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  • dottie p

    there is this Chinese buffet on the East side of town. and my daughter and I love it. we try to save enough money to go at least every other month or so. they have the best cream cheese stuffed mushrooms. i go crazy over them. and on the plus side she doesn’t have to figure out where to take me for my birthday or mother’s day. she knows to take me there.

  • Lisa Stanger

    My daughter-age 12 mind you -has recently discovered Panda Express and thinks its the best chinese culinary experience of her life! I have always tried opening my childrens eyes (and mouths!)to various cultures through eating at a diverse array of authentic offense Panda Ex but its like the Burger King of asian food and my girl thinks its the cats meow! She raves! Well…she is my baby so we do indulge her and you know,those crab ragoons arent THAT bad….

  • Ray Ayala

    One of the best things about eating at a Chinese restaurant is the ambiance —and the Chinese flute music they play is no small part of it. The sounds are so relaxing and enjoyable.

    I recently ran across and purchased a CD at my favourite big box discount store that features the same type of music. Now, when the weather is bad or I don’t feel like driving to my favourtie Chinese Restaurant called the Great Wall, I can recreate the same atmosphere at home. I just boil ramen noodles and play the flute music between my own tiny walls.

    • Deb

      That’s such a great idea. I love that music. It’s so calming. Thanks!

      • Ray Ayala

        You are welcome! They often have a display where you can use headphones and listen to samples of the music on each of the CDs before you purchase. I am glad they do that so I know beforehand I will like the selections.

  • DM

    My son always loved Chinese noodles. We would order take out and he would get like two orders of just noodles! I will always think of him when I eat Chinese. I miss him so much so matter how much time has passed.

  • Noel Stewart

    When stationed in the Navy, my spouse and I visited a formal Chinese Restaurant. We were late for a late dinner. Upon entering the restaurant the waiters were speaking the Mandarin Dialect (Chinese). They seated us and took our orders. While waiting for the food to be served, the waiters again were talking to each other in Chinese. Since my spouse and I had been studying this dialect of Chinese, we listened intently. What we heard in Mandarin was not nice! The waiters wanted to go home; were irritated that we were having dinner so late, and they had to stay and clean up yet.

    So, once the food was served, my spouse and I hurried to finish our dinner. At the cash register, my spouse and I spoke to the waiters and the owner in the Mandarin Dialect. We paid them for the meal. Then we explained to them that there could be no tip because of their speaking rudeness. Then we thanked them for staying late and serving us a delicious dinner.

    • Chris

      That’s awesome! There is a lesson to be learned from your comment here. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      • Mrs Ed

        I agree!

  • monte benavides

    When our kids were at home once every two weeks we went to this chinese restaurant called ABC. This was my childrens favorite place to eat and they all had their favorite plates to order. Needless to say having ordered 5 different platters we each would only make a dent in what was ordered so we were able to eat for 3 to 4 days from that meal.

  • Melissa Furr

    My Chinese restaurant story…well, I was about ten years old and my uncle Tony decided to take my cousin and I out to eat at his favorite place. It was a little, out of the way, Chinese restaurant. Mind you, I’m a southern girl with southern taste. I look over the menu, and alas, I see CHICKEN DUMPLINGS!!! I’m amazed that the Chinese place has this, but oh well. I order the chicken dumplings…the waiter comes back with our food, and to my horrible amazement, he places a plate in front of me. It has three huge balls on it with rice on the side. I sit quitely, waiting for the waiter to walk away, then I ask my uncle, what is this? He looks at me and says you got the dumplings, right? I says, yes, but this ain’t no dumplings I’ve ever seen. He laughs. Oh, you thought it was going to be mom’s dumplings didn’t you? Yes, I say, what are these? Needless to say, Chinese food didn’t rank high on my menu as a ten year old. Now that my taste has grown up, I still don’t like Chinese dumplings!

  • Sylvia

    Several years ago one of my student’s parents owned and operated a small Chinese restaurant in town. I love Chinese food so my husband and I deceided to go there for dinner one evening. When the menus were given to us my student’s mom recognized me and let out an audible gasp. She immediately clapped her hands bringing the entire restaurant to her attention and announced, this is my son’s teacher it is a great honor to have you here, and everyone stood up and cheered. Well, this is certainly not a response I’m accustomed to receiving and I was both embarrassed and touched at the same time. The grandparents and an uncle were in the kitchen preparing food and they also came out to tell me how much they valued their grandson’s teacher. The family heaped dishes of the most delicious food on our table and the entire evening was just an incredible experience. In all my years of teaching this was by far one of my most humbling and memorable events and I promised I would do my best to live up to their respect.

