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  • Sue W.

    Don’t worry, everything will be fine!!!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      That’s a big no-no if you are a nurse. No one in the medical field should ever say that to a patient because you never know what could happen.

      • Jason Provo

        Yep, absolutely true. Nursing 101.

  • Stephanie Navarro

    If your friends go jump off a bridge, are you going to do the same??

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      My mom used to say that all the time!

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Be a nurse. You’ll marry a doctor.

    • Karen T

      Most nurses, that I know of, are married to policemen…lol

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        Or fire fighters. It’s a “wanting to serve your community” thing. They told us in nursing school that a lot of nurses marry policemen or fire fighters.

  • Christine Haitel

    When you have kids, you’ll understand.

  • MyKinKStar

    Don’t smoke and if you do smoke, QUIT NOW. Nothing good will ever come from it, EVER.

  • Julie Torix

    Just do it.

  • Heather Alex Nunn

    In May 2007 I was in a near fatal Motorcycle accident, in which I almost lost my leg, my life, and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury that I still suffer from constantly. At the time of my accident I had been riding for 7years almost 8, so I already figured out my own methods of getting around the situations that bikes face and cars do not. EX: tripping sensors at red lights to signal a light change. Somehow I was T-boned by an SUV and the “eyewitness” testimonies in the accident report were all conflicting. None told the same or accurate story, and due to my head injuries I can’t recall a single detail of almost that entire month let alone the actual accident. What I do know is that it destroyed my life as it was and forced me to revert to a child like state again. Having to relearn how to write, who I was, who my family was, and so on. So needless to say I struggle daily but even more so around the anniversary of the accident with the fact that a MAJOR life changing event that disfigured my body and my retarded the functioning of my brain but am 100% unable to explain to anyone but most importantly myself what happened to me and why? The advice that I hear most often that simply makes me irate is, “You’re lucky to not remember it would be much worse to have to live with that memory. You should just get over it and move on. Just try to let it go.”
    How am I supposed to accept, forget, or let go of something that I have no F*ing idea what it is to begin with?!?!?!?

    • Natania

      I am so sorry this happened to you.

      • Heather Alex Nunn

        Thank you but life goes on it is what it is.

  • Cathey Cat Morris

    just forget about him… can do so much better.

  • Jason Pike

    chew with your mouth closed

  • John Hunt

    It will get better over time

  • ramadevi

    Yesterday when I was in the bus, the bus driver announce, ” Please take the next bus this bus is not going to……place”. It was annoying when the bus driver announced it before reaching my work place before 3stops. It takes 3-4mins to reach my work place. I got down and waited 5-7mins to get next bus and I reached late to work 15mins late. The driver might have told the same at the terminal itself. It was upsetting and anyway everything was OK. Sometimes it happens, no one can help.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    Don’t pick your baby up every time he/she cries. It will just spoil them. No, they need attention or they wouldn’t be crying.

  • Nicole D. C

    Never go to bed angry. Why not? Let me sleep it off so I don’t say something I’ll regret later.

  • Card Angela

    Do it this way….?

  • Steven Nehr

    Don’t do it like this, do it like that

  • happyvibes

    “Suck it up.”

  • Marce McHone

    Im a type 1 diabetic, the absolute most annoying advice to me is a nondiabetic trying to tell me how to manage my autoimmune condition, which is NOT due to food….. telling me how their type 2 diabetic grandma lost a foot because she ate cake… :-/ telling me what to eat and how to manage …

  • Carol Terminello Hintopoulos

    I despise the expression – this is a no brainer. It’s basically saying if you don’t agree with my, your stupid. Ugh

  • Ni Wang

    Bleach is best at removing blood spatter.

  • dottie p

    there’s nothing you can’t handle,
    if God gets you to it God will get your through it..
    or my favorite (not)
    whatever God gives you will make you stronger
    that only means he trusts you
    (i wish he wouldn’t trust me so much)

  • MT

    Just be yourself.

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    oh this is easy! “you have such a pretty face — now if you could just lose some weight”!!!! If i had a quarter for every time I heard that – let’s just say I probably wouldn’t need to do vindale surveys LOL..(I’d still do them because they are fun – but I wouldn’t NEED to do them LOL).

  • Logan Clarke

    Humpty dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty dumpty had a great fall, and all the kings horses and all the kings men had to put Humpty back together again…..When I was a kid that cracked me up so hard I went spoiled.

  • Maria Cisneros-Walker

    The kind you didn’t ask for.

  • Brian Vaughn

    Don’t do anything to harm your future. Don’t do drugs, don’t hang around bad people. Considering I intend to be a police officer, I hear this advice way too much. I know not to be stupid. One little mess up can ruin it all. I need more of a “remember be smart” more than a “don’t do..”

  • Davids

    “Just be yourself”

    Um no. If “yourself” is a fucking douchebag, you need to change. I’m so sick of seeing assholes be assholes and try to play it off as “that’s just who I am, bro.”

