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  • Rob

    sell everything so you don’t need to have storage.

  • Nicole D. C

    I’m an organizer, I keep all my movies and book alphabetized. It’s easier to find what I’m looking for it I can just go straight to that letter.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Clothes: if you haven’t worn them in at least two years, donate them.

    • Karen T

      That’s a good idea Diane. I had some clothes hanging in my garage to air them out and somehow someone got into my garage and took them. I still haven’t figured out how they got in though. I was going to have a garage sale and donate what I didn’t sell. But I guess they saved me the trouble.

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        That’s a little scary, Karen!

    • Christy

      GREAT idea! I’ve got 4 closets packed to overflowing with clothes and I still can never seem to find anything to wear. I’ve been living out of a suitcase (ONE suitcase) for a year now going back and forth to my grandkids so I KNOW I don’t need all of that stuff! The first chore on my list when I go home next week is to empty out those closets! If my husband walked in and grabbed something and said “Wear this today” and I couldn’t say “OK” and put it on, it’s going to charity!!!

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        Good for you, Christy. It’s a little twist on the expression, “When in doubt, throw it out.” Charities come right to my door with a truck to pick up the bags. While you’re at it, check out your pocketbook situation. On that one, I have to say, do as I say, not as I do. LOL! I must have a pocketbook fetish. I have mine and my mom’s, but I hardly ever get around to changing pocketbooks!

        • Christy

          Pocketbooks… I understand. I have dozens. I love to change them with outfits which helps keep them cleaned out (my form of reasoning!) For our 25th wedding anniversary my husband (bless his heart!) knowing of my love for purses (and not noticing that mine are all cheap!) bought me a very expensive designer purse. It’s beautiful red and tan leather and holds everything BUT I’m terrified to use it. A lot of times I don’t take my purse in store or restaurants with me and, while they are well hidden and secure, I’m worried that someone will take the purse. I don’t care about what’s inside but I worry about the purse! I’m also pretty rough on them and I’m so worried I’ll scuff the leather or mark it somehow so I don’t like to use it. He thinks this should be my ONE purse and I should get rid of all the others. GASP! I know it hurts his feelings but unless I’m going somewhere special (where it will remain with me at all times)I don’t use the beautiful new purse. The pocketbook collection will stay! 🙂

          • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

            In all the pocketbooks I have, there isn’t one expensive one. I’m a “cheap” purse hoarder. LOL!!

    • Sowmya


      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        Thanks, Sowmya!

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Nice, Karen!

    • Karen T

      Thanks Diane!

  • Stacie Snow

    utilize unused places like under the bed for storing out of season clothes just put them in plastic totes and slide under your bed spread covers it so it can’t be seen

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I have those. Now I mostly use them for wrapping paper, Christmas cards, etc, but I used to use them for clothes. I even tried Space Bags that you suck all the air out with a vacuum. I used those mostly for extra blankets, but also for some clothes.

  • mcmorgan16

    Since we live in an apartment we have TONS of homemade storage solutions for everything from the tiny laundry closet to the tiny kitchen. Two of my favorites are: taking a plastic shoe holder and using it for all of my cleaning supplies. It hangs up on the door out of the way of everything. The second that I did for my kitchen is to hang the measuring spoons on the inside of the cabinet door and label them!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I use that bag inside my closet for my socks. My kids used to use them for Barbies and Beanie Babies.

  • Tami N Bill Jansen

    I’m not good at storing stuff, I throw it all in one closet and when I need something I open the door and find stuff I forgot I had , it’s awesome, lol

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      LOL!! Now that I’m packing, I’m finding all kinds of stuff I didn’t remember I had!

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    When you buy shoes, keep the boxes. When shoes are out of season, they can be stored in the closet or under the bed, dustfree.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      This is true. They also sell plastic containers that are the same size as shoe boxes.

  • deedee walker

    I live in a mobile home, there is absolutely no storage space in mobiles, so my advice is, under the bed, up in the top part of the closets, out in the shed, under the mobile home (depending on what it is) and baskets, I use all my baskets big and small for junky things, I put them under end tables, in certain corners of a room, it’s a nice look to “hide” stuff for storage.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Those are great ideas, deedee!

