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  • rose morgan

    My friend had to put her horse in the ditch in front of my house so that I could get on the horse.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      LOL. (Not laughing at you; laughing WITH you.) I can picture that!

  • DM

    I grew up around horses in the country. We would ride bareback all the time. I was the smallest and would always wind up on the back right beside the tail. Five of us would ride at one time! The horse started running one day and I slipped down under his stomach, still holding on until he finally stopped. I never rose another horse again I was was terrified. About 7 or 8 y/o!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Time to get “back in the saddle”, literally? Not me. I had enough “horse” experiences!

    • Karen T

      Wow! I’m glad you were able to hold on!

  • Carol Miller

    My father always loved horses and had one housed in a suburb of Philadelphia. When he was dating my mother he would often take her to the stables to visit his horse. Her name was Jezebel. Well, my mother would never ride but would hold carrots in her hand for Jezebel to eat. The only problem was she had to maneuver through an electric fence. One day Jezebel accidentally pushed too hard on my mother’s hand and she hit the electric wire. Sparks flew everywhere and Jezebel started kicking and neighing. My mom didn’t actually get hurt but was pretty shook up. Well, that was the end of my mother’s visits to the horse farm. My father still kept his horse but had to provide different venues for his future dates with my mom. As an aside, my brother Tom also loved horses and always asked if he could keep one in our garage. Of course he couldn’t but now owns several beautiful horses and a gorgeous barn on 5 acres. No electric fence, thank God.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Poor horse! Poor mom! I’m glad no one got hurt.

  • justinkeene

    I was never really around horses at all in my life. But I can see someday Riding an horse out in to the sun set and leaving on to an different city to live. i would love to ride an horse sometime as long it’s not too much of an wild ride.

  • Merm123

    One weekend our community put on a multi family garage sale and we got up very early for setting up and people came from everywhere. There was about four horse and buggy mennonite families that came to the sales and horses were pooping all over the side of the streets that the buyers from the sales were commenting on the smells and trying not to step in the mounds of horse manure. You would think that they would pick it up like people do for their dogs. One horse was acting up so bad that he almost lifted the carriage right off the ground. One family bought up every piece of tupperware they could find. I guess because its a lifetime warranty. They know how to save and know a good deal. Anyway, thats my horse story 🙂

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    When I was twelve years old my parents got me riding lessons while I was at camp for the summer. One day (which happened to be my birthday), the instructors have me get on a horse who reared up right outside the barn just after I had mounted him. There was a cliff next to the barn and I thought this horse was going to throw me off if it. They made me ride the horse anyway. So we rode our horses to the ring and as we’re walking around it, the horse decides to sit down. Luckily, I got off and crawled away very quickly because after it laid down, it decided to roll over. I didn’t ride another horse until I was 21. I went with my friends to a riding academy and the first thing my horse did was to rear up. I started crying but they made me ride that horse. I was so scared that the instructor kept one of his hands on my reins. Talk about looking like a baby…!!!

    • Karen T

      I don’t blame you! I fell off a horse once and landed on my hip. I couldn’t imagine one rolling over on me!

  • Sarah Turner

    When I was little my parents had some paper routes that they delivered, on the weekends I would go with my mom. On her route there was a beautiful brown horse that has a scare in the sharp of a star. I wanted that horse so bad that my dad would take me to pet get every weekend. It was the nicest thing he ever did for me.

  • Nicole D. C

    When I was little my Uncle has a ranch. He has now since passed because of lung and liver cancer. But he would let us feed and water his horses. We often would ride them bare back. Best memories ever!

  • zlobica brooks

    I did not know the horse at all. The usual rider, who was a friend, was out of commission and the owner asked if I could ride the horse hoping to qualify him for the intermediary level. The competition was a preliminary level three day event. On the cross country course, it was an oxer out of a wooden area and the landing was a drop. It was like a window opening on a large grassy area with a lake on the left side. Two swans were gliding peacefully on the surface of the lake. The next jump was at the end of the large opening. It was a right turn and a vertical over a ditch. From where we were when the incident occurred, the horse could not have seen the next jump. We flew over the oxer without hesitation and landed in perfect balance. The horse was in fact quite good. The next step, the horse stopped violently starting to rear and jump in the air while spinning. It was like he was suddenly becoming epileptic. In a few seconds he was in lather breathing frantically.

