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  • Rachel

    I love stars! They are their own thing, they don’t need any other shapes, or multiples of their own shape grouped together to seem unique or cool.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Me, too.

  • shawna

    Snowflakes, each a flake has its own shape.

    • Rachel

      Oooh, that’s a good one! 🙂

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I tried to take a picture of one the other day but I wasn’t fast enough. It melted just as I was ready to snap the picture. Guess I stared at it for too long before I thought to get a pic.

  • April

    The coolest shape is definitely the lemniscape, also known as the infinity symbol. It stands for things that go on forever.

  • Paul Clément

    That has to be the multiple and diverse facets of snowflakes. the shape is readily recognized despite it being different every time. I find that the coolest and most fascinating shape of all.

    • Dicksy Maneschyn

      I agree. They are very unique.

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    Definitey round – because it is my shape lol

  • Sue W.

    A heart of course….giver of life and love!

  • Nicole D. C

    Figure 8 because it’s two circles and keep going and going and going. Plus it means infinity!

  • Timothy Mccollum

    The shape of doing angels in the snow……

  • Sara DuVall

    I like the figure 8.
    It’s also my number in numerology.
    It means infinite and everlasting.

  • Brian Vaughn

    The shape I’m in after a good workout!

  • edeliz

    The finger heart my grandkids do at the end of our favorite conversations. Thumbs pressed against each other and the index finger bent and pressed, the coolest shape ever.

  • Noel Stewart

    The shape of a bowl is my coolest shape because it holds my favorite cereal.

  • Ray Ayala

    The shape of the Nike Swoosh on my shoes. The swoosh makes me look like I am moving fast even when I am slow.

  • Anna Nicole

    An iceberg.

  • Angie Beedie

    My favorite shape is a circle, it is eternal, and all life is a circle.

  • dolfanatl

    A diamond, because Diamonds are Forever ™.

  • Tammy Boyd

    The heart is the coolest shape to me.it stand for love

  • Vonnie Aldrete

    shape. The universe stars appear to have the 5 points,
    when we gaze up at them. However, it is our eyes and the light passing through them, that make them look that way. A star is a reward given for excellence, such as a gold star. Movie “stars” are known for their excellence in performance. The “Star Spangled Banner”, is our national anthem. The stars on our flag represent all the States in our union. There are many more star shapes, IE, the Star of David, which though a little different, still embody the 5 point star.

    • Carol Miller

      Great answer

  • Paula Woody

    While it may nt be a particular shape, I love clouds. They are for the most part a constant of daily life yet ever changing.

  • Marie Angelie Delima

    The Pyramid shape. The reason why I found it so cool is because the Egyptians are the first ones to create a shape that’s sophisticated and brillant, at the same time. To think that they could create a huge one without using any modern machinery makes it more cooler. It has 4 lateral faces (which are the triangles) and one polygon base (which is a square).

  • Joey Why

    A prism is the coolest shape because it causes light of different colours to be refracted differently.
    The effect almost resembles a rainbow.
    Who doesn’t like a rainbow?

  • Casimina Doner

    Alrho not a geometric shape, the coolest shape to me was when I was pregnant with my boys, and they would press there little feet or butt out so you could see it on the outside of my stomach. It was always so cool to be able to see a part of them before they actually showed up!

  • Festus Osamudiamen Aihanunwa

    The COOLEST SHAPE is certainly a CIRCLE.
    As a scientist we believe Life is a CIRCLE…

  • Carol Miller

    I think the Irish Triquetra is the coolest shape. It is also known as the “tre foil knot.” It has a leaf like center and a downward pointed loop to the right and left of the center. It was used in the Book of Kelly and is sometimes called the Trinity shape. Early Irish monks used it to explain the Trinity. It grew so popular that it was used as decoration on books and in churches. Many Irish Claddagh rings have this symbol. I think it is a unique shape and very artistic while it’s symbolism is awesome.

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    The octagon is one of my favourites. It reminds me of a honeycomb…all those octagons shapes connecting together and that honey from a honeycomb…yummy!

  • Murray Soosay

    my opinion of the coolest shape, is the sphere! earth, circle of life, sun, golf-beach-basket-volley-soccer-medicine-pingpong balls that include life, leisure, activity, entertainment, relaxation, growth, learning.

  • Richard Vargas

    I think octagons are cool. They are like circles with attitude.

