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  • Jasmine Emily

    When I overlook something and it’s right there on the project almost done and then I mess up one thing and I have to start all over again I am so Angry at myself at that point

  • When I had just gotten off from a long day at work and I go over to my sisters house to help her out with my niece’s and nephew. Well my baby niece at the time was about a little over a year old or so. We were trying to gather all of the kids in the car and I start panicking looking for Kaedence because I couldn’t find her anywhere. After about 15 minutes of me searching the house my sister asks what I’m looking for. I tell her I can’t find Kae and she says “just stop for a moment and look at yourself”… I was holding Kae the entire time and didn’t even notice it. I was beyond irritated with myself. It’s now just a funny story but then boy oh boy!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Sounds like when I’m looking for my glasses (that I’m already wearing) but on a whole other level. LMBO

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    My husband bought a new umbrella for the backyard. He said, “If it gets windy, make sure to close it so it doesn’t break.” Well, it got windy the first week I had it and I didn’t close it. And the brand new umbrella broke. Luckily, he was at work when it happened. I just started crying because I was too sick at the time to do anything about it. My kids found me crying on my deck and immediately noticed the broken umbrella. So they went back to the store where my husband had bought it. They only had one left of the same color and IT WAS ON SALE! So they bought it, took down the old one and brought it somewhere so my husband wouldn’t see it, and put up the new one. To this day, my husband doesn’t know that the umbrella I sit under is not the same one he bought.

    • Carol Miller

      Diane, really cute story. I once forgot to close my umbrella on my back porch. We had a bad storm that night and when I went out in the morning the wind had blown the umbrella through the front window of my car. It was a very costly mistake.

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        OOPS! That stinks. Luckily, mine didn’t go through my back window, though I’ve had a few close calls.

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    When I went out to lunch with a man who goes to my church instead of telling him no I will not go to lunch with you. I wasn’t attracted to him no is he a particular good conversationalist. Plus he was cheap! I paid for my own lunch! Total waste of a good Sunday

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      It’s hard to say no. You probably felt like you’d hurt his feelings. Totally understandable, Leslie. It means you’re a person who cares about people and their feelings. An admirable quality!

    • Leslie Anne Soloman

      You’re right. It really wasn’t that bad. He actually is a pretty nice guy! I believe he prefers younger women though. lol

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        Now that’s funny! He doesn’t know what he’s missing.

  • justinkeene

    When my friend said that was wasted trip meaning a small trip i had taken out of town. i had fun and enjoyed myself. Didn’t care for his statement he said to me. i afraid he might say something like that again

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      This is a friend? Are you sure about that? Could he have been jealous because he didn’t get to go?

      • justinkeene

        i sure like to consider them an friend. it can be hard at times

        • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

          I guess friendship is hard at times. The older I get, the more cynical I become.

          • justinkeene

            Thank you for replying

  • Steve Curylo

    I was really mad at myself many years ago, when I waited to tell a certain woman how much I loved her, but I didn’t want to come on too strongly, so I held off…then she started dating another man, and ended up marrying him. That’s when I got really mad at myself for not saying something to her sooner.

  • Carol Miller

    I had a so called friend about whom many people had warned me. They said she was untrustworthy. She was going through a messy divorce and leaned on me for advice. I was not only a good friend but was her coach all through the divorce. I confided something to her that was EXTREMELY personal ( and very heartbreaking to me) and told her I trusted her not to share this with anyone. I was trying to ease her conscience over some misfortunes in her life. About a year later another friend confronted me with this exact information that I had only confided to Chris. To say I was upset, is an understatement. However, I was BOILING MAD AT MYSELF. What a fool I was. To this day I beat myself up over that foolish mishap. Sometimes it does pay to listen to other people. I am, obviously, no longer friends with this girl because you can’t base friendship on mistrust. However, I still feel I have no one to blame but myself.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      That’s because you’re too nice. Actually, can someone be TOO nice? I don’t know but you gave her a chance when others wouldn’t and I think that’s an admirable trait to have. It does get you burned sometimes but you’re the better person.