  • jennyjet

    When you open a box of cereal, always put them in a lid tight container to keep them more fresh and from creepy crawlers.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I tried that. I can’t snap the tops on! Maybe I can find better ones. Good idea, Jenny!

  • edeliz

    Handle paperwork once, that is, read it, file it or throw it out.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      So true, edeliz!!! And I’m so guilty of not doing that!

  • dolfanatl

    Don’t keep stuff you don’t need. Then you will always have rooms for the things that you do.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Easier said than done. LOL!!!

  • Richard Vargas

    I think most importantly, label your boxes and storage totes. It’s so much easier to locate something when the the box contents are on a label.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Good idea, Richard!

  • Jason Pike

    Just throw what u don’t use away.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Again, in a perfect world…

  • dottie p

    if you’ve stored it for more than a year. and haven’t used it. throw it away. ( i wish i could follow my own advice)

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I give it two years but I don’t include everything in that; usually just clothes.

  • Mrs Ed

    LABEL THE BOX! Write on the box, what’s inside it! That way, you are not hunting through every box, trying to find a particular item, or while moving, you can put that box in the proper room, and are most likely to open it and use what’s in it!

    • Karen T

      I did that the last time I moved. And it really helps!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I’m doing that, Mrs. Ed!

  • Mrs Ed

    Good advice……..and I’m a picture nut. lol

    • Karen T

      I had that happen to a few pictures once. And labeling them is really good. It sure saves a lot of confusion over who’s who and what’s what. Especially decades later.

  • Sue W.

    Seal-a-meal or Food Saver….I have had mine for year and love it!! I can stock up on great sales, seal up the food and put it in the freezer. Also works for cheese and veggies.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      My husband’s aunt bought him one many Christmases ago. He still uses it and loves it!

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    I would advise that one should set a reasonable time limit for things they put in storage. If one is going to exceed that time limit then they need to reflect on whether it is something that they really need or want. Personally I would say that if you are storing something for more than a month, get rid of it because you don’t need it. You can either sell it or give it away.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      My husband refuses to get a self-storage place. Now that we’re letting my daughter live in the house here, I guess I didn’t need it. But if we were selling it now, as we had originally planned, I really would have wanted one for the boxes.

  • Denise N.

    My storage tip???? Call me crazy but I do not believe in having so many things that they need an area all of their own. If an item doesn’t pull double duty what’s the sense of owning it? You want living room then get rid of the things that collect dust.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio


  • justinkeene

    Storage Tip Use plastic containers and keep lids on them. Go through your storage once or twice a year to see what you can throw out. Use recycleable containers

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Good ideas!

  • Alicia Diem

    A good storage tip is to label everything. Also keep it organized and neat.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio


  • mary

    Organization! Of some sort is key!! And labels. I’m raising a grand. I constantly have clothing, etc. coming and going. She’s 3 1/2 and right now I have clothing up thru size 6. I shop clearances and someone gave me a bin of clothes for her she is slowly growing into. Saving money and organization!!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Good ideas!

  • jock

    UnWrap from plastic or styrofoam boxes fresh produce like fruits and veggies when storing in the fridge compartment. Not only it extends the shelf life but avoids unnecessary moisture and contamination. It’s a very cheap and easy way to prevent food wastage .

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      They take up too much room if you don’t unwrap them.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    I like the way you think! LOL

  • Lynn

    After recently living alone, I found myself continuing to purchase larger packages of meats and most of it got freezer burned before I got around to using it. Now I still buy large packages but only when the meat is on sale and then I freeze it in single-size portion and write the date on each freezer bag. I can’t afford a Seal-a-meal so I take as much air out of the bags as possible then put the single size freezer bags into a large freezer bag for extra protection. When my freezer starts getting too full, I stop buying any more meat until I’ve used it all. I also wrap 3 or 4 pieces of bacon together in the freezer and just take out one portion at a time or it goes bad before I use it all up.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Good ideas, especially the bacon!

  • dia

    Just don’t keep stuff you don’t need and there will be plenty of room to keep your important stuff.

  • Timothy Mccollum

    Be neat when packing use a map to remember where things are. Also use the air tight storage bags they are great.