  • Jeanne Wagner

    Keep your chin up!

  • deedee walker

    I get really annoyed when someone says to me, “see you should of listened to me” advice, in other words the advice I didn’t take that they thought I should of.

  • edeliz

    The one that is a veiled “I told you’.

  • Noel Stewart

    Buckle your seat belt! I don’t want to buckle my seat belt, because I don’t like to wrinkle my clothes! AND as slow as I drive I will never get hurt!

  • Tasha Hawkins

    Money can’t buy you Love.

  • John Morgan

    When you lose something and people always say “look in the last place you used it.” or “where was the last place you saw it?”. OK, if I knew that, it wouldn’t be lost.

  • When we got married last August, everyone was giving us advice. Some of it great advice but one was not true for us. We have been dating for 8 years and lived together for 7. We hardly ever fight. So the advice, “Never go to bed angry,” is the one I found to be the most annoying. We found out that they only time we fight is when we are stressed out, overly tired, or super cranky. The best thing we found for us was to sleep on it. Usually, one of us would take a nap and then when we were refreshed was able to communicate easier and the issue usually works it self out. My husband is on the spectrum and we both have other mental health issues. So going to bed and sleeping when angry actually is the best thing we can do. I have found that we both need the time to cool down, relax, and rethink about what the actual reason for the fight is and then it helps us to work it out with a clear head.

  • Erin Estilette

    When someone says to calm down or get over it.

  • Samuel D Bryant

    believe in yourself

  • Carol Miller

    When I was raising two daughters as a single parent and no support from their father, the MOST ANNOYING piece of advice was: “Money isn’t everything”. and “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” I wanted to turn around and say, “But money puts food on the table, pays for clothing, heat etc.” I would have been a lot happier not having to worry about money.

  • Deby Ann

    Pretty much any advice my mother ever gave me! Kids cost money, don’t have any, you’ll regret it. . . (just before I got married almost 40 years ago. We have four adult children, now, btw.) Don’t get another animal, just think of the money you’d save (Right after my dear dog died last month!) And there are much more along those lines. Yep, I don’t ask for her advice, because I know the kind of stuff she’ll dish out. She gives her advice anyway, no avoiding it, except not to visit or talk with her!

  • Gianna Owens

    Go to college while you’re young and have no ties (children/spouses etc.) for financial security, you’ll regret it later if you don’t.

  • rose morgan


  • justinkeene

    the most annoying advice, told to me, just ignor them. ignor those people

  • Adrienne White

    The most annoying advice that really irritates me is someone always telling me, “You can do much better”. It irritates me becasue I always try to do my very best in whatever I do in life; but, there is always someone who may want to take away the hard and tedious work that I put in, just to be devalued due to the fact that they can do more effectively. In addition, the statment that is made sometimes has a tendency of “spite” behind the advice.

  • Merm123

    When someone says “Don’t worry your true love will come”

  • kandeels

    Don’t worry. Granted, it does nothing, but if you don’t worry, you don’t care… leaving us with a nation of care-less fools!!!!

  • Jessica Neiweem

    The most annoying advice is unsolicited advice. Most people can usually tell whether someone is telling them something about themselves just for the fun of it or if they’re telling you something in order to seek help. However, some people’s response to anything others say about themselves is to tell them what’s wrong with them or what they’re doing and offer suggestions of what they should do differently. Personally, I don’t mind getting advice if I ask for it, but if I don’t ask for it, I don’t really want it. So that is what I consider the most annoying kind of advice.

  • Malique rose

    Don’t get pregnant

  • Ken Grant

    Its always darkest before the dawn … not sure how that applies to real tragedy in life.

  • Javip Pozo

    The most annoying advice is that your family tells you not to your dreams you just follow what they want

  • Teresa Rojas

    Don’t smoke it’s bad for you!! Really I never heard that before!!

  • Shawn Regan

    When you snooze you lose

  • Diane Lane

    What will be will be. I asked my mom was she was related to Doris Day? Her answer was go to your bedroom young lady.

  • DM

    Everything happens for a reason. Please never tell a parent who has lost her child these words.

  • Sylvia

    The worst is just follow your dreams! I dreamt I’d be a famous singer even though I can’t carry a tune. I would have wasted my time and energy trying to be another Streisand. I say follow your passion which for me was teaching. Hey, my students hardly notice what a pathetic singer I am, we love to sing together. Streisand, eat your heart out.

  • carpediem5790

    “YOU SHOULDN’T FEEL THAT WAY” especially when I had nothing or no control over what caused me to feel that way in the first place. SHOULDN”T, but I DO feel that way usually for a good reason and I now have to do or say something to resolve the nagging feeling.

  • Stacie Snow

    suck it up and deal with it! I hate hearing that!!!

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    The most annoying advise was from a single woman giving me adVise on how I should raise my children! Years later when she had her own she recanted and said she knew nothing at all on how to raise them! Had a good laugh together!

