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  • Nicole D. C

    I have more and more grey hairs poking out each day. I am thankful I didn’t turn all the way like my mother did by 27.

  • Alicia Sauer

    This one time in high school, I decided to cut off all of my hair (pixie cut) and shave a bit off of one side. Closed minded folks thought I decided I was a lesbian overnight!

  • Kaitlyn Leiter

    I struggle with oiliness and thin hair and have to use a clarifying shampoo every time I wash my hair. :

  • Noel Stewart

    My hair is saving me money. I stopped buying hair dye and as a result I am getting Senior Discounts everywhere I go!

  • Ray Ayala

    My neighbor is a former beautician. Last week she cut my hair in my back yard. After we were done, there was a lot of chirping and commotion with the birds. I looked out and saw they were using my hair to build a nest. I guess that is kind of like the bird version of having a down coat -a bird’s nest with human hair.

    • Dicksy Maneschyn

      That’s funny…better not get in your new hairdo though!

  • mcmorgan16

    I learned in college that even though I have to pay for it- someone has to cut my bangs. I made the terrible desicion to try and save money by doing it myself….and needless to say I had to make an emergency trip home and my hair stylist has been on speed dial ever since lol

  • Merm123

    During my childhood, my twin brother and I were always teased about the afro hair we had and I hated it so much. One day I had my oldest sister try to iron it on an ironing board for me which made it even more of a mess. LOL Naturally as I got older the curls softened but now I straighten my hair everyday.

  • Mrs Ed

    Well, my hair story, closely resembles The Haircut Song, by Ray Stevens
    I’ve had my hair burned; been scalped to resemble a 6-O’clock shadow; my face snipped by the scissors; and a just plain terrible cut. I could tell you some nightmare stories about me and so-called beauticians.
    Needless to say………I cut my own hair.

    • Karen T

      I don’t think I’d want to hear anything worse than you’ve already stated! I think I cut my own hair too! LOL.
      And I haven’t heard Ray Stevens in years.

      • Mrs Ed

        They still play his songs, down around these parts. LOL
        He’s funny.

  • Beth Stone

    We were on our honeymoon, and I went into the bathroom to change. My husband heard me scream and replied, “It’s OK, Honey! Don’t be nervous!” I shouted back, “I’m not nervous! I found my first grey hair!” LOL! I was 24!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      That’s hilarious!!! LMBO!!!

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    When I was three years old my mom took me for a haircut. She said the style was a “bob”. When my dad got home from work, he took one look at me and told my mom to never get my hair cut again. She took him literally for almost all of my growing up years. When I was in the ninth grade, my friend’s mom took me to a salon so I could get a real haircut (without my parents’ permission). The stylist gave me the Dorothy Hamill haircut (really short) and they frosted the bangs. I went home really scared. My mom loved it but she was afraid of my father’s reaction. My mom and I sat on pins and needles until dad got home. When he saw me, he didn’t have any sort of reaction. He never got mad. He just had nothing to say about it. What a relief that was for my mom and me!

  • Rachel

    Mine has a mind of it’s own. Different shampoos can make it do different things. It’s kind of funny, and kind of like a friendship. I catch myself using a different shampoo and saying to my hair: “well i’ll see you in the morning”…. never knowing if i’ll wake up with smooth hair or crazy twists and pieces. I forgot to mention my hair is naturally very wavy and even curly at times. Everyone loves it, because i can do curls, waves, straight, scrunchy, and it always works out. If one style doesn’t work, i can usually quickly go to another. I used to wish for something different, but I have the best of a few different hair worlds, so I learned to appreciate it. 😀

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      You’re so lucky, Rachel. I’m jealous! Only a ton of hairspray MAY hold curls in place on my head.