  • Paul Clément

    Some 35 or so years ago when attending a conference in Toronto, I went to what I was told was an authentic Chinese restaurant. The place was run by a relative of one of the individuals in our group. It turned out to be a very positive experience as we enjoyed a variety of original dishes mainly of pork, chicken and duck as well as the usual rice, noodle and vegetable sides. I wish I had recalled what each was named so as to try them elsewhere but memory does not serve me well on this point and this particular post is the only reason this incident came to mind. What I do remember, though vaguely, is that our colleague having suggested the restaurant, proceeded to take control of the ordering with our approval of course and as we marvelled at her familiarity with the menu and the culture surrounding the meal and its presentation of the various elements, the entire event became a more than enjoyable celebration and learning of a culture heretofore unknown to us. What added to the experience also was the fact that 12 of us were seated at a round table featuring a lazy-suzan type structure in its centre, making the distribution and sharing of the dishes quite unique.

  • Chris

    My Chinese restaurant story is more of the American-Chinese Cuisine and I was about 8 years old. I was with my father and he always ordered for me. Generally anything he ordered was something I always liked. I was not much of a food fussy growing up. BUT, when he told the waitress a “POO-POO TRAY” for 3, I about vomited in my mouth. Well, it turned out to be the best thing I ever had. So much yummy goodness and variety right along with the Sizzling Rice Soup too!!

  • Sue W.

    I love a good Chinese buffet, they are the latest thing in our area!!

  • Nisha

    awww man, it was really awful situation in a chinese restaurant.The food was a bit greasy and mediocre, but the real problem here is that the service is just mind-bogglingly disgraceful. Go there if you have a fetish for listening to hordes of driveling middle-aged waitresses talk smack about you in Chinese.

    When I walked in, I asked to be seated but the ladies just ignored me. I had to actually walk up to the counter and place my order, explicitly specifying that it’s “for here.” They took my order and I sat down at a table to wait. It was a very long wait (like 15-20 minutes) just for a simple chili chicken with rice and they STILL ended up giving it to me to-go for some reason (the restaurant was almost empty). They didn’t even call me up when it was done, so I had to keep checking in with them.

    Here’s the kicker though: I finally sat down again with my food, unpacked the bag and started eating at a table. OK so, I was there with my friend young Chinese dude, but they probably assumed he couldn’t understand Chinese since we made our order in fluent English. So afterwards, the ladies near the counter just started to loudly talk about me in Chinese: “Look at that clueless kids over there. They’re so stupid. Ordering to-go and eating at a table. Probably thinks this is McDonalds.”

    Little did they know my friend understood their banter completely, and I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I’ve eaten at dirty street vendors in south Asia and 3 Michelin star restaurants alike, and never has the service been so blatantly rude and incompetent. I live right by this place, and there’s basically no other Chinese restaurants closer. Though I love Chinese food in general, I’m glad to say that this place will never be getting my business again.

  • Mrs Ed

    Well…….Chinese food. hmmm. I LOVE sweet and sour chicken. But, I make it at home. And I LOVE shrimp egg rolls, dipped in sweet and sour sauce. But, I’ll let someone else make those. LOL
    Many years ago, in my hometown, they opened an upper scale Chinese restaurant. I had never been to a Chinese restaurant, so everything was new to me. A VERY different type of place. I was in my teens, by this time, and my boyfriend and I were sitting there, and they brought a tea pot of “something” and sat it on the table. It looked to be made out of cast iron. They then gave each of us a little ceramic tea cup. Much like those little play kitchen cups you have as a little girl. I had NO idea what was in the tea pot, but it appeared to be sweating, like ice water does to a pitcher or glass. So…….the curious person that I am, I said, “Oh, I wonder what is in here.” Before my boyfriend could stop me, I had already placed the back of my fingers against the pot and scalded myself so bad, I had huge blisters! OK………..I never did THAT two times!

    • Karen T

      Ouch! I hope you at least got to enjoy the tea.

      • Mrs Ed

        Yes, the tea was good, and I asked for them to bring more. I got a dirty look. ‘Complimentary’ in a Chinese restaurant is…….no seconds. But, they brought it anyway. LOL

  • Stephanie Pogue

    There is a Chinese buffet restaurant one town over from where I live. My friends and I loved to go there. We’ve had birthday dinners and lots of celebrations there. They recently closed! Now the only Chinese restaurants close to me are sketchy ones I’m hesitant to eat at!

  • Jennifer B.