    Thinking about tying up or neurological problem, I left my arm signaling to the judge of the jump that I was off competition. I dismounted the horse and try to calm him down walking back and forth. He did not showed any signs of muscular problem but his mind was out of control. I walked back to the trailer area. The horse was then recovering some calm and composure. I described the whole event to the horse’s owner and he was skeptical, as he never encountered such problem. The horse was recovering and in spite of a thoughtful examination, the vet could not find anything wrong with the horse.

    The owner asked if we could walk together where the incident occurred and we did. We stood in front of the jump, watching the large grassy opening with the lake. I was pointing with my finger where we landed and where the horse reaction started but the owner was looking over the lake. He then told like to himself, It must be the swans. He explained then that when the horse was a yearling at his farm, he has been attacked and in fact injured by two swans. The owner added then, the setting was almost identical with the large grassy area and the lake on the left side. The incident occurred when the horse was a yearling and he was eight years old at the date of this event.

    The meanders of their memories are sometime difficult to understand but from their point of view, their memories are as real as reality.

  • dolfanatl

    When I was a kid, I was in a Boy Scout-like group called the Indian Guides. Our tribe went horseback riding once, but there weren’t enough horses for everyone. They were 1 short. Because I was the smallest and youngest, I had to ride with my dad. It wound up being great because my dad would purposefully hold our horse back just so he could get him to run fast to catch up. It was really awesome and exciting.

    • Karen T

      I bet the other kids wish they could ride with your dad! Lol!

  • Jason Provo

    A horse walks into a pub and up to the bar. The bartender says to him, “hey, why the long face?”…

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio


  • Mrs Ed

    Well, my horse story would be a series of events that led up to my fear of horses. I love horses, from a distance. I think they are the most magnificent, noble creatures. However, I’ve been on a runaway horse, caused by someone else who tried to harm a small child….ME. Then later, a horse reared up, because he sensed my fear. And then the county fair. I walked, looking down all the time, and often ran into things. (still do, lol) I walked right into the back side of a horse, looked up startled, turned to run, and walked smack dab into the face of another. I screamed and ran. Never been near a horse since.

  • Teresa Rojas

    A group of us where our riding,when I had my first seizure. The horse must have known something was wrong because with his help I didn’t fall off,and he came to a stop.

  • Chris

    Love them, but I am so allergic to them that I cannot be around them. Found out when my reaction was so bad I had blisters in my eyes, huge bubbles of ickyness from itching my eyes. Worst pain ever too.

  • Nicole

    The first time I ever rode a horse was when I was 18 and I will never forget it. My boyfriend at the time knew someone who owned a horse and thought it would be nice to take me for a stroll. Biggest mistake ever, for starters I was getting over a bad stomach flu and did not want to go, but my ex-boyfriend insisted that he had a special surprise and would really enjoy since I had been sick for the past couple days. So I was like “what the heck why not!” I remember driving to a ranch thinking I really do not want to be here but I’ll be a “good girlfriend” and suck it up since he did take time to plan this so called “surprise.” When we got the there we he showed me around, keep in mind the smell was not helping at all and made my stomach cringe. I didn’t want to say anything because he was having a good time. Well long story short we ended up at the horse stable, got on the horse and ended up throwing up all over the place. Not a pleasant sight, I was so embarrassed, I never have gotten back on a horse.

  • Mrs Ed

    That does sound like fun. And I could picture that whole event, the way you wrote it. I love reading posts like that. Very well written.

  • Sylvia

    I was on a field trip to a local farm with my kindergarten class and the farm owner was giving a tour. My students loved learning about all the animals as we visited the barn, pond and coops. Finally we arrived at a large corral with many horses and donkeys. The horses were quite friendly and let my kids stroke their necks and feed them apple halves. There was one animal that stood back from the rest and my kids wanted to know why he wasn’t coming to the fence to greet them. Well, said the farmer, he’s a jackass that doesn’t really feel comfortable around kids. My dear little Erica quickly countered by saying, if you didn’t call him mean names then maybe he would be more friendly and I think you just lost your recess! The dumbfounded farmer just looked at me and I thought, nope, not touching this one. But I have to admit I chuckled the entire way back to school and was rather proud of my protective and kind kindergartener.