  • Christina Hughes

    It was late one and i had a candle burning in my room on my nightstand. I needed to plug in my phone charger however the outlet was behind the nightstand, so without even thinking about the candle i leaned over to plug it in. Before i new it the hairspary in my hair caught fire and i endes yp with very singed hair and had to go for an emergency teip ro my hairdresser who had a good laigh

  • Christy

    I was 17 years old (you read that right) and getting married. I wanted to back out at the last minute but the powers-that-be (and that paid for the lavish wedding) refused. In retaliation, the day before the wedding I had my waist-length hair cut into a very very short pixie cut. I guess I hoped “he” would see it and leave me at the altar. It didn’t happen and we were married for 8 years. I can’t say it was ALL bad- I have 2 daughters from the union and he taught me what to really look for in a man and I’ve been married for 27 years this time…. and he doesn’t care what I do to my hair.

  • Jason Pike

    Military cut, had it for almost 20 years. Short

  • ramadevi

    My hair is semi dry, bushy, semi curly and light black. I never gone to hair dresser since I was 7yrs. That was the last time I went to the hair dresser. My sister used to cut my hair short when I was child. When I was teen ager my hair grown longer below my shoulders and it touches my buttocks when I walk. We are used to make long plait and wearing a real rose flower on one side. That is how we do hair style back in my country. I just used to cut the ends to make the level. I kept it long. I always used natural hairwash techniques until 1985. After getting married I used to use shampoo my hair. Still my hair was OK. When I reached 35yrs I started getting white hair. I made natural hair colour with henna and used it until 20001. Still hair was thick and looked beautiful with dark brown tinge of henna colour. Every one liked my hair. Some people encouraged me to see a hair dresser but I am lazy and I liked my hair as it is. Slowly my hair started falling since I am using every week hair colour and I am growing. Now it is not that much long, and not thick, it is thin, only I keep it up to my shoulders. Never complained. It is OK. Still people love my hair and I love it.

  • dolfanatl

    Here yesterday, gone today. I am going through the process of male pattern baldness. Luckily, I don’t care about it and I don’t let it bother me.

  • Michaele Dalin Goodson

    Funny how this question came up, just made a hair change!!!
    And I love it!!

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    My hair story is long and washed out! (Desperately searching for a new hair style)

  • 77giggles

    I remember one time my bangs were really annoying the heck out of me by hanging in my face when I was keypunching at work. I went and borrowed some scissors, and went into the bathroom to trim them. I am right-handed, so when I went to use my left hand, my bangs were ok on one side of my forehead, but when I used the scissors in my left hand, I tilted my hand, and that side of bangs went up on an angle. I have never cut my bangs again.

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    My hair story is I began wearing a natural style in December 2013. Now I am going to go to cosmetology school to learn more techniques and get certified to style hair naturally.

  • Aleyda Perez

    I have a few gray hairs and I usually cover them with a natural product. As I do not see very well, when I looked at me in the mirror did not notice that already the gray hairs needed retouching. One day I met an old friend and I greet her and she immediately told me Aleyda you do not have gray hair … I have but only one or two, looked at them, i get closer so like that she can see better. I noticed that she smiled. When I got to my house I put my glasses on and went directly to the mirror to look at myself and I noticed all the gray that had already lost the tint. I felt embarrassed.

  • Ken Grant

    My hair is thinning, but I still have way more than I thought I would have at my age. At the same age when Dad was almost completely bald. He used to get his hair cut and it took almost no time at all, but still he had to pay full price. Didn’t seem fair.

  • Sylvia

    I’ve always felt my hair was like a toddler; some days well behaved and charming and other days unruly with a tantrum pending. But I made an effort to take good care of my hair and often have been told it is my best feature. Perhaps I value my hair too much and I discovered how true this is by the unselfish act of a 6 year old. Lindsey is a beautiful little girl with the most thick and glorious brunette locks you have ever seen. Her mom is a beautician and every day Lindsey would arrive French braided, curled or pony tailed to perfection. Everyone who met Lindsey complimented her on her gorgeous hair but Lindsey seemed totally unaffected by all this praise. Then one day she appeared with a short bob and we were all surprised until we learned Lindsey had been growing out her hair to cut and donate to “Locks of Love”. It seems her teenage cousin had leukemia and had lost her hair during chemo and Lindsey wanted to do something to help others with the same situation. Well, I was totally humbled by this dear girl’s generous act and realized that what’s in your heart is much more important than what’s on your head.