      • Carol Miller

        Thanks, Diane. You always make me feel better. I should have known better and in a weak moment I fell. This girl cheated on her ex-husband and is now cheating on her present husband ( I just found out). So that speaks volumes. She is loyal to no one. You can’t even begin to believe all I did for her. Live and learn.

        • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

          That’s funny. I was going to say, “Live and learn” but I didn’t want to make you feel like you should have known better because you couldn’t have known. I, too, have done too much for people that soooo didn’t deserve to have anything done for them. Even when I knew they were users, I just didn’t know how to say no. My daughter is just waking up to the fact that her friend is a user and has finally learned to say no. I’m glad she figured it out in her 20’s. It took me way to long to learn to say no.

  • MT

    When I backed into a neighbor’s mailbox. That was a bad day!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      LOL. My husband and I both backed into cars that were in our driveway. To be fair, the person I backed into was just pulling into the driveway while I was backing up, while the car my husband hit was parked and belonged to my daughter’s friend, who was now in our car since we were all going out for my daughter’s birthday dinner.

  • ramadevi

    Recently I forgot to take my stat holidays. All got expired. My friends got mad on me.I was soo upset myself. I was only working… Working… I was mad on myself and upset for not paying attention. But I learned lesson. Now onwards I should pay attention.

  • Caridad Hernandez

    When I lost my keys to my house after I came home from school and I had to wait an entire day for my parents to come an open the door. Later on that day I found my keys in my backpack. I was extremely pissed and disappointed at myself. Worst day ever an a day I WILL NEVER FORGET.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I won’t tell you how many times I’ve locked my keys in the car. It’s too embarrassing. I even carry an extra set in my pocketbook but I almost always seem to do it when I leave the pocketbook in the car.

  • dolfanatl

    I got mad at myself when I made a stupid mistake at work that caused me to waste an entire day trying to figure it out.

  • 77giggles

    I got mad at myself when I realized what a dirty rotten sleazebag I married. He got his karma when he got throat cancer…. Now I can live in peace.

  • Erin Estilette

    Yesterday, for acknowledging that a certain person exists. I usually ignore their snide remarks and pretend they don’t exist so that I can stay sane. Last night, I just couldn’t take it anymore and said something back. I got so mad, my voice was shaking. I was also angry that I had wasted my voice and gave that person the satisfaction of an acknowledgment.

  • jennyjet

    I got mad at myself by leaving my shoes in the car; and thought that I could handle several steps across the pavement to the nice white sandy beach. WOW, my aching feet!

  • Ray Ayala

    I got mad at myself for breaking my diet again. I went to a Pizza Buffet and promised myself to start with the salad bar and eat mostly salad. As soon as I saw the thin crust pepperoni pizza, I thought I’d put a bunch of slices aside for later. Instead, before I knew it, I had eaten a lot of pizza and was too full for salad.

  • Jason Pike

    When I forgot where I left my car keys yesterday. Lol

  • Marie Angelie Delima

    When my dog peed on my laptop.

  • dottie p

    17 1/2 years after i got married. i had to divorce the idiot. not that i didn’t want the divorce, just mad at myself for taking so long to do it

  • Teresa Rojas

    When I know better than to go the extra mile,because it will come back to bite me,and of course it does!

  • Beata Nalesnik

    I was very mad at myself when I realized that my ex had taken me for a ride. Brain washed me to a point where I felt bad for him all the time and would do anything to make him happy. Including support him financially! NEVER AGAIN!

  • Sara DuVall

    Back in 2008 when I realized I was hurting my family when I gave in to anorexia.
    I’m doing better now.
    I’m living, I’m happy and I’m eating!!

  • Sue W.

    I get so mad at myself any time I mess up, it’s hard to pick one!

  • Diane Lane

    The last time I got mad at myself was when I locked myself out of my house.