    • Deb

      That is the dearest thing that I’ve ever heard. How cute!!

      • Judy Burba McGarvey

        Out of the mouths of babes.

  • Mrs Ed

    Well, with the runaway horse. (I was about 6 or 7 years old) It was my Aunt who slapped the horse on the rear, vindictively, and caused the horse to startle and run. Me, the child, the one supposed to be in “charge”, was screaming. And the louder I screamed the faster the horse galloped. My cousin jumped the only other horse there, and chased us down, and grabbed the bridle of my horse and got him to stop. I walked all the way back to the house. Years later, I found out that the horse was loco. I also remember my younger brother almost getting trampled by the horse. My aunt went after the horse with a pitch fork, just before the horse would have come down on top of my brother. It wasn’t long after that, that she was forced to put the horse down.

    • Karen T

      No, I guess you can’t be in charge at that age. I’d hate to have an aunt like that. That’s a good thing your cousin was there! I’m glad you’re brother didn’t get trampled!

  • Erin Estilette

    When I was little, I was riding a horse with my Dad, and I fell asleep. Lol. I guess I didn’t think it was all that exciting.

  • Christy

    I adored horses as a child. I grew up in the city so I never actually SAW a horse but I had all of the little pony figures I could find… Barbie ponies, my little ponies, farmhouse ponies and even random statues that all of my dolls rode daily. Knowing how I loved horses, my Grandma planned a “Pony Party” for my 8th birthday. I was so excited!! My friends and I were going to ride ponies BY OURSELVES for an hour around a little enclosed ring/track. We arrived and 6 giggling girls picked their favorite ponies and watched them being saddled. We brushed them, fed them apples and talked to them. Then we got to ride. I was in the saddle, going around the first turn of a 1/4 mile track when my horse decided he’d rather be in the barn. He took off. Jumped a (very small) terrifyingly tall fence – what? I was 8!! – and headed for the barn with me crying and screaming, which didn’t help the situation! It took hours (ok 5 minutes) for the owner to catch my horse and get me off. I was not only terrified but I was mortified in front of my best friends (and the girls I took just so I could show off!) My dolls decided to sell their horses and move to the city and that was the end of my horse infatuation. I haven’t ridden one since then.

  • Theresa Holly

    went with a group of friends to Wyoming and took ride to view the beautiful scenery. Love the western states

  • Sue W.

    I tried horseback riding once! Road nice for awhile then my horse decided we should run like the wind!!!!!!!! He went around a bend and BOOM I was on the ground…I refused to ride the horse back and walk to the stable. End of story…

  • Jason Pike

    While I was in Boy Scouts I was brushing a horse clean and my friend was putting on the saddle, as he was tightening the stap maybe to tight, the horse turned and bit me right in the boob. It hurt so bad. Ouch

  • jennyjet

    Lived on a farm. My sister had a pet calf and Shetland pony. She was in the barnyard with a plate full of feed for her calf. The pony started chasing her around the barn at a good pace. I yelled at her “Please just drop the feed” and he will stop chasing you. She got a fright of her life that day….

  • Diane Lane

    When I was in the girl scouts we went to Stoney Brook ranch to earn a merit badge. One part of the badge was to horseback ride. Being from the city I had the city attitude. I saws the horses and thought to myself how hard could this be, it should be a piece of cake. So here comes this horse named Gentle Giant…as you can guess this was a tall horse who had the same attitude as me. This horse did not want to carry any girl scout or anyone else. He wanted to go back into the barn not be bother, and off he went. I thought to myself that is a great horse he takes no BS from anyone. Since there was no other horses to ride and was not my fault I still got my badge. What I did get from that experience was a great respect for horses.

  • Rebecca lee

    I don’t have a specific horse story because I am terrified of them! I have never ridden and don’t think I ever would! It’s something about their eyes. They just seem so human, and I always feel that know what I’m thinking. Which is normally how scared I am!

  • MyKinKStar

    When I was a child we kept a horse for a few weeks, that was going to be a Christmas gift for someone. I thought the horse was ours – MINE, and did not understand when it was gone. A big tree had been brought home during this time, that needed the bottom trimmed to fit into the tree stand, but snow covered the chunks of wood and when it melted I was convinced it was parts of the horse leg and that’s why he was really gone. I cried and cried at all the LIES and at the unfair life i was living and that poor horse!