  • edeliz

    Oy! I’m a brunette, and no other hair color looks good, especially BRIGHT ORANGE hair. A hairdresser that needed to go back to Hair Color 101, have me orange highlights since he removed the solution too early. The salon owner had to come over and undo the damage. Spent half my day I’m darn salon.

  • rose morgan

    I had to laugh when I got a perm and my sister told me I looked exactly like our mother.

  • Stannyboyc

    What’s there to say, I keep it cut nice on a regular basis.

  • Barbara Comeaux

    When I was in Jr High I had my hair frosted, like Jon Bon Jovi. One weekend I decided to add some temporary purple color that was supposed to wash out, unless you strip the color! I spent the rest of the school year with Grape colored hair!

  • Carol Miller

    My hair story happened when I was in third grade. My mother decided to give me a “home permanent.” ( They don’t even sell such things anymore.). I had perfectly straight hair, which was not in style then. So, besides the horrendous smell, my mother left the rollers in too long. OMG. I looked like a poodle dog. This happened on a Saturday and I spent the entire next day trying o undo some of the curl. Of course, as soon as I got to school, my teacher, Sister Marie Bernadette, had to say, ” Carol, what happened to your hair?”, which brought even more comments from my friends. Thank God they don’t sell home perms any more.

  • jennyjet

    Many years ago I would get up in the dark and use the bathroom to get dressed for work. Didn’t want to wake up the family by turning on the light. Well, I got to work one day thinking that I had put hairspray on my hair, but in stead I must had used the Lysol. Well, I guess my hair was clean smelling instead!

  • Millington

    My sophomore year, the hair stylist tried a California Curl on me. For 3 months, my hair looked like Bowser’s from Sha Na Na.

  • Erin Estilette

    My hair is one long, annoying story. It is never quite right! When I want it wavy, it goes straight, when I want it straight, it bends in weird places and is frizzy. Oh, and I really have no idea how to style my just hangs there.

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I thought I was getting a haircut by my wife who is a beautician, but instead she cut and colored my hair blue.

  • M&MS Aytch

    My hair story is that I met my soulmate 6 years ago and I was really having some issues with my hair. I decided to go natural and he liked it. Then I told him Iwanted to be like him and grow locs, so he was so excited. He took me to the beauty salon and I cut the remaining of my relaxer of and started with a little afro, he giggled and fell more in love at the same time. Now I have the man that I always dreamed of and I have a head full of hair, halfway my back.

  • Beata Nalesnik

    I have been told that I am every stylist dream client. I will honestly let my hair girl do just about anything. Went from having subdue high lights to having pretty much every imaginable hair color in my hair… Being a business owner I can pretty much do what I want to my hair.

  • roxysmom87

    My hair is so coarse and curly, I can’t find anyone I trust to do anything with it. Years ago, I asked an older beautician to feather my hair, so it wouldn’t be so bushy.. When she was done, I cried my eyes put, because she butchered it. I haven’t let anyone do more than trim 1/4″ an inch now. My dad is a retired barber, and he used to use his thinning shears, to keep my hair from bushing out. Later on, I learned not to brush my hair when it was dry. That was what caused it to look like a big bush on my head. Now, my hair is down my back and I do all the trimming myself.

  • Sue W.

    I would have tons of grey if I didn’t color my hair, so I go with a statement red!!!

  • Kristen Elizabeth Holloway

    I scared the living everything out of my mother one day, she came home and I had decided to dye my hair neon blue. lol middle school me was crazy, 7 years later and i still laugh at this!!