    • Vindale

      Just did that last night, Diane, was trapped on the second-floor deck all night! #Hahaha #SOBBING

  • kandeels

    Would have to be the time that I bought my husband tickets to the Buffalo Bills game for the two of us and another couple for his birthday. About a week before the game, I was looking for them and could not find them. Seems that I had thrown them out with the newspapers that had been scattered on the table. I was steaming mad and to make it worse, I had to tell him that I threw out his birthday present and then call our friends to tell them to make other plans because I was a complete idiot!! Have never gotten over that one – all lost – money, integrity and my MIND apparently!!!

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    When i failed my driving test. I was so excited and I thought so ready, but then I totally blew the parallel parking! That was many years ago and I took it again right away and passed, but I was so disappointed in myself!!

  • Nini Hunt

    I was really mad when I was told by my obstetrician that my first child would be a boy and “he” ended up being a “she”! Mind you, this was in 1989, she was born bald and weighed 9 lbs 12 oz.

    • Mrs Ed

      Grandmas always know…. 🙂

      • Nini Hunt

        You’re so right!

    • Dustin Nieder

      HAHAHA. Nice. Apparently, I was supposed to have been a girl and had everything pink. I turned out gay. Not sure if that was why. 😉

  • Sarah Turner

    When I had my husband go down a icy road and we broke our car and had to walk about 15 blocks to get picked up by my mom.

  • Stacie Snow

    when I was sitting with this little lady every morning I would stop and get the paper out of her box for her one morning I got out and the door shut locking my keys in it with it still running! Had to take my whole pay for the day to have a locksmith come open it!!!

  • Roxanne Marie Fairyz It was halloween and I spent hours making this beautiful full on face look and wouldn’t you know it. Take a GUESS what happened!? It came down thundering RAINING like CRAZY and after spending hours on mine and my childrens makeup it all got messed up beyond recognition. I was so mad I wasted all that time doing makeup I couldn’t stand it. (Especially sense I didn’t even get a picture of my children’s faces before the downpour!)

  • Mrs Ed

    OH! This is an EASY question! But, to pick only one time. Hmmm…Ok..well, one winter my car was in need of repair, so my sister offered to come over and spend the night at my house and drive me to work the next morning. No one has EVER done that for me before, so I jumped at the generous offer. While, she was taking me to work, we saw the snow drifted over the road. It looked only slight and I just KNEW we could get through it, so I hollered FLOOR IT! She listened to me and hammered on it, and suddenly the optical illusion was now very clear to see, but, TOO LATE, we slammed into a snow drift that buried the front of her car and wedged icy snow under it. She even had snow on the engine!! We were about a mile from my house but walking it, felt like 10 miles. But we made it back, frozen and I was horrified that I caused her to DO that!! I’ve never forgotten it, and how mad at myself I was.
    No………I didn’t go to work that day…..

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    My first husband cheated on me. The second time I married, I thought I was playing it safe. I married a minister and helped in his ministry by directing the choir, teaching Sunday School and even transferring my job to another state when he took a pastorate there. Guess what? He cheated with a female minister and left. I was so mad at myself for ever trusting again! Never again – lesson learned.

  • Lauren Nicole

    I wass really mad at myself when I assumed a car would stop for their yellow light and turned left in front of them! Almost totaled my car!

  • Noel Stewart

    My doctor looks like a fashion model and she expects everyone to have zero percent body weight. I got tired of her nagging me to lose 5 lbs. So I decided I would show her. On my next office visit I put a 2 1/2 lb ankle weight on each leg knowing she would yell at me. My plan was on the next visit to not wear the ankle weights and wala I would lose 5 lbs. I knew I would have no problem fooling her assistant who does the weigh ins because she is not the brightest tool in the shed, and it worked. My doctor was happy with my good checkup, but now I am mad at myself because I set myself up because she is going to expect this again for real this time. What was I thinking.

