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  • Stannyboyc

    None, I don’t like them.

  • Jason Pike

    When i was about 11-12 my family drove 3 hours to adventurland. I was so excited, a half hour before we got their it down poured for over 2 hours.We sat and waited and the sun cam out and turned out to be a great time.

  • edeliz

    I was at Disney World waiting in the Dumbo line, where else? My daughter was 2-years old and was getting antsy. She got away from and I yelled to my four year old son to grab her. At which point, he grabbed (yanked) her by her pony tail creating quite the ruckus from my little one. Everyone in line mentioned, “you told him to get her”. Fun times at Disney! Never cared much for that Dumbo ride.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      My daughter ended up with heat exhaustion from standing on line at the Dumbo ride. I hate that ride!

  • Ray Ayala

    I like Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. It has activities for adults. I like the celebrity shows and watching the artisans make soap, salt water taffy, & candy from scratch.

    I never did like most theme park rides that violently shake me all around. Silver Dollar City does have the log rides though, which is about as wild as I like to get at a theme park.

  • Sue W.

    My story is throwing up on a roller coaster…never again-!!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I threw up on the Zipper ride. My friend was standing down below and yelled, “It’s raining eggs!” They had to stop the ride and hose me off. I’ll never go on that ride again!

      • Carol Miller

        Sorry that happened to you, Diane. On another note, how about that Christie going on a beach that he closed to everyone else. He is the most arrogant man. Let me stop there before I say something more that I will regret. When is his term up?

        • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

          I totally agree. I think he just doesn’t care anymore. He is the lowest rated governor ever in any state. He may finish out his term with his approval rating in the single digits.

  • Sherri L Emmons

    When I was 14 in the mid seventies, my grandparents, took me and my sister to an amusement park in Missouri, we were waiting in line at a ride, in which a huge sign was posted that said “pregnant women, and people with heart conditions should not take this ride”, I asked my grandmother why this sign said this? And I started to read it out loud in line, my grandmother shushed me, stating “we don’t use that word in public” (pregnant), so long story short we get on this ride, only to discover that it is a roller coaster, after the fact, and my grandmother of course by the end of this, did not look so good! My grandfather thought it was funny, however, my grandmother DID then read all signs posted on the rides for the rest of the day!

  • Noel Stewart

    When I used to live in Kansas, tourists would stop me to ask directions to the “Wizard of Oz” theme park! To their amazement, I told them, “We don’t have one!” Instead, we have a theme park called “Worlds of Fun,” which, by the way, is a wonderful amusement park, because it has sections modeled after each Continent. I always liked the Africa section because there are many exciting safari rides. Unfortunately, tourists don’t want to hear about “Worlds of Fun” because they wish to go to the “Land of Oz”. I always thought that this was a missed-marketing opportunity! Dorothy was right; I don’t want to go around the world, I want to go to Kansas, “There’s no place like home!

  • ramadevi

    I was 7years old and there was fair in the town. My 3rd sister was 10yrs and she took me to the fair with her friends. There was giant wheel. Oh, giant wheel means please do not compare the one that runs with electricity with many compartments. No, this one was long ago in my childhood. This giant
    wheel is made of wood with 6 compartments. This one a man will spin it. It was big for me to see and I was scared to sit in it. Everyone was so excited and happy. I was very young and it was my first experience in the giant wheel. When the man started running it I closed my eyes and my heart felt like dropping out. Oh god it was scary and I never sit in giant wheel. But I took other boat type in Canada wonderland. Now I am OK. At that time when I was child oh my god I still have it in my mind that my heart will drop down.

  • Merm123

    Well, it wasn’t really an amusement park but it was kind of to me. I have never ever experienced until I went to London England and got on the London Eye one of the biggest ferris wheel that you can see for miles. It was beautiful and spectacular view. The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. As of mid-January 2015, it has been known as the Coca-Cola London Eye. The structure is 443 feet tall and the wheel has a diameter of 394 feet. It was my trip of a lifetime and had a great time.

