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  • Nicole D. C

    Everytime we would pass a field of cows my sisters husband would say MOOOO, I”m going to eat your brother tonight. Sad really.

  • jennyjet

    Grew up on a farm. Had to milk them and etc. Had one go mad on us one day and she chased my sister up a clothesline pole. She was shipped out the next week.

  • We bought a cow at an auction who was about 7 months old. They delivered him and he instantly took off, breaking the fences and was gone through the fields. We tracked him all around our property for 2 weeks. Neighbours would tell us he was on their front lawn. Once we were even going full tilt beside him on our 4 wheeler..this cow wasn’t coming home for nothing. One day we saw him standing up on a back hill and we had to literally hunt him! No more cows unless they’re babies.

  • Barbara Knighton

    I am afraid of cows. Silly right? Do not like the way they look at each other and moo! Makes me feel like they are planning something. One warm afternoon I took my son fishing, he was 12 years old. He forget to tell me the pond was in a cow pasture. So I am sitting in the car watching him fish and here comes the cows, two of them, they stick their heads in my car window! I could not roll the Windows up fast enough. We still laugh about the noisy cows!

    • Karen T

      I don’t think your fears are unfounded. Cows are not dumb.

  • Beata Nalesnik

    I was born and raised in Poland on a farm. My mom moved to US when I was 12 years old leaving us in the care of my dad. (She moved to make a better life for all of us)

    Ever since I can remember I worked on a farm which included milking cows. I had to be up at crack of dawn to help my dad with farm work. The milking took place 3 times a day and 2 of those times was my responsibility. Working this hard and having responsibilities like milking cows definitely build my character.

    • Karen T

      I think every child should have some experience on a farm. It would teach them to appreciate life more and work for what they want.☺

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    My grandfather had a farm and had several cows. My favorite was Marybelle. When I was about six years old, she had a little boy calf and I asked my grandfather “Does that make me an Aunt or an Uncle?” He got such kick out of that that he told the story all around town.

  • Sue W.

    I don’t have any story about cows except how I appreciate their meat!!

  • Brian Vaughn

    I went to pre k in the city, so we didn’t really take too many trips (at least to places we hadn’t already seen). One trip we did take was to a farm. I was only 4 at the time, so I don’t remember where the farm was. I just remember being on the bus for hours and hours. So when we got there, the first thing we did was learn how to milk a cow. Probably the most dirtiest thing I’ve ever done. My little 4 year old self holding utters. It was disgusting to me lol. Just glad someone else has to do it and I love my 2% !

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    I’m married to my cowboy story. I first laid eyes on him, and was tall, boots, hat ,duster and my corgi didn’t bark at him. We have had 21 years of happiness.

  • Ken Grant

    A friend of mine was on a missions trip in Kenya. A family asked them to pray for their cow who had died. The cow was their only source of income and food. The team prayed and the cow revived and was restored to the family.

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I love cows because I can enjoy them at Lonhorn’s Steakhouse.

  • Azra Rehman

    During my childhood I loved cows too much. Once a berserk cow attacked me and hit me in the chest with her horns. Since that day and incident I have developed a sense of fear and have never come closer to any cow again.

  • ramadevi

    OMG! A cow story……I still remember the story which gave me very good memory of the story. When I was in 5th grade I was going to school one day. I did not paid attention and a cow hit me with his horns and I I fell to the side way where a cyclist hit me. My left elbow injured with huge bleeding and the bone was visible. I was shocked and the passers by helped me to get up and they took me near by walk in clinic to do dressing to my elbow. It took long time to heal. Still I have scar on my elbow. Since that time I walk away from them and I pay attention when walking on the roads.
    Now I will tell you the clarification for walking the cow in a street openly??? Everyone has doubt about it. Right…. Back home people leave them for a while free so they walk in the street and they go home after. This practice is dangerous but not all cows are like that but some are angry ones. Really I like the cows and we used have a cow at home too. I played with the calf. They are beautiful, I love them. It was bad accident and I still love the cows and other animals.