  • Johnna Ingram

    I was born with naturally blond wavy hair. When I was a teen I would get so frustrated with it because the curls would flip front, or make a wave on top of my head. My mom, on the other hand, has baby-fine straight hair. If ever she heard a negative comment exit my mouth concerning my curls, she’d say, “Don’t ever complain about your curls, you could’ve gotten my hair instead of your dad’s.” Now, as an adult, I am thankful for my curls even when a surfer dude could “hang ten” on them.

  • Natalie Hayes

    I started getting grey hair in high school. I had a really good friend of mine in one of my classes and for some reason that particular teacher always used the projector so she would have the lights turned off, that for me has always been a trigger to fall asleep. So while I would be sleeping with my head down on my desk my friend would yank out whatever grey hairs she could see (with my permission of course). I use to always think she was doing me such a huge favor … Yeah I’m pretty much all grey now..

  • Deb

    My hair is a long story. I had thick brunette hair until I hit about 38, that’s when the grays started coming in faster and faster. Not wanting to look old, I began dying it. It looked great and I wore it that way for 10 or so years. It was a real mess having to dye my hair every three to four weeks. I began to wonder what I would look like if I quit dying it. Not wanting to look like a skunk for years, I frosted it so that the gray could grow and blend in naturally. That’s been over 11 years and I have never looked back. I love my gray (silver) hair. I wear it long and I think that it’s my best feature. My daughter loves my hair and wishes that she had inherited my hair gene. I guess that’s the best compliment that I’ll ever receive.

  • Chris

    I have two hair stories…One is from when I was a little girl. I’ve had board straight hair all my life. I remember my mom always using sheet strips to curl my hair the evening before school pictures. Sheet strips were the only thing that she could wrap so tight in my hair and the curls would actually last long enough the next day for school pictures. I remember my head always hurting while she took them out. Second story is when I gave my OWN daughter a hair cut when she was in second grade. I wanted to give her bangs. So, I took my two index fingers and scooped up all the hair from the top of her ears and met in the middle of her scalp and pulled all the hair forward to be cut as bangs. Well, let’s just say I never attempted cutting her hair again.

  • Teresa Rojas

    The day I discovered my first gray hair and I went to tank it out,but my mother told me not because 10 more would come out to . Well guess what, I should of yanked it out because at least only 10 would taken it’s place,instead hundreds have come out to keep it company!!!!

  • Jessica Bagby

    My hair is ALL Natural Curls!! Its so thick and curly. The good thing is ever since I moved to Florida it has turned blonde, in which it was a darker brown before. Everyone loves my hair but jeez it is just so hard to control sometimes!! I use a little gel and anti frizz serum which sometimes tames the wild beast on my head!!

  • MyKinKStar

    I have naturally curly hair . . . I get compliments often for my permanent and sometimes I’m asked who did it. Once I even went with a girlfriend to her hair stylist so she could see it to duplicate the curls in her perm – she didn’t even come close! I tell people my hair is not A permanent, it IS permanent, as done by my Mother and my Daddy!

  • Diane Lane

    I decided to cut my hair for my high school senior ball. I never cut my hair in seventeen years, so it went below my waist. I decided to cut into a Dorothy Hamill bob. Almost 3 feet of hair was going in less than twenty minutes. My only regret is that I should of told my mom before I did it. You should of seen the look on her face when I came home lol.

  • Sarah Turner

    My 2 year olds first hair cut, he cried for his little curls.

  • Barbara Knighton

    Well many years ago, when I was in high school, in the 70’s, I went to the local beauty shop to get my hair cut, I think the beautician and I had a mis-communication, she cut my hair way to short. I cried all the way home. I made my mom go buy me a wig and I wore it for about 6 months. I still get sick to my stomach when I go to get a hair cut.

  • Karen Galashan

    Every time I look in the mirror, there seems to be more and more Grey. One of the grandkids pointed it out the other day, so I told them it was not grey, it was starting to grow very light blond. They asked their mum when she came in when hers would go natural blond, and explained to her what I had said, she could hardly do a thing for laughing. You really got to love family at times!