  • Melissa Furr

    I live about 30 minutes from a park called Carowinds. When I was a kid, we would go every summer. I remember the first time we were gonna go…My dad had bought a new truck. This was the first new vehicle my dad had ever bought. We always had used pieces of junk, so this truck was my dad’s pride and joy. We were on interstate 77 and I became sick. I’m not sure what was wrong with me, but I couldn’t hold back. I threw up all over the floor board of my dad’s new truck. OMG, you’d have thought it was the end of the world. I was throwing up, and crying. My mom was trying to clean up the mess and calm me and my dad down. And my older brother, who was in the back of the truck, was laughing his but off. Needless to say, we didn’t go to Carowinds that day. That was a triple I’ll never forget.

  • Brian Vaughn

    Closest I’ve been to an amusement park is the fair. Even then, at a small county fair, there are rides I won’t get on. There’s this one ride, a roller coaster that goes back and forth, until it gets enough momentum to go upside down, won’t ride it. The best ride is the “no gravity” ride, that spins so fast you’re stuck to the wall

  • justinkeene

    my favorite would be going to wisconsin dells Noah’s Park growing up as an child. Was there few times. with my family. It was fun. Riding the inter tube down the lazy river was lots of fun.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    When I was about 13 my cousin and I went to the county fair where she lived. A couple of boys she knew started hanging out with us. We all ate some typical fair food- hot dog, cotton candy and drinks. Then it was time to get on the amusement park rides. We chose the Tilt-A-Whirl and the guys got in with us. Well, before the ride ever started, the boys were spinning and spinning us in a circle and I got nauseated. I got up to get off the ride and was told to sit back down because the ride was starting. As you can guess, I started throwing up over the side of the car and everyone on the ground saw vomit being hurled by the centrifugal force. Finally, the ride ended and I was so embarrassed, I was in tears. I promptly smacked both boys and we left the fair. I haven’t really cared for amusement parks since.

  • Marce McHone

    not my favorite, but absolute horrible…, we were there enjoying park with the kids. there is a coaster that your feet dangle on, it seems as if your going to plow into the ground. The area is all gated off so noone can gets uder the ride for a reason. Some guy lost his hat on the ride, after he got off he hoped that fence to get the hat while the ride was in motion. Another riders foot took his head completely off, decapitated him. OVER A HAT, was that worth life? Needless to say, we have not been back since to the park since, its been several years now. Amusement park lost all appealsince then.

    • OceanGirl

      You would think that he would ask an employee or something about what he could do. Or, just buy another hat! geez…

  • Deb

    My sister-in-law and I took all of our kids to Six Flags, As we were waiting in line my son was sitting on the railing. He jumped off and landed on my sister-in-laws big toe. She was wearing sandals so it tore her toenail and she was bleeding pretty bad. When she saw it, she immediately passed out. So, there we were, in a line with about a 100 other people and she was laying flat as a pancake. We finally got her awake and on her feet. She hobbled around for the rest of the day. We ended up having a good time and I learned a lesson…..if she sees blood…get ready to catch her…because she’s going down.

  • Heather Alex Nunn

    When I was just entering my teens and thus suffering from the effects puberty, it was the first time I was able to fit into a two piece swimsuit. Of course I was way too excited about getting to wear a 2 piece swimsuit for the first time ever and impatiently counted the minutes until the schools out field trip to an amusement park that had a water park inside. It was a sleepless night the eve before, and the morning of I danced through my morning routine and left for school. Once we arrived at the amusement park all that is left to do is talk my ‘friends’ into going to the water park. With it being a very hot day for Minnesota it didn’t take me long to coax the group into agreement on the water park. The first ride we went on was one of those very high and even steeper open slides, where we stood in line for an hour give or take. This entire time I proudly stood tall, dripping vanity from every pore, in my brand new two piece swimsuit. Finally, it was my turn down the slide, I got into position and waited for the signal, then I was off!!! An ear to ear smile pasted to my face until the last stretch of the slide. You know where the water pools and ultimately slows you to a stop. Well the force of my inertia impacting the standing water caused my swimsuit top to fly right off, I almost lost it over my head but luckily caught it just in time. Panicked, I rush to get the top back on, once completed I became aware of the countless number of pointing fingers, and laughing classmates all around. If that wasn’t bad enough for a pubescent teenage girl, as I got out of the water I was approached by an employee of the water park who informed me that I am kicked out and not welcome back in for the rest of the season! I was then escorted to collect my belongings and out of the park their reason for my banishment, “INDECENT EXPOSURE”!!!!