  • Rudra Patel


  • Noel Stewart

    I like to go to a grocery store that makes you pack your own groceries. They charge for bags, but they will let you take any empty boxes in the store for carry out. The banana boxes are the best because they are sturdy and stackable. They also have little cut outs for your hands to carry them with. In addition, I like to paint them with a nice tan satin paint and that makes them look fancy!

  • Sarah Turner

    Make sure to get a lots of bend to put it in.

  • Sylvia

    Get rid of anything that would be considered inoperable or unwearable.

  • Diane Lane

    My best tip is for storing plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper or parchment paper. Go to an office store and buy a plastic magazine rack that have open side patterns and 2 command removable hooks. Used one of the doors under your kitchen sink, open the door, place the hooks on the door, place the magazine rack on the hooks and place all the wraps in the rack. Leaving a draw empty to use for something else.

  • Shelly Marie Morgan

    I think that you should organize items by what they are and lable them.

  • Lu Ku

    Just organize what you need and throw out the stuff or gives it to someone that might need it.

  • Sylvia

    I have a tiny kitchen but a big love for cooking so I try to make good use of every available space. I find the back of kitchen cupboard doors are valuable kitchen realty. I use varying sizes of sticky hooks to hang measuring spoons, pot holders and flat cooking utensils on the back of the doors. On the larger doors I used those same hooks to hang magazine or file holders to store all those boxes of plastic wrap, foil and sandwich bags and these are also handy for pot lids. On another door I hung a small shower caddy to hold dish soap, scouring pads, dishwasher pods and cleanser. No one can see this storage but it really helps me stay organized with less clutter on my sink and counters.

  • Jean Michel Vinet Perso

    My storage is horrible for the moment cause im going to move !

  • ramadevi

    First thing do not store or purchase unnecessary things. If you want to store them put in a plastic container and stick a paper on it the list of things inside the box. This way we need not worry to dig the box inside. Recently my husband forgot the papers where he left them. So we decided anything before we put them inside the envelop or a box, we need to write what is inside it.

  • Merm123

    We knocked out some walls and were redoing the bedroom and I needed a place to put some of my everyday jewelry because I had so much so I had my partner build me little storage sections for all my jewelry and then I can cover it with a paintings or pictures of the kids. Works great and I have three made so he can keep buying me all the jewelry to fill them up 🙂

  • Deb

    My best storage tip is to think outside the box. In my kitchen I didn’t have anywhere to store the broom, dustpan, or vacuum. Beside the fridge there was a little area about 16″ wide so I made a cute curtain and put it up with a tension rod between the fridge and the wall. It not only adds a touch of whimsy, it also hides those necessary but unsightly things.

    Under my kitchen and bathroom sinks I added a tension rod and store cleaning squirt bottles on them. It makes them easy to grab and keeps the bottom of the cabinets clear to place other items.

    I have a big open kitchen so I repurposed an old dresser into an island. It has 6 drawers that I can store a lot of things in it. One drawer keeps all of my baking items. Another is full of cookie sheets. On the side are cup hooks where I can hang spatulas. On the back is a hook for potholders, a towel hook, and a paper towel holder. It gives me much more storage and counter space and keeps everything organized.

    • Sowmya

      Wow….. using the old dresser in the kitchen is excellent idea Deb! Love it!

  • MT

    Use (clean) clothes for padding when packing your breakable plates and dishes.

  • DM

    Always keep ziplock bags in the kitchen. Even the small ones. They are great for the small leftovers are candy, etc.

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    I have an old wardrobe from my husband’s grandmother and one side has a bar and the other has the stereo

  • Christy

    My best storage tip is for the kitchen… you don’t need 27 different sizes of plastic storage containers (ie: Tupperware) My Grandma had ever color, size and shape and every time you opened a cabinet door, they all fell out. You could never find the right lid to fit the container you had filled up with food. And they were pretty so if they went to a potluck dinner (if you found the lid) somehow they never made it back home. Solution: Get 10 square plastic storage containers and 10 round ones, all the same size. All of the round containers will fit all of the round lids… no searching for the right one. And all of the square containers will fit all of the square lids. If you need to double up and use 2 containers instead of one, who cares? You’ll have 10 of each. They will all stack neatly into each other for storage and you won’t have 27 odd shaped containers falling all over the cabinets. If you use all 20 containers and still need more, it’s time to clean out your refrigerator and throw some of that crap away.