  • rose morgan

    Trying to eat less of them.

  • Chase Stull

    I walked into Chick-fil-a one day to get a milkshake. I happened to be carrying a Five Guys bag as I had just gotten a delicious bacon cheeseburger and fries. Of course we all know that the Chick-fil-a motto is “Eet Mor Chikin” to promote less eating of cows. I sit down at a table by myself to eat and the Chick-fil-a Cow mascot walks over to my table and stares at my burger. I felt kind of guilty, but I didn’t do anything to show it. After about a minute of the cow staring at my food, I asked, “You got some beef with me?”. He immediately took my burger out of my hands and shuffled across the restaurant with it. It was a $6 burger, so I naturally went after him. He ran outside, across the parking lot, and into the Five Guys. He placed my burger down on the nearest table and yelled “Eat more chicken!” in the middle of Five Guys, then went back to Chick-fil-a. I was very confused at this point, and I had almost forgotten about my milkshake. So I ran back to Chick-fil-a to fing that the mascot had taken his cow head off and was sitting at the table I was at before, drinking a milkshake. I was pretty mad at this point, when he saw me and pointed at the counter, where my milkshake was sitting, untouched. I got it and as I walked out the door, he said, “Take your beef elsewhere!! We only eat chicken here!!”. And that’s why I get my milkshakes before my burgers now and forevermore.

  • Ray Ayala

    Whenever I see cows, I always think about Temple Grandin. She is an amazing person on the autism spectrum who has done much to promote the humane treatment of livestock. She is also a professor of animal science at Colorado State University, lecturer on autism, and consultant to the livestock industry. She has made the world a better place.

    • Deb

      Good answer, Ray. She is an amazing person.

      • Ray Ayala

        Thank you, Deb. I saw a biographical movie about her, and I thought it was well done.

  • Christine Jensen

    My grandparents had a few calves that they would raise. I have an uncle who is only 3.5 years older than me. One year when I was about 10, we decided to ride one of the calves. We were too small to climb up on him, and he wouldn’t stand near the fence for us to climb on him that way. So, we would take running jumps to try to get on his back. He would just stand there and look at us like we were retarded. We never did get on and eventually gave up.

  • Christine Haitel

    My grandparents had a few calves that they would raise. I have an uncle who is only 3.5 years older than me. One year when I was about 10, we decided to ride one of the calves. We were too small to climb up on him, and he wouldn’t stand near the fence for us to climb on him that way. So, we would take running jumps to try to get on his back. He would just stand there and look at us like we were retarded. We never did get on and eventually gave up.

  • Carol Miller

    My favorite cow story is the wonderful children’s book Click, Clack Moo- Cows Who Type. I absolutely love this book and read it to my children and grandchildren. It is hysterical. The cows find a typewriter and send Farmer Brown a message. They want electric blankets. Farmer Brown says that is ridiculous and refuses. The cows decide to then go on strike. The chickens send the same message as the cows and soon they go on strike too. Finally a duck is the go between and Farmer Brown gives the cows their blankets but he wants the typewriter back. The duck is bringing the typewriter back but decides to type one last message. The ducks want a diving board or they will go on strike. Farmer Brown shouts that this all started with the cows. Morale of story? Who knew cows were so smart?

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Too cute, Carol!!!

  • Jason Pike

    When i was 12 years old we were visiting my Uncle in Arkansas. I got woke up at 2 in the morning with my dad. My Uncle says come on to the barn I have a emergency. Come to find out it was cow giving birth, we had to help pull it out. It was so dissgusting, but when it was all over it was cute.

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    My cow story is my love for cows and anything with cow patterns….my entire house is decorated in cow stuff.

  • edeliz

    So I’m a city girl and in my younger days I was not happy that I had to wear glasses. That meant that life was somewhat of a blur. Well, I finally got contacts and my then boyfriend and I went for a drive. Oh my, what a surprise to find out cows had hair. All that time I thought they were, well, flat. He couldn’t stopped laughing when I blurted that out loud.