  • Diane Lane

    The circle is coolest shape to me. It represents the circle of life.

  • Kari McDowell

    A heart.

  • Theresa Holly

    I like the heart shape because it represents love and we should try to love one another

  • DarkR0ze

    The best shape which God has made: Double-Helix

  • Erin Estilette

    The shape of my favorite person’s eyes. So beautiful!

  • a circle because there’s no beginning and no end.. now that’s food for thought.

  • Sylvia

    It’s the shape of the hand. It’s unique to humans and possess the ability to create, protect, comfort, heal and celebrate. It stands for unity and also for defiance. Nothing is more precious than a baby’s perfect little hand clutching your finger or that of the elderly whose hands have raised and nurtured a family.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    My favorite shape is the six-pointed star, also known as the Star of David. When I was seven years old, my Great Aunt Gussie came to our home. Though I hardly ever saw her, I loved her dearly. One hug from her and I would just melt into her, or so it felt. She had come to bring me a present: a 14K gold heart surrounding a Star of David, on a delicate-looking chain. Not long after the visit, she passed away. I wore that necklace for years because it made me think of her. The necklace and chain are still intact. There are days I miss her so much that I put that necklace on and it makes me feel closer to her. I’m far from being a religious person but, thanks to Great Aunt Gussie, the Star of David is still my favorite shape.

  • Denise N.

    My favorite shape would be the Dodecahedron. Good memories of many D&D sessions.

  • 77giggles

    A circle is a cool shape, as there are no harsh corners or edges. It is round and never ending… I think that’s cool!

  • jock

    Im always fascinated of the snowflakes. Its extraordinary shape and the real one constantly changes too. Just imagine seeing it on a microscopic level to see the immense beauty of it. The 3D effect too astonishes me. To me its crystal like look makes it very fascinating akin to an expensive kind of stone.

  • Deb

    My favorite shape is the cross. It is a constant reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus suffered for the sins of the world. It is only through His precious blood that I have eternal life with my Father in Heaven. There is no greater love than to lay down your life for a friend.

    • Carol Miller

      Great answer, as always, Deb.

    • Toni Keller

      Amen! #hairflip

  • Rochelle Pieper

    These questions just keep getting weirder and weirder but my favorite shape is pear shaped! I will never be an hour glass shape but thanks to loosing 149 pounds I am no longer potato shaped!!!

  • Brenda Roszkowski

    Heart shape, LOVE

  • MT

    Sphere. So perfectly round, plus it’s the shape of balls and I love sports.

  • Kathy

    A diamond. A girls best friend and was once Americas favorite pastime!

  • Christy

    A diamond of course!! The bigger, the better! Hahaha

  • Paula Bren

    A circle because there is no beginning or end and no sharp corners…round and round, where it stops nobody knows.

  • Merm123

    I think rocks are coolest shapes. All unique grain shapes and so many different colors and also THEY TOTALLY ROCK

  • Shereida

    a circle as a sign of completeness, together and whole. it encompasses everything in the orb as a way of shielding it from the outside.

  • Kyre

    The Sphere In My opinion because the shape has no end. 🙂

  • John Morgan

    A heart shape. Because when someone sends you a message with a heart on it, it always makes you smile.

  • Robert Bradshaw

    squircle like the fork spoon combo it’s essentially a circle/square hybrid with properties of both. Lately, squircles have found widespread use in modern cars as well

  • Casandra

    The infinity symbol, it means forever.

  • Casandra

    I just wanted to add I read a lot of answers and to everyone I think its so special and fascinating how we all see things and it means some thing special to each of us. Its a pleasure to read others favorites and I agree with all of them too….Its nice to have people to share something so simple yet important with. Thanks Vindale members!

  • Chrystal Ozovek

    diamonds . . . they are a girl’s best friend!

  • Drea Nivea Rahming

    Circle because there is no beginning or end and it denotes an endless supply of everything love hugs

  • dottie p

    circle, because that’s how life is. you start at the on end, then your live continues, you go around and your ring grows with friends, spouse, kids, and then you die and the circle stops, but it also continues with your kids, and their kids.

  • MyKinKStar

    I have a thing for 3’s so my pick is a triangle.

  • Natania

    $$$ for sure.I like it, I love it, and I want MORE of it!!!

  • Ken Grant

    Infinity sign … very cool, very mysterious.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    I think it’s the circle. It represents continuum. It represents safety and security as in circle of life, circle of friends or circle the wagons. It has no beginning and no end.