    Thank you, thank you very much!!

  • Angel

    When I was 28, my husband and I decided we was going to take a weekend and go to Kings Island. I decided to wear a spaghetti strap top, which normally would be fine, but not this day. One of the first rides we went on was the Red and Blue Races. One went backwards, the other forwards, and they passed each other. Well needless to say we took the one going backwards that day and as we went over a hump my boobs flew up out the spaghetti strap shirt. I grab them, look over and my husband is smiling great big and the guy to the other side was giving a thumbs up. Needless to say I have not been back to an amusement park since then, and I spent the rest of the day walking around and going on simple rides that did not involve humps to go over.

  • Emalana S

    A few years back I went to this pond (it use to be a mine and it filled with water) with my family. They had floaties for everyone or you could bring your own. There was a zip line too that I got to try and that was extremely fun! There’s also cliffs you could jump off of from 5 feet to 60 feet and I finally had the nerve to jump off the 60 foot one and there is no words to explain how thrilling it was! I went so deep in the water when I hit, the water was so cold it shocked me and I was out of breath from screaming on a the way down I loved it though and I’d do it again!

  • Timothy Mccollum

    We went to Rye Beach and the amusement park on a hool trip every year. The last year we went my buddy Lizard had the great idea to spike the soda with vodka. The problem is he went on the Farris Wheel and had a stomach explosion and did it from the top and everyone got a piece of his pizza lunch.


  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    My husband and I went to Six Flags Great Adventure. My daughter was an infant so I pushed her in a carriage. It started pouring out so we tried to run for shelter. I slipped on some cobblestones and the carriage and I both went down. Luckily, I always used the straps in the carriage for my daughter. The carriage ended up laying on its side but my daughter was still strapped in and unhurt. I scraped my knee but who cares? As long as my daughter was okay, nothing else mattered. I can laugh about now that she’s an adult, but it wasn’t so funny back then.

  • Colleen Goodbrand

    There used to be a great little amusement park in Crystal Beach, Ontario that was THE summer destination for people living near by. My dad’s company used to have their company picnics there and we were given strips of tickets to use on the rides. I was about 8 years old the first time I went on the “big” roller coaster. My mother sat in the seat right beside me. As that coaster started down that first hill, I screamed “Mommy!” over and over for the duration of the ride. My mother was in tears when the ride stopped but only because she had been laughing so hard at my reaction. There was another ride called “The Wild Mouse” that was designed to seem as if you were about to be thrown out of the car at every turn! Years later, I went on Space Mountain in Disney World and realized that Space Mountain was based on the “Wild Mouse” . I over came my initial reaction to the roller coaster and have been a huge fan of coasters over the years.

  • Erin Estilette

    I like amusement parks, in theory. It seems really fun, but when I get there, I’m terrified of getting on any of the rides. Too fast and too high for this girl that prefers to have both of her feet on the ground. Last time I rode a coaster, I was about 8. I screamed the entire time and my entire body was shaking. My knees felt like jello, even an hour after getting off of the ride. Random strangers were even concerned about me. Lol.

  • michele

    We went to the water park at dorney . Well, when they put the wave pool on I really was enjoying it. All of a sudden a girl in the pool started to panic. She pulled me down and just couldn’t let go. I remember looking at my husband to help me and he seemed to be doing nothing.Thank goodness for the wonderful Life gard. To this day I still question him and it’s been forty years.lol.

  • Diane Lane

    My amusement story was the summer of 1977, as recent high school grads myself and my friend Karen decided to give each other around trip vacations to Disney without parents. 7 fun filled days on our own at Disney, we went on every ride at least twice. We went in the park at opening and left at closing enjoying ourselves, to the chagrin of our parents letting their two seventeen years old girls have the first of their many adventures on their own.