  • Noel Stewart

    There are more cows in Kansas than people. Therefore, in Western Kansas the cows have the right of way! When you pass through Kansas on I 70, just remember that the cow aroma indicates money and good eats!

  • Wendy Fields

    My cow story is about Chik-Fil-A. It always confused as to why there was a cow for their spokesperson. I eventually figured it out, but still to this day have to make a double take when I see the cow with the sign that says “Eat More Chicken”!

  • dottie p

    when i was younger, i worked for a dairy farm. i had one cow i called kisser, every time i got near her she would lick me somewhere, either on the face, or shirt or something. they also had a Brahma bull and one time during that time of the month he got me cornered, i ending up breaking a wooden cane on him so he would back away. one day i worked i had a good day and a bad day. it was the first time i helped bring a calf into the world i named her BJ cause she was just the cutest bundle of joy. unfortunately the first cow i named a few months before (Baby) had hip problems. and so we had her hanging from the birthing barn by her hips hoping to help her. she was the most beautiful all white cow. i walked in to check on her and she was gone. i cried after work that day for hours. it wasn’t long after that i quit. i didn’t realize how emotionally attached you can get to the cows. the farm has since been sold, and the owner passed away of a heart attack, but i’ll never forget that time (9months) i worked with all the wonderful people and cows. i miss it but i physically can’t do it anymore. I still miss and love Baby and think of BJ a lot. since i left and before they sold it they named a cow dottie because she was born with two black dots on her head.

  • Merm123

    My cow story starts off with my mother took in my two cousins because their mom died when the youngest was 3 months old so she took care of all seven of us. My two cousins grew up being bullied and because their last name was VACCA (meaning for cow) in Italian, they got picked on all the time and we had to defend them. My youngest cousin was a bit on the chubby side so she was always called names. She is like a sister to me and always has been there for me. Kids can be so mean.

  • Diane Lane

    My cow story occurred few years ago. I moved into a rural farming community from a city and down the street is a small dairy farmer. Since our road intersects a state Highway where there is constant traffic. One day the cows decided to talk a stroll up the street and became fascinated with the cars. So of course hehe cows started to go into the first lane, then the second lane north bound. But cows will be cows and continued their journey blocking all the south bound lanes. In less than 15 minutes the highway was closed and out comes the dog officer to take control of 30 cows, some wandering sheep and few chickens. The cows looked at the officer and just moved. After 45 minutes unable to remove the cows off the highway backup was called every town police officer, firemen and the local state troopers were on scene. The cows thought this was amusing and began to lay down on the highway as a protest. After seven hours of a highway shout down the cows became bored and got up and went back home to their barn. Moral of the story cows blocking the highway use cow herder dog not the dog officer.

  • Colleen Goodbrand

    When my brother and I were 5 and 4 years old ,respectively, we wandered down the lane at my grandparents dairy farm, to the back field, to see the cows. ( Kids back in the 1960’s weren’t supervised as they are today.) We saw the cows licking a big blue block and we must have figured, “If the cows like it ,we will too.” Both of us gave that nasty old salt block a big old lick! Once we got back to the house, my mother asked us what we had been doing. “We went to see the cows, ” we said, “and we licked the blue thing the cows licked.” The look of horror on her face is a sight I will always remember! It recently came to light that a lot of the women in our family actually had also licked a salt block when they were little, prompting a male cousin of mine to ask “What is wrong with you people?”

  • Erin Estilette

    I like cows. I can hear the cows in the neighboring field mooing at night. It is actually a relaxing sound to me. They seem sweet. I often go over and say hi to them, and they moo back.

  • JoDee Stout

    Whenever I see cows, I think about how some people think that a “white” cow will give you “white” milk, a “black” cow will give you chocolate milk and a “brown” one will give you strawberry milk. You can tell they’ve never lived on a farm!! lol

  • Tracy

    I’ve been driving by the same herd of cows, 7 of them, for the past 6 years and for the first time the bull jumped on the sow to get personal. It’s amazing how high up they can jump when looking at them standing up they look like their bellies touch the ground. Amazing how animals can move when they want something!