  • Sylvia

    When I deceided I would look fashionable and tall in 4 inch wedges. Yes, I slipped out of the shoe and twisted my ankle; nothing says hip and trendy like a purple and blue swollen ankle covered in ice.

  • Brian Vaughn

    When I got mcdonalds instead of Wendy’s. Never again

  • Israel

    When I did not complete a course

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I was mad when I found out I had 5 other child I didn’t know about wow the wind blew, and said ahchew and had kids our mine.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      One child I could see you not knowing about but five?

  • sylvester iyaye

    when i called my mom and she busy my call

  • Jennifer Bangura

    When I locked the keys in the house. It was a horrible experience!

  • Deb

    I was really mad at myself last Thursday. The casino had sent me a coupon for $50 free play, I decided to go and maybe get lucky. I hadn’t played too long and was almost out of free play when I hit a $200 jackpot. I thought that it was going to be a good night, so I kept playing. I should have cashed out, but dumb me, kept playing and lost it all. I was really kicking myself for not cashing out and putting that money in my pocket.

  • Merm123

    When I can’t say “NO”, it always comes back to bite me in the end 🙂

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    When I get home from the store and not get the one thing I went for

  • Darlene Babbitt-Pattison

    Moving from Massachusetts to Texas to be with my then husband who said ‘you can come or not’, getting my grown son settled in his own place in NY and my daughter a place in worcester. That move was one big blind love disaster. We got divorced two years later as he was verbally abusive. I haven’t seen my kids since 2010 due to I am on disability for private reasons which my then second husband made worse. Now I live in Washington state near my 89 year old mother. That is what happens when you think with your heart and not your brain. I think now and many others must be saying about their own mistakes “How could I have been so stupid! You’d think as you age you get smarter, nope, you just keep making those stupid mistakes, Crushing

  • Jason Provo

    I drove through a Tim Hortons donut shop. Right into the dining room! Thank God no one was hurt…
    I was a young and stupid careless driver; to this day, I am so mad at myself for seeing driving as a right and not a privilege.
    To this day, I cannot get behind the wheel. Mad at myself about that too.

  • rose morgan

    When I let someone take advantage of me for the second time.

  • Paul Clément

    It only occurred once when I flunked out of officer training school but I later came to realize that under the circumstances, I had been granted a lesson in life that would eventually make me the man I am today. The skills and behaviours I learned on that course gave me the leadership abilities and the self-awareness I came to cherish in my years as a teacher, group leader and contributor to the success of the local organization I eventually would lead.

  • Surveys Profit

    For not taking the inheritance and giving it away to some dishonest fools.

  • Bia Daoukakis

    Ohhhhh…… Myyyyyy……. Tooooo many times. Hahaha. Well, thinking back, I would say, writing a text to someone. And debating if I Should or shouldn’t…… Send. And, I did. Yap. You know what happened, nect. Yap.

  • Rochelle Pieper

    When I second guess myself just to find out I was right all along!

  • MyKinKStar

    When I met someone new and revealed too much about myself and gave it up too quickly too. Some things are just best left unsaid.

  • Natania

    I am going to try to make a long story short, two family members was in desperate need of some help. I lent them a few credit cards and they begged me not to tell anyone because they were so embarrassed. They said they were getting $38,000.00 out of her 401k and as soon as the check arrived they would pay me back. She even called and I listened on another phone just to ensure the amount of the check and that it was on it’s way. We were not only family but also best friends. Well it started with helping them get Christmas presents for their 3 young kids, then it went to paying a few of their bills, then presents for their birthdays, then grocery shopping every week, it seemed like there was something new everyday. I started getting nervous and they would reassure me that huge check was on its way. I starting getting bills in and noticed they had ordered a ton of items online without my permission. I had excellent credit and it was starting to get hard for me just to make the minimum payments. I started getting over the limit fees, late fees, I was so stressed and angry all the time. I would even clean their house and we kept record of how much more they would owe me when the check came in. I kept all my receipts, my statements on all my cards, what I had paid, highlighted what was their’s, the interest rate was added in, I had everything organized. One day while I was cleaning for them, I found a receipt for $37,584.00, and it was deposited for a month and a week before this day. My heart sank and I was shocked and dumbfounded. I confronted them and they had spent everything and didn’t have a thing to show for it, I even called their accounts. I tried so hard to keep up with the payments but I couldn’t and had to claim bankruptcy. After adding everything up they owed me it totaled $20,258.69, and we didn’t add the cleaning money to it. I was so mad and angry at myself for allowing this to happen.