  • BradandNatalie Gray

    I am obsessed with the Jurassic Park ride. One time, I didn’t know that I was fighting a bad virus and of course it happened when we were at Universal Studios. The only thing that made me feel better was the Jurassic Park ride. I made my husband ride with me 4 times! Now every time we go to Universal Studios, we go on it about 3-4 times one right after another.

  • Sylvia

    I literally lived across the highway from a well known Pennsylvania amusement park as a child so we were there all the time. The problem was my height, I was a very short child and to ride the roller coasters you had to be over 50 inches tall. Well, my younger sister and brother made the height requirements before me so while they were having fun on the Racers I was sitting on the merry go round fuming. Every summer I hoped and prayed this would be my roller coaster year until finally I made the height requirements. I was so excited and raced my siblings to the roller coaster sitting in the front car. It was everything and more than I had imagined and I screamed my head off until the coaster whooshed to a stop. That was —– I began to say when I threw up all over my brother. Still so worth it, my brother wouldn’t agree.

  • Ken Grant

    First time I went with my mom to Six Flags in California. It opened in the middle of Summer. It was so hot all I did was drink and wait to go home. Later I came to enjoy the park, but not that day. Way too hot.

  • Carol Miller

    I worked one summer at the Wildwood, New Jersey rides on the boardwalk. I worked with another friend of mine at the Ferris Wheel ( which was humongous). One day a foreign looking couple speaking broken English came up to buy tickets. The fella had what appeared to be a pretty heavy back pack. We suggested he leave it with us as he took the ride but he insisted he had very important papers, including his passport. So, we let him on. Around the third time around we heard all of this squawking and what sounded like birds chirping. We couldn’t imagine where it was coming from. Then we heard a lady scream. As we looked up two chickens were trying to get out of the backpack. The one chicken had his head peeking out and the passengers who saw and heard it were screaming to get off. We had to emergency stop the Ferris Wheel and call security. It was an absolute nightmare. Everyone eventually got off safely and we had to refund a good bit of money. From that day on, NOONE was allowed to keep a back pack with them on any of the rides. It is kind of funny noe but it was no laughing matter when it happened.

    • Karen T

      I don’t know why on earth anyone would want to take chickens on a ride with them. They must have been crazy.

  • rose morgan

    All the wonderful years I took my little girl to WDW every year, and then last year got to take her with her husband.

  • Adrienne White

    A friend told me about a wild incident on Six Flag’s Mid America smaller roller coaster named, “The River King Mine Train”. She explained to me, laughingly, that in grade school, there was a teacher who taught either English or Social Studies. What was unusual about this teacher was that she always wore a curly, reddish brown wig. The wig itself was styled funny, but, the teacher thought it was “hot commodity” wearing it. She thought she was SOOOOOOOOOOO stylish and sexy. The students thought that the teacher was “STUCK UP”!!!!! So, a fellow student cooked up a scheme to get the teacher onto the River King Mine Train during the annual class trip at Six Flags. All the students were anxious about “getting back” at the snooty teacher. During the day of the trip at Six Flags, This particular student, along with her friends got the teacher to get on the smaller roller coaster. And, THEY DID!! The student told his friends what he was going to do to this snooty teacher. The ride started off, going up the hill and made a turn getting ready to go downwards. The student held his hand up signaling the count of one, two, three. After the count of three, when the roller coaster went down at a speed of 35mph, the student took his hand and ripped that ugly wig off her head!!!! Hmm, the woman had her head platted up!!!!! Everyone on the ride, as well as the people waiting to get on the ride had the BEST BURST OF LAUGHTER THAT TIME. And the teacher, (WELL YOU CAN DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS, HA, HA, HA, HA, HEE, HEE!!!!) I will never forget my friend’s amusement park story!!!!! WHOO-WEE!

  • MyKinKStar

    Going down I-95 to Kings Dominion, 2 cars of us, early morning and feeling crazy scared and excited. We spent all day there. I rode from the front seat on their big roller coaster twice with Danny, then we rode from the back seat. Both were fun and I honestly can’t say which was best, but the front was sure more scary! I love me a roller coaster ride!