  • Maggie Whetstone

    I am a licensed cosmetologist. When I was in hair school a lady in her late 50s came in for a hair cut and I was up next. I am sure that still to this day she wishes that her timing wouldnt have synced with mine. She had a very short hairstyle and it was my first time cutting around the ear. I destroyed her poor hair so bad that I paid for her haircut out of my own pocket. Luckily I learned from that but that was the worse cut I still have ever done.

  • Chelsea Riordan

    One time I was lighting a candle and my hair was longer at the time, I was fooling around with my best friend, telling a joke or something and I was not quite paying attention to the position of the lighter flame. POOF! My front bang went up in FLAMES! I was slapping my head like I had a bees nest in my brain! What I didn’t know is that human hair turns to like crunchy and burnt, like a charred piece of toast. It was terrible, I looked a fool for the better part of 3 months it took for my hair to grow. Note to self and other… Fire Is Hot… Fire Burns. LOL

  • Brian Vaughn

    Been cutting my hair ever since I was young. Except now that I’m in college, I stopped caring and am letting it grow out. Trying to bring back the era of the Afro or maybe something new

  • Natania

    Once a year I get my hair cut and donate it to Locks of Love. I have been doing this for 23 years. When my daughter was about 7, she asked about Locks of Love, so I explained to her what it was about and she asked if she could do it also. Since than we grow our hair out together now, and we both go at the same time to get it cut and donate it to Locks of Love. Locks of Love is a non profit organization that provides hair pieces to children who suffers hair loss. These kids have lost so much more than just their hair, so if I can help them feel even a little better about themselves by getting my hair cut, that’s the least I can do!

  • Jossie Casanares

    Ive got a long hair since i was 11yrs old till now. Am lucky ive got a friend who is working in a salon. So ive got my free haircut and stuff from him..

  • Stacie Snow

    my husband had long hair when we met and after he had worked all night he fell asleep on the couch well we had his daughter that week and she kept trying to get him up . After a little while I couldn’t hear her so went to find her with my scissors cutting my husbands hair off whip he slept! Lol

  • tatiyanawhite

    Natural and nappy

  • Jill Whitten

    My brother and I went ‘head to head’ in a fundraising challenge after our mom passed away. We signed up to shave our heads for the No Hair Selfie campaign, first one to reach their goal of $1000 won the challenge. On the day before the shave I was only at $700 – I put the word out to some of my favorite customers and by lunchtime I had exceeded more than double my goal. My heart was bursting with gratitude and awe. Between my brother and I we raised over $3500 for cancer research and spent a very chilly Alberta February with no hair!

  • My hair grows extremely fast and is very healthy. I have never dyed it and only permed it once in 5th grade many many years ago. I don’t use much at all in styling products so there is little build up. Since I was 13. I have donated 2 to 3 feet of hair every 2 years to Wigs for Kids. They make wigs for kids with cancer at the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The wigs are donated to the families not sold like Locks for Love.

  • Surveys Profit

    Used to have thick long sexy hair and side burns with babes looking. Looks like it’s polished now…..

  • Casimina Doner

    My hair is stuck in the 80’s! Lol Every time I curl it, it goes big and poofy. When I go out I either leave it in the curling iron ringlets or I tap it down while spraying it with hairspray to make sure it doesn’t poof back out lol

  • OceanGirl

    I wanted to change my hair from like dark brown to a nice light brown. The hair stylist said she needed to change my hair to blonde first. After completing the blonde highlights, she said she added brown dye to my hair. After all was said and done, I looked like a calico cat with my original hair color and blondish highlights. I asked the hair stylist a few times if she added the brown dye and she said yes. I guess her definition of brown and blonde are one of the same…worst experience ever! This was like 4 years ago and they STILL send me e-mails to come back and see them. Um no, WILL NEVER GO BACK!

  • dottie p

    i was about 9 years old and i had hair almost down to my butt. my dad trusted my sister to cut it shoulder length. (big mistake) about 1/2 way around my head i told her i had to yawn. she didn’t stop. so up went my head and off came my hair. when she was done, i had a bowl cut. oh was my Dad mad.