  • Rebecca lee

    This story has become legendary amongst my family and is still a source of endless amusement (although not necessarily for me)!! When I was a child of about 5 or 6 years old, my parents took me for a day in the countryside. We came across a field of cows and I began stroking them. Then I saw a really big one with horns (which I now realise was probably a bull) and I went over to pet it. The cow had his head down grazing and I was wearing a little pair of overalls or dunagrees. As I began to stroke it the cow lifted his head and his horn went under the strap of my overalls. As he lifted his head higher I was lifted off the ground and in his attempt to get me off, the cow threw his head back and I was swung round and round like a rag doll before eventually being launched across the field. Once my parents checked I was ok they burst into laughter and this story is recalled at every family gathering. I’ve never truly trusted cows again, lol!!

  • kandeels

    The story here is that two of our places of entertainment were founded by cows. It is said that a herd of cows kept lying in the same place each day and when their owner went to figure out why, he found two large caverns. They have been developed for walking through. Secret Cavern has a waterfall at the end of the path and Howe Cavern has a boat ride in the underground cavern. They are full of stalactites and stalagmites, and both are chilly, the reason the cows stayed nearby – they were cooled of from the air of the caverns!!!

  • Deb

    My aunt and uncle owned a large ranch where they raised Simmental cattle. When it was time to pull a calf, I was always left out because I was a “girl”. I didn’t think that it was right that all the boys got to help. It seemed very mysterious that boys could help with a calf being born and a girl couldn’t. I just couldn’t figure out what all of the fuss was about, so I sneaked out to take a peek. It didn’t take me long to decide that the “boys” could have that job. I didn’t want any part of it.

  • Brittany Beach

    My granny was trying to teach me different sounds and it was near Christmas, so she added Santa. She was saying “a cow says moo, and santa says ho ho ho.” so one day she asked me “what does a cow say?” i smiled at her and said “ho ho ho.”

  • Jessica Neiweem

    My cow story is actually more of a COW story–computers on wheels, that is. See, I’m a teacher, and each grade level at my school is assigned a COW, or a cart full of laptop computers that students can use during class. Think of it like a mobile computer lab. Anyway, my COW story involves my daily struggle with making sure students’ computers are working smoothly, that they are doing their assignments instead of playing games, shopping, or going on social media, and, at the end of class, ensuring all of the laptops in the COW get plugged back into their chargers and are put back in the right places in the cart. The computers are numbered so we can keep track of them, and each of their slots in the COW cart are numbered as well. This makes it easier for us to see which computers are missing and see which still need to “come home”. Alright, here comes the fun part of this old chestnut. I couldn’t resist peppering in some bovine puns.
    Unfortunately, I end up waiting until the cows come home for my students to put their computers away following the correct protocol, and it is “udderly” exhausting having to “moove” them around all the time. Still, I love my job as a teacher, and I plan on “milking” it for all it’s worth. After all, despite their computer cart shortcomings, they really are the “cream” of the crop–yep, you “butter” believe it!
    Sorry to be so “cheesy” here at the end. I don’t know “leather” or not you will like what I’ve written, but it’s ok. Thank you “dairy” much.

  • Jason Provo

    I grew up on a dairy farm for a few years; in mennonite country. We rented the farmhouse but the farmer/owner maintained the land/livestock. We had cows…lots of cows in our “backyard”. Our little dog Bathsheba would run amidst their legs as they stood stoic and unrelenting in the field. She would bark at them; claiming the field as her own against these montrous invaders. These gentle giants would let her run her rampage peacefully; patiently waiting for the bothersome fluffy thing to retreat so they could go back to chewing grass. Bathsheba was barve; we kids were less than that, warned of the kickings of a startled cow. But Bathsheba didnt care. She was the cow-whisperer, haha. (Is this a cow story or am I just missing my childhood dog?…)

  • 77giggles

    I was driving a semi thru a rural area, and came across a bunch of cows sunning themselves, and just relaxing… All of a sudden, I saw a calf running and jumping in between all of the cows that were lying under the trees.. It was such a cool sight seeing that calf having a grand ole time prancing and jumping around… I’ll never forget it!