  • Millington

    I remember the first time I saw a horse in real life. It was in 1975 & I saw 2 horses where I lived. Normally, this would not be that much of a surprise, until I tell you where I lived. I was living in the projects at that time. My questions were; (1) Where did these horses come from, & (2) How are they walking so well on all of this concrete?

  • Denise N.

    Parents can be so cruel! With good intentions but cruel, none the less. I couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 years old when I was abruptly pushed face first into a chainlink fence to the biggest eye I had ever seen. Scared motionless I could not turn to look away and the beast suddenly let out the most horrendous sound. Tears ensued as fear and panic broke my paralysis. And ever since I have an un-natural phobia being around horses.

  • Paul Clément

    When I was 5 years old, our milk was delivered by horse drawn wagons such as the one pictured here. Although not the bravest, I would occasionally bring the horse an apple when the milkman came by. As luck would have it, the milkman, Hank was his name, asked if I would like to hop in the wagon and go around the block during deliveries as a reward for being nice to his horse, whose name I don’t recall, sadly. Well, back in 1953 as it was, what 5 year old would refuse that offer. I yelled up at mom and away we went. What an adventure that was! By todays standards, not that exciting I guess but back then, I turned into a cowboy’s sidekick, encountered many bad guys but made it through the journey to fetch the horse another apple. Man, memories are really made of this!

  • Noel Stewart

    People always talk about what Columbus brought back to Europe such as maize (corn) and cacao beans (chocolate). On a subsequent trip, Columbus brought the first horses to the Americas because there were none at that time. The only domesticated animals to help humans were llamas. The conquistadors were able to selectively breed several types of horses to produce what in Spanish were called Los Caballos de Paso Fino. (English translation: The Horses of the Fine Gait) so called because it was a smooth ride, had stamina, and was a beautiful horse. Come to think about it, this is everything you would want in an automobile today.

  • Jodi Laporte

    I was about 12 years old and it was my first time riding a horse at Clay Creek. Everyone in the group is following a path, going down a hill and to the right is the creek, down a very steep slope about 10 feet. My horse decides it wants to do her own thing and goes down the slope right into the creek. I was screaming as it went down the slope because I thought the horse was going to fall with me on it, it was really scary. Then it gets to the bottom and decides to stand in the middle of the creek, which is about 2 feet deep, but it’s all clay in the water, so not the kind of water you want to have to walk around in. I imagine it would have been really slimy. The leader of the group came back to guide and rescue me and the horse out of the water. He wasn’t very nice about the situation, saying that it was my fault for not steering the horse right, but I swear I did. I never went back there again.

  • Ray Ayala

    My favorite horse is WarPaint. He is the mascot for the Kansas City Chiefs NFL Football Team. Here he is galloping after a Chiefs Touch Down!!

  • Cheyenne Too-real Shaw-Brown

    So I had a bestfriend in Elementary School who family “The Terry Family” own horses. They have their own hill named “Terry Hill” with nothing but land with houses and stables for horses. I went up there for my first ride when I was in the 6th grade. Horses has always been my favorite land animal but I was actually scared of them. Especially after my bestfriend waited until I was about to mount my first horse….to tell me how she got kicked in the face by a horse….the same horse…that left this permanent scar on her chin. Who does that? Right? Well all in all….I let her go first…then rode behind her….I was not riding “Mr. Kicks-A-Lot” by myself! It actually turned out to be a great ride! Since then riding horses on Terry Hill has been a breeze for me!

  • edeliz

    The first time I saw the Clydesdale’s was when I was about 10 yrs old. I was so excited as I had this TV image of the horses. The thing is, I’m petite now, so at age 10 I was even smaller, and man, those horses are HUGE! The whole time I was walking the area, I was terrified. Learned quickly, I rather see them on TV.

  • Deb

    While on vacation in Arizona we stopped at an overlook to take in the beautiful scenery. To my surprise and delight there was a herd of wild mustangs grazing by a stream down below. That was the first time that I had ever seen wild horses. They looked so regal and free. Seeing them made me realize how important horses were in taming the Americas. Our history would have been much different if the Spanish Conquistadors had not brought them over in the 1600’s. Horses were one of the most important possessions of people about 100 years ago. I was amazed that I was seeing a big part of American history as I gazed at these beautiful creatures.