  • Tbag

    “Others have it much worse than you do so live with it”

  • michele

    You are in for a rude awakening.

  • Rebecca lee

    I hate it when people say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Sitting on the couch watching t.v. has neither killed me, nor made me stronger. Unless I count the muscle strength in my arm from continually picking up my glass of wine, lol!!

  • Ray Ayala

    Set the bar high and lead by example! I would rather let someone else set the standard first, so I know how hard I need to work to become the new leader and replace them.

  • 77giggles

    The most annoying advice is when someone is pregnant and 100 people will give you 100s of stories… Each pregnancy is different… there is no textbook pregnancy… keep your stories to yourselves!

  • “Check your SPAM Folder”. Yeah, I already did. I wouldn’t be saying my mail never arrived if I hadn’t check there. You are not in some secret know about SPAM Folders.

  • Hirianys Castle

    “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” … what a f..k. this is! After having a hard disease, if you overcome it you are never stronger than before. I hate it 🙂

  • Nisha

    “This works for me just do this” Not always helpful, I know lifestyles are different, goals are different. Ultimately it’s calories in and calories out, but how you choose to make the numbers is up to you for your goals and lifestyle.

    “Carb/sugar/something of the day is EVIL!!” Leave me alone with my jellybeans.

    “You shouldn’t eat that it’s full of chemicals” Everything’s made of chemicals dude.

    Unsolicited from random dude “You need to lift heavy to look better” Yes lifting heavy is great, and I do it and enjoy it, but I also don’t want unsolicited advice on what you think I need to do so you random man will find my body attractive, I’ll ask if I need advice.

    Another random dude “You don’t want to go to the gym too much, soft bodies are nice” Yep I am sure they are but too creepy and none of your business.

  • Sly

    “Why don’t you just chill out for a sec?”
    This advice is useless! When has anyone ever calmed down after being told to calm down? Hint: NEVER.

  • Jason Provo

    “Have you thought of trying (enter medication type here)?
    As a nurse, my co-workers for the most part seem to relish the idea of trying new medications/pills etc. for the slightest perceived ailment being discussed. These pill-popping enthusiasts always have a pharma answer for everything. Anti-depressants if I’m having a bad day, acid reflux pills for a bit of heartburn after Indian take-out or the classic “I use this med for that problem even though it’s not meant for it technically…”
    Just because we work in a field of med passes and doctors orders, I think nurses should encourage alternative solution; i.e. herbs, spices, homeopaths, witch-doctors, whatever! Let’s really keep our patients INFORMED, not just reliant on the latest fad pharmaceuticals.

  • Lynn

    The absolute most annoying advice is any unsolicited advice. If I want your opinion I’ll ask for it. Otherwise, please keep your “help” to yourself.

  • Laura A. Reed-Henckel

    Because I said

  • Denise N.

    Just wait and see. Wait? What? Oh-I get it-I have no control and I am just a spectator in my life—sheesh!

  • Shawn Regan

    Fake it till you make it

  • Deb

    Keep your chin up! Smile!!………so annoying.

  • You should smile more.

  • Adriana Gomez

    “Your going to be okay”

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    I’d leave him/her if it was me. Well it’s not you, and we all perceive things differently. What is intolerable to you, might not be a big deal to me.

  • Natania

    I cannot stand when people say, ” when you say no, you need to stick with it!” What’s the big deal if I change my mind.

  • Dejah Fowler

    I hate getting relationship advice from someone who is not in a good relationship or isnt even in a relationship at all or who cant keep a relationship.


    My dad would always say god will protect you

  • Beata Nalesnik

    “It’s always in the last place you look” Well isn’t that obvious. When you frustrated looking for something and someone comes at you and says that… Ugh

    • Rachel

      Like duh, of course it’s the last place I looked. Why would I keep looking afterwards?? Lol

  • Mikel laspalas

    Backseat drivers giving you advice


    To me the most annoying advice is advice given to me that I know is right! When my husband tells me “What you should do is stay out of it, if your sister wants your advice – she’ll ask”, it annoys me to my wits end! I was already going to do that, and now it seems as if he he is soo smart!

  • Mark Mataranglo

    The most annoying advice is advice not asked for.

  • Amanda Meharrie

    It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all…

  • JunsHoneyBee

    OMG! I have a teenage daughter and I can’t stand when someone tries to give me advice on how to punish or reward amd even talk to her and they dont even have kids. LOL

  • Dannielle Redd

    No reason to cry over spilled milk! … ugh ..cringe worthy lol

  • Bryan Williams

    “The most annoying advice to me is being told what you already know.”

  • Alison Webber-Jones

    Build a bridge and get over it

  • Monica

    You should start studying (I have already done two online major courses and they are telling me this)

  • Beth Lasyone

    “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” when you have other children

  • Beth Lasyone

    “Put on your big girl panties.” Like what if I want to wear my little girl panties and go my mom and be shelters by love and her unyielding comments how I am always right