    • Tammy

      hope you took or are taking them to court, even if they can’t pay then at least there’d be a judgement against them for 20 plus years (canada it’s 20 years)

      • Natania

        Hi Tammy and yes I took all me receipts, statements, everything I had to a lawyer and he told me if I allowed them to put $1.00 on my card, than there was nothing I could do because I allowed it. Thanks Tammy

        • Dustin Nieder

          You may not be able to charge them the interest legally, but if the money you were giving to them was to be considered a loan, you are entitled to seek judgement for that amount.

          Whether or not you would be able to collect judgement from someone suffering such financial hardship that they drained their 401K is another story. If you have nothing in writing (not necessarily a contract but at least emails, texts, etc.) then probably not worth going to court for. Also, the small claims here in CA caps out at $10,000 which I do believe it one of highest. For any larger amount, you would have to hire your own attorney.

          Also, if you went through with a Ch. 7 then you are likely no longer eligible to seek reimbursement from them, but could possibly request the cost of the bankruptcy itself, so long as he amount owed to you by them was at least more than half of your total absolved debts.Again, probably not worth it.

          You may be able to recover small percentage of the loss as a tax write off. Talk to a CPA about that one, but again, probably not worth it unless you already itemize your expenses.

          I hope some of that helps. I am not an attorney, so please fact check me on anything before taking action. I must as you though Natania. Why were you cleaning their house? That part of your story just sticks out to me and I’d love to hear more about it if you don’t mind recanting just a bit more about the situation.

          • Natania

            Thanks so much Dustin, maybe you should be a lawyer because sounds like you know what your talking about. Thank you for letting me know all this, I may get a second opinion now, I appreciate you taking your time and informing me of all this.
            About the cleaning, It started out babysitting their 3 kids, and while I was there I would clean. So they asked me if I wanted to start cleaning their house for a $100.00 a week. It was great at first, along with my full time job, I was making decent money.
            They bought this little notebook and said every week we will write down when I clean and if I have watched the kids and we will ad that on to what we owe you for the credit cards. I would get really nervous and say the amount is getting high, why isn’t the check here yet, and I will never forget these words, I heard them at least 500 times, “Yeah but this is really going to help your credit, and as soon as it comes I will come get you and we will go to the bank together and get your money!” It makes me so mad and hurt also, but I believe what comes around goes around, so they will get theirs in the end. After I found the deposit slip, I started thinking back and realized she did get breast implants at this time and they were $2500.00 a piece, but she said her insurance covered it at the time and I didn’t know any better, so I didn’t even question it. Also he got new truck, but told me his first payment wasn’t due until two months later and the check would be there by then. I fell for that also. ( His truck did end up getting repossessed )

            • Dustin Nieder

              Just sounds like a nightmare. I swear some people can smell people like you and they always go for blood.

              If you’re a nice person who may have a void in your life that goes unsatisfied if you stop giving, Try fostering dogs (or cats if that’s your thing.) They will actually appreciate it and won’t burn you. Cats maybe.

              Ever tried giving a gift to yourself? You of all people in your life certainly deserve it and it seems like you shouldn’t be holding your breath expecting that man-chested friend of yours and her husband to buy you a thank you gift. Go out and spend so much on a luxury item that you have to scrimp for a couple months because you spent more than you should have.

              • Natania

                Dustin, you seem like an awesome person and your kind words are so appreciated. I can tell by your writing, you are an intelligent person.