  • Sowmya

    This happened in 1997 when I came to Melbourne after my marriage. I had long hair, almost touching my hips. Once I went to the beauty parlour for getting my hair trimmed at the ends. I sat on the chair reading a magazine without realizing what was happening to my hair. After couple of
    minutes, I got a shock of my life when the parlour lady asked me to check if it’s alright. She cut my hair to shoulder length. My heart started
    pumping up uncontrollably. There is nothing I could do about it…. as
    it was too late to undo it. I couldn’t control my tears and didn’t know how to
    react as I was new to the country and people. The parlour lady was Asian (Chinese) and doesn’t speak much English. She was running a beauty parlour in her garage. I was cursing myself for going there to save some bucks. Apparantly she thought I wanted my hair to be cut to shoulder
    length when I told her that I just wanted 1/2 inch trim. My husband was so furious over this….. I myself didn’t feel like going out with such a short hair for quite sometime. I can never forget that incident though I am laughing at it now!!

  • Darcy Robb

    My husband has been bald for 30+ years. A while back, he acquired a very nice hairclipper so that he can keep his “rim” neat and tidy. I asked him numerous times to use it on my hair but he was scared he’d ruin it. Finally, he gathered up his courage and clipped my hair, almost to the scalp all around, and left it longer on top. He did a WONDERFUL job that first time, and I pester him now on a regular basis to clip my hair! Love my new hairstylist!!


    I was out partying with my roommates a few years back on a sunday night and we went to a few clubs, and we really partyed hard. Needless to say I got back to the apartment and fell asleep on the couch. My roomies Thought it would be funny if they shave a huge bald patch in the back of my head that night. I got up in the morning to go to work the next morning and didn’t know about my hair dilemma until I was at work and a Colleague made it known to me. Hahahah hahahah. I was thoroughly embarrassed. I had to rush out of work on my lunch break and get to a nearby barbershop. Moral of the story is, “DON’T GO OUT DRINKING ON A SUNDAY NIGHT”……

  • Jason Provo

    I do not have a hair story…which is in itself a sad hair story…

  • DM

    I am blessed with natural curl. Thank goodness I never have to use a curling iron or any styling except wash, cut and on occasion color. It has always been like this. Always long. Grew up with locks of curls.

  • Wayne Kosik

    I’m bald don’t have a hair story

  • Paul Clément

    My most memorable hair story involves my daughter. I was preparing for my organization’s annual rally which involves military style events and parades. To be sure, I needed a haircut and my daughter volunteered for the job. She usually did fine work so I agreed. She proceeded to trim. Then, when almost done she noticed one part towards the front was not quite right so she took one short swipe with the electric razor to correct it and suddenly said: ”Whoops!” She then grabbed the mirror and as she placed it in front of me said: ”Sorry dad! I goofed!” In her haste, before fixing that part that was not quite right, she had forgotten to put on the adjustment head on the razor which ended up making that swipe as close to my scalp as is possible. I was now bald, or close to it, at that very spot. There was little choice but to live with it or make the rest the same, which, as group commander having to look my best on parade to lead by example was really a no-brainer. So, I spent the weekend as the cool, bald CO with the sunburnt head! Funny, yes! Pleasant, not as much!

  • Dylan Trevis

    The last time I went for a hair cut I only cut I shorter because I wanted to start growing it long again from the beginning and the reason for that was because over the past year I think I’ve used 20 different shampoos and conditioners and even though I’m a guy I think my hairs worth being taken care of just as well as a girl does so ;b

  • Bia Daoukakis

    I can say, nooooo problemo. Both my girls are hairdressers. Yap. I have to say, i am lucky. But, truth be told. They, don’t give me what I like. They do what they like. Yap. Ahhhh. And, I always tell them, I will go to another salon. So I can get the cut I want. Hahaha.