  • Heather Alex Nunn

    I grew up in rural Minnesota and the memory that I will always remember is from the first two or three years we lived in the family home I grew up in. It was one of the first in the neighborhood and just around the corner to this day still are the farmers and their farms. Every once in a while I would be woken from the mooing of some cattle who seemed to be ‘on the run.’ . . .lol! At least once a year, before the development of homes grew and put too many obstacles between us, some cows would break free from their enclosure and then find their way into my backyard to graze on my lawn.

  • My cow story is rather my dad’s cow story. My aunt went to college at South Dakota State University and had a roommate from a larger city outside of the Midwest. One weekend my aunt was telling her roommate about my dad’s dairy farm. They decided to spend the weekend helping out with the chores. on their way out to the farm my dad had told her about all the different kinds of cows. She would point to a field of all black cows and my dad would say those are Angus and all brown ones were Jerseys and black and white was Holsteins. They came up to a hill and the roommate asked what kind of cow is that (pointing to a black cow on the hill). My dad had replied that it was a hillside cow. The roommate then asked how do you know. My dad being a jokester told her that the cow has to be on a hillside because the legs are two different lengths and the only way the cow can stand up straight is to be on the hill. Then when they were bottle feeding the calves, my dad told her she would have to burp the calf like a baby. With that info, the roommate ran around the pen trying to pick up the calf for a good 20 minutes before my aunt told her that my dad was just kidding about the burping. I am not sure but I do not believe the roommate ever came home with my aunt again.

  • Stacie Snow

    my mom n step dad had a farm and one of the cows gave birth to twins the mom died and we had to bottle feed the babies I went to feed them one day and the little bull gave me a big kick in the leg I thought my leg was broken but it just bruised bad had a bruise that looked like little hoofs

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Since I don’t have a real cow story, I’ll tell you my daughter’s favorite joke when she was a little girl: Where do cows go on a Saturday night? To the mooooo-vies! Oldest joke in the world but she loved it.

  • Lisa Gagnon

    I think as kids we all licked the block of salt and i remember our was reddish brown yuck salty do not ask me why they eat that it was nasty

  • justinkeene

    my cow story almost went to click fla dressed in black and white to get free chicken nuggets today. but decided not to. Today all you had to do was dress like cow and go there and say I am heref cow day

  • Joanna Corsada

    My cow Molly has husband Luis they always go in the dairy farm which is their meeting place. They make dairy milk in there and sell it to the store..

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    I don’t have a story but I’ll say this though I don’t like to drink milk, I’m not crazy about steak and I have cut down on my consumption of hamburger tremendously.

  • MyKinKStar

    Ah, have to say closest I’ve come to cows (besides drinking milk and loving it; or eating less and less burgers and steaks) is in having Cow Cats that are black and white. They are better known as Tuxedo Cats cause they are dressed up for the party!

  • carpediem5790

    Oh goodness,we were going to the State Fair and my oldest sister just came home from horseback riding. She decided to go as she was and we all complained because, well, she smelled like the horse manure on her boots! We were at the Wisconsin State Fair walking through the cow barns enjoying the milk cows, the smells, ah yes the smells, when one of the cows turned, looked at my oldest sister and for some reason started “running” at her. She ran through the barns,but bossy kept up with her. We never will let her forget that chase down. Oddest thing is, the next year, a hog chased her the same way. lol Anyone mentions State Fair and she leaves the room.

  • Tbag

    I actually came into contact with them at a farm and the farmer told me a few facts that blew me away. Firstly, I always thought cows were weak and that a big man could take them down but those things are huge and strong. They weigh over 1000 pounds, I’m glad that they’re peaceful animals. Another interesting thing i learned was that cows spend around 8 hours eating, and another 8 chewing on their partially digested and regurgitated food! I was a little disgusted, but mostly learned to respect cows for their uniqueness.

