell me to be somewhere 1 to 2 hours before real time just so I could be on time.

  • Dannielle Redd

    I’m not late, I didn’t want to come in today. Lol

  • OceanGirl

    Have you ever dreamt about missing a flight? Well, I have, and this time a dream (or nightmare) came true! About six months ago, I was getting ready to fly out to Phoenix, AZ. I spent the entire day last-minute packing and then fell fast asleep. What was really strange is that I dreamed the entire time while sleeping about missing my flight, then having to figure out what to do next. I set my cell phone alarm, but it wasn’t enough to wake me up in time. I missed the flight, which spiraled into a whole ‘nother mess. Long story short, don’t oversleep! Set more than one alarm if you need to!

  • Jessica Heath

    Mom woke us up at 7 so I could help her pack and bring her to the airport for business. While packing realized that the clocks had changed so it was really 8 so already an hour behind we rush out of the house as we are driving we run out of gas on the highway bc the dashboard is completely broken. Call my brother ask him to bring us gas but he had to travel north to get to us traveling south so I asked him to stop on the opposite side of the highway and just walk the gas can over the median well to say the least I saw him drive by so he fort off the next exit 7 miles north to turn around, put the gas can in, get off next exit to fill up, then get back on the highway and am speeding bc her plane leaves in an hour and we are an hour away and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if it wasn’t for a business trip. As I am speeding trying to get her there on time I get pulled over. The cop asked me how fast I thought I was going and I told him I was unsure bc my dashboard is broken and then I tell him our morning so far is why I was speeding. He goes to his car checks my license comes back and says stay the f*** out of my lane and go get some gas it says you are on “E” I just said thanks but wanted to say didn’t you even listen to the story the dashboard is broken and I ran out already and filled up….finally get to airport with like 4 minutes to spare and they decided to pick my mom for like some random bag check so she missed the flight, awful morning all bc clocks changed forward

  • Jennifer B.

    I haven’t overslept in years! With kids who wake up at the crack of dawn, sometimes sooner, it’s really hard to do. But, honestly, I’m looking forward to having a story in the near future. I would love the rest!

  • Kari McDowell

    I was suppose to have my daughter at the starting line to ride a float in the Christmas parade. Well we both overslept. Here we go rushing to get her there and she ended up chasing the float to catch up. Reminded me of the old westerns where they are running to jump on a moving train! She made it, I missed my morning coffee and we had a good laugh later.

  • Bryan Williams

    “I missed the bus.” http://tryvindale.com/VzmcMlpj

  • dottie p

    i’m old, so i don’t remember my younger days but now that i’m retired. i don’t oversleep for anything. either the dogs, or the new baby wakes me up.

  • Theresa Holly

    I was on flight and fell asleep on plane if did not someone to wake me I would have missed my connecting flight

  • Elizabeth Camacho

    I overslept one morning until 6 am was supposed to be at work at 4 am and called in and said I would be late.. man never ever did that again

  • Latasha Lindley


  • Ryan Anderson

    Overslept and missed my starbucks job interview. Not getting that one. Specifically when they called me to inform me I had missed it.

  • Mary Huff

    overslept 2 weeks ago and missed my tai chi class…

  • Linda Cupit

    I have, on more than one occasion, woken up to my alarm, gotten dressed, went to court to meet my client, and found out I was at Court a week early.

  • Derek MacDonald

    I am the queen of oversleeping, as well as procrastinating, but that is a story for another day, haha! When I was graduating from University with my Master’s degree, I almost completely missed the graduation diploma service. I decided approximately 5 hours before the service was to begin, to lay down for a small nap. I set my alarm and dozed off thinking all was well. I awoke with literally 13 minutes to spare. Rushed to the ceremony, and thankfully my last name was later in the alphabet, otherwise I would have completely missed my name being called.

  • JunsHoneyBee

    So I was having problems sleeping at one time. I finally fell asleep and I was suppose to be at work at 11 p.m because once a week I worked an overnight shift at the job I was working at. Anyway some how as I was setting the alarm i set it for 10 a.m. instead of p.m. So at 10 p.m. the alarm didn’t go off. OMG I didn’t get up til next day and was so tired I didn’t hear the phone ring or nothing when i got up it 7a.m. the time my shift was suppose to be over. lets just say I currently work somewhere else now and don’t have to be at work until 1 p.m.

  • nicole

    so I decited to take nap on thursday 6pm and woke up and thought it was the next day. Then one time my daughter did the same thing and she slept for a while and thought she was late for school and we laughed after.

  • brent

    İ had a layover in Paris for 12 hours. I hooked up with someone a on the street. Went to thier place and…. feel asleep and realized I was late took a 100 euro taxi to airport only to miss chekin by 10 minutes. That gave me one more night in Paris

  • brent

    I had a layover in Pairs of 12 hours. I met someone on the street. went back to thier place and…. I feel asleep and woke up to find I was late to the airport. I took a 120 euro taxi to the airport BUT missed check in time by 10 mins. So I missed my flight to the States.

  • JOsborn

    I was sick and took a nap after work. Woke up at 7pm but thought it was 7AM and therefore, VERY late for work. I even tried to call my principal to let her know I was up and on my way. Thank goodness I realized it was 7pm, not 7am, before I left her a frantic voicemail!

  • carpediem5790

    I hate the feeling one gets when they oversleep, its something short of a heart attack!! I’m a single mom, responsible for two little boys 7 and 8. I am also a full time teacher with a class of 35 other little kids counting on me. I hit the “snooze” one morning at 6:30am, but apparently shut it off. When I woke up it was nearly 8:00 a.m. SCREAM… Had to get the kids up, dressed to school (we missed daycare which was prepaid, darn, also missed the bus picking them up from daycare. If the kids are late, at their school, I needed to walk them in, sign them in and be sure they made it to their classroom. Hopped back into the car and drove to MY school. My first science class was waiting at the lab door, unsupervised!! causing all sorts of havoc!! When they saw me they all cheered. WE LOVE SCIENCE LAB, we’re glad you’re here and we don’t have to stay in class!. What started out awful ended up in me knowing how much I was appreciated. Love my kids and my classroom kids!

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    This one was a bad one and I am going to share it. I can giggle now about it but not at the time. I was all nerved up the night before my wedding and nobody knew which hotel I was in because I wanted to be alone. Well, I slept in by a hour. I was late for church and my groom thought I had cold feet and changed my mind until I arrived and in my gown bare foot cuz I couldn’t run in heels. That was a terrible sleep in moment. But it’s funny now. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/758d489c78c3061e7e9e646c4c37421c960a77b5fb4808a9b88f6f633c0cb4a7.jpg

  • Monica

    I am going through a period where I don’t have to do much, I can’t do much either because I don’t want to spend the money. So I sleep until late morning to make the day shorter, and by 12pm I am out of the house. I am back in the house by 2pm, and then I am spending the rest of the afternoon inside.

  • Sarah Gililland

    I over slept one time and I thought I was late for school but it was the weekend.

  • stj

    I missed the A.C.T. test