  • Dixie Darling

    As most little girls I wanted a pony. My mom would ask “but where would you keep a pony?” I would always tell her I would keep it in my room. Mind you I lived in Miami FL, not in a rural area. My mom would then ask where a pony would sleep if I had one in my room. My answer? I would let the pony sleep in my bed and I would sleep on the floor! Yes, kids do say the darnedest things! I only knew about that because my mom told me about it when I was an adult. She is long gone but nobody can take the memories!

  • Ken Grant

    The first time I went horse back riding. The horse took off and I had everything I could to hold on. It was both exciting and scary and a memory I will never forget.

  • Colleen Goodbrand

    I have so many stories but I think the funniest one, for me, was when the horse I was riding, farted out loud and scared himself silly! He jumped sideways to get away from the noise!

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    We have had horses off and on all my life. My best horse story is a friend of mine was looking to get a new horse, she sent me a few photos of the candidates, and I saw which one was for her.she went the next day to see him, he was a picky horse about who could ride him, but he loved her!! She has him still today.

  • Anna Nicole

    Went horseback riding in Ireland. They put me on a crazy horse. He ran away w/ me. The buckle on my helmet was broken so my helmet flew off, then I started sliding off the saddle. I managed to hold on until he mostly stopped. Then he stepped on my foot. On the bright side, I’ll never forget that trip, and there were piglets at the farm that I got to play with!

  • roxysmom87

    When I was 14, my dad bought a horse to save it from the slaughter house. We lived in a rural area, but didn’t own our home. My parents rented it. Any way, I named the horse Charro after an Elvis Presley movie I had watched recently. Charro loved me, but he would always try to bite my younger brothers. One day my brother Keith was trying to pet him and, Charro grabbed his T-shirt with his teeth and slung him across the yard. After that, Charro was just mine. He would follow me around the yard. He loved eating carrots out of my hands. Then one day the landlord comes to the house. He told my dad he can’t have the horse on the property, so my dad had to sell him. I was worried he would be butchered, but my dad swore he went to a good home. Charro was more like a big dog to me. I’ll never forget that horse. Now my brother Vince owns two in Indiana and his daughters ride them in horse shows.

  • Tina Sedore

    So i was about 7 didnt know much about horses and the neighbour had one and we use to ride her once in awhile well we took her out for a walk and i was standing behind her… BIG BIG MISTAKE… the neighbour boy and my brother scared the horse and when in got scared and moved back it had stepped on my foot.. yes my foot… oh god did it ever hurt.. tried to push her off and move her but she just wouldnt move…. well at least till she felt like it… but mind you my foot killed and being a kid i learned never stand behind a horse always be i their view… and trust me to be stepped on by one aint no fun at all it took like what seemed lik15 minutes forr to move but when ur a child 15 minutes can feel like hours.. all though that happened i still love the beauty of the animals and hope to take the kids out riding at one of the ranches this summer..

  • Lynn

    I think my best horse story would be about my favorite aunt (my mom’s youngest sister) and her horse named Cad River. (I never did find out how she picked that name). One time she took me and my 3 siblings to the farm where the horse was stabled so we could have a ride on him. When we got there, she walked around the horse to explain the names of the horse parts. When she got to the back of Cad River I guess he was fed up with the tour and he kicked his back legs and hit my aunt squarely in the face, breaking her nose. We were horrified and ran away screaming. None of us went near her horse again. I have, however, been on many other horses, just not her’s.

  • Surveys Profit

    My mum was borned in the year of the horse. That’s my favourite ‘horse’! ( The horse is one of the 12 zodiacs in the Chinese calendar)

  • sneha goud

    Horses are one of the outrageous animals to look upon.Horses are prey animals with a strong fight-or-flight response. They are also social creatures that are able to form companionship attachments to their own species and to other animals, including humans.I love to watch horse races,but when sudden mishap occurs during a race which is extremely dangerous for racers could leave their soul which cause my breath hold with a conscious mind regretting in mourn about banning the horse race competitions.