    Growing up my family always ordered Chinese food from the same place about once a month or so. Somehow our tradition came to be that this supper, as we called it up North, was to be eaten in the livingroom around the coffee table. Usually on paper plates, so nothing fancy. But my mom would ALWAYS make hot tea and put it in her finest teapot with the matching cups and saucers. Somehow that added touch made it always seem so special.

  • justinkeene

    My story a few times when i was with my grandmothers when i was kid before i stay all night with them my (grand parents) We stop get pick up some chineese food for dinner. At that time i don’t think it was my favorite till i got older. now i like alittle bit of chinnese food now and then For certain organge chicken and i always remember Chicken of God with White Cremy sauce where i used to dine at my favorite which is no longer there noe

  • sesa sepopo

    I never liked Chinese food but one day i went to this all you can eat buffet and i tried their chow mein, my life has never been the same since that day

  • Carol Miller

    I really thought I never liked Chinese food. However, when my future son in law took me to a Chinese restaurant with a French flair called Cin Cin my mind was definitely changed. Ted was using this occasion to ask for my older daughter’s hand in marriage. I was a little nervous because I was and am a single parent and I didn’t want to tell him I hated Chinese. Well, that was my lucky night because not only did Ted prove to be a worthy son in law but I got to realize that I actually liked certain Chinese dishes. I actually had a dinner of all appetizers that were out of this world. These included shrimp and lobster dumplings, sweet and sour skewed pork and mushrooms stuffed with goat cheese and spices. This restaurant is in the outskirts of Philadelphia in the very “Main Line” townof Chestnut Hill. A few years later Philadelphia Magazine named Cin Cin the #1 Chinese restaurant in the greater Philadelphia area. I couldn’t have agreed more.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I always like to try new things. You never know how good they can taste if you don’t try them at least once.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    When my brother and I were young our parents used to take us to this nice Chinese restaurant. When they served a dish with lobster in it, they would put the top half of the shell on top of the dish (face, eyes, antennae, chest, etc.). My brother and I used to take them and act out B-grade science fiction movies with the shells. I think my parents ordered those dishes to keep us busy! LOL

  • Deanna French

    One time me and my 2 daughters (ages 17 and 11 at the time) were enjoying a nice dinner at a chinese buffet. When dinner was over, my 17 year old opened her fortune cookie and it said “Happiness is sitting beside you”, and she got up and asked a table full of strangers next to us if she could sit with them!

  • Erin Estilette

    Um, I don’t really have a Chinese restaurant story. When I’m eating Chinese food, I’m too engrossed in the process of eating and enjoying my food to notice any details that might make for an interesting story.

  • Merm123

    When I was in my 20’s we used to go to this local Chinese food restaurant after the bar closed. It was the only Chinese food place that was open late and my friends had a few too many drinks and used to tease the one waiter all the time and he would play along with these guys joking and imitating them. Because of that funny waiter, he got everyone in that restaurant and was well known. They would scream his name every time they went into the restaurant. Hey “Wang” (that was his real name) but as you can see this name meant other things to the drunks lol. He just laughed it off. The food was good but after a few drinks we didn’t really taste it but the entertainment was worth it. Fun times when we were younger.

  • MT

    Taking my son to a Chinese restaurant for the first time. He’s from Taiwan, so we had every member of the staff stop by to look at him. Then, we got to fight him on eating rice, ironically. Good times!

  • Rebecca lee

    A few years ago I agreed to go on a second date with a guy I had recently met. I asked where we should go for dinner and he said “You know that Chinese restaurant in the mall…..” I immediately interrupted and said yeah I love that place. The food is expensive but sooo good!! Anyway the next evening we arrive at the mall and head towards the Chinese restaurant, however instead of going through the main front door of the restaurant we went up some stairs at the side. I was just about to comment that I didn’t realise the chinese place had an upstairs, when i realised that before I had interrupted him, he was about to say ” You know the chinese restaurant at the mall, well above that is an all you can eat bargain bucket chicken place”!! I know it’s my own fault for interrupting and jumping to conclusions, but i just couldn’t hide my disappointment and unfortunately we never made it to a third date.

  • F Hicks

    The one I remember most was when I was on a holiday in Hong Kong, a Chinese business owner who regularly came too my are too sell jewellery knew I was coming over and arranged to take me out for a lunchtime meal at a very upmarket restaurant.

    I was apprehensive about it because I knew that this would not be the same as those back home where we could order lemon chicken and fried rice so I was not sure what to do or what too order.

    All the food was served by waiters pushing these small trolleys around the restaurant and offering the fare too dinners who chose their food and were served promptly. The food was not cooked in the way we do it it most off it was cooked in lemon juice and other spices which was unusual in my mind but not in theirs.