  • Rebecca lee

    I went on my first ever date to an amusement park. I was about 13 years old at the time and my parents drove us there. We spent the whole day with my parents until we were eventually able to sneak off and go on the ghost train. We held hands for the first time on that ghost train and it seemed like the most romantic thing in the world. Ah, the innocence of you

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    I grew up in Ohio and when I was about 9 or 10 my aunt took me and my sister to Sea World…we saw Shamu the whale and we got Perls that we watched divers go down to get them open them right in front of us. We also received Japanese dolls as a gift, I still have mine. I remember that day vividly…one of my fondest memories..Thank You Aunt Marie!!!

  • Natania

    OMG, I will never forget this. We all went to Kings Island, it was my family and some of our friend’s. My sister and her family had friends of theirs that went. It was a husband and wife. We all stayed together most of the time. The older kids wanted to get on (shoot I forgot the name of the ride) it twirled around very fast and then stopped and went backwards doing the same thing. We were all standing there taking pictures, waiting for the ride to end and all of the sudden someone on the ride got sick and it went all over my sisters friend’s that went, the husband. He was flipping out, he immediately took his shirt off and threw it, and started running towards the parking lot, we followed and he actually took his pants off as he got close to the exit. Luckily he wore boxers so they looked like shorts. It was so disgusting, I felt so sorry for him. He told his wife to get in the car and they left. Of course people working there seen him running thru the park undressing, so they came out to where we were standing and we explained what happened, and they gave my sister 2 free tickets to give them, I thought that was really nice of them, but not worth getting thrown up on!

  • Nisha

    I really had a bad experience going there alone with another friend of mine. We went on Sky Rider which is a roller coaster where you essentially standing with a bike seat.We got stuck on that ride 3 times, totalling up to two hours. They offered everyone effected free pizza.

    Few rides later we find ourselves on drop zone.We were stuck at the top of the cart in roller coaster for another two hours. I don’t have a fear of heights, but the girl beside us was puking and it was pretty high up, and I can only imagine the wind taking her puke and ruining someone’s day.(lol) Anyways, two hours pass and without warning, they drop us and I of course think I’m going to die. I didn’t obviously, but they offered us pizza for the inconvenience.

    I think about this now and it makes astounded how easy 13 year old me was satisfy.

  • Maddie Lessard

    The best one I had was a roller coaster It dropped and then went up a full loop and back up again to the same height as we started with (rough estimate 40 to 50 feet) and then go back ward and do it again. Man! I never had such an adrenaline rush in my life ever!

  • Kathi

    My story is that I love the tilt-a-wheel. Went on it once with my mother and daughter when she was about 5 and my mother was screaming she was about to swallow her false teeth. I could not stop laughing. It was the funniest thing ever.

    • Karen T

      That’s my favorite ride☺

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    My kids watching Mommy go on a roller coaster! They had a great laugh as I closed my eyes the whole ride and sat in a parylized state..never again.

  • Surveys Profit

    Mine was a bad experience where I flew from one lane to another just before landing in the water park. My mate who was 30kg heavier than me jumped off just before landing. He was sitting behind me. This made me flew into another lane and thankfully no one was coming down from that lane. The life guards were scrambling for me. Thankfully nothing happen and that was a close one.

  • Veronica

    When my daughter was about five we took here to the local fair for the first time and she was fasinatated by the roller coasters she went on her first obe that day and loved it and she didn’t want to get off the ride. We really enjoyed seeing what fun she had and you know she is 26 now and still loves and rides them.

  • Jason Provo

    Late 80s – early 90s. Our small group of close friends would frequent Canadas Wonderland. After graduating high school we tried hard to remain close as friends and though we dont really see eachother anymore, Wonderland is a fun time to remember. We would make a full day of it. Leave early and come home late. The pressures of moving on into adult life either by way of college or immediate gainful employment temporarily cast aside so that we could make the last memories in a long list of memoirs of our high school group of friends. Ive never been an avid fan of amusement parks but Wonderland is a place I stll like to go to. Its with others now but I still feel nostalgic around the roller coasters. We used to scream like early adult banshees when we braved the newest rides. Good times. I miss them all.