  • Barbara Argoe

    I remember as a lonely and abused child of petting a neighbor’s horse and going there very often and giving the horse a treat and telling her my feeling as i petted her. All of which made me feel that i was heard and had worth.

  • Miles Olmsted

    I’ve always loved horses, when I was in my teens, I went to a Christian Horsemanship camp for 2 weeks every summer. And now have been married to a wonderful lady almost 15 years and she has the same passion as I do about horses. We live in the city, but have land in the country where we stable 2, one a Palomino and mine a quarter horse. We love to ride and get out to the country as often as we can. One of the local country girls feeds and exercises our friends when we are not there. They are our joy in life.

  • Barbara Knighton

    My ex husband had a friend that had horses, his friend was going for a day ride and ask my ex did he want to go, the ex has NEVER been on a horse. So Saturday morning they start out on the ride, which lasts 8 hours. My ex got huge blisters on his butt, and could not sit down for a week. I know it was painful, but I really got a good laugh. He should have known better than to ride for that long the first time.

  • Javier Fuentes

    I learned to ride horses before I could walk at my family’s farm in Cuba, where I was born. However, we had to leave Cuba for political and economical reasons, as well as sell the farm along with the horses. I have vivid memories and dreams of our horses ever since, but have never gone riding again. 🙁

  • Joseph Hatfield

    My brother had 15 or more horses. I never rode them they kinda freaked me out

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    When I was a kid, our neighbors moved to a farm. I had ridden horses before so when I went to visit them, I was thrilled that they had one. I got permission to ride him and just when I was about to mount him, he stepped on my toe! I thought for sure it was broken, but fortunately, all that happened was I lost the toenail. Guess he didn’t feel like being ridden that day. 🙂

  • Julio Sira

    Once upon a time a horse breathed by the paws, a puddle and drowned xdxdXDdxd?

  • Richard Vargas

    In our county, when you are in sixth grade you have the opportunity to go to Scicon for a week. Scicon is a school of science and conservation located in the nearby hills. The students are housed in cabins 8 for the boys and 8 for the girls each housing 20 students. The students are divided into groups and participate in various activities on a rotating schedule. One of these activities had the girls leading ponies on a hiking trail. The boys took another route and met up with the girls at the halfway mark. The boys were then to take charge of the ponies and return them to camp. The counselor told us to stay on the right side of the ponies. At one point the trail was very slim, the right side consisted of a steep downhill cliff. I was a bit chubbier than the other kids, so I decided to walk on the left side. That side was a steep hillside. I had been on the left side for less than 5 minutes, when the ground gave way and I slid feet first under the pony. As my life flashed before my eyes, I managed to grab hold of a rock embedded in the hillside. The pony stepped on one of my feet. It hurt, but due to the hiking boots I was wearing the damage was minimal. The counselor scolded me for not following his directions, a note was forwarded to my regular teacher. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. What I learned most was to follow directions as given.

  • deedee walker

    ooh woow, I was at a party in the country with some friends, and they had a barn and horses, I was always one for riding bareback, well this particular time, I got on the horse (barefoot/bareback) and the horse just booted it, well it was all I could do to hang on, the horse went through the field, through the barn, there was a log across a bean I ducked my head just in time, fweef, would of lost my head, well the horse went right it his stall and shot up just enough for me to slide off the back right in a big pile of “Horse Poop” I was full of it, everyone at the party had a great laugh, as well as myself, when I came walking out full of horse poop from head, right through my toes. I straiten up quick, Good-Times

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
    And no one can talk to a horse of course
    That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mister Ed.

    It’s what I thought about when I read today’s question LOL

  • Alice Ver

    I always loved horses and was thrilled to be able to ride one for the first time when I was 10 years old. My father took me to the circus that came to our city, and they let us ride the horses at the end (of course paid extra). Even though I was with 2 more kids on the back of the horse, I was super happy, and remember that day and the feeling even today, after some 40 years later 🙂

  • Misty Crain

    I love horses but never rode one.

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I owned a horse when I was young and he was the most lovable guy I ever met. He saved me from cousins because they treated him terribly, the threw apples at him and tried to hurt him, but my horse his name was Coco, took him for a ride in the woods and my cousins were banned from coming to see him by my grandmother.