    It turned out while I was a bit apprehensive about what too eat given that eating in foreign countries is sometimes fraught with visions off food poisoning. I did eat some off it but nerves got the better of me so I chose things that I knew would be safe too eat and had no ill effects afterwards and I enjoyed the experience.

  • Natania

    There was a little restaurant right up the street from we lived, the name was China Town. My Granny owned the building, and they rented it from her. It was a husband and wife that was from China, and they were the only two that worked there. There was 6 tables inside, it was really small but most people ordered take out. I loved their food, it was so good. I would get chicken saute, you got 6 pieces of chicken and they came out on a stick wrapped in foil, you would get a side of peanut sauce and it was the best sauce. I would get an extra order of the sauce, and an order of rice and put the sauce on my rice and it was so awesome. My total would be $14.95, and that wasn’t including my drink. A little pricey but worth it! We always got take out until Granny would pick up her rent money once a month and that is the only time we ate inside and they would give it to us for free every time. They were great people. Unfortunately 2 years ago they told us they were moving back to China, my Mom asked if we could have the recipe for their peanut sauce and she told us it was actually a Thai food, and it was very expensive and complicated to make and she couldn’t give it to us. We were bummed about it but life goes on. I haven’t found another Chinese restaurant since then that I like and cannot find my chicken saute with the peanut since either.

    • Mrs Ed

      I’ve never heard of peanut sauce. I’m not a fan of Thai food, but I’d try the peanut sauce………..but on hot biscuits, maybe. 😀

  • Tt

    Ok so i have never tried clams or oysters still not sure what its called so I went to a Chinese buffet and also tried crawfish good btw, anyhow so this lady at the table next to us and it was really crowded so she might as well have been at our table… but she heard me mentioned i never ate it before and she was suggesting sauces to put on it and how to eat. I dont think i listen i was to busy looking at how weird it looked lol, so long story short i tried with a fork to get it out and didnt know its be that easy lol. It flew in the lady’s shirt right between her breast as it was flying in the air me and my friends are watching it in slow motion as it landed and she never even knew and waved her hand as if she’s fanning a fly away lol. so me and my friends got quiet and didnt know what to do so we stayed quiet. Looking around thinking nobody seen what happened me and the sushi guy which he was really cute by the way locked eyes and i froze out of nowhere he started laughing and winked and i just laughed…

    • Mrs Ed

      Too funny!!!

  • Olaitan Awe

    Here goes my Chinese restaurant story. It was in 2016, just before thanksgiving when I visited my childhood friend in Dallas, Texas. His parents were also visiting at that time, because we were preparing for my friend’s wedding. He decided to take us out to a chinese restaurant for lunch. This restaurant was close to his house.
    For me it was a really nice place, and the menu had all sorts of food like chicken, fried potatoes, rice e.t.c.
    I am from an African culture with lots of spicy foods. So, I look over the menu, I got the Chicken with rice on the side, and some potatoes. Since it was a buffet lunch, I tried a few other items but not as much. For the most part, I loved what I had at the restaurant. My friend and his mom loved the food, and the waiter was also courteous. I would say that it was a good experience.
    But to my amazement, my friend’s dad complained that he did not like the food. He said he preferred the kind of African foods that he was more familiar with. I just sat quietly and I ate my food. When we were done eating, we left the restaurant!

  • Diane Lane

    When I was a little my grandparents took my out to a Chinese restaurant. They decided to get a Pu-Pu platter. So here comes this dish with a fire bowl in the middle and was I excited to see coming to our table. I spun the platter around to see what I was hoping to see, but alas what I expected was not there. I must of had a disappointed look on my face and gram asked me what was wrong. I told her I didn’t see the graham crackers, marshmallows or chocolate, so how were we to make the smores over the fire in the middle of the bowl.

  • rose morgan

    How laughable it is trying to pronounce the menu items with my southern drawl.

  • Liza Clark

    My husband and I won free tickets to a restaurant for 10 Dim Sum meals. Since we had so many and at the time we only had a very young child we decided to ask all our family to go with us! So we all piled into this small restaurant and presented our winning tickets to the restaurant owner and he seated us all with a smile. As a side note we are a real kind of down home kind of family that are generally eat meat and potatoes at meals.
    Then the food started coming and coming! OMG! There was so much! The only thing we recognized was the rice ! lol I have to say that as much as we tried to be polite about the whole experience we ended up leaving 80% of the food there and had to apologize to the owner and explaining that we did not realize what Dim Sum was. We then went to a different restaurant! Good Times!