  • MT

    I went to an amusement park with my family when I was 11. We rode our first ride that just rocked back and forth a little, no flips or anything crazy like that. Well, my dad, who I still thought was more or less invincible, got so sick he didn’t ride any more rides the rest of the day. Kinda sad that an amusement park ride made me realize he wasn’t really invincible.

  • OceanGirl

    My amusement park story involves going to Universal Studios Florida not too long ago on June 26th. Why June 26th? Because it was the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book being published (June 26, 1997). I’m a Harry Potter fan and absolutely loved visiting the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! And yes, I bought a wand at the wand shop in Diagon Alley! Happy 20th birthday/anniversary, Harry Potter! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9d1nXpalNs

  • Jennifer B.

    My parents took my sister and I to Busch Gardens and Disney a long time ago. I think I was around 9 or 10. My dad always wanted to go on the thrill rides and my mom, sister, and I were more teacups kinda gals. But he went on them anyway by himself. We always joked that we would have to rent a kid to go on rollercoasters with my dad. During the trip to Disney (over a few days) I finally got up the nerve to go on Space Mountain with him. We stood in line FOREVER. I was so nervous. And then for some reason or another there was smoke coming from where the ride was and it was shut down for maintenance. All of the people in line had to get out. I couldn’t have been more relieved that I was spared!

  • Paul Clément

    Quite a few years ago, on a trip to the Lake George area with my two boys, my sister and her husband, we went to an amusement park the name of which I don’t recall. My boys were 4 and 6 at the time and their size restricted the rides we could go on much to the relief of us two men who were not big riders (Not the bravest either). However, they did have a roller coaster of sorts on which we could go; not a ferocious one but to my brother-in-law and I, bad enough. The boys insisted and we reluctantly gave in. the ride lasted about 5 minutes and we both held onto our respected child so as to ‘protect them ‘ as we negotiated climbs, descents and turns. the boys were screaming their excitement while the men sheepishly pretended to enjoy what for us was not so exciting. The ride ended, we disembarked and one look from my sister said it all as she commented: ”Sure happy the boys were there to protect you guys!”

  • Thomas Devenney


  • Victoria Sibley

    The very first time I rode a rollercoaster was at Six Flags. I had just finished a lemonade needless to say I learned very early not to be at and drink when going on rides I threw up at least 5 times after the ride it was so horrible

  • Lindsey Pittman

    I was maybe 7 and my family and I went to the state fair. We got on the swinging pirate ship ride. Fifteen or so years ago, that ride did not have any type of safety restraint. You sat on a bench and held on to a bar that ran across the back of the bench in front of yours. I just barely could reach the bar, but they let me ride anyway… So when the ride gets into full swing and we’re hitting horizontals to the ground, I start losing my stability. Long story short, my mom had one arm, my dad had the other, and my cousin had a leg. We all held on for dear life until the momentum of this giant swinging death trap could die down and I could safely vow to never ride that stupid thing ever again.

  • Tbag

    At the carnival games, I really wanted to win this dirt bike and the game looked deceivingly easy so I ended up spending over 100$ in total trying to win that game but failed to do so. And then I decided to play something different and won a tiny stuffed elephant. I was releived and happy because I finally won something lol

  • Kari McDowell

    Going to Downey Park in PA with my three grandchildren. At 6 and 5 (twins) they are not afraid of anything!!! If they were tall enough to ride by themselves they didn’t want anyone going with them. Some of those rides scare the devil out of me but they jumped right in and were smiling from ear to ear. No Fear!

  • carpediem5790

    My young son and I decided to go thru the haunted house at Milwaukee’s Summerfest Amusement Park. It was one of those with a mix of dummies and real people who reached out to you or slashed at you with fake knives, It was all pretty realistic. I came up to one and stared into his eyes. I said to my son, this one is fake, but geez it looks real, As I turned to walk away. The guy started his chainsaw and came after me. I ran screaming out of the house into a group of people walking past. One guy asked me “is it THAT good!!??” I replied Oh yeah, what do you think! My son was behind me bent over laughing at how scared I got. Good times!

  • dottie p

    i was about 11 years old and went to a small park in our home town. nothing big just like a carnival. i met my (then) boyfriend (1st one) there. oh i had a huge crush, he was so cute. we were together 6 years. until i had to leave the main land and move to hawaii for a family member. just recently his dad passed and a few months later his brother did. he called me today but i couldn’t take his call, i was at the hospital with my daughter. she was having her baby. IT’S A GIRL. i wish i could go to the funeral but now i’m needed at home for my granddaughter.

  • David John Hearst

    Mine has to be our first and only trip to Canada’s Wonderland. This was back in 1997 and after dealing with my mother-in-law’s belongings after her untimely death, we all agreed to take the proceeds and attend on the same day this trip and have all tickets bought for. We all met between 0700-0800 in the morning and what a day! They all came down from Kingston and myself and family from Brantford. The kids back then were gone to the Waterpark so we adults got to roam. I waited 45 mins. to go on the DropZone Ride, which was over in about 15 seconds, and then waited again for the same thrill. Made me feel just like a Kid again!! We all met up for a picnic lunch as agreed and then afterwards off we all went until the Fireworks later that night. Hugs and kisses and let’s do this again were exchanged but in reality it never happened again, guess life got in the way. Well, that’s my fondest and most cherished memories of my Amusement Park Story and was glad to share; hope you enjoyed my little blurb!! Peace and Happiness to Y’all.

  • Maria Hale

    Recently went to the Pleasure pier in Galveston, TX and I was terrified because some of the rides are very fast and jolt you around very strongly. Most of the rides take you over the water and this one day was very weird. On one ride, I could see a large dark figure in the water. Couldn’t tell if it was a shark or dolphin. Then during the same ride I looked across from my seat and saw a young child about 12 yrs old, very thin and tall for his age. He was sitting between his Mom and Dad. We all had these big metal tubed type over the head safety bars holding us in place. I noticed him slipping through the bars when we were turned upside down. He was terrified. I stuck out my feet to push him back into his seat. His father realized what I was doing and grabbed his son quickly. I yelled before putting my feet on his chest.I yelled ‘Look at me and only me”. He was crying and the Father thanked me and told his wife. Never again will we ride anything that he could fall through.. That was the scariest ride I have ever been on. He was holding on for dear life and still slipping through the bars. What would have happened If I had not noticed him slipping through?

  • A year ago, we were at Six Flags. The first ride we decided to go on was Superman. It is a rollercoaster that has you turned facing downward most of the ride. Just seconds before they started the ride, I noticed that my harness wasn’t clicked all the way. The attendant didn’t check like they normally do, so I messed with it until it clicked and tugged to be sure it was actually locked. It was, and I told my husband and daughters to check theirs quickly. As soon as we were all sure, the ride just suddenly took off. The whole time I barely enjoyed it because all I could think about was that if I hadn’t checked, I might have fallen from the ride. I possibly saved my family, too. I may never ride another roller coaster after that (I didn’t that day) but if I do, I’ll always remember to check my harness!

  • That was so nice!! What a wonderful memory!!

  • Carolyn Warner

    The last time I was on any rides was when my god-daughter was about 10-11 years old, we went on the waterslide one at the Calgary Stampede. Last time for any kind of scary ride for me. I don’t do heights and I was scared, you know what!!

  • Megan Chorniak

    I was 9 the first time I went to an amusement park. I was too scared to go on the kids rides so I just watched my cousins go on them the whole day. That is my amusement park story.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Can’t even picture it! LOL

  • Charlotte Blue-Kent

    I was 17 yrs old and pregnant. There was a ride called the mousetrap and I thought I wanted to try it.I did and it was a horrible experience. It was a square roller coaster and as it came to the corners of the ride it appeared as if we were gonna fly off the ride,I have never screamed so much in my entire life, it was so bad that I thought I would go into labor. Needless to say I have never been on another rolloer coaster. I’m 63 yrs old now,still laugh about it.

  • Robyn Martin

    The last time I was on any rides was when i was 15 years old, we we to dorney park with my school. My friend almost drowned, so i don’t think i’ll be doing that again

  • Theresa Holly

    Going to any amusement park and riding the rides. So much fun. Took my two nephews the one year and they love the scrambler. Not for me looked like you were being shaken upside down back and forth. NO thanks!

  • Theresa Holly

    I remember another story went on ferris wheel with my cousin. I thought she was shaking our car and so I hit her in the nose -gave her a bloody nose. Turns out it was just the wind rocking our car and not my cousin. Boy was she mad at me !

  • Zain

    My cousins visited us recently so we went to the amusement park together. I always enjoy these swings and rides and am not scared of any single ride in the world. Not scared of heights not scared of water so I can enjoy them fully. On these weekends you’ll never find an empty park but that is what makes it more enjoyable.

  • Adriana Oliveira

    Um dia resolvi que iria andar na roda gigante, mas quando foi subindo e chegou ao topo que eu vi a altura, quando chegou em baixo e pedi ao moço para descer.

  • Louise Willett

    I have grown up with the Pne and have loved it for many years.

  • SP Peshy

    Spring of 2015, my fiancé and I had taken our family on a vacation to California. We had arrived at LEGOLAND and studied the park map for a bit. Within the first 10 minutes of walking into the park, the wheel on my daughters’ stroller hit an uneven paved sidewalk that was on a main pathway. She flipped out of the stroller, face first and scraped her nose pretty bad. We rushed her to the restroom to wash her off and to examine the damage (which wasn’t as bad as we initially thought). She cried herself to sleep, and missed out on the next several hours of our adventurous day. We only use strollers with BIG wheels nowadays. Lesson learned the hard way. LOL

  • jack gerhard

    My park story is when my family ( two sons, wife, myself, aunt-in-law, and uncle-in-law went to the park one day on a whim thankfully my wife packs to be prepared for anything…(and i do mean anything)… well we walked around the kids and uncle wanted to go visit the animals…(very warm day humid)..so we go there checking out the animals pass the cows which were inside and have a fan to cool them off. Well uncle and oldest decide to go back and see the cows more and up close. Well fan going people watching and cows decide to poop and the fan blows it all over my son and uncle. And I said before thankfully my wife packs for anything we had baby wipes to clean them off and at least my son had a change of clothing. Manure smell on the way home was not enjoyable at all.

  • John Lutz

    My sister hates roller coasters I convinced her that space mountain had no hills or drops in it so she agreed to go on the whole ride she screamed and cursed me out on every drop when it was over even the cast members were laughing she had to sit on a bench for a half hour to recoup.

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    I don’t ever do the rides thing again after this one. My daughter and her boyfriend and myself went out to K Days here in Edmonton and they thought it would be cool to ask if I wanted to go along with them on the “Polar Express.” Let’s just say that this ride speeds up…BACKWARDS. I thought I was going to fly out. Those bars kept lifting and I’m a small person. I wanted them to stop the ride. I think I waz even crying. But don’t tell anyone. How scary. Gosh! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2fa872e44cf48dceae4e3915927d3811a70dfc00992aef79335138be38c7f209.jpg

  • Christine Leblanc

    I’m from Montreal Canada and when I was about 10 years old, I went to Disney in Orlando. It was love at first site
    lol…. it was a magical moment and loved everything about it. Went
    back 10 years ago and I was a child again, still loving it and more!!

  • Skylar Reese

    I was riding a ride called the black widow. It involved 8 arms with a bucket on each end that would spin in a circle while also moving up and down. Being around 11 years old I became nauseous very quick and started screaming for the attendant to stop. He kept repeating “sorry” each time I passed where he was standing. He never stopped. I managed to hold it down until the very end, but when he opened the door to our bucket I vomited all over him. Covering his shoes, jeans, and shirt. My mom just said “bet you stop next time” as we walked hurriedly to the restroom.