  • Lisa Klingspor

    I have a few storage tips I’ve learned and they work well in my home. First, when it comes to clothing I have a strict 2 season rule. So for example with summer on it’s way I just finished switching out my winter clothes for my summer ones. Whenever I do this I take the opportunity to “purge” my closet. Every item I ask the same question, “did I wear this at all during the past 2 summer seasons?” If the answer is no I put it into the donate pile. If its been that long then the chances are I won’t wear it this year either. I also do the same thing with clothing that are too small. I put a 2 year limit on hanging onto stuff that I love but are just a tad too small. If I can’t loose the weight to fit into the item in 2 years, there’s a more than great chance I never will.
    My second tip involves decorative pillows and pillow cases. This is also a way to save room in your home. When it comes to the small square decorative pillows less is more in my opinion. I really don’t have the space to be storing a ton of these so I found a better option. First I bought some inexpensive neutral gray pillows from Walmart. The pillows themselves are very nice and soft and look great all on their own. Then, whenever I want a change or a new season arrives I have a collection of cases that can be put OVER the original pillow. For summer I have some amazing silk screened beachy covers, and then for Christmas I have holiday covers and so on. This also makes cleaning very easy. I just remove the covers and throw them in the wash. This makes it less stressful when there are spills and such and I have a constant variation of awesome covers. They are easily purchased and I’ve also been considering sewing some new ones myself to save even more money. This is also a way to change your decor without spending a ton of money. Small changes can make a big impact.

  • Chris

    Years ago, as I prepared to move from California to Idaho, I collected all of the paper boxes from work. They were all symmetrical and made it easy for stacking, not to mention, it was impossible to load them so heavy I could not lift them.

  • Paul Clément

    We use see-through plastic bins of varying sizes to organize and store things in the travel trailer. They keep things together, such as medicines, creams, band-aids and other bathroom things. they prevent others from rolling around inside cupboards or getting tossed about and mixed up making them easier to locate when needed and to identify if renewals are required. The larger bin are great from the underside storage areas to keep tools, kitchen tents, ropes, lights and the like separate readily available. The whole concept makes the campsite experience more enjoyable and freer of the inevitable hassles when you’re not organized.

  • Ray Ayala

    Once upon a time, I wasn’t going to buy a 3-bedroom mobile home because the third bedroom was so small. The realtor said she would use the smallest bedroom as a walk-in closet for the medium-sized bedroom. That is what I did. I bought clothes racks, shoe racks, a full length mirror to roll into the tiny bedroom -just like in the upscale clothing stores. Guests commented that my 2-bedrioom mobile home is so luxurious because the master bedroom has an en suite and walk-in closet and the second room has an even bigger walk-in. Finally, I lived happily ever after.

  • Jason Provo

    Rubbermaid bins! Pure and simple. Compactible bins that come in every size u can imagine. I swear by them. Stackable and colour-coded to your organizational preference. Im not a salesman, trust me. I just love these tupperware treats!

  • If your things aren’t waterproof, keep them in plastic totes with good lids. Had too many cardboard boxes go moldy because of basement flooding. If plastic totes aren’t enough, use skids to suspend them off from the floor

  • Ken Grant

    Only store what you can reasonably keep … then purge, purge, purge. Too much stuff cannot be stored well.

  • Hdawg Geezy

    I have this cupboard full of plastics, and anytime we have to store food, i dread opening the cupboard, because all the crap will fall out. sooo my advice is to either get a humongous cupboard to accommodate all your tupperware, or get rid of the excess crap. sustainably of course.

  • MyKinKStar

    Use what you have and only buy what you need. It’s less stress and a lot less stuff in the way too. I am not as willing to spend money on newer or better stuff right away anymore and resist the urge to try new cleaners or lotions, etc, until it’s time to get more because what I have is all gone.

  • Carol Miller

    I have a few storage tips that I have been using that saves me a tremendous amount of time. When folding sheets, take one of the matching pillow cases and slide the sheet set inside. That way you will never have to be rooting around for a misplaced top or bottom sheet. Everything you need to change your sheets will be at your finger tips. My second tip is to store scarves by threading them through a hanger. You can usually fit 6 or 7 on one hanger. Knot them at the top so they don’t fall off. You will never be rummaging through drawers looking for an appropriate scarf again. Lastly, use the Christmas ornament dividers to organize your socks and hosiery. One sock or stocking in each cavity and again you will save time, especially if you get up late for work. Lastly, instead of laying polos flat one on top of the other; lay them vertically after they are folded so you can see each shirt better. That way you are not pulling apart a stack of polos and making a mess for yourself.