                You know I laminated their deposit ticket so that it couldn’t fade over time, and that way I could show it to them. Pretty stupid, huh? It sounded like a good idea at the time.

                Thanks for listening to me vent, I actually feel a little better. If you ever need to get something off your chest, I am a good listener.
                Thanks again for your kind words!

                • Dustin Nieder

                  Smart, yeah I’ll admit to that. But that certainly doesn’t mean that I follow my own advice or make good decisions. I’m basically a walking disaster, but a nice guy. Whether or not most other people think so, I know I am.

                  What I’m trying to work on right now is to recognize red flags. I always thought I was being nice, giving people a chance when it seemed like others had given up. It’s a lot harder to save someone than it is to get sucked in. To tell you the truth, I’ve become a bit jaded. Now as I am becoming this person, waving red flags, not too many people close to them anymore; I’d still recommend that you put on running shoes and use them when you come across someone like me. I got used up, and the nice guy has nothing left to give. :/

            • Dustin Nieder

              Hey Natania, I randomly thought of you today, ran a quick search and found this article: ignore the tax implication part, and think about that this is criminal, and that credit cards will issue chargebacks for people whose information is stolen or are duped.

              I’m just going to toss you the ball and see if you can dunk it but you might want to consider reporting these people to your local police. Your loan agreement to them was unique in that there was a single object from which you would reclaim the money you had spent, the check. In essence, it was a collateralized loan, and that check effectively belonged to you before it was ever even issued. When they took this check and spent the money, that was theft. Think outside the box. Your renters insurance policy or homeowners policy might even cover it.

              If all else fails consider this: I recently walked away from over $50,000 in unsecured debts. It was the best decision I ever made. I just changed my number and the calls stopped. 1 by 1 I am watching them get “charged off” and appear on my credit report. So what. Who needs credit if you can’t afford to make payments on anything anyway right? In a few years those marks will fall off my report and I’ll have a clean slate much faster than I would have paying minimum payments on a 20 year amortization plan.

              In your case though, you could simply create an account for yourself with each of the three credit reporting bureaus and comment right there on the visible record that you contest that debt and do not consider it to be valid. If you are keeping up with all of your other accounts, it probably wouldn’t even ding you that much.

              I don’t know why I thought of you today, but I hope some of that helps. 🙂

    • Mrs Ed

      I’m so sorry this happened to you. No good deed goes unpunished.

      • Natania

        Thanks Mrs. Ed, everyone is like why would you let it get that much, and I am like because I did not have a doubt in my mind that they wouldn’t pay me back, What makes this even worse is we hung out almost everyday, I guess I was just to gullible and young and stupid. Thanks for the kind word though, I really appreciate it.

  • Being mad at myself is usually a daily occurrence for me. I have a tendency to be picky about how things are done, and if I fail to meet my own standards and expectations, I am usually found scolding myself about how I should have been able to do it better. I need to learn to let things slide and take it easier on myself. For instance, I like to cook. So, I made spaghetti last night, and the sauce wasn’t done to my standards. I was a little upset. It needed to be saucier. I was angry about it, but it’s just spaghetti… I’ll eat it and get over it. 🙂 – Nate

  • Izzy

    When I woke up late to drop off my 5 year old at school and had to drop him off with the same clothes he was wearing the night before. I dont know if anyone notice but i definately was mad at myself!

  • Mahesh Pradhan

    When I realize that I am not able to concerntrate in my studies and keep looking for offers in Vindale Research.

  • jock

    I rarely get mad at myself no matter what. I personally I think the better word is upset. But there’s one occasion I was so mad at myself when I was diagnosed with an STI. I knew the risks. I am well equipped with information and ways to prevent me from getting infected but I tossed all of that knowledge because I was stupid. Too late when my medical report came back positive which drove me so mad because it is a medical requirement for a dream job that Ive been working so hard for so long. I didnt have any option but to leave that job. I remember how I suffered too much because of that to a point of attempted suicide. It was aweful. I’m better now. Healthier. Married. And happy.