  • Stacie Snow

    A snowflake because each one is so unique the same but different

  • David Hearst

    I like the Octagon. There’s no escape and you can just keep going round and round. It also reminds me of the movie The Octagon with the great Chuck Norris, one of his best.

  • Tabatha Howay

    I have always liked the shape of a 5 pointed star

  • ramadevi

    New moon crescent shape. I like the shape. Whenever I see new moon. I feel amazing.

  • Treat Organic

    A heart is the coolest shape because passion, love, commitment, giving, etc. comes straight from the heart.

  • pearlyche

    A heart shape because I’m in love everyday . A happy heart and a happy life ….

  • Sowmya

    Coolest shape is “Star”. Looking forward to become one!!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Good luck, Sowmya! Remember us when you become famous!!!

      • Sowmya

        Ha haha…..Diane, I can always dream. Nobody can stop me from that!!

        • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

          Absolutely, but I hope you do more than just dream! I wish you all the best with your career!!! Keep us posted!!!

          • Sowmya

            Thank you Diane!

  • Kristy Martin

    I would definitely say a prizm with shapes and includes colors always my favorite shape

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Good choice, Kristy.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    My husband and son like Mustangs. In fact, my son sold his old one yesterday. It was a convertible. He went with a Dodge Challenger this time, but I have a feeling his next car will be another Mustang convertible, especially since we’re moving to Florida.

  • Cleiton Santos Barros

    i think that square is the coolest shape, because it’s turn all equal

  • OceanGirl
  • Cody Davis

    A hexagon is a cool shape. Found in nature and geometrically efficient in its ability to form a structural lattice work with a minimal input of materials. Plus, it holds the sweet honey that bees make.

  • Cait Regina

    Definitely a decagon…say that 10 times fast!

  • Maxine Hunter

    I like the triangle

  • Nikki Hutchison

    The shape I’m in 🙂

  • Leah Tedale DeVille

    I like the Oval shape

  • Carolyn Moss

    I think that the infinity symbol is the coolest shape. It represents the ebb and flow of life.

  • Andy Freshtafarian Bell

    Circles are cool no straight lines or is there ?

  • John Lovering


  • Rey Gonzalez

    I think octagons are cool. They are like circles with attitude

  • Amy Spate

    That sign you put up when someone by you and says or does something dumb. Here’s your sign!;)

  • Deanna

    Heart! We all have one and its it is the symbol of love. We all need love. The world needs more of it

  • monnie

    diamond – no explanation necessary lol

  • deedee walker

    The Classic Circle, Round n Round We Go, and just keep going(like Fair Rides) They are so Fun cause they just keep going Round N round!

  • Nova Rush

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e53a05b9cee550a30ea723a056ae512169ba290d877e705ab4afe10e179d4dbd.jpg LEMNISCATE! It’s also known as the infinity sign! I just have always loved that symbol. And it looks neat!

  • Shannik Diamond

    A diamond, because it can be shped into princess cut!

  • Aletheia

    Trapezoids are very cool. Why? Because they remind me of my home state:Tennessee. Go Vols!(and trapezoids!)

  • Andrew Reynolds

    I would say a parallelogram. I like it’s sharp corner and it has an aerodynamic look.

  • Erika Driver

    My daughters freckles. They are in a small bunch, just one cheek, high up by her cheek bone, just below her eye, the freckles are arrainged in the shape of a 3. I tried to upload a picture, but was unable to figure out how, but if you could see it, you would be amazed…even better yet, the number 3, has been my favorite number since grade school…I don’t know why they are shaped like a 3, but God blesses me everyday with her, so it doesn’t really matter why. 🙂

  • Bobie Walsh

    I think a circle is my favorite shape. It can represent anything from an atom to the world on which we live on to much much more.

  • Marc Mendell

    A triangle,because is a Special Kind of shape… A closed figure with three sides.
    How are Triangels used in the Real World? Triangles are used to make rafters in buildings and curved domes. Some bridges have triangular structures, and the Egyptians made triangular-shaped pyramids. The shapes help surveyors use triangulation to determine the distance of a specific point from two other points of a known distance apart. Triangulation may be used to measure distances around corners and when digging tunnels, and carpenters use a right-angled triangle to take measurements.

  • Dmargio Foreign King Phipps

    My favorite shape is Dees nuts