    • Karen T

      I like your idea for the sheets Carol.

      • Carol Miller

        Thanks Karen

    • Sowmya

      Carol sheets inside the matching pillow cases is super idea !!

      • Carol Miller

        Thanks, Sowmya

  • rose morgan

    Label containers and boxes and use the empty space under the bed for storage.

  • Marce McHone

    For food, rotate the stock. For linens/clothing, use shop vac on reverse to suck the air out of bag it is stored in.

  • Javier Fuentes

    Maximize space and organization by using proper labeling and constant stacking, using racks, hangers and never forget that the wall can be used as well! Hanging a peg board can create new space to store items!

  • Rochelle Pieper

    Can as much fruits, veggies, and meat as you can and store it away some place cool with water, candles, and a few blankets in the event you ever need it. Canned goods stay edible in cool environments for years!!! I have a bunch under my house.

  • When I think of storage, I think of fitting as much stuff as possible in a small area. I call it “adult tetris”. Any time we bring home groceries, Nate has me put them away. I am able to fit amazing amounts of groceries in a small pantry or freezer. It’s all about spacial reasoning. If you line the like items up and downsize the container, put all the boxes stacked so you can see the labels they are easier to find than if you put them in there any which way. Everything is like the Tetris games, you are not trying for the most points or to eliminate as many rows as possible, but you are trying to get the most items in the small place and eliminate everything being on the counter.

  • Martina E Silva

    This storage tip is for the kitchen sink; there always seems to be no room under the kitchen sink but if you reroute your plumbing that will be a different story.

    I came accross this solution by accident and only because I had to replace my pipes.

    All you have to do is, instead of main pipe going straight down into the trap or s trap, cut it and connect a corner to run right below the sink towards the wall. Then run it along the wall down into the water trap which is also against the wall then up again and out to the existing pipes leading out of the house.

    Trust me youll have a whole lot more room.

    I took it a step further and installed a tension rod and hanged some wire baskets to hold my lighter cleaning supplies.

  • Millington

    Use the corners of some of the walls in your home, the space under your bed, & purchase as many fold-able items as you can. You would be surprised how many weightlifting bars I can store in a corner of my dining room (remember to store them at an angle so you do not have to worry about them falling).

  • Jessica

    If I had to choose one tip besides the obvious ones, I’d say take pictures or scans of things you’d like to keep such as drawings or notes. Save them onto a drive and throw out the original. It saves space and is easily accessible since you don’t have to go digging through boxes.

  • Karen T


  • Sowmya

    I pack winter and summer clothes separately in vacuum sealed bags and
    stack them in the cardboard box with lable on it with list of items. I used the
    same method for linen, kitchen items etc. when I moved houses. Just remember one thing, if you have not used any of the stuff for 1-2 years, that means you can survive without those. Make it a point to give away the things which you haven’t used for over an year. Trust me, not only you will make someone happy, you will also make some room for yourself to breathe ease!!

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    In a perfect world…

  • Carmen Ennik

    The best advice I have is to make sure everything is labeled, that way you know what’s in each container. For some stack able items I have see through containers to help me quickly see what’s in them if I’m in a hurry. Don’t stack items too high on top of each other because they may tip over and someone could get hurt. That’s all I have hope it helps.

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    Don’t be neurotic about tupperware and lids. They never match!

  • April

    Label the outside of your storage containers! That way you can see at a glance what is inside, and further organize your containers by type.

  • Maddie Lessard

    Have a garage sale…lol

  • betty mcclendon

    I use empty 2 liter coke bottles for storage of rolls of ribbons.Punch holes in the bottle along each side as u go around.then place rolls of ribbon in flat down and pull the ribbon thru each hole.It is so more tangles in ur ribbons.u can decorate ur bottle with markers r craft paint before u put ribbons in but only on the outside and let can use tapes of all colors.but it is great for me and my sewing room.