  • Saturne Evony

    I was at bus stop, waiting, and was busy using Internet with my mobile phone. Eventually I looked up, only to see everyone was gone and I had just missed the bus, which pass only every 40 minutes. Truly annoying when you have appointment at a specific time.

  • Sowmya

    This happened couple of years ago when I went to India to visit my family. I went to a famous shopping center with my brothers family in Bangalore city. I was carrying my hand bag which had my credit cards, drivers licence, and cash. We went around to few shops for my neice’s shopping. In one shop I wanted to buy walking shoes and tried few for myself but didn’t buy as I couldn’t find in my size. I myself didn’t do much shopping after that as we were getting delayed. After we reached home, I realized that the small purse in my hand bag was missing. I lost my credit cards, driver’s licence, USD 1000 and Rs.50,000. We went all the way back (almost 35 km distance) to check all the shops we went through. We couldn’t find it. I had to cancel my credit cards and had to manage without a CC for the rest of my trip. I was cursing myself for keeping so much of cash in the purse especially to the shopping centers. Learnt my lesson the hard way. Next time I will be very careful.

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    I get mad at myself when I’ve made a commitment to babysit my grandkids and I forget I made it. First I deny I made that arrangement then come to terms with it. I am getting older and sleep deprived so forgetting appointments like this makes me mad! Luckily my son understands but it sucks non the less!

  • Mrs Ed

    hahahahahaha!!! That is just TOO funny!!!
    Thanks for posting that. It gave me a laugh, today.

  • Brittany Webb

    when i was struggling with being alone and i was lonely. I seen an old friend that i had previously had it out with. I got drunk and ended up spending the night.

  • kelly

    not standing up for my belief

  • Andy Dela Cruz

    When I was promised by my sister to give a present for my birthday and then told me on my birthday that shes only joking when she said that.

  • Christine Rodriguez

    I ruined my smart phone and borrowed my 12 year old son’s to temporarily attach to the line. He was reluctant due to the condition of my previous phones yet it was needed. Long story short his phone fell from my lap and of course the screen cracked. I genuinely felt horrible and apologized over and over that of course I would replace it. That evening the screen wouldn’t slide due to the crack and in my frustration I used both thumbs and pressed on the back of the phone like I was shuffling cards… popped the whole screen then just shattered and splintered mess. I called my other son and cried, I have never been madder than that moment for letting my son down and for losing control with frustration.

  • Tony P.

    When I was tricked into jumping a fence to steal a neighbors vegetables at a young age.

  • goldi111

    I was REALLY mad at myself when on vacation in Canada for a fishing trip. The very first day going out, I tripped while getting into the boat, and broke my leg. WA-WA-WA….

  • Fran

    When i did not go play the lotery for my mon and her numbers came up….yep! All of them! Every week exept for that one i went to the ” depanneur” to play her numbers and the week i dont go her numbers come up…life can be cruel.

  • Kari McDowell

    Could be yesterday….I snapped at my husband for something stupid. He didn’t deserve it and I was angry with myself for being so ugly to him.

  • davida burdette

    lost $100 Bill 🙁

  • Dustin Nieder

    Oddly enough, I was mad at myself very recently over the subject of opinion polls. I didn’t realize that some of the sites don’t actually pay you, and I completed several offers through a competitor site that never actually sent payments. They didn’t even respond to multiple support requests. I even leveled up some application to level 10 for $9.00 in a game I normally would never have played. Complete waste of time.

  • Cindy Maides

    I was a young lady and went thru alot of BS and lost a child over it (I was Abused) Never got My boy back I was Mad at Myself for Not seeing the writing on the wall and for Not listening to People

  • Dustin Nieder

    Hi Natania!

    I’m so sorry but somehow I’m just not seeing you wrote to me. When I wrote to you, it was the first time I had ever used this disqus. You can email me at Let me know what ended up happening with this gatorade decal thing. It does sound very weird but I don’t know much about it.