  • Natania

    My Dad and Uncle (actually they’re my in laws but I call them Dad and Uncle Ben) raise their own cattle. A lot of people have trouble with their in laws but not me, they are wonderful and I love them dearly. Currently they have 26 cows, 1 bull and 2 calves. We get our own meat from them and sometimes sell them if needed. This story really touched my heart when I heard about it. Uncle Ben has had this female cow for 24 years, he named her Greta. She has a really hard time walking but can slowly get around. She can’t keep up with the other cows so she just does her own thing. About once every 3 days, Uncle Ben parks at the gate and walks back in the field and looks for her until he finds her.(They have 72 acres between them two and a sister.) He normally knows what area she’s in, but sometimes it still takes him a few hours to find her. He takes her a bag of food and water and pets her too.He told me he has been doing this for about 4 years. I found this out only 2 months ago when I seen him parking at the gate, (I had seen his truck there several times a week before and was always wondering where he was) so I asked what he was doing and he replied, “just taking Greta her treats!” I asked him why he doesn’t sell her and he said, ” I have had her for 24 years and when you sell them they get stressed out and I just don’t want to put her through that.”

  • I was talking to my sister one day about dreams, and I told her about this one I had where her and I were being chased by a bull. I was pretty surprised when she laughed at me and told me that it had actually happened. I was five years old and we were visiting my grandfather who lived in the country. My sister took me for a walk and apparently we had wandered into a local cow pasture where a particularily nasty bull wasn’t too happy to see us. He chased us up a hill before giving up and turning around. In my head, the memory had been so absurd for me that it seemed much more logical that it was a dream. And that is how I ran with the bulls at the age of 5.

  • Sowmya

    I am vegetarian and grew up in a family where cow is being worshipped as God (mother). When I was very young, I never used to eat cheese, thinking that it’s cows meat. I could understand milk coming from cow but didn’t know the process of making cheese and was under the impression that it is cow’s meat until one day my mom made it in front of me with milk just to convince me to eat it!

  • MT

    My aunt and uncle used to have a dairy farm. One day, my uncle was attacked by the bull and dragged around the pasture. (Holstein bulls are notorious for being temperamental.) They decided to get rid of that bull and sent him to the meat processor while my uncle recovered. I have another uncle who writes songs, and he wrote a song called 8,000 quarterpounders that my other uncle really enjoyed!

  • OceanGirl

    Before this year, I could never muster up the courage to participate in Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A. But yesterday, July 11, 2017, was a different story. The weekend before, I bought a cow print skirt and top. (In order to participate, you can wear a cow costume or any sort of cow-print clothing). Well, my outfit succeeded in scoring me a free Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich! (For those of you who are familiar with Chick-Fil-A, you know that it’s SUPER delicious!)

  • Mikel laspalas

    Went to a steakhouse ordered a steak and when I was served to me the steak was still frozen in the middle

  • Maxine Hunter

    I have never seen a cow in real life till I met my ex and he works on a dairy farm and they had 2 cows that would go to shows anyhow I didn’t know nothing about cows other then milk comes from them one day I saw someone’s cow got loose and I saved it from leaving

  • Bryan Williams
  • JunsHoneyBee

    When I was younger me and my mom went to see an old friend of hers that moved upstate. While driving up all you saw was acres of land and cows, horses pig you name it we saw it. Anyways for dinner that night the made Sheppard’s Pie I had never ate that before or even knew what was the ingredients. I took a few bytes and said wow this is good what is the meat because i obviously knew the mash potatoes and corn. So her friends husband says that’s beef. I say Oh this tastes really good I never had this before. good I’m glad you like so and so’s dad. i cant remember the cows name but we was eating its dad. I stopped eating that very second.

  • Alison Webber-Jones

    When my friend came over to visit me and we were out on the back patio having a couple of drinks, she turned to me and said “Al I didn’t know you had horses” I replied “We don’t, they are cows”

  • Monica

    I hate cow meat – the only cow thing I have eaten is in a pie… steak is not what I like at all.

  • stj

    Cow Tipping. It does not require money or a waitress.