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    I’m sixty three and have never ridden a horse in my life, until we were on holidays with my 5 year old granddaughter. She loves horses but had never ridden one before.We approach the corral with all the grand looking horses to ride and my granddaughter whispers to me she hopes a horse named Lady will pick her and sure enough that’s the horse she gets! As for me it was the first horseback ride I ever went on! What a great time, especially watching her excited face light up as she rode for the first time as well.

  • Stacie Snow

    My aunt has always loved horses so when she turned around fifty she got one she noticed that it just didn’t want to do alot and it was getting fat after she had it little over a month we went out one morning to feed it and it had had a baby colt during the night! So she basically got two for one! Lol

  • jock

    I learned the hard way-a really hard hit with a kick. It happened during my internship while taking up Veterinary Medicine course. Sure I was shaken and hurt bad in the leg but I am super thankful it wasn’t a serious hit or I should have found myself in the emergency room. Lesson learned: do your research beforehand. Specially when dealing with it the first time. I doesn’t hurt to know.

  • Haden Hudson

    When i was about 10, my family visited my the hacienda where my dad was raised. They brought out the horses. Mind you, he was raised around them, i was not. But he was so excited to revisit his old roots, that he jumped on the horse and put me on the horse’s flank. He began to gallop, all the while i was sliding off hanging on to his waist for dear life. I yelled for him to stop but he couldn’t hear me. I thought that would be the end of me. Needless to say that is the last time i ever rode a horse.

  • Andrew

    my horse story is kinda different many years ago my oldest brother loss most of his teeth for reasons that are not important to this story anyways he had ordered some dentures to be made for him and when he got them in which i remember the day vividly he tried them on and come to find out the dentures were to big for his mouth making him look like MR ED the family would go around saying Wilbur since then he hasn’t worn them however last year for his birthday i got him a horse cake and card with horses on the paper plates it was funny you just had to be there to see it long story short he ended up laughing about it! this was my horse story! ow ya and for a birthday present i gave him a apple!

  • ramadevi

    Once in my home town there were tango a 2 wheel cart pulled by a horse. This can carry 2 families with kids, may be 8-10 people. There were also cycle rickshaws cycled by a man which can carry 2 adults and kids in their laps. Mostly these two were main transportation in the town. If we want to go with our group of families or neighbours to a movie or for social occasion. It was really excitement for the kids to get ready and to enjoy the horse cart ride. We should book the cart previous day or as early as possible to get the tango. When the tango wala (the person who rides the cart) will feed the horse before starting and all kids were enjoying when the horse eats his meal and when drinks water. All kids from the neighbouring places come to see the horse. When The horse cart is in front of the home that means the family is going out. The horse looks pretty dressed with all decorations- coloured beads garlands, colourful clothing on body and legs. They were very attractive and for the kids it was very playful to watch the horse in the street at someone’s door step. Now I don’t see these carts anymore. I really miss those kind of things in my life when I visit. I still tell these stories to my son.

  • Mavis Robichaux Rodrigue

    We use to go compete at the horse shows every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I learned how to ride bareback when I was 4 yrs old. We had a pony named Prince. I would let him run, he would suddenly tun to the left to go home and I would fall off. I rode prince everyday to bring the cows in the dairy for milking. I clearly remember the day I stayed on Prince when he turned home. I kept asking dad to buy me a pony. The pony we got would try to rub against the tree when I was riding him but I never fell off. He was a bucking horse. I never rode him in the horse shows. He use to charge toward me when he would see the bridle. I would step aside before he got too close and hit him in the head with the bridle. We sold him because we didn’t have time to train him, Ponies are difficult to train and very stubborn. My sister needed a bigger horse. I was glad she was getting her own horse. She got paint welsh pony. All he wanted to do was run, dad said somebody abused him. We had to put a chain around his front so he would stop running when we wanted to catch him. I started riding him, it was so difficult for him to stop running. I was riding in the pasture, I saw the hot shot fence, but he didn’t, when he hit it he rared up, I fell on the ground. One day I was riding and he started running. He didn’t see the ditch, he stepped in it and we both fell. He ran back home. I started waking home and I knew something was broken because I had to hold my left arm in place. I broke my collarbone. As soon as it was healed I started riding again.