  • Ken Grant

    Was finished eating with a friend. Opened up my fortune cookie and it said I was lazy and needed to work harder. Never been scolded by a cookie before. Who knew.

  • Deb

    A long time ago we used to go to a Chinese restaurant that served “All You Can Eat Crab Legs” every Friday night. I love crab legs and ate so many that the waiter presented us with the check and said that the owner wanted us to leave. We were totally shocked. I’m only 5’2″ and 100 pounds, so I didn’t think that it was going to break the joint if I ate a lot. It was really embarrassing and we never went back.

  • carpediem5790

    Brief and disgusting…..I went to this tiny, authentic Chinese restaurant in Milwaukee, Wi. Feeling adventurous, always wanting to try something new, I ordered the Fish Soup. BIG MISTAKE. It came in a bowl with the head, mouth and eyes of the fish sticking out of the soup. I swear its eye moved. I could not eat the soup. So i took it home. My boyfriend asked if I really was going to eat it. Saying no, he dumped it in the toilet. The toilet got plugged with this big fish head peering up at me, my boyfriend and the landlord. I couldn’t even try to explain it. I love Chinese it, but not with it staring back up at me.

  • MyKinKStar

    First time I went to lunch with co-workers to a Chinese restaurant I learned after reading your fortune you are supposed to add “In Bed” at the end. It is awkward and funny; and awful too. It kinda sorta makes a fortune worth reading out loud around a group of people you don’t really know like that, but can be strange. We laughed and laughed and it brought us all a little closer in a creepy way, that was really alright cause our bunch used to go to happy hourS every now and then too! Oh, but no hooking up and/or ‘in bed’ realities, so don’t even think about it!

  • OceanGirl

    Exactly two months ago, my family and I traveled from Atlanta, GA to Memphis, TN to celebrate our grandfather’s 95th birthday. This year, he chose to go out to a Chinese restaurant. We started off with a soup with a white rubber-like meat. They gave us red sauce that’s supposed to add flavor to it. Sadly, it didn’t. Next, came a whirlwind of different dishes that the waiters basically bombarded us with instead of bringing a few dishes at a time. Each dish tasted AWFUL. In addition to the AWFUL food, we had terrible service. No one ever came to check on us or ask if we needed more water. My sisters and I asked our cousins, who live in Memphis, if they ever ate here before. My cousins said, “Yeah, we usually eat here for special occasions.” We replied, “Really?!” Lucky for us, Atlanta folks, we WON’T be going back there!

  • Millington

    I used to go to a Chinese restaurant in Dayton years ago. The funny part is, I did not eat any of the Chinese food (I cannot remember if the food was too spicy or what). I would only eat regular chicken wings (not dumplings) & french fries.

  • Brandee Malm

    I love chinese food but there is one restaurant in my home town that I am iffy about eating at. There are rumors around the town stating that the workers of this restaurant like to use actual dog, cat and pigeons in their restaurant. They’ve been seen with several small FAT dogs that just randomly disappear. Cats have gone missing in their neighborhood. I had a friend that lived next door to them and caught them trying to steal her cat from her back yard. There are also rumors that they have pigeon/bird traps on top of the restaurants building and they use these birds as their “chicken”. With all that said, no one really knows if these people are doing this accusations but you never really know what you’re eating at that restaurant.

  • Marce McHone

    I remember as a young girl, my mom found this new place uptown, the food was so good we started going there monthly until she passed away when i was 22, i still go there now when i need to feel near her, it was our special secret outing. There are many other Chinese places in town, but that one is special.

  • Mrs Ed

    Wonderful memories. ((hugs))

  • Surveys Profit

    Brought a friend to this Chinese restaurant called Din Tai Fung for the first time to have dumplings. It was her first time eating dumplings and she sprayed the juice in the dumplings onto my face while biting it! Everyone in the restaurant were laughing.

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    Generally when I go to a Chinese restaurant I enjoy my meal but last October I went to one and the food was horrible! I really like egg rolls, even they were horrible. I will find another one cause I enjoy Chinese food.

  • ramadevi

    I am always feel shy to visit Chinese restaurant because I cant eat food with chopsticks. I tried but I cant get it right. When I first visited the Chinese restaurant I saw there were many other people who were eating food with forks. then I was comfortable. I enjoyed the buffet eating with forks. I am still learning how to eat with chopsticks. I am putting my effort to do it but still not comfortable. I hope I get it one day.

  • Bryan Williams

    “The best chinese restaurant story I have to tell was when the group went to a chef that cooked in front of